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Faults in Their Fire by carellio
Chapter 1 : Finest of Misery
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A/N: I just want to quickly apologise for the weird spacing in this chapter, I don't know what's going on. Sorry!



I slammed the front door to my apartment shut with both hands, ignoring the tingling pain that rippled up my forearms as I smashed my fists against its wooden frame.

My brain was jarringly haunted by the stunned look that had marked itself across her pretty face. It was a look that never seemed to flitter across Victoire Weasley’s face, she was also so poised, balanced and just plain…beautiful.


“Ah!” I groaned in frustration, squeezing my eyes shut I punch the wall to the left of the door twice, only slightly caring as my fist breaks through the wall. I can always fix it later with a flick of my wand.

Blood slips from my knuckles and drips heavily on the floor. I sink to the ground, letting out a breath of pain as I try to ignore the dull thud in my hand as it throbs vigariously.  I don’t try to heal it.


“Scorpius?” She calls from the other side of the door, there is a light knocking, almost cautious as if she’s worried about my reaction. “Scorpius please,” she begs this time, sending sparks of shivers down my spine.  She didn’t seem to realise the ecstacy of emotion she caused me, “just let me in.”


I love you.

Those three words haunted me now like a ghost, ripping at my insides like a claw reaching for my dead heart.


“Scorpius?” She calls for me again, “please just let me in, please.” She’s quieter now, her voice a soft whisk of desperatation that clings to me and melts my insides.

I sigh quietly, knowing that she could simply wave her wand and mutter a quick alohomora and she’s be able to enter, be able to see me like this. Weak, broken.



I slowly scramble my sprawled body off the floor and into a standing position.  

I steadily unclasp the deadbolt on the door and swing it open, my breathing stopping for a moment as I stare directly into her cystal eyes.  


We stared at each other for awhile, and I tried to ignore the beating of my heart as it echoed in my aching ears.


Finally she spoke, “Your hand is bleeding.”

Her eyes had travels down to my bruising hand, watching as single drops fell to the floor like tears. I payed no attention to my hands and continued to stare at her face as it twisted into concern.


She looked back at me, her lips slightly turned down in dissaproval. She never liked violence, “What happened?”


My lips parted ready to tell the truth but changed after a second though, “nothing.” I stated rather flatly.


Victoires eyes met mine and I knew she didn’t believe me, “Let me heal it for you.”


“Look it doesn’t matter, I was just gonna-“


She steps forward quickly invading my personal space so I can see the mass of freckles on her tiny nose. She reaches out slowly and delicately touches my swelling knuckles. I wince slightly as it stings. “I insist Scorpius,” her melodic voice whispers.


There was something about the way she said my name that time, so sweet, so full of concern, that made me step aside and let her enter my apartment, even though my brain was screaming for me not to. I just didn’t want to listen.


She sat carefully on the lounge and waved me over. I sat beside her and let her take my crying hand. She muttered a quick spell, lingering her fingertips upon mine. The wounds that engulfed my hand disappeared, as did the pain.


I flexed my hand, checking for any other damage, but there was none. She was a skilled healer. I smiled up at her as her thanks, but her eyes seemed sad and she was staring at the ground.


I cleared my throat awkwardly, “Hey, about before,” I started nervously and her head instantly snapped back up, “I’m sorry for what I said. I shouldn’t have told you that I…that I-“ I love you. I couldn’t bring myself to say it again, and ended up awkwardly biting back my words.


She clasped my newly healed hand, and smiled a sad smile, “It’s alright Scorpius, you don’t have to say it.”


There was a pause, neither of us being the willing to break the silence first. I stared down at her hand in mine, feeling the heat that radiated off that single touch. But from the look on her vacant face, she didn’t seem to notice.


“I think it’d best if you left now,” I say reluctantly, shifting my hand away from her fragile grasp.


Her face turned to me, the ghost of hurt flickering across her features. But it was gone in a second; she understood.


She nodded slowly and sat forward staring into my grey eyes. Her lips pressed against my heated cheek, leaving a soft kiss to caress my skin. After a second she pulled back, and stared at me from a centimetre away, her hand graced the same cheek.


“I’m so sorry,” She whispered as soft as the wind.


And then she was gone. Leaving behind the lingering smell of perfume and the remains of my crumpled heart that hung limp in my aching chest.


A/N: Hi, how are you?

I want to start out by saying I’m sorry for any mistakes in this, I havent had time to go over it. I’m not sure whether to keep this as just a one-shot or actually write more chapters, so please let me know what you think in a review! Also, don’t be shy to check out some of my other stories that I have already posted :)

Thanks for reading!


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Faults in Their Fire: Finest of Misery


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