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Bending the wind by silver_coloured_moon
Chapter 5 : The one with dates, pumpkins and Hogsmead
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Halloween was always a good day; it was the first Hogsmead visit, and even though I’m there for two hours every Saturday for work I still loved going with Al and Emma. I got up bright and early, getting dressed in some warm clothes (the weather since Emma’s accident had turned cold and windy- something to do with avatar stuff, far too complicated for this air bender), and I finally got to pull out the first of many winter hats that I could wear this year. I grinned as I dug it out of my trunk, a knitted hat that looked like a monkey.


“GOOD MORNING TO YOU, THE BIRDS ARE SINGING AND THE SUN IS SHINING, NOT LITERALLY BECAUSE OF THE CLOUDS BUT STILL SHINING SO GET UP!” I sung, happily pulling the covers away from Emma’s bed. She groaned drowsily and the water jug on the windowsill exploded, the water flying out in the shape of a hand to pull them back.


“Oh no you don’t!” I cried, karate chopping the air and sending a sharp gust of wind through the water, parting it. Emma’s covers got a little soaked. Someone threw a pillow at me.


“Shut up you crazy bint I’m sleeping” Jo snapped from her bed.




“Not anymore!” I responded brightly. Emma sat up and gave me a tired glare.


“Don’t give me that look kiddo, we’re going Halloween shopping!” I chimed.


“You’ll be going Halloween swimming in the black lake if you don’t give me my covers” She replied. The black lake was freezing even in summer; I’d hate to know how cold it was now.


“No threats today my dear, now come on, you can help me wake Al!” I sung, and tried pulling her up. She was like a ton of bricks and she wasn’t helping, so I let her lie back down. But just this once! This doesn’t happen on a weekly basis (well, not every week anyway. Turns out Emma doesn’t do weekend mornings).


“Fine, I’ll come back later. I’ll go and get Al instead, we’ll go without you!” I called, and ran down the girl’s staircase, almost falling flat on my face when I got to level ground.


“Vida why do you run downstairs?” Nikita asked. She was all ready and looking especially pretty, with her eyeliner and her hair in high ponytail. Now, my hair was long; hers was even longer. She never wore it down because it was so annoying. I thought it was beautiful. All natural curls and stuff.


“Ooh, who’s the lucky lad?” I squealed. She tried to hide a smile.


“What are you talking about?” She asked. I slapped her arm lightly in excitement.


“Look at you, you’re going on a date! Come on, spill, tell this little air bender who he is so I can lay down the rules-


“Oh my Merlin Vida please don’t. If you must know, its James” She told me matter-of-factly and I grinned.


“James? James Potter James? Oh my Aang you and James are going on a date?!”


“Vida shut up!” Nikita ordered. I don’t see why I should; the common room was empty apart from us, for now anyway.


“Ooh that’s so cute! I knew he liked you!” I said.




“No. But, now I know why he didn’t leave your side when we were in the hospital wing! He was worried, that’s adorable!” I squealed. She smirked.


“Yeah well he wasn’t the only one desperately worried about his girl was he?” Nikita asked.


“Oh I know, everyone thought we were gonna die-


“I meant Al you daft cow. All protective over you like he was married to you or something-


“I’ll have you know that Al and I got best friend married in second year. We took that commitment very seriously, and we stuck it out!” I told her, and she laughed.


“Not what I meant, but fine. Still Vida, even for a best friend the things he does and the way he looks… well, even a blind badger mole like you should see that”


“Uh, he knows its almost our best friend anniversary and he’s internally freaking out because he doesn’t know what to get me? He could always buy me an embarrassing jumper; I love those” I said, and she sighed.


“Jeez, just carry on with what you were doing Vida, before I set you on fire” Nikita said, and I grinned.


“Have fun on your date! With James! Attractive Quidditch player James who carried you across the hospital wing-


“GO!” Nikita ordered, and the wall next to my arm was suddenly burned black. Thank the spirits that Nikita had bad aim. I dashed up the boys’ staircase, laughing, and burst into Al’s dorm. The sixth year boys were very tidy, and apart from a few posters and things you would’ve thought this was my dorm. We were quite tidy, us sixth years. They should give us awards. I snuck over to Al’s bed, where the curtains were slightly open, and pulled them back. It was always nice to see Al all snuggly like that; his pygmy puff side was unleashed when he was asleep and he had really fluffy hair. I grinned. Time to ruin the pretty picture.


“Al! Hey Al! HEY LAZYBONES!” I yelled in his ear, diving on him to get the covers off him. Al had an annoying habit of sleeping half on top of his covers, so it was hard to steal them when you wanted to wake him up in the morning. You had to jump on him to do the job.


“Arg- help! Who- Vida?” Al asked, squinting at me as grinned. He wasn’t wearing his glasses, which meant I was a giant blob sat on him from his perspective.


“Nope! I’m the bloody barron!” I replied, and air bended some cold tornadoes to race up his sides. He squirmed.


“Ah! No fair, we agreed last year that tickling was not allowed- Holy Merlin STOP THIS ISN’T FAIR I’M UNARMED! MAN DOWN MAN DOWN!” He yelled, whilst I laughed. Al was very ticklish, and I very much liked to use it to my advantage. I was ticklish too of course, but I never told him that- that would even us out and I wasn’t letting that happen.


“Wake up sunny Jim we’re going to Hogsmead!” I cried.


“Bloody hell Vida, was that necessary?” Al demanded, when I stopped the mini tornadoes. I was actually sat on him, my knees on either side of his stomach, grinning in Victory. He wasn’t sleeping now. I’d woken him completely. He reached for his glasses and put them on. His cheeks went awfully red, probably because he realised he was screaming like a little girl and I won. But then again, Al’s cheeks went red for the weirdest reasons. And everyone called me the weirdo.


“Why are you sat on me like that?”


“Well so you knew it was me! No random person trying to wake you up would just sit on you would they? I’m clever, admit it” I said, and he chuckled.


“Yes, very clever, now would you get off? I’m not even wearing a shirt” he said, grabbing me by the waist and shoving me onto the bed beside him, but since I wasn’t all that graceful I rolled a little too far and hit the floor instead. I sprung to my feet next to the bed.


“Very gentlemanly Al, but that doesn’t deter me! Come on, get up, get dressed, we’re wasting daylight!”


“It’s only just turned daylight, and I can’t get dressed with you here”


“Why not? Oh yeah, paedophilia, got it; I’ll be outside!”


And with that, I bounded out of the room. I met Hugo on the landing.


“Hey kid, what’re you doing in these parts?” I asked.


“Eh, I was getting ready to go to Hogsmead. Are you going?” He replied. I scoffed.


“Am I- how long have you known me Hugo? I don’t pass up the opportunity to go to Hogsmead”


“Who’re you going with?” He asked.


“Who else but Al and Emma? Care to join us? We could make it an even four, and then there would be four times the fun!” I said, and he laughed.


“Sure, I’ll join you. Where’s Emma?”


“Ugh, lazy cow won’t get out of bed. I tried waking her but she wouldn’t budge! Al is much easier to wake up” I explained, and he nodded.


“Well yeah, Al would wake up for you wouldn’t he?” Hugo asked. I shrugged.


“I do know all his weak spots. Anyway, better have another crack at waking the beast that lives in my dorm. See you in a minute Hugo, make sure Al gets ready!”


“Sure thing Vida”


I flashed him my best smile and skipped back to my own dorm, pleasantly surprised to find that Emma had gotten out of bed and was brushing her hair in front of the bathroom mirror. Mine was in plaits today, two messy plaits that were always knotted up when the wind blew. My hair was getting annoying with all its ‘sensitive to air’ behaviour. I’ll be having words! Emma was leaving hers down, letting her full fringe fall into her eyes.


“Do you want to borrow one of my hats? It’ll be cold” I offered, and Emma chuckled.


“I don’t want one of your hats Vida; I think I’ll keep my dignity thanks” She said, and I pouted.


“My hats are cool. You just couldn’t possibly live up to how I look in hats” I said and flicked on of my plaits as I turned around, reaching for my gloves. I wasn’t wearing a coat, because I was wearing a particularly large and fuzzy jumper. Emma emerged from the bathroom wearing a little bit of makeup and skinny jeans with a cool white shirt on top. She grabbed a coat from her bed.


“Okay, I’m ready, are you happy?” She asked. I beamed.


“Definitely. Come on, let’s find Al and Hugo and we can go” I said, and skipped ahead down the stairs. As I reached the bottom I saw James and Nikita just leaving, and Al and Hugo leaning against the back of the couch. I grinned and bounded over.


“Hey guys! Ready to go?” I asked. They nodded.


“Sure. My lady?” Hugo said, holding an arm out for Emma with a cheeky grin. She rolled her eyes and linked him. I did the same to Al, and he laughed.


“Come on you posh snobs, let’s go buy explosives” Al chuckled. I punched the air, and I’m pretty sure the air I pushed up dented the ceiling. A tiny bit of dust fell on my shoulder. I’m pretty sure I’d be in debt by now if Hogwarts made me pay for damages.


“Yeah!” I agreed, and we left the common room, chatting away as we wandered to the doors, where I could almost feel the chilly wind whistling its way inside. As we were walking I saw the pumpkins lining the great hall through the doors, and an idea struck me.


“Hey guys, can we buy a pumpkin?” I asked.


“What? Why?” Al asked.


“To carve it! We could get a huge pumpkin and all carve it and it would be great! Come on, didn’t you wizards ever do that at Halloween?” I asked.


“Uh, we used magic” Hugo said. I tutted and Emma echoed the gesture.


“We all used to go to Vida’s house on Halloween since it is huge, and we all used to have our own pumpkin and we used to have competitions at who could carve the best one” She explained.


“That sounds fun. Question; exactly how huge is your house?” Hugo asked. Emma answered for me.


“Oh Merlin its massive, downstairs is like one huge room and the kitchen is in the corner and then there’s another massive room, and upstairs is the bedrooms and a meditating room and they have balconies and a massive garden because they’re in the countryside-


“Yes thank you cousin, for making me seem like I’m loaded. Yes, I have a big house in rural Britain, and everyone comes over because my family loves parties and my house is where we have them but that is not the point here! We carve pumpkins, and I want a pumpkin!” I cried. Al laughed.


“Okay Vida, we’ll get you a damn pumpkin, the biggest one we can find!” He promised.


“Yippee! A pumpkin for me, this really feels like Halloween now!” I squealed, and they laughed, stopping as they stepped into the cold wind outside.


“Merlin its cold. I should’ve worn those thermal underwear that mum insisted on buying me” Hugo said, shivering. Emma was rolling her eyes, but already there was a pink tinge on her cheeks.


“Ah, see, you should’ve worn one of my hats” I told her, and she stuck two fingers up at me. Wow, rude. Hugo put an arm around her.






“Come on, you can be my radiator, or something else that muggles use to keep themselves warm” He said, and she laughed. Mm, her cheeks have gotten even redder; it was either because of Hugo or she has some sensitive skin. She did tan easily.


We walked through the school grounds and out toward Hogsmead, and since I was the only one that had really bundled up, I was the one who wasn’t freezing her arse off. Al had actually asked to share my jumper, he was that cold.


“That’s what you get for wearing a t-shirt in October, you idiot. Although, its an amazing shirt” I told him, and smiled at it. He was wearing a black shirt with the band ‘the script’ on it; mine and Nikita’s favourite muggle band. She fancied the pants off that irish bloke in it, whilst I just loved their music. I think Emma secretly liked them too. Or not so secretly, who knows, she just didn’t buzz about music and bands as much as ‘kita did. She didn’t even have a muggle celebrity that she just loved to pieces, and if she did he was well hidden. I had two. Two attractive British gentlemen. Who played bad guys. What could be better than that? Nothing, nothing is the answer.


“I didn’t think it would be this cold! I’m freezing my arse off in this weather, and believe me, my arse is something I can’t lose” He said, and I rolled my eyes. Not in a pervert way, but I did notice that Al had a nice arse since third year, so all this time I had that information and had nothing to do with it. At least now I could say something about it and not seem like a creep. How weird would it have sounded to talk about his arse if he hadn’t started it first?


“You’re right, it will be a huge shame to lose something that nice. Why don’t we get butter beers?” I asked. Nailed it. Throw in a mildly suggestive compliment and then completely change the subject- that is how it’s done! Bask in my glory, fellow Hogsmead goers! Emma and Hugo snickered and we hurried through Hogsmead, right to the three broomsticks. I’m pretty sure Al was spluttering in embarrassment as we walked, and I wondered if that was just too much for a best friend to say. What? Nah, I’ve said worse than that I’m sure. I could almost rely on that fact; sometimes I talked and didn’t even realise I was talking until someone hit me or told me to shut up.


“Oh sweet mercy, that’s warm” Hugo said, as we entered the busy pub. Students who were a little sensitive in the cold had retreated into the ever bustling pub and, like we were about to do, had ordered butter beers to warm them up.


“Okay, I’ll get drinks, you three find a table” Al said, and we nodded. I led the way, weaving through the tables and chairs with only a few bumps along the way. There were two available tables, and I knew how I was going to choose. The neighbours.


“Vida why are you going over there? Its cold over there!” Emma complained, and I shushed her, dragging her and Hugo into the booth and turning around to peer over the top.


“What are you- OW! Why do you keep biting people?” Hugo hissed. I gestured for Emma to do as I was and she peered over the top, and grinned.


“Those two are on a date? I knew there was a reason he wouldn’t leave her alone in the hospital wing” She whispered. James and Nikita were sat in the booth behind us, having a nice cosy chat and completely oblivious to the two stalkers that were ogling them from the top of the booth.


“Uh Vida, could you not stick your arse out like that? I’ll give you that its on par with Al’s but please; you’re giving the male eyes in this room a right eye-full” Hugo said, and I looked around. Several lads were simply staring this way and I reddened, sitting back in my seat as Al put the drinks down. I was taller than Emma was; in order for the two lovebirds behind us to remain unaware of my presence I had to bend a little; which was very unfortunate and just a little awkward. At least I wasn’t wearing a skirt, right? Right, squeaks an army of minions that I mentally produced to agree with whatever I say. Butterbeer is nice, right? Right! I love my brain sometimes.


“Alright, four butter beers! Oi Hugo, shift up so I can sit down would you?” Al asked, and Hugo let him sit across from me, making me grin. I grabbed a butter beer and took a sip. It warmed my fingers and toes, like a hot chocolate would but better. I smiled and drank some more.


“I can’t wait until we can buy firewhiskey” Hugo said, putting his tankard down for a moment.




“Why? We drink it anyway” Emma replied.


“Yeah, but then I can actually order some at a bar and not have to go to the Hog’s head and sneak some out the cellar” He told her with a shrug. The Hog’s head was like a not so scary version of the shrieking shack; crumbling, but full of alcoholic goodies. The man who owned it had died years ago and despite the for sale sign out front, nobody seemed to want to buy it. It was just a free for all for all of those Hogwarts students who seemed to think that a good time always involved Alcohol. I’ll give them that alcohol was a big factor in many good times, but you could always have fun sober. It wasn’t that hard. I heard monopoly was a fun alcohol free game, but it came with the risk of hating everyone you played with when they bankrupted you. Tread carefully around board games.


“I heard a rumour that the Hog’s head has a secret passage into the school in it somewhere” Al said thoughtfully, before taking a deep swig from his tankard.


“Really? I thought it was in the shrieking shack!” I exclaimed. Curse those lying Slytherins who told me so! I’ll have them for that!


“There’s one in both; me and Fred and James found them. They were being prats and trying to scare me, and we found secret passages instead. The one in the shrieking shack comes out under the whomping willow” Hugo explained.


“That’s so cool” I said happily, easily downing the contents of my tankard and grinning. I loved butter beer.


“You’ll have hiccups now” Emma warned.


“No I won’t I’m- hic!”


“Exactly” She said, as I hiccupped again. My hat fell over my eyes and I pulled it up, muttering between each hiccup. Emma will be all smug now. Al was laughing at me over his tankard and I scowled, hiccupping away.






Once everyone had finished their drinks we headed outside and went just about everywhere. Weasley and Weasley’s joke shop was open and as always, packed with students. Three years ago Al and I were small and scrawny enough to weave through all those people, but now we were just a wee bit big and developed to even get through the door. Luckily, George had spotted us. I loved Al’s uncle George; he gave me free pranks and he too knew Peeves. He had hair more ginger than Hugo’s and he told me stupid knock knock jokes that I loved.


“Guys! Hey make way, family coming through! How’re my favourite nephews and nephew’s friends doing?” He boomed. Across the shop, I saw Louis Weasley scowl and I giggled.


“We’re great Uncle George!” I called, and he laughed.


“Smashing , another niece of mine eh? I’ve got so many I’ve lost track! Where’s Jamesey boy?” He asked. I grinned; like I said before, I loved Uncle George.


“Off on a date with Vida’s cousin” Hugo informed him.


“Oh excellent, where are they now?” George asked.


“Three broomsticks. Do your worst Uncle George!” I told him, and he rubbed his hands together.


“You got it sweetheart! You lot, take something for yourselves, I’ll leave Felicity manning the store; I’ve got an arrogant nephew to prank” He said, and I laughed.


“Bye Uncle George!” I called.


“Bye Vida!”


Al rolled his eyes and grabbed some merchandise, handing me some. He knew I wouldn’t be able to get past the random people in my way.


After that I dropped in on Hattie, who showered me in freshly baked food and hugs and then we headed to a pumpkin patch up the road, where Hagrid put the pumpkins he didn’t use at the feast for people to use. I happily wandered between the pumpkins, inspecting them.


“No, this one is the biggest” I decided. The pumpkin reached my waist, better than the one that only went mid-thigh.


“So you wanna use that one? Guys, we’ll have to levitate it back to the castle; we can’t lift that” Hugo said, and Emma nodded, pulling out her wand. We all did the same, casting the levitation spell at the same time and starting the short wall back to the castle, the pumpkin floating in front of us like a weird four person kite.




“Where are we gonna do this? I’m pretty sure the common room is too cluttered” Emma said. I nodded.


“We could try that abandoned classroom on the second floor. You know, the one that doesn’t even have chairs or tables in it” I suggested, and they nodded.


“Thank god you didn’t say room of requirement; I’m not levitating this up seven floors, you can forget that” Al said, and I laughed and bumped him with my shoulder.


“Lazy arse” I muttered. He pretended to look offended.


We managed to levitate the pumpkin all the way to the classroom with only one teacher seeing us; but professor Longbottom just smiled and pretended he hadn’t seen us. If I didn’t fail at his lesson so much we could have been as tight as me and Mrs Tran. Damn, I missed out. He wears cardigans for Korra’s sake- how could I not be friends with the man? Rose also appeared on the way, deciding to skip whatever she was doing- probably homework, let’s be real here, this was Rose- and join us. Al pushed open the door to find that we weren’t the only ones here. Nikita and James were in the room, probably about to do something that I didn’t want to see.


“What are you two doing here?” I asked suspiciously. I didn’t like how James’ hands were on my cousin. He dropped them when he caught me glaring. Damn straight. He may be my captain, but I was the one who called the shots off the pitch.


“Braiding each other’s hair, what do you think we were doing? Why do you have a pumpkin?” Nikita demanded, and we all grinned at her.


“Pumpkin carving of course! And since you’re here, care to join in? I’m sure you can help us empty it” Emma said, and James and Nikita exchanged glances.






“Fine, since you ruined our original plan. Bring it in”


We got the pumpkin inside and I took everyone’s wand (we were doing this the muggle way-  no cheating!), but not before I let everyone summon a spade and a knife to use on the pumpkin. James cut open the top and Hugo groaned.


“Can’t we vanish this? It’ll take ages to empty it” He complained. I shook my head, when my face was suddenly covered in the orange goo that lived inside the pumpkin.


“That” Nikita said, smirking “Was for getting George to ruin our date. And this” She threw some at Al “Was for walking in on us”


Al spluttered for a moment, before regaining his senses and picking up a massive handful of the goo. I picked some up too, and threw it. However, I wasn’t the best aim, and it hit James instead. He grinned in a way I didn’t like.


“Its on! Pumpkin fight!”


And then it was war. Hugo and Emma were the smart ones; they’d grabbed their spades and were throwing whole spade fulls at everyone. Rose was an incredibly good shot and was getting headshots from across the room. James and Nikita were targeting Al and I, yet we had somehow started to aim for each other.


“Why are you getting me?!” I cried, as yet another splatter of goo smeared into my jumper. I grabbed some out of the now half empty pumpkin and ran after him, not being able to throw but being very good at close range. I jumped on him with a war cry and rubbed it on his face from behind, covering his glasses completely.


“Ack- gross!” He cried and I jumped down, running back to the pumpkin and aiming my next handful of goo at Nikita and James. A huge slap in the back told me that either Emma or Hugo had just hit me, so I decided to just throw the stuff everywhere, getting them all at once.


“Ah! Vida’s got a tactic, we’re all doomed! Take cover!” Emma cried.


“Where?” Hugo demanded, as I threw even more goo at them. I laughed evilly, distracted for a moment. Al saw the opportunity, and grabbed me.


“Ah! What are you-“ I began, but didn’t get to finish. He’d knocked me off balance with his sudden attack and I stumbled backward, slipping on the gooey floor. I hit something large and almost fell into it until Al managed to stop my fall. I was half inside a giant pumpkin.


“Are you okay?” He asked.


“Uh yeah, I think so” I replied. Hugo loomed over me, smirking. Uh-oh.


“Not for long!” He cried, and pushed Al. We both ended up in the pumpkin, covered in pumpkin goo, and I could hear laughter above me. Al was practically crushing me, and I was half sunk in pumpkin insides.


“Hugo Weasley you’ve got a death wish” I growled “I just washed my hair!”




Al grumbled from above, looking quite cute covered in orange goo. I wiped his glasses for him, since I couldn’t actually see him behind them.


“Merlin, this stuff is disgusting” He said, and heaved himself out. He offered me a hand and I took it gratefully; the goo felt awful to lie on. Nikita appeared, wiping her eyes and still laughing.


“Okay- maybe that’s enough. Lets empty it now yeah? Save Al and Vida from even more embarrassment” Emma suggested.


“Don’t know what you’re talking about; I am completely dignified” I said, before goo from my hair fell down onto my face. Good timing there, Spirits, I thank you for that. Emma and the others just kept laughing.


“Ah, Its in my eyes, I’m blind! Ouch, it burns, IT BURNS!” I complained screwing my eyes shut to stop more of the goo from blinding me for life.


“Merlin Vida, you’re covered in it” Al said, trying to wipe some away from my face. I could feel his gentle hands on my cheeks, his thumbs acting kind of like windscreen wipers, which made me laugh a little.


“I think I’ll be blind forever Al. You’ll have to carry me everywhere” I told dramatically. He chuckled.


“Do you promise?”


“Wha- well I bloody well ain’t lying am I? if I ever go blind, you’re carrying me”


“Alright, fine; but that means you can’t eat all the chocolate cake anymore in case you get too heavy for me to lift” He told me. I forced my eyes open. No cake? Was he barking mad? He grinned.




“Ah, knew that would work. Come on, those gits have cheated and emptied it by magic; we can carve it now”


So, the six of us sat around the pumpkin with our little knives, carving a picture. Rose had gone for the traditional spooky face, whilst Nikita was making the batman sign. Emma was cutting butterflies, Hugo had gone for stars, Al was drawing an eagle and James had begun to carve a very unflattering picture of his little brother. I myself was drawing the air bending symbol; three swirls, like gushes of wind. Al leaned over and looked at it.

“What’s that?” He asked.

 “Oh, it’s a traditional symbol in my… religion. In my house, you see it everywhere” I told him.

“You know, one day I want to come to your house. You’ve been to mine” He said. I nodded.


“I know, its just my parents are really strict about who I bring home. In fact, I haven’t brought anyone outside of family home. If you could come, you probably would’ve been invited over years ago. I should nag mum about that” I mused.


“I’m already on it” Emma piped up from the other side of the pumpkin “I have a master plan”


“Oh. Care to tell me about it later?” I asked.


“You got it cuz” She replied.


“James is that me?” Al asked, and I looked through my carving to look at his. He’d drawn Al with a tiny little head and spiky hair, and I giggled.


“Silly James, Al is better looking than that!” I scolded.


“Yeah, I am better looking than that!” Al agreed. James shrugged.


“Just drawing it like I see it bro”


“You should be the one wearing the glasses then” Al told him. I giggled again.


“Ah, brotherly love. If I had a brother, we’d probably fight all the time” Emma said with a smile.


“It’s lucky you’ve only got amazing female cousins then isn’t it?” I asked.


“Yeah, amazing” Was her reply. There was some form of joking sarcasm in there.


“I am amazing! Your life would be nothing without me and my hats and Jinjin eating all your sausages!” I argued.


“Actually my life would be much better if Jinjin didn’t eat my sausages” Emma retorted.


“Ah, too much wit! Can’t cope, retreat retreat!” I called, and she rolled her eyes.








 We carved a little longer, Nikita ‘mysteriously’ managing to light a little fire in the bottom of the pumpkin, and we admired our work.


“Ooh, its so pretty! Come on, dance with me!” I cried, and twirled around the pumpkin, stepping in the pretty shadows it casted on the floor. James grabbed Nikita and spun her around the pumpkin and Hugo had both Rose and Emma, doing a sort of three-way jig. I grabbed Al’s hand as I passed, because he couldn’t miss out on all the fun, and smiled up at him; we were both still covered in goo. You could bet your life that I looked totally ridiculous, whilst Al pulled it off as he did with everything. Damn Potter genes. I clasped one of his hands in my own and rested my other on his shoulder.


“Let’s do the waltz!” I suggested, and he laughed.


“I don’t even know what that is!” He replied. His other hand rested gently on my waist as we stepped whichever way we pleased, going in circles around a giant pumpkin covered in random carvings in various styles. It was a lot of fun, and Al didn’t step on my toes once!


“Okay troops, it’s almost time for the feast. I suggest we go and get cleaned up before it starts” Nikita called out and we stopped, listening to the woman in charge, because let’s face it, it wasn’t James. I let go of Al and looked down at my now orange outfit.


“Yeah, I think getting cleaned up would be best, don’t you?” I asked. He nodded.


“Yup. I hope this stuff comes out of clothes; I really like this shirt”


“Me too, I think I might steal it one day” I told him as we left the classroom. He hid his red cheeks with a question.




“Wait- was you who stole my weird sisters t-shirt? I’ve been looking for that for ages”


“Yeah, I’ve sort of been wearing it as pyjamas. What? It was comfortable!”


“Y-I don’t- it’s alright Vida, you keep it” He said, and I smiled. Thank spirits- I really liked that shirt.


Back at the common room we had a wrestling match for the shower whilst Lily cheered us on (she was hiding in our dorm from Fred, who was hunting her down over her latest little fling) and helped out. I won, the fact that I was covered in goo making the other two less enthusiastic about pulling me back as I got up and ran into the bathroom. I peeled off my clothes and thankfully washed all the goo away, using my favourite fire bending blend of shampoo on my hair that smelled like some sort of exotic island where they juggled fireballs over volcanoes about to erupt.


I left the bathroom with a towel wrapped firmly around me, heading to my bed to get clothes out. Rose had darted into the bathroom and Lily was focused on going through her stuff, so I used some sneaky air bending to dry my hair and body and I got dressed into a cool neon dress and knitted cardigan. I was a fashionista, and don’t let Emma or Rose tell you otherwise. They’re totally jealous of me and my cardigan.


Eventually everyone was ready and we walked down to the feast, and as always it was worth waiting for. The food was sugary and delicious, the pumpkins were fantastic, and the ghosts always put on a good show. Peeves showed up too, giving me a ghost version of a high-five (his hand just went straight through mine and almost froze it solid) and flew away, cackling, whilst the Ravenclaws chocolate sticky puddings all exploded on them. Definitely worth the wait.



Wow, I enjoyed writing this; I hope you enjoy reading it! Tell me what you think- good, bad, cute, funny, absolutely terrible; the box is waiting for you!  


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