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Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks by Fonzzx
Chapter 6 : Messy
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Chapter 20: Messy




It was the Christmas holidays, and I was wandering around Diagon Alley looking for Christmas presents (I'd left it a bit late, I know), and Cassie's birthday present. Mum and Alexis had decided to join me. I had a bit of a tight budget and I didn't have a clue what to get Cass. In the end I settled on a charm for her bracelet that she'd been given when she turned seventeen.


The three of us went into the Leaky Cauldron for some food before going back home. Tom did the best rare steaks for me and Mum.


I didn't take any notice of the door opening until I heard a voice.


“No Scorpius, you can't use your broom until Christmas.”


My head snapped up. Scorpius. Wasn't that the name of my brother?


Alexis grabbed my arm to stop me getting up. I could see him. I could see my dad. He was sat at a table with his son, who was the image of him. We had the same pointed jaw, the same pale complexion, except mine had hints of grey from the vampire in me, instead of flushed cheeks like him.


“Awww, but Dad,” Scorpius was protesting.


“No. Your mum will kill me if she finds out you already know about it. It was supposed to be a surprise.”


I looked at Mum. Tears were streaming silently down her face.


“Stay here, I'm getting a butterbeer. Do you want one?”


Merlin. He'd walk right past our table. Alexis took Mum's hand and squeezed it.


“Daisy Potter?”




“It is you, right?”


“Yes,” Mum said, wiping away the tears on her face.


“I was at Hogwarts with you, I don't suppose you remember me, I was the year above you...”


“I remember you, Draco.”


He looked at me, frowning. “Is this your son?”


“Yes, this is Angel. He'll be seventeen in two weeks.”


“Hmm. I don't remember you being pregnant at Hogwarts... Actually, I don't remember a lot from sixth and seventh year.”


“Really?” I asked sarcastically, despite Alexis kicking me under the table.


“Yes. I remember the other years but sixth and seventh are a bit fuzzy...”


“I wonder why,” I said, and Alexis kicked me harder.


“Don't you dare fuck this up,” she hissed in my ear.


I lifted my chin up arrogantly. I wasn't going to fuck this up. I was going to fix it.


Dad looked shocked. He looked back to Scorpius, and then to me. I could almost see the wheels turning in his head. He turned as white as a sheet and collapsed onto a chair.


“Daisy, I... I don't know what happened.”


“I do,” I snarled. “I was there.”


Mum closed her eyes as the tears started to fall again.


He looked at me. “You're my son.”


“Yes I am. And so is he,” I looked over to where Scorpius was sitting, watching us.


“Shit! This is a mess.”


Alexis spoke then. “You only did it to protect them. They were going to die.”


“I think I need some time to sort this out in my head.”


Mum nodded.


“Do you love her?” I asked him straight out.




“Do you love your wife?”


“Of course I do! It's different though. I remember how I felt with Daisy now. It's not the same sort of love.”


And with that, he got up, grabbed his son, and disapparated.






“Father! Where are you?” I called through the house.


He poked his head out the door of the study. “In here.”


“When were you going to tell me I had a son?”


“Draco, he's nine, if you haven't noticed before now then -”


“Not Scorpius,” I snarled.




“What happened?” I asked bluntly.


“It was for your own good,” he began. “You were friends with some rather unsavoury people, Weasley's, mudbloods, and that vampire girl. We took you away for your own protection, and wiped your memories of them so that you could be happy.”


“What about them?” I exploded. “My own son hates me and Daisy can't even look at me without crying! Where's the happy ending for them?!”


“How did you find out anyway? I thought Bellatrix had cast a strong enough memory charm to last for the rest of your life.”


“I saw them, sat there in the Leaky Cauldron, Father! It just triggered everything to come back! I should've raised my own bloody son, he hates me now for abandoning him! But that's not what happened, I should've known my own crazy family would get in the way!”


“We had no choice, Draco! You were sticking by them like some sort of idiot! I even kicked you out, hoping that would make you come to your senses but no, you let them take you in and adopt you! They're riff raff, Draco, they don't believe in the sanctity of pure blood and marriage like we do.”


“I don't know what I believe anymore,” I spat at him. “Scorpius, Astoria and I are leaving. Tonight. I can't bring either of my sons up anywhere near you.”


I stormed out, into my bedroom, and began to pack.


“Draco, what's going on?” Astoria asked, as she and Scorpius walked in.


“We're leaving.”


She sighed. “I knew you'd find out sooner or later.”


“You knew?!”


“The Potters rescued us both from our first wedding.”


“First wedding?” I said suspiciously. “We've only had one wedding.”


“No, we had two. I was fourteen when it was arranged for us to get married. We were rescued, and when we met again and started seeing each other your father made me swear to keep silent about the whole thing.” Astoria's eyes filled with tears. “I do love you, Draco, and I knew you could never love me in the same way that you loved her. I thought I was doing the right thing for us. You seemed happy enough with me.”


My heart sank. “Of course I love you, Astoria. And Scorpius. But I have another family too, and I'm going to make it work.”


I had no idea how it was going to work, but it had to. For the sake of our broken family.






It was Christmas eve. The doorbell rang. Strange. I thought everyone was already here.


We were at Mum and Dad's. Harry and his family were staying too. We were all heading over to the Burrow tomorrow for Christmas dinner. Thank Merlin for Arthur Weasley and his extension charms. Angel had just returned from Sirius and Fiona's (it was Cassie's birthday).


Dad answered the door before I could get to it.


“I hope you don't mind us intruding, but I'm afraid we need to speak with Daisy and Angel.”


I recognised that voice.


“It's for you,” Dad said tonelessly, stepping aside.


Draco, his wife and his son were stood on the doorstep.


I gawped at them before remembering my manners and inviting them in and showing them to the study, where we wouldn't be disturbed.


“Angel! Alexis! Get down here!” I shouted up the stairs.


Once they'd arrived I closed the study door.


“I want to do the right thing,” Draco said at once. “I want to be a proper dad to both my sons.”


“I'm not letting Daisy go without a fight,” Alexis snapped.


“I'm not asking you to. I realise that what happened... it can't be undone. Too many people will get hurt.” His grey eyes stared into mine, and I felt myself getting lost in them like I used to. “But there's no reason we can't be amicable.”


“Ok,” I nodded. “That sounds fair.”


“So you're my brother?” Scorpius asked Angel. Angel nodded.


“Angel, why don't you take Scorpius and introduce him to James, Al and Lily?”


They left.


“Alexis, take Astoria to the kitchen and make her a drink.”


I hadn't been bossy for a while. Seventeen years, to be exact. I was surprised I could still manage it.






“They still love each other,” I said to Astoria, once we were in the kitchen.


She nodded, a grim look on her face. “But they also love us.”


“I suppose time will only tell what happens. But I'm not letting Daisy go easily.”


“No. Nor I with Draco.”


I sipped my tea. “She won't marry me, you know.”


Astoria sighed. “We may have a problem. If Draco had known... I'm not sure he would've married me either. He says he still loves me... but have you seen the way they look at each other?”


“He's playing with fire, coming here,” I said. “Would you forgive him if they got back together?”


“I'd be angry... but yes I would. I love him unconditionally.”


“That's how I love Daisy.”


“We're fucked,” Astoria said, laughing in spite of herself.






“So I have cousins then?” I asked Angel as we climbed the stairs.


“Yep. Well, sort of. James has just started his first year at Hogwarts, he's twelve now, Al is nearly ten and Lily is seven, eight in the summer.”


I nodded. “I don't have any Malfoy cousins, and Great Aunt Bella never had kids.”


“What about Teddy?” he asked.




“Andromeda's grandson.”


“We're not allowed to talk about Andromeda,” I said darkly. “My family is weird.”


Angel laughed. “You can say that again.”


He opened the door to a bedroom and we went in. An older boy was sat on the floor, with messy dark hair and brown eyes, playing with his sister, who had red hair, brown eyes and freckles. Another boy was laying on a bed reading a book. He had messy dark hair too, but with green eyes like Angel.


“James, Al, Lily, this is Scorpius. He's my brother.” Angel sounded proud and excited.


Upon closer inspection, James had a smattering of freckles across his face too. He didn't seem interested in me at all, but Al and Lily were. Al put on a pair of glasses to look at me properly.


“Do you like Quidditch, Scorpius?” Lily asked me simply.


“Yes,” I answered. “I'm a seeker.”


“Al's a seeker too,” Angel said. “James can do everything and Lily likes to chase. I'm a beater, and Quidditch captain for the Ravenclaw team.”


“Wow, really?” I said excitedly. My own brother, who was as mad about Quidditch as I was. I couldn't believe this was real.


I sat down next to Al, who showed me his Quidditch book. I had a feeling we were going to be great friends. Angel sat at a desk and started writing a letter.


“Ooooooh, are you writing to Cassie?” James asked loudly.


“Yeah, why?”


“But you just came from hers!”


“One day James, you'll learn what being in love means,” Angel said, reaching over to ruffle his hair.


“What's Cassie like?” I asked eagerly.


“Mean,” James said.


“Only because you annoy her,” Angel laughed. “She's nice to me.”


“Yeah, because you spend all your time snogging!” James shouted, jumping up to tease Angel, who grinned.


“We're no worse than Teddy and Victoire.”


“I hope Teddy and Victoire get married one day,” Lily said, smiling.


“Teddy's one of my cousins, right?” I asked.


“He's removed or something like that. I don't know what the rules are,” Angel said. “He's a Metamorphmagus.”


“A what?”


“It means he can change his appearance at will,” Al told me. “It's really cool. And his dad's a werewolf.”


“A werewolf?” I felt my eyes widen.


“Angel's a vampire too.”


I looked at Angel. He grinned widely, and I could see his fangs.


“Cool!” I exclaimed. I liked this family better than the Malfoy's.


“He threatens to bite us when we annoy him,” Al smiled. “He never really would though.”


“I only threaten to bite James,” Angel smirked. “You and Lily behave yourselves.”






We'd sat there in silence for ten minutes. I couldn't stand it anymore.


“Daisy, look -”


“You don't have to say anything Draco. I know why you did it. I would've done the same thing.”


“You have to know that I loved you very much. I still do.” I swallowed. It was true. “But it's complicated now.”


“I know.”


“You have no idea how much I wish it was simple,” I said, looking straight into her green eyes.


“You don't mean that. Not entirely. You love her,” she told me.


“It's not the same!” I said. “I don't love her the way I love you. Merlin, Daisy, I'd do anything for you. I always would have done.”


“That's not the point, Draco. You love Astoria, and I love Alexis. No, it's not the same. If we spend too much time together one of us will snap and we'll do something we'll regret.”


My heart sank. “What are you saying, Daisy?”


“I'm saying we'll need constant company when we're together.”


At least I'd still get to see her.


“You should stay for Christmas. Technically you're family.”


In other words, she didn't trust herself not to come after me if I left.


I nodded. “Thanks.”




Astoria was fast asleep. Scorpius was sharing a room with Harry's sons. I sat by the window, looking out. I saw a figure walk into the garden, stopping to light a cigarette. Daisy hadn't changed a bit.


I slipped out of the room and joined her.


She turned as she heard the door open.


“Nice pyjamas,” she smirked.


“I was cold,” I said defensively. I wondered how she could just be wearing underwear. I was taken back to the first Christmas we'd spent together, walking in on her in her underwear in the kitchen. She only looked slightly older now. Her figure was still the same. Slim. Perfect round breasts. Dimples in her back.


Look at her face look at her face look at her face.


“You know those are bad for you,” I gestured towards the cigarettes.


She snorted. “I'm a vampire, I seriously doubt I'm going to die from smoking.”


She probably had a point.


“I should probably go back inside,” I said. She nodded. I had a feeling this was going to get even messier than it already was.


I turned back to the door, and looked once more at her. Mistake.


I strode forward and kissed her. She kissed me back.


It honestly felt like I'd died and gone to heaven, having her in my arms again.


I would do anything for her. This is what the sorting hat meant when it said I had a strong Slytherin streak, to do anything for the ones I loved, no matter the cost.


“Change me,” I muttered into her ear.


She pulled away. “What?”


“Change me. I want to be with you and Angel.”


“No,” she said.


“Why not?”


“You don't know what it's like!” she said. “I'm going to watch everyone I love grow older and I'm going to live longer than all of them put together, probably. Trust me, being undead has no advantages.”


“So you just expect me to die and that's that?” I said fiercely. “I fucking love you. I want to be with you.”


“What about Astoria? And Scorpius? Where do they fit in with your plan?”


“Astoria will be happy enough without me.”


“She loves you! Do you really think she'll be happy if you leave her for me?”


I sighed. No, I didn't think she'd be happy if I left her for Daisy.


“Go back to your wife, Draco, and I'll go back to Alexis.”


Why was she always right?


I went back inside, and climbed the stairs.




Scorpius was peeking around the bedroom door.


“Can't sleep?” I asked him. He shook his head. I sat down on the stairs and he sat beside me.


“You're not going to leave me and Mum are you?” he asked suddenly.


I sighed. He was intuitive for a nine year old.


“I don't know. I promise I'll never abandon you though.”


“I like Angel. He's cool.”


I smiled. Angel was exactly like Daisy.


“Go back to bed, Scorpius. You'll be busy playing with a million and one Weasleys tomorrow.”


“Night Dad.”


Almost as soon as he was gone, Angel's bedroom door opened.


“I was watching out the window,” he said, dropping down beside me.




“Did you know that I can remember everything?”




His green eyes, exactly the same as Daisy's, drilled into mine. Images drifted into my head. Memories. His memories.


I forgot he could do Legilimency.


I hung my head when he showed me a memory of the three of us as a happy family. His thoughts turned. He thought of all of us, and then he thought about me with his mother, and him and Scorpius side by side.


I sighed. “It's a mess isn't it?”

“Hmmmmm,” he agreed.

AN: I want to thank Harry and Ginny, who've commented on every chapter so far, I'm so glad you're enjoying it! You were asking for some Draco/Daisy, and it's finally here!

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