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Harry Potter and a Daughter of Druid by StarFeather
Chapter 29 : Dumbledore’s Style and A Frosty Christmas
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Harry took out the old journal Ron found in the bookshelf of Snape in the Head Boy’s room in the beginning of September while he waited Dumbledore of the portrait, Phineas Nigellus told Harry,

“Dumbledore is visiting Druidess Cliodna of the portrait of the castle of Giant’s Causway. He will come back soon.”

“Can he visit Druidess Cliodna?” Harry was amazed. He always was surprised by Dumbledore. He felt like he would be inexperienced to be a hardened wizard forever.

His gaze turned back to on the pages of the journal and he began to read some sample family trees. It said there was possibility that their ancestors could be Druids. He searched the name ‘Evans’, but there wasn’t.

“I admit you are not such an unreliable wizard like your grandfather,” Phineas Nigellus of the portrait talked to him behind.

“What do you mean?” Harry closed the journal and turned around to Phineas Niegellus of the portrait.

Phineas Nigellus had a scowl on his face and said,

“He stole my grandchild, Dorea Black. Dorea nearly eloped with Charlus Potter. She had the same jet-black hair like you, and in my younger days, my hair color was like you but your untidy hair was obviously from Charlus Potter.”

Harry touched his untamed hair, he couldn’t remember the last day he used George’s WWW’s wizard hair tonic.

“You are so thick to notice you also have inherited Black bloodline,” said Phineas Nigellus ironically.

Harry startled by the words. Phineas was right, why didn’t he notice the fact?

“Eh, did Sirius know about that?”

“Of course, he did, I reckon but, you know, he was so stubborn. He never wanted to admit he was a descendant of Black. His mother was so Pure-Bloods worshiper.”

“How about you?”

Phineas Nigellus seemed to throw his chest out, Harry thought, he said,

“I have never thought Muggles are clever than us but it was I that supported Muggle rights.”

“But you call Muggle-Borns..,” Harry hesitated to say the disgusting word Hermione disliked so much.

“Mudblood,” said Phineas Nigellus.

“DON’T say the word!” Snape of the portrait woke up and bellowed.

“Severus, you were listening to us, weren’t you? I can’t understand why some of you hate the word. I just say the truth. Our blood has been attenuated. I have never looked down Muggles and Muggle-borns. I just regret the fate our Pure-Bloodness comes to an end.”

Harry couldn’t understand and retorted,

“It means the same. You also worship Pure-Bloods.”

Phineas Nigellus shrugged and said,

“You’re too Gryffindor. You seem to be brave but you’re not brave enough to show your understanding profound meaning of Pure-Bloods. Severus, you’re in the same category that means you should’ve belonged to the Gryffindor House. You sometimes confuse me. I can’t stop wondering there was a possibility that Sorting Hat suggested you other Houses when you were sorted.”

“A Sorting Hat suggested I could choose Slytherin or Gryffindor but I chose Slytherin, I was so stupid I thought I could prove my talent to Lily by being chosen as a Slytherin,” Snape of the portrait spat out.

That was new to Harry. A Sorting Hat suggested Snape he could choose Gryffindor.

“Your Mud-.. eh,” Phineas Nigellus stopped when he glanced at Snape and continued,

“The girl you had a crush on was a kind of product Druidic warlocks had spread after Merlin’s death.”

Harry was startled and asked,

“What do you know about my mother’s ancestors?”

“Severus, haven’t you told him about her yet?” Phineas Nigellus inquired to Snape.

Snape stared at Harry and said,

“Your mother had green eyes, which means there is a possibility her ancestors were from Ancient Druidic warlocks and witches, all her relatives were not wizards and witches, some were Muggles like her parents and her sister, Petunia.”

“How did the ancestors enchant my mother’s blood line?”

“How do I know? It goes back to Post-Merlin,” said Snape.

When Harry wondered if Dumbledore or Cadwagan knew about the mystery, Phineas Nigellius announced,

“Dumbledore came back.”

Harry tuned his eyes on the blank space of the portrait where the figure was coming down from the far side. Harry grinned at Dumbledore of the portrait. There was a mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes.

“Harry, from Cadwagan , he sent regards to you,” said Dumbledore.

“Did you meet him?”

“Yes, I did. He told me his daughter, Dara Cadwagan wanted to learn here at Hogwarts and I told him any time she could study whenever she was ready.”

“Oh, so eh, legal or registration proceedings, how can I say, eh, everything is going okay?”

“Yes, it is. Most of wizards and witches can also visit the sacred place of Kernow except the Lake Loe which only the wizards and witches Cadwagan allows can visit. I reckon you could be allowed to swim in the Lake Loe,” Dumbledore’s mischievous blue eyes twinkled again,

“And he told me you can do wandless magic.”

There was a vocal applause from other professors of the portrait. Harry felt his face blush and changed the subject in haste,

“Eh, professor Dumbledore, I have questions, my mother saved me using Old Druidic Blood Magic when Voldemort tried to kill me. How could she cast it? Did she learn about Druidic Magic or could she cast it because she was a descendant of Druid?”

Dumbledore’s twinkling eyes turned to shade and he said,

“Harry, you’re still swayed by the fact that your mother sacrificed her life for you.”

“Eh, professor, please don’t be upset. I’m okay. I just want to know the answer to the mystery.”

“A daughter of Druid will learn here at Hogwarts. Harry, you and your friend also can learn old magic from her. You may be able to get the answer why your mother could cast Old Druidic Blood Magic instantly,” said Dumbledore and he wouldn’t answer the Harry’s question directly.

McGonagall entered the office. She made a cup of tea for Harry and she urged him to take Scottish shortbread, she sat on her chintzy arm chair. Harry sipped at the tea and said,

“Well, I have another problem. Theodore Nott has threatened Hermione, Astoria Greengrass and other prefects since he came back to Hogwarts. I thought we had better arrest him but now I can’t be sure whether it is the best way to arrest him. He seems now to try to work hard to graduate school after we sent Malfoy to Auror Headquarters,” Harry felt other professors including Phineas Nigellus and Snape, listen to him.

“This is why he is so different from Charlus Potter! I’m proud of him, I’m sure he inherits generosity from my dear Dorea’s side,” said Phineas Nigellus.

“I think he rather inherits Lily’s generosity. And I don’t forget you have hated Potter’s rudeness, youthful impatience and his immaturity as a juvenile. You are now praising Potter abruptly like he is a representative of House of Black,” Snape countered.

Harry reckoned Snape hated to admit one of Blacks, including Sirius, deserved to be admired, so did about his father, James Potter as well.

“So what way do you think is the best?” asked Dumbledore with his piercing blue eyes.

“I’m wondering we could let him apologize to students he threatened,” said Harry.

“So you won’t arrest him,” said Dumbledore.

“No, I won’t. I think there’s another way to clear out the next generation of the remaining Death Eaters.”

“How do you think, Minerva?” asked Dumbledore.

“Well,” McGonagall stood up from her chintzy arm chair and said,

“I’m proud of him. He inherited your style, Dumbledore,” she beamed at Harry.

When Harry announced to other trainees to let Nott stay at Hogwarts, Ron protested,

“Harry, Nott is a son of Death Eater. He attacked Hermione, can you forget?”

Dean assisted Ron,

“I don’t think Nott will apologize to prefects and a Head Girl.”

Seamus joined them, too,

“Nott is pretending to be a model seventh year, you know, he is a Slytherin. He will surely change quite abruptly after he graduates Hogwarts, besides, Harry, do you really think he will hang his head for shame in front of us?”

“I’ll ask Ernie to take on the job,” Harry just explained briefly.

To their surprise, it didn’t take much time to let Nott accept to apologize when Harry showed a bag of Concealing Powder Potion Malfoy made to him in a Head Boy’s room where Ernie Macmillan, a new Head Boy was with trainees.

Ginny was standing by the window of her room of the Burrow. Mrs.Weasley was full of spirit. She was so absorbed in her cooking. She had flooed to Andromeda and invited her and Teddy to the Burrow. At first Andromeda insisted she would invite them to Grimmauld Place but it was Molly’s words that made Andromeda yield to her:

“We can’t leave Fred alone at the corner of the garden of the Burrow during Christmas holidays.”

Ginny was waiting for her jet-black headed boyfriend apparate in the garden. It had not snowed yet but judging from the look of the sky, she reckoned it was about to snow. Then she was called from downstairs,

“Ginny, help Percy decorate the sitting room,” Molly shouted.

She stood in front of her dressing table to check how she looked. It took much time for her to choose her dress from her wardrobe, in which she didn’t have them so much at all though. She couldn’t decide at once but finally she chose the same golden color dress she wore at Slughorn’s party, it got much shorter so she enchanted it to make it a little bit longer as Hermione taught her.

“Ginny, are you listening? They’re coming. Help Percy!” Molly Weasley told Ginny to hurry once again.

“I’m coming!” Ginny shouted back from upstairs leaning far out over the railing of the stairs and she descended the stairs.

When she asked Percy what she could help, Percy whispered handing her a big red and green garland,

“Have you read the book Rita Skeeter has published last week from her jail of Auror Headquarters?”

“Which one?”

“You haven’t, have you?” and he handed the book which he took from the table in the sitting room.

Ginny lost her words to see the title of the book, on which there was a picture of Harry clad in his Auror robes.

Harry apparated at the corner of the garden of the Burrow. He had intended to wait for Teddy and Andromeda first but changed his mind. He noticed the tomb, where Fred Weasley was sleeping, he regretted he should’ve brought a flower wreath for Fred, and he thought he should’ve learned the charm from Hermione, she was so good at conjuring a flower wreath out of nowhere. He went down on his knees by the tomb and he prayed for Fred. When he opened his eyes, he felt a warm hand touch his shoulder and he looked up, there stood Andromeda holding Teddy in her arms. She let Harry hold Teddy in his arms, she pulled out her wand out of her pocket of her robes and she conjured a rose wreath, she put it down by the tomb gently and she prayed for Fred, too. The snowflakes began to flutter down, one of them melted on their shoulders. Andromeda held Teddy in her arms again and said,

“Let’s go inside of the house.”

The sitting room looked pleasantly festive which made a good contrast with the view outside where it was now snowing heavily. A big shining Christmas tree, which was too big for the sitting room of the Burrow, was covered with silver icicles and golden snitches, and on the top it had a big gleaming gold star. A waft of the smell of the dish Molly Weasley prepared for the night came from the dining room and Harry felt extremely happy and remembered how he missed the dish made by Mrs.Weasley. And he startled to see his girlfriend, Ginny was standing like a goddess clad in her golden dress, her blazing intense look talked to Harry something like she was expecting him to say special words or he wondered , his kissing in front of the audience? He took a step closer awkwardly to her and said,

“Happy Christmas, Ginny,” and he pulled her into his arms and he kissed her, hearing George’s whistle, Ron’s grumble and Hermione’s chuckle.

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