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Deadly Affairs by DracosSexxiSlytherins
Chapter 2 : Diagon Alley
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Light filtered in through the grimy windows or my apartment spilling directly across my face. I groaned and slowly sat up, stretching my spine. Looking around I saw that all my sheets just magically ended up on the floor. I will never figure out how that happens to me, I swear every time I wake up all my pillows and blankets are in a tangled heap on the floor.


            Pulling myself up I jumped onto the floor, the cold zinged up my legs. I shuffled out of my dull bedroom into the dismal kitchen. Everything about my apartment was quite simple and boring. I had a wooden table in the kitchen with two roughly made wooden chairs from a Muggle thrift store. The appliances luckily came with this apartment, but they too were 40 years old and had been used a lot. My bedroom had a bed, dresser and closet. Everything was in neat order and nothing was blocking exits. The exits had to be clear, otherwise how would I get out?


I have been like this ever since the war, always on edge waiting for some Dark wizard to come and try to kill me. I had all the necessities in my purse waiting for me to make a run for it. I never stay for long, I’m surprised that I hadn’t even moved out of this dingy thing.


I hit the ancient radio a couple times to make the sound come out of it; my favorite song is on as I dance my way over to the coffee machine. Humming to myself as i pour the scalding liquid into my cup I hear a tapping on the glass of my one kitchen window. A brown tawny owl is perched on my window.


Astoria. I think to myself and smile as I think of my friend. As I’m opening the letter the owl nips my fingers.


“Alright, alright! Be patient!” I said, knowing that Astoria’s owl was never patient.


Giving the owl the treat quickly I tear open the letter,




Dearest Hermione,


I know we haven’t seen each other since we got the summer off. There is so much that I have to tell you! Would we be able to catch up with each other while shopping in Diagon Alley? Say about 11? Answer as soon as possible.


Your friend,


Astoria Greengrass




            On finishing Astoria’s curvy signature I looked at the clock quickly. 9:47...I’ve got time. Quickly writing back a response I gave my letter to the owl and watched it fly until it was a black dot against the blue grey sky.


            “I have to get ready!” I said happily skipping down the hallway to the shower.


            As the hot water ran over me I sighed in content. It felt so good after waking up to a freezing cold room. The orange citrus of my shampoo filled the bathroom with a sweet aroma.


As I wrapped the towel around me I looked into the mirror and was horrified by the sight. Does my hair really look that bad?! It was a bushy mess; I looked like first year all over again.


Finding my wand in my back jeans pocket I said, “Nothing a few hair spells won’t fix.”


Quickly running into my bedroom I put on a light blue jumper, dark wash skinny jeans, and some brown riding boots. Looking at the clock again, 10:45.


“Shit!” Grabbing my purse I ran out the door, because Hermione Granger would not be late.






How am I going to tell her? Will she be mad at me? I wanted to invite her, truly! But will she not believe me? I can’t stand it when she’s mad at me...maybe I’ll lie. Again. I can’t do that to her. But won’t the truth hurt her feelings?


This internal conflict has been going on inside me ever since I sent the letter to Hermione. She probably would be mad at me that I had lied to her, but that was a risk I was going to have to take. She was my best friend, she would understand. Wouldn’t she?


The tapping on the window jumped me out of my stupor. My owl Nut was back, hopefully with Hermione’s response. I hopped up from the seat and went to the window nearly tripping over myself with anticipation of what the answer might be.






            I would be absolutely delighted if we could ‘catch up’ with one another. I am looking forward to seeing you in Diagon Alley; I’ll meet you in Flourish & Blotts.






            I jumped up and down with giddiness; I had a feeling this was going to go alright.


            Stepping out into the big hall I yelled to where our bedroom was, “Hun! I’m going out! Don’t expect me home for dinner!”


            Without waiting for a reply I ran out of the Manor and apparated to Flourish & Blotts.






            Astoria’s late… I thought to myself as I browsed through books. Not that I hadn’t not read any of them. I have basically bought out this book store. Picking up one of the few I hadn’t read I sat down on the floor and started to read.


            The door chimed with someone coming in it, but I didn’t notice. I was too engrossed about the history of international wizarding affairs.


            “Hermione!” a high pitched scream filled the quiet book store.


            I looked up quickly wondering who would disturb my reading, until I saw it was Astoria. Getting up I ran over to hug her.


            Astoria looked not one day older than when we last saw each other. Her blond hair still fell in perfect waves down to her waste, her almond shaped blue eyes were still bright, basically looking drop-dead gorgeous. A part of me wanted to be jealous, but I shoved that feeling down inside of me and hid it. This was a day for fun, not anger.


            As Astoria and I walked down the street, well I walked, Astoria skipped, I listened to everything that happened over the summer. Her life sounded so exciting. Unlike mine… I thought ruefully.


            “…Oh my goodness Hermione! You should have come with us to Greece! We tried all this exotic food and…” Astoria droned on.


            Then it hit me, I stopped walking.


            Turning around Astoria said, “What’s the matter Hermione?  Did you see something?”


            I narrowed my eyes at her, “You said ‘us’ and ‘we’. Who exactly is ‘us’ and ‘we’?”


            At least Astoria had the decency to blush, “Oh…um…Well, can we sit down? Let’s go to the café over there.” She walked over to a table outside and sat down.


            Reluctantly I followed her over. Sitting down I said, “So now will you explain what all this is about?”


            Astoria bit her lip and looked nervous, “I really hoped I wouldn’t have to tell you,” she said hesitantly, “You see, I don’t want you to be mad.”


            I rolled my eyes, “Astoria you’re being way too dramatic, you know I cannot stay mad at you.”


            “But this is different Hermione!” she exclaimed, “This is a really big thing and…I couldn’t stand it if our friendship was broken up!”


            I smiled a grim smile, “Astoria, tell me. Otherwise I’ll just go home. I do not want to be playing childish games.”


            Astoria sighed, “Fine, well over the summer I…” she choked, “I…I…”


            Fed up with her I said spitefully, “Spit it out already!”


            Finally meeting my eyes she said, “I got married.”







 A/N: We do not own any characters all credit goes to J.K. Rowling. 

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