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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 33 : Chapter Thirty-Three
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A/N This chapter was hard to write because of the POV changes so I hope you all like it! Okay so the first half is Al's POV and then it changes to Hattie's and then it's back to Flick.

Albus' point of view.

I tossed and I turned but I couldn't sleep. I had Flick's voice at the back of my mind, 'I mean do you definitely know she is pregnant?' In truth how did I know? For all I know she's playing me like some idiot.

In the end I sat up and checked my clock and saw it was nearly time to get up anyway. I threw my covers back and stumbled across the room to the bathroom where I hopped into the shower and set it to cold, to keep me awake.

As I came out, rubbing my hair in a towel Scorp was awake as his head was poking out through the hangings at the end of his bed.

"Is it clear?" A female voice asked, my female cousin to be precise. I raised my eyebrows at him and he smirked.

"No it's not, Rosie," I said. "See you two have made up then. Urgh," I added as I pulled a face, I did not want those thoughts in my mind.

"Oh sod off, Albus, go find your pregnant girlfriend," Rose snapped at me as I caught a glimpse of her running to the bathroom wearing one of Scorpius' Quidditch tops.

"I think you'll find this is my dorm, Rosie, and I do believe you're a Gryffindor. Funnily enough unless I'm in the wrong place, I think you'll find this is Slytherin house," I replied to her as I put my uniform on and then proceeded to sort through my bag, taking out all my books except Transfiguration and double Potions as they were the only classes I had today.

"Again sod off, Al!" Rose yelled from within the bathroom.

"I think someone's hormonal," I muttered to Scorp and he chuckled as he crawled out of bed.

I heard a groan from the other side of the room and saw Joe's head. "What's all the noise?"

"It's just gone seven mate," I told him just as his alarm clock rang. "Time to get up."

Joe groaned again and muttered something as his head vanished from my view. I led back on my bed staring at the canopy, wondering what the hell I was going to do. I had meant every word I had said to Flick, I'm going to prove Hattie is lying. And if she isn't? A small voice questioned. I'll just have to take that hurdle when it comes.

By the time both Scorpius and Rose were ready it was coming up to eight o'clock. Rose left us shortly after leaving our dorm so she could go find the girls and that they'd meet us at breakfast.

As we walked down I asked Scor about him and Rosie. "Made up have you?" I questioned.

He shrugged. "She's giving me one chance and that's it. If I mess up again we're over for good."

I frowned at him. "I still don't know why you did that to her. I mean technically I should have hit you or did something to you for cheating on her, but you're my best mate so I'll let you off. But don't think if you do it again, I won't hex you into oblivion," I told him as we came out into the entrance hall and headed straight into the great hall which was alive with chatter.

I plonked myself down on the bench and my bag flopped to the floor after it dropped from my shoulder. I spotted the scrambled egg and bacon and started to pile it on my plate since I was starving and I'm a teenage boy.

Scorp was also doing the same and I nearly choked on my bacon when Hattie dropped in the seat next to me. I stared at her open mouthed as she put a load of hash browns and bacon on her plate, as well as toast and sausages.

"What?" she questioned after she swallowed. "I'm hungry."

Either she was genuinely hungry, she had pregnancy cravings or she was doing it to freak me out even more. Before I could answer Mel came over and sat next to Hattie and then Dom, Flick, Rose and Rory all came in. Dom and Rose sitting next to Scorp and Rory and Flick next to me. I tried to get Flick's attention but it was no good, especially as Rory was sat in between us.

After breakfast shortly before Hattie and Mel were planning to leave, I left saying I was going to the bathroom. Instead I went into one of the empty classrooms and waited for them to come out.

When they eventually did I left the room and called her name, "Hattie wait!"

She looked back at me but she made no attempt to stop, so I ran after her. "We need to talk," I said in an undertone. "She'll meet you in Transfiguration, Mel," I added as I put my arm around her shoulders and guided her to the empty classroom.

"What?" Hattie demanded after I had locked the door with my wand and cast muffliato.

"You claim to be fucking pregnant and yet I see no proof except you eating as much as me just then," I yelled at her. "How far are you anyway?"

She sneered, "Oh, so now you're taking an interest in me. You can't just come and go as you please, Albus."

"Answer the damn question," I snarled at her as my patience with her started to wear thin.

I swear she rolled her eyes at me as she said, "Just gone twelve weeks, I think. I mean it was New Years Eve wasn't it?" Hattie babbled.

"What do you mean think? Have you not seen Madame Pomfrey? Aren't you supposed to have a scan or something?" I questioned as I tried to think back to mum or one of my aunties mentioning anything pregnancy related.

Hattie sighed. "I went yesterday to see Pomfrey about  it when you were at Quidditch practice, although it's not like you care," she spat.

"Fine make another appointment for tomorrow, I'll be there."

"Tough luck, Al, it's already been done. You should have been there," Hattie said as she headed to the door and unlocked it with her wand and stormed out.

"ARGH!" I yelled as I kicked one of the desks in frustration.

Like fuck had she seen Pomfrey and if she had then where was the scan picture if she actually had a scan that is? I kicked the desk a few more times until the bell went and I had to hurry all the way up to Transfiguration.


Classes were over for the week and I was planning to schedule a Quidditch practice for tomorrow as out upcoming game against Ravenclaw was becoming closer and closer. My Friday night wasn't exactly turning out the best considering I was sat in the library with others as they were doing homework, where as I was sat with a book propped on my lap with the Marauders Map placed on top of it.

I was concentrating on finding Hattie's dot because I was determined to find her and demand for proof or if needs be take her Madame Pomfrey myself. I was searching the map around Gryffindor tower because more than likely she would be with Mel. I sighed as Flick looked up from her work and raised an eyebrow at me.

"You okay?" she asked in a low voice, so that Madame Pince wouldn't hear her as she tottered past with a stack of books in her hands.

I nodded in reply even though I wanted to tell her so much. I turned my attention back to the map and as I poked at it to change to see if she was in our common room when I spotted her name walking down the corridor not far from here.

I folded the map and stuffed it in the pocked of my hoodie and slammed the book shut. "Can you put it back, please?" I asked Flick as she looked at me and furrowed her brows. "Please?"

Flick nodded as she watched me with curiosity and I left hurriedly with a quick, "Bye," over my shoulder to the others. Pulling the map out I saw her dot still moving down the corridor. "Mischief Managed," I muttered as I placed my wand on it and tucked them back in my pocket. I sped into a run and skidded around the corner and headed straight towards her.

I stopped behind her just as she put out a hand to push open the door.

"We need to talk," I whispered in her ear.


Hattie's Point of view.

I knew I'd have to tell the truth eventually, either than or pretend to have a miscarriage. Anything as long as he''d stay with me. Actually if I got pregnant for real, he'd probably stay with me for certain but then I don't know what I'd say because the dates wouldn't match up. I thought about asking the girl Hannah, who I had gotten the idea from when the others were talking about it before Christmas but she could easily sell me out.

I know it's wrong to lie about this sort of thing but I have no other choice. If I want to get any sort of attention off my father, I have to do something big. He's already owled me and congratulated me on getting knocked up with Potter's spawn after seeing it in the paper and is hinting towards a possible marriage. My mother on the other hand, well she's not thrilled about it, any of it.

I've tried actually getting pregnant for real, but every time we get that close he either pulls away from me and refuses sex or we get interrupted. In other words I am pretty much screwed. I was just about to enter the girls bathroom when I felt a presence behind me.

"We need to talk," Al whispered in my ear.

I tried to push the door open and go inside but I couldn't stop Al from grabbing my hand.

"Hey," I protested as he started to pull me along the corridor. "Where are we going?"

"Hospital wing," he shot back and I felt myself pale.

Shit, I thought as he pulled me along. I tried to loosen his hand from mine but he was to strong. I am so screwed, I am more than screwed, I though as I struggled to keep up with him. He's going to break up with me for sure now. It wasn't that far and when he pushed the hospital wing doors open Madame Pomfrey jumped because of the clang the one made when it hit the wall.

"Mr Potter, this is a hospital!" she said, scolding him. "Now I'd like you to respect that please."

"Sorry," Al muttered and the matron nodded.

"Now what can I do for you and uh, Miss Nott?" Pomfrey questioned as she spotted me.

Al pulled me forward and I swear it felt like my arm was going to come out of its socket. "Pregnancy test and a scan," he stated as Pomfrey looked from me to him, her eyebrows raised.

"I've certainly heard the rumours from students, shall we do this then, Miss Nott?"


I'm pretty sure Al knew from what the matron had said that I hadn't been to see her. I nodded silently as I felt a tear escape and start trickling down my cheek.

"I'll be back now," With that the matron went bustling off into her office.

Al was refusing to look at me so instead I kept my head down and looked at my shoes. It didn't take her long and she came back with a vial that had a clear liquid at the bottom.

"If you would go into the bathroom and fill this please and bring it back out," she instructed me.

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat and nodded as I went into the small bathroom at the end of the ward, near her office. I did what I had to and when I came back out I handed it back to her. Al looked a little disgusted at the sight of what was inside but that soon changed when Madame Pomfrey shook it.

"It'll only take a minute," she informed us as she hurried about getting some weird equipment and setting it up by one of the beds. "Over here on the bed please, Miss Nott, and roll your top up as well."

I did as she asked and got onto the bed before rolling my cardigan and t-shirt up so they stopped just under my bra and I suddenly felt very exposed. I didn't look at Al and I turned my attention to the monitor on the machine.

"Now this will be cold," she informed me as she squirted some clear gel stuff onto my stomach and with her wand she muttered something and the screen that was on the machine turned on and stayed black and I wondered what was meant to appear. She muttered another spell and again nothing happened. "Let me just check the potion."

I looked up to see Al pacing at the end of the bed looking thoroughly pissed off. Madame Pomfrey came back over to me as I sat up looking at the vial in her hand, the contents now blue.

"What does that mean?" Al asked her.

"Well, Mr Potter, if it turns red it means Miss Nott is pregnant, if it is blue it mean she is not. I can confirm you're not pregnant, Miss Nott, both the test and the scan have shown that."

Al didn't say anything as he shot me a dirty look and then stormed out of the hospital wing slamming the door behind him, ignoring my shouts.

"Albus!" I called as I tried to get up off the bed and run after him even though it was no use.

Madame Pomfrey stopped me from leaving as I hastily pulled my top back down. "I think we need to talk, Miss Nott," she said as she lead me back to the bed and I got back on it.

"Is it possible I miscarried?" I asked in a small voice as she handed me paper towels to clean the gel off.

"Miss Nott, it doesn't appear there was a baby in the first place, now do you care to explain please?"

I didn't know what to tell her, Al was sure to dump me now. What could I tell her, that I had lied about being pregnant so my boyfriend would stay with me and my father would actually notice me for a change instead of it all being Aaron this and Aaron that.

"I, I had the symptoms," I managed to say as I looked up at her and I could tell from her expression she wanted to know what. "I've missed two periods I think, I've been more tired and hungry than usual and even sick a few times."

"I know your NEWT's are coming up, so aside from them has there been anything you've been worrying about?" I nodded and Madame Pomfrey continued, "I do believe your just stressed, Miss Nott. When a person is rather stressed they do tend to be more tired because they are worried and are not sleeping, as well as hungry because they miss meals because of doing work. It's common for females to miss a period or two because of it," she explained and then went off to get something.

I put my head in my hands as my tears streamed down my face. Maybe my father's right, I am a fuck up.

"Drink this," Madame Pomfrey said as she handed me a vial that was filled with yellow liquid, that was almost the same colour as a sunflower. "It will help, now I advise you take it easy on yourself, eat regular meals and go to sleep a bit earlier. If you still find yourself with those symptoms come back and I'll prescribe you the potion."

I nodded once I had drained the vial which tasted oddly like oranges.

"Thank you." I muttered in a small voice, still looking at the floor. I re-arranged my top and cardigan and left heading straight for Gryffindor tower, there was no way I was going back to my own common room not if Al was there.

I didn't care that I was crying, I didn't care that I probably looked a right state I just had to see Mel. I had to be with someone right now who didn't hate me and actually cared for me unlike my so called parents. I'd go see Aaron but I know he likes Al and he wouldn't do what any other brother would do and hit him, oh no he'd probably just ask for a friendly game of Quidditch or some shit like that.

And I certainly can't go to my dorm mates considering I don't get on with any of them, although some times I wish I did and I certainly can't got to Al. Mel is the only person I have right now. I roughly pushed past a small person as I got closer to the tower.

"Password?" The fat lady asked me not even noticing I wasn't one of her house, not that it mattered considering I've spent a fair amount of time here.

I stayed quiet and lent against the wall, after a few minutes I sank to the floor and put my head in my hands as the tears fell. Why am I an evil cow? I wondered, why do I need to do things for attention?

I'm nothing but a selfish brat who complains and does awful things when she doesn't get her own way, I thought as I heard voices from somewhere above me.

"Oh my god! Hattie?" I looked up slightly to see Mel crouched down in front of me. "What the hell has happened?" She asked as she helped me to my feet and guided me to the portrait hole.

I didn't speak I just allowed her to take me inside of Gryffindor tower once she had said the password. I was lead up to the dorms and the second we were in hers and I went and flopped onto her bed, with my head on the pillow. Still not saying a word, just letting the tears flow.


I had left the library shortly before the others because I was worried about Al. He had took off awful quick and I knew something was up, but I didn't know what. Although with everything that had happened lately, I knew it was probably related to Hattie and her so called pregnancy.

I wasn't walking that fast because although I was looking for Al, I was in no hurry and plus I was taking in the castle and its features since this is my last year and I won't ever walk these halls again. I took a detour into the girls toilets and as I left it I almost bumped straight into someone who seemed rather angry.

"Sorry," I muttered and then realised who it was. "Al? You okay?" I asked although I could clearly see he was not okay.

"She fucking lied, she was never pregnant," he told me through gritted teeth and then I realised who the 'she' was.

"Oh," I replied as my mouth formed an 'O' shape. "I'm sorry, Al," I said pulling him into a hug before he could protest and before I realised what I was doing. He broke away seconds later and stormed off up the corridor, leaving me bewildered and wondering whether I should follow him or not.

Deciding I should because I was his friend and that's what friend do I caught up with him just as he turned the corner. Al seemed to sense my presence but he didn't say anything or send me away.

We carried on to where ever he was going in silence, occasionally passing other students. Al didn't stop until we reached the seventh floor and he stood in front of the tapestry of Barnabus the Barmy and started pacing in front of it three times until a handle appeared. I knew where he was going, the room of requirement. I only knew of it because of Dom and Rose, because we came here once when we skived off from History of Magic.

Al pushed the door handle down and went inside, I swiftly followed him and found myself in a strange room. On the one side there was what could easily pass off as a small flat, including a kitchen, king sized bed and bathroom. And on the other there was what looked like something you would see in a muggle gym and that boxers might use handing from its post. Al went straight over to it and punched it hard cause it to swing wildly.

I left him to it and went over to the sofa and slung my bag on the floor. I watched Al for a while but then turned my attention to the magazines and stuff which were on a small table in front of me. I picked the up and started to flick through it. I had no idea how long Al was hitting the punch bag for, but he eventually came over and flopped down next to me after dropping his hoodie.

I looked at him, his black hair looked even messier now that he had ruffled it and his t-shirt was soaked with sweat. "You ready to talk?" I asked as I chucked the magazine back on the table.

He sighed. "I suppose. She lied to me, Flick, I knew she wasn't but she still went and lied. I have no idea what I'm going to do now, especially as someone tipped of the Prophet. I told you, Fliss, I told you she was lying."

I nodded. "I know, Al, but I needed the proof before we went any further."

"Madame Pomfrey did a test and then a scan, there was nothing there and there never was. Lying cow," he muttered under his breath.

I put my hand on his. "It'll be okay, Al, I know it will."

His eyes locked onto mine and I bent forward just as he did, his lips crashing onto mine. His hand managed to pull my bobble out and my hair fell from its pony tail and he wound his hand through it. The fire that was always there when he kissed me had re-ignited and I felt the butterflies in my stomach as our kiss deepened and Al slid on top of me as he pushed me back against the sofa.

I put my hand on his sweaty t-shirt and broke our kiss. "Go shower, Albus," I whispered and he laughed as he lightly kissed my lips before pulling away.

"Why do I smell?" He teased as he pulled his top off and I couldn't help but stare, because well he's Al. And he's got a nice body.

"Yeah you do," I told him and then added, "Potter."

He eyed me up and down and I felt a tingle run through my body. "Back to surnames again are we, Saunders?" he asked as he started tickling me.

I laughed as I put my hands out on his bare chest which still had a few beads of sweat on it. "Stop it, Al." My hands were suddenly lowered than planned and were just above the waistband of his jeans, I don't know what made me do it but I started to unbuckle his belt.

Al stopped tickling me and kissed me again, the time it was long and hard and I could feel my heart thudding against my chest as Al pulled both my hoodie and t-shirt up at the same time. I sat up and he pulled them over my head, flinging them to the side where his t-shirt had already  been discarded.

"Bathroom," I pointed out and he rolled his eyes at me as he climbed off the sofa and headed to the small room. I heard the sound of running water as I took deep breaths, because I had an inkling of what was going happened and I certainly wasn't going to stop it. "Calm," I muttered to myself as I kicked my shoes off and shimmied out of my jeans, letting them drop to the floor.

I headed to the bed getting the feeling that Al had sort of planned this in his head in the time it took to get here. I pulled back the crisp white covers and was about to get in when I remembered we needed contraception. I was not going to become a mother again any time soon. At that though I felt a pang of guilt because Al still didn't know.

Is this really the best time? I briefly wondered as I picked my wand up from the pocket of my jeans and headed back to the bed. I perched on the edge and pointed my wand at my stomach and muttered, "Tueri Infantem."

My stomach glowed for a second and I felt a tingly sensation go through my whole body making me shiver just as Al came back wearing nothing but a fluffy white towel and carrying a box of condoms.

"Are they in date?" I asked as my conversation with Madame Pomfrey came back to me and even though I had done the contraceptive charm, neither were one hundred percent reliable.

Al nodded as he came over, he threw the box and it landed on the bed behind me. He came to a stop by the bedside table which I had placed my wand on. Al dropped the towel causing me to giggle before he slid under the covers next to me.

I bent over and kissed him and to me the night soon became a lot more eventful than I had originally planned.

I briefly wondered why I couldn't hear either Bentley or Aubri crying or making noises or even Dom or the other girls and then I remembered why.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a large king sized bed with Albus' arms wrapped around me. Should I tell him, I thought as my eyes followed the ornate pattern on the ceiling, I could tell him right here right now about Bentley and Aubri. But  do you want him to react the same way he did when Hattie told him and when he found out she was lying? A small voice at the back of my head chimed in.

I cursed myself silently and turned to look back at Al only to find him staring right back at me. "Morning, Fliss, what you thinking about?"

"Nothing," I replied as I rolled over to face him and he kissed the tip of my nose, making me giggle.

"Am I forgiven and can we have another repeat of last night sometime?" he asked cockily.

I hit him. "The first answer is yes and as for the second, well you've got a bit of breaking up to do," I replied coolly. "Any idea what the time is?"

Al shrugged as he went to kiss me but I rolled back over and sat up, scanning the room for my underwear. I slipped out of the covers and went and picked it up, heading straight for the small bathroom where I took a shower and got dressed again. Since I didn't have a  brush I managed to scrape my hair up into a messy bun hoping it would do until I got back to the dorm.

As I came out Al was still lying in the bed gazing over at me, I threw his jeans and boxers at him. "Get dressed, come on. You can find bitch face before breakfast, so long as we haven't missed it."

He smirked at me as I went and pulled my own jeans own. "What?" I questioned as he smirked some more, "What is it, Potter?" I asked again.

"Nothing," he smirked and I glared at him. "Fine, are you an angel?"

I looked at him. "No, why?"

"Because you sure look like you've fallen from heaven," Al replied and I just looked at him.

"You really need to learn new pick up lines, because that one sure ain't getting you a date," I told him as I pulled on my top and tied my hoodie around my waist.

Al smiled. "Really so how about, are you a dememtor? Because I'd become a criminal just to get your kiss."

I looked at him. "Are you comparing me to a horrid hooded creature that sucks souls from people?"

Al shook his head quickly and said, "Are you using the Confundus charm or are you naturally that mind blowing?"

I laughed. "Okay that on might get you towards a date, but like I said you need to speak to a certain person first." I heard him groan as I gathered up his t-shirt and hoodie and chucked them to him and collected my wand off the bedside table.

"I love you, Flick."

"I love you too, Albus," I replied as I couldn't deny my feelings any more.

Once Al was eventually dressed and had stopped trying to continue where we left off last night we left the room of requirement after he checked that map of his.

"All clear," he stated. "She's in our common room with Mel and Rose and Scorp are both in your dorm with Dom and Rory," Al informed me and I wondered why they would be there, but then realised they hadn't seen us since we left the library last night.

"Shit, I bet they're worried."

Al just laughed. "Any bets we get interrogated when we go back?"

I nodded because it was true, Rory would most likely be more interested because of not being related to Al but for Rose and Dom it's a little weird. As we walked in silence his arm kept brushing mine and eventually he wound his fingers through mine, I looked at him and smiled.

We past younger students who were going down to breakfast and as one group past the one girl turned back to look at us and then whispered something to her friends. Al shook his head slightly as more of the little ones started looking back at us and before I could utter a word, he pushed me into what I thought was a wall and I put my hands out ready to stop myself.

Instead I found myself in a passage way. "I wish you wouldn't do that," I grumbled as I walked ahead of him. "At least give me some warning."

"Yeah well they're probably beside themselves with the thought that I brought you down here to snog the living day lights out of you." I glared at him. "Joking I swear. Although if you fancy it?" he asked waggling his eyebrows and I hit him.

"You have to do something," I stated and then carried on walking.

He didn't try anything the rest of the way and as we walked across the entrance hall to go down to the dungeons I could smell bacon and my stomach growled. I muttered the password to the wall which took it's time in opening, because I swear it has a grudge against me and I slipped into the common room unnoticed.

I spotted Mel and Hattie sat in the corner and just as Al came in behind me I hurriedly crossed the room and headed up the stairs to the dorms not wanting to see this because I had a feeling that Al was going to do it there and then, rather than pulling her aside.

The minute I set foot in the dorm I was ambushed by the girls.

"Where have you been?" Rose demanded. "You just vanished we though something bad had happened to you?"

"Were you with, Al?" Rory asked winking at me.

I bit my lip and Dom squealed. "I knew it!"

The three of them shrieked with joy and I stared at them open mouthed. "What?"

"Oh please," Dom started to say. "Really you haven't noticed?"

"What?" I repeated looking from Dom to Rose to Rory.

"The whole school has been waiting for you and Al to get back together. Come on did you really think that people actually liked him dating Hattie. I mean I even swear the teachers have been betting on it." Rory informed me.

I laughed. "Are you serious."

They all nodded in unison which was rather freaky.

"So..." Dom pressed. "Are you back together yet?"

I shook my head and one of them groaned. "Not until he's broke up with Hattie which I believe he's doing right this minute in front of the whole common room. Although I wish he'd have done it somewhere more private."

That made them perk up and they scampered off out the dorm. I led back on my bed and let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Just need to tell him," I muttered as I though of Bentley and Aubri and how I couldn't wait for Ria to bring them done next weekend as there was a Hogsmeade trip. "One more week until I see them."

I quickly changed out of last nights clothes into clean ones and tip-toed down the stairs only to find two blondes and a red head sat at the bottom. I could hear Al's voice and I huddled behind Dom who was peeking through the door which was open enough so that we could see him, Hattie and Mel.

"You never loved me!" Al yelled. "Admit it, admit that you were with me for the fame and money, neither of which I have. I never loved you and I never have, you were just a distraction, a rebound."

I was surprised to see Hattie stand up. "Don't you fucking dare say I never loved you because I did. I actually have feelings y'know despite being a horrid cow. So there might have been a part of me with you just for that, but did you ever consider that a small part of me genuinely loves you?"

Al scoffed. "You're nothing but a manipulative, lying backstabbing cow. And as I was saying the night you lied to me about your fake pregnancy, we're over."

Even though the common room wasn't that full you could still hear the loud gasp that echoed around the room. Al left Hattie stood there, a few tears rolling down her cheeks. I had no idea whether they were as fake as the nails she had glued on, or whether they were real.

We slowly crept down acting as though we hadn't heard any of it and walked down into the common room. Hattie turned on me the second she saw me. "I suppose you're happy now, Saunders? Happy that he's finally dumped me and you an get your claws into him again."

I said nothing as I looked her up and down and shrugged. "If Al broke up with you, it just means he finally saw your true colours."

Scorpius joined us, having just come down from the boys dorms and looked from me to Hattie. "Um what's going on?"

"Later, Scorp, come on lets go to breakfast," Rose said rather cheerily as she linked her one arm around his and the other around mine. Dom and Rory both followed as we left swiftly, with eyes following us.

I felt better knowing that they were finally over, but I still wished I could tell him about Bentley and Aubri and how much alike he and Bentley look. And that both of them are walking around the furniture and babbling away with the occasional word that dad and Ria recognise.

I sighed as I though of home, wishing I was there because my life seemed far too complicated lately.

A/N *Comes out of hiding*

And the evil one and Albus are no more!! How many big sighs of relief are happening right now?? Not to mention happy dancing because of AL AND FLICK!!

Up Next - A date and going home for Easter.

Edited - 22.07.2014

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