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Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks by Fonzzx
Chapter 5 : Quidditch
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Chapter 19: Quidditch





Do you want to know how I know that I'm in love with Angel?


Dad told me how he fell for Mum.


They got together one day in third year, it fell apart, they didn't speak again until sixth year, and the more time they spent together, the more he realised he liked her and hey presto, they were going out. Well, after a minor complication that involved her cheating on her boyfriend with Dad. Hey ho. Nobody's perfect.


That's what happened with me and Angel. There was one incident which nobody knew about, where Angel and I got high and ended up kissing at the end of last year. Neither of us have mentioned it to the other, I'm not entirely sure if he remembers to be honest. That was when I started having feelings for him. But being me, I didn't say anything until it was already too late.


He started going out with Dom two months ago. I really did try to be happy for them. She's a nice girl, but she doesn't know him like I do.


He was my best friend. I wish I'd told him that as well.


It was the Gryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch match today. I didn't much care who won, but as Quidditch captain, I was obligated to attend and at least look interested.


“Where's Dom?” I asked Angel as I sat down next to him at the Quidditch stands.


“She's got a cold,” he answered.


Teddy came bouncing up to us then.


“Alright? Let's hear a cheer for GRYFFINDOR,” he shouted gleefully, his hair a mix of red and gold, styled like a lion's mane.


“Who's commentating?” James demanded, looking around.


“Frankie Longbottom does it,” Teddy answered him, grabbing his head and ruffling his hair.


“Stop it Teddy!” he squealed, like a girl.


Freddie, Louis and his friend Alice joined us, just as the teams made their way onto the pitch.


“Welcome to the first Quidditch game of the year, folks! All four house teams have had a completely new line up this year, and Slytherin wouldn't give me theirs so I can't introduce them. They seemed to think I'd tell Gryffindor. How bloody rude.”


I saw Frankie leaning away from his dad, Professor Longbottom, as he tried to grab the magical megaphone off him.


“I'm not biased, I promise folks! I left my list of names in the dormitory anyway so you'll just have to guess who's flying around up there. If you look to the left you'll see the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Quidditch captains in attendance, the two Blacks, not closely related but it's rare to see them in anyone else's company. I bet they want to see how Gryffindor and Slytherin play.”


Wright, the referee, ordered the two captains to shake hands. He then blew his whistle and threw the Quaffle in the air.


“AAAAAAAND THEY'RE OFF! Gryffindor takes possession of the Quaffle, go on Gryffindor!”


If Frankie wasn't biased towards his own house then I was a bloke.


“Alright, the score is currently 50 – 30 to Gryffindor, now I don't know if you've noticed, but as an unbiased commentator I'm obligated to point out that Slytherin seem to be playing a much cleaner game than last year... Or they've got better at cheating.”


There were boos from the other end of the pitch, where the Slytherin supporters were sitting.


“Frank!” I heard Longbottom call exasperatedly.


He was right though. I hadn't spotted Slytherin cheating yet and they usually did to try and pull ahead.


“Of course, it's hard to pull one past Wright, he has eyes like a hawk,” Frankie continued. “MERLIN, I DON'T BELIEVE IT! SLYTHERIN'S SEEKER HAS SPOTTED THE SNITCH! COME ON GRYFFINDOR, CATCH UP!”


Longbottom didn't bother to tell Frankie off this time. He was too busy cheering on the Gryffindor seeker, who had almost caught up with his opponent.




“Come on, party time!” Teddy announced, grabbing me and Angel and pulling us up, and dragging us to the Gryffindor common room.


“What about Dom?” Angel asked, giving Teddy a look as we went through the Fat Lady's portrait.


“Victoire's with her, where do you think she's been all morning?”


“No wonder it was quiet,” I smirked.


“Roof?” Angel offered, holding out the potion ingredients that he'd stolen.


“Merlin, yes,” I sighed, following him.


We sat down, leaning against the tower, and started smoking.


“How's things with Dom?” I asked him, not really wanting to know the answer if they were still smushy.


“She's got a bit clingy recently... I made her stay in bed this morning, just to get away from her.”


I laughed. “That's what you get for going out with a fourteen year old.”


“Well, I did like her, but now she's a bit full on and it's putting me off,” he made a face.


“Ah, that's why you should go out with someone older,” I said lightly.


“Not my own age?”


“No, you act about ten years older than you are.”


“By that logic I should be going out with someone who's twenty six,” he smirked at me.


“Wait a minute... oh fuck it, I don't know,” I laughed. “So things aren't all peachy with Dominique then?”


“No... to be honest I'm a bit bored of her. She's nice and all, but there's no passion.”


Was this my chance?


“Angel,” I said, biting my lip. He looked right at me. He was thirsty, but I didn't care. “Do you remember the last time we were up here?”




“Good,” I said, leaning in to kiss him.


He kissed me back.


“Alright, I lied,” he admitted. “I actually broke up with her this morning, and that's why she wasn't at the match.”


“Why didn't you tell me?” I whispered.


“I thought you wouldn't want me if I wasn't with someone else.”


“Merlin Angel, you're completely dense. I fucking love you.”


“Really?” he grinned.




“I love you too,” he grinned, and kissed me again.






I was going to burn in hell for this. I actually did break up with Dom this morning, because yes, she was clingy, and yes, I was getting bored. And yes, she was upset. I never wanted to hurt her though. I thought it was better to break up with her now before I did something stupid (like Cassie).


I pushed Dom to the back of my mind. Cassie was all over me.


“I need to tell you something,” she muttered into my mouth.


“What?” I said, kissing her neck.


“You're my best friend, Angel. I don't think I could take it if I lost you.”


Oh Cass. Don't fuck this up now, I thought.


“Promise me I won't lose you,” she said, her brown eyes staring deep into mine.


“You know I can't promise that, Cass. All sorts of shit could happen. But I won't leave you.”


“Oh fucking finally,” Teddy shouted through the door, so I banged on it. “Ow!”


“Stop listening to people's conversations,” I shouted back at him.


“How else would I know everything?” I could just picture the grin on his face now.


Muffliato,” Cassie whispered, pointing her wand at the door.


“Awww, that's no fun!” Teddy shouted, as soon as he could hear the buzzing that filled his ears.

I went back to kissing Cassie, lifting her slim body so that she was sat on me. 

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