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fleshwounds. by purplepotter77
Chapter 1 : we found each other hungry.
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It goes like this: a boy with the night sky woven under his skin and a girl who loves the stars much too fiercely.

The boy’s words are made of stardust, and he speaks the language of the heavens. Amorphous, incandescent. She, the astronomer, the cartographer, tries to chart the constellations as they fall from his mouth, but in the end, all her maps are blank. He cuts out her tongue and swallows it whole – this, then, is the eternal struggle of power that will always exist between them. Like the sun, he sends out a solar wind; her core is far too weak and nonmagnetic to resist, and slowly, her surface corrodes. And then –

– he is not a star, but rather, the collapsed center of one.

Somehow, she is not surprised.

She tears open his throat with vicious claws and reveals it to be empty.

He is a black hole, distorting and bending all light around him, and he sucks her into his vortex along with the universe around them.

He smiles, and the knives between his teeth flash.

Together, they burn.

This is how it goes: a boy with astral blood running through his veins and a girl who will never stop being fascinated by the cosmos.

It is not love. It is something feral and raw, something canine and full of sharp, snapping teeth. It is something that consumes and devours them whole, something violent and gasping for air, an alarm, red and flashing and set to self-destruct. It is something disguised as proper and Victorian, stuffed into crisply-starched clothing and worn with good manners.

Within this structure, there is chaos.

She whispers against his neck, her words like paper, that he, too, has a ticking time-bomb for a heart, ticktickticktick BOOM. You have an expiry date; you cannot store your soul in the freezer forever.

Softer still, he replies, I set the universe alight for you, darling, and yet, will you give me nothing in return?

She smiles, and the knives between her teeth flash.

(We found each other hungry

and we ate each other whole.)

It goes like this: a girl teetering on the brink of power and a boy who already has the devil sewn into his sinews.

She feels the fire spreading over her, setting each atom fizzing and popping and bursting with renewed life.

(This is not love. It has never been.)

He holds an apple in the palm of his hand and offers it to her, ripe and ruined. Deadly.

See the worms? he says, pointing.

(She does not see.)

His mouth curls up around the edges, disgust.

The world is begging for a revolution, he whispers into her ear, poisonous. Together, you and I will expunge it of its plague. Together, we could be great.

She tears open his ribcage with vicious claws and cuts out his heart, holds it as it shines red and flashing and self-destructive, the spoil of war.

It burns.

A/N: "We found each other hungry" is from a poem by Pablo Neruda called Absence, and the apple thing in the third section is an allusion to the part in the Bible where the serpent offers Eve the apple.

Angsty Tom/Minerva is one of my favorite things, and somehow the idea for this story popped into my head and I wrote it in about an hour and decided to make it 500 words, just because doing the Every Word Counts Challenge has always been something I've wanted to do. This was supposed to be a sort of different take on Tom/Minerva, and then somehow it kind of spiraled into this monstrous thing? But I would love to hear people's thoughts on it! :3

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fleshwounds.: we found each other hungry.


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