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Building The Famous Hogwarts School by Blazing Golden Pheonix
Chapter 1 : The Story Begins
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Chapter 1

The Story Begins



Godric Gryffindor was looking at the calm sky. The sky was filled with numerous stars, which sparkled like diamonds. A small smile appeared on his face, looking at them. He was resting on his chair, on the balcony on the second floor of his mansion. Godric always liked to sit peacefully, and happily. But his work prevents him from doing that. He was the lord of a place, called Europe, and he cannot ignore his work.


He stood up, and moved across the balcony lighting his cigar. He rested his hands on the short wall, and felt the cool breeze that was flowing that way. He closed his eyes in happiness, and felt the happiness that was flowing in him. He was not disturbed for about fifteen minutes. His personal assistant slowly came to him, and said,


“Sir, Salazar Slytherin’s personal assistant stopped here to give these scrolls to you.” He said handing two scrolls to Godric. He immediately left the balcony.


Godric waved his hand in air, and all the lights in the balcony lighted immediately. He opened the first scroll, and read it. It was a personal letter from his friend Salazar.


Hi Godric,


How are you? I feel very great. Let’s come to the point directly. When I heard your proposal of starting a school, I felt very happy. Your idea really interested me. I really want to be a part of it. I asked Helga, and she was interested too. So now we will become four partners. I’ll speak with you personally about this matter in a few days. See you later.


Salazar Slytherin.


Godric’s heart just filled with happiness and joy when he read the letter. He closed the first one and opened the second, which was from Helga about the same matter. He closed both of them, and placed them on the table.


Godric was almost jumping in joy after reading the letters. Teaching students was his dream. He always believed a slogan. ‘Today’s children are tomorrow’s people’. He started to make his dream come true from a month. He asked his friends Rowena and Salazar to be partners of this school, which they agreed happily. He walked in the balcony with excitement. He spent there for about an hour before retiring to bed.


Salazar Slytherin just ate his delicious dinner, and walked into his bed room. He sat in his reading chair, and opened a book he was reading. He always loved to learn different concepts on magic. He also learned most dangerous dark arts in just a few days. He was one of the powerful wizards of that century. Although he never used his powers on anybody, every other lords fear him. Only few people, who actually knew about him, are his friends. Godric was one of them. When he received the proposal of building a school from Godric, a few days ago, he felt very happy. He knew that it was Godric’s dream to teach children. He accepted his proposal instantly. He even asked his lover Helga before sending a letter to Godric. He read the book for about an hour before going to sleep.


In the morning, Godric woke up early as usual. He completed his daily works, and came down to his office. He worked on his office works until afternoon. He slowly at his lunch and took some rest in his room. In the evening, when he walked into the front room, there were two persons sitting in the front hall. It was none other than Salazar Slytherin.


To be continued


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