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'Till Death Do Us Part by alicia and anne
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13
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 A/N: I am so, so, so, so sorry about the wait for this chapter! Please accept my cookies as an apology! I've made this chapter over 4K for you all! I really hope that you enjoy it!

“Lucy told me that she’s worried about Adam.” Amelia told James, as she slipped her feet into her work shoes. She was thankful that they were slip on shoes and she wouldn’t have to bend over to tie any shoelaces, as her back had been hurting her a lot recently and standing too quickly was giving her a head rush. In fact she had been feeling a little dizzy since she had woken up that morning, but was hoping that it would pass soon.

James looked over at her as she talked; he was standing by the kettle and waiting for it to boil so he could make a coffee in his travel cup. He was going to be taking Amelia to St. Mungos for her shift before going off to the Ministry to start his own.

“He has been acting strangely lately; he’s not even opening up to me when I ask him about it. But I at least thought that he was opening up to Lucy about whatever it is that’s been bothering him at work.” James told her honestly with a small shrug as he leant against the kitchen counter, he was watching her carefully as she placed her hands on the small of her back and closed her eyes slightly.

“Are you alright?” James asked her in concern. Amelia opened her eyes and nodded at him as she gave a smile.

“I’m fine, my back is just really hurting me today.” Amelia told him as she walked over to where he was leaning, to pick up the glass of strawberry juice that James had made her. She drank it all, quenching the thirst that she had been feeling, she knew that she would regret drinking that quickly later on, but at that moment in time she didn’t care.

“Did you want me to tell the hospital that you’re not coming in?” James asked her, the kettle clicked next to her, indicating that it had stopped boiling, but James was too busy worrying about his wife to notice.

“James, I can’t just Owl in sick every time I feel a bit sick or have a back ache.” Amelia told him, she moved around him and picked up the kettle so that she could finish his drink for him.

“You’re feeling sick as well?” James asked her, the worry now evident in his tone.

“James, lately all I’ve been doing is feeling sick. But I need to get to work; I have patients relying on me.” Amelia told him as she placed the lid on top of James’s travel cup and handing it to him; he took it and followed her as she began to walk out of the room.

“You can’t be around patients if you’re sick, Amelia.”

Amelia rolled her eyes; she knew that she was a fully trained Healer after all. “James, I hardly think that morning sickness is contagious. Now let’s go to work, if I feel any worse later I’ll tell someone, okay?”

“Make sure you Owl me if you need to come home.” James told her.

“I can’t, you’ve got that big meeting today about that promotion that Brent put you forward for, and you can’t miss that.”

“I’m more worried about you then a promotion.”

Amelia leant up to give him a kiss on the lips, before she moved away and picked up her handbag. “You are the sweetest husband. I will Owl Adam to come and get me; I know that he’s got a day off today. If he does have to come and get me later, I’ll have to have a few words with him about his behaviour lately.”

James frowned as though he still didn’t like the idea of Amelia going into work, but he knew that he couldn’t stop her if she wanted to go in, after all she knew her body a lot more than he did. If she thought that she could manage then who was he to say otherwise?

“I’ll be on standby.” James told her before holding open the front door for her to exit out of.


Amelia knew that James had been right earlier about not coming into work, she had seemed to get more lightheaded and nauseous the further into her shift, there were moments when she could carry on with her duties on the ward, and others when she would have to take a seat for a few moments until she felt right again.

She felt bad every time this happened as it didn’t seem fair to the other staff members, she knew that they didn’t mind as they all knew that she was pregnant, but she didn’t like to feel like she was putting less of an effort into the job.

“Amelia, I think you should go and see, Healer Spelling. Even you have got to admit that this isn’t right.” Healer Gilbert said softly to Amelia as she sat in one of the chairs beside an empty bed, her head in her hands as she tried to breathe slowly to stop her head from spinning. Amelia gave a nod at him, looking up into Healer Gilbert’s blue eyes.

“I’m beginning to worry about myself,” Amelia admitted, knowing that something was wrong but not being specialised enough in that field to know just what it was. As a Healer she was more careful and aware of what was happening to her, knowing when something was right or wrong and whether or not she could manage to carry on and her limits, even though at times she had been known to push the limits, she couldn’t put any risk on her or the babies health.

“Would you like me to take you down there?” He asked her holding his arm out for her to take from him. Amelia waited a few moments until her head had stopped spinning before she stood up slowly, taking hold of the Healers arm. He stayed close to her, holding her arm steadily in case he needed to prop her up should she pass out.

“Have you been taking all of your potions?” Healer Spelling asked as he looked her over, waving his wand and causing a machine to check her blood pressure.

“Yes, my brother has been making them for me and bringing them over,” Amelia told him, Healer Spelling gave a nod, he knew her brother well as he made potions for the hospital a few times when stocks had run low.

“Are you eating enough? Drinking enough fluids?” Healer Spelling asked as the machined uncoiled itself from around Amelia’s arm and flew over to him so he could read the result. Amelia took a glance at it and wasn’t surprised to see that her blood pressure level was low, this would explain the dizziness she had been feeling.

“Yes, I drink plenty of fluids and eat often,” She told him, “I’ve been eating a lot of vegetables full of Iron, and so I don’t think its low Iron.”

Healer Spelling shook his head as he looked down at Amelia’s chart which he had sent to his room the second that she had been brought into his office.

“How long have you been feeling like this?” he asked her, looking up at her over the board he had held up.

“For a few days,” Amelia admitted, knowing that he wasn’t going to like her answer, she should have known better to come in for a check up if she was feeling like this. The look on his face now confirmed her thoughts.

“You need to make sure that you contact the hospital whenever you’re feeling like this, Amelia, so we can deal with any problems that you may be experiencing. It’s unsafe for you and the babies if you collapse, and yours and their interests are more important at the moment.”

“I’ve been feeling sick quite a few times as well,” Amelia admitted, a few times she had barely been able to move, only managing to get from the bed to the sofa whilst she was at home.

Healer Spelling’s lips thinned in a grimace before he gave a deep sigh, he placed the chart onto the bed next to Amelia and looked at her, a serious look on his face.

“Are you sleeping enough?” he asked her.

“Off and on,” Amelia admitted, she had been quite uncomfortable with the babies moving around during the night and having to get up more than enough times during the night to pee that she was getting up every few hours, and she had been busy doing errands and meeting people during the day that she hadn’t had time to catch up on the sleep she had missed.

“You need more rest, Amelia; you’re running your energy levels to the ground. You need all the energy you can get.” He told her sternly, she was a Healer and should know how the body would react with little to no sleep. “I’m surprised you haven’t already collapsed.”

Amelia nodded, knowing that he was right.

“I’m going to be giving you the next week off,” He told her, walking over to his desk and grabbing for a quill, dipping it in the ink before waving his wand, a piece of parchment flew out of the open drawer behind him and flew in front of him. He began to write on the parchment, as Amelia slowly got down from the examination bed she had been sitting on.

“I want you to rest for the entire week; I don’t want to hear that you’re running here and there like a headless Hippogriff. Take it easy and think of how this is going to be affecting the babies.”
He added a signature to the end of the parchment before handing it to Amelia so she could read it.

“I’ve signed you off of work, you need to come back on the date that it says for another check up, done by your Midwife, or me if they’re unavailable. We will review the case and see if you’re able to come back to work.”

Amelia handed back the parchment. “Thank you, Jeremy,” She said, Jeremy gave her a smile before he stood back up and helped escort her to the door of the office.

“Now, go and collect your stuff and use the office floo to pass a message for someone to come and side along apparate you home.”

Amelia nodded in thankfulness before she walked back towards the office in the Burns ward, so she could grab her stuff and Floo for Adam to come and get her. She didn’t want to disturb James and ruin his chances of impressing his bosses.


“I’m not having you get out of bed,” Adam said sternly, plumping up the pillows that were behind Amelia. She gave a sigh before pushing him away from her in annoyance, ever since Adam had come to get her from the hospital he had been practically babying her since. He tried to convince her that he should carry her up to the flat and that he should help her eat and drink.

“I’m not a child, Adam,” Amelia snapped, not liking how she would have to stay in bed, James was on his way home soon. Adam had sent him an owl when Amelia had told him that she was perfectly capable of getting into bed herself, he left her to get changed into one of James’s t-shirts and a pair of pyjama bottoms she had charmed to expand.

“I know you’re not, Amelia,” Adam said, ignoring his sister’s mood with him. “But you’re my baby sister so I’m going to be looking after you.”

“As your baby sister does that mean that you’ll tell me what’s going on?” Amelia asked him as she shifted in the bed and looked at her brother, who was sat on the edge of her bed; he gave a sigh before he ran his hands over his face in weariness.

“Amelia, it’s more complicated than that.” He told her.

“Lucy’s worried about you,”

“I know she is, Lia.”

“Adam, what’s going on? Are you going to lose your job?” she asked him.

“I don’t know,” Adam admitted to her sadly, “But don’t worry about that, Lia. I want you to get better and not worry about what I’m going through. There’s no point in stressing you out with this, I will talk to Lucy, I promise. Now can I get you anything to eat or drink?”


The next day Amelia was sat in the comfiest chair in the front room of the Potter household. It was usually reserved for Harry or Arthur, who was both there but had given the chair to Amelia so she could have her feet up on the footstool in front of her. James had to go into work again to continue his meeting; he had been allowed home to make sure that Amelia was okay, which Amelia was thankful for. James had brought Amelia to his parents house and the minute they walked through the door Ginny and Molly had both been fussing over her; Amelia couldn’t count the amount of times that she thanked them both as they brought out drinks and a bowl of raw carrots that Amelia had requested, with some tomato sauce. She had gotten through most of the carrots, leaving only a few left; she was getting excited to eat them. As sad as it was that would be the most excitement she would have for the rest of the day.

“Charlie, this is a pleasant surprise, I thought that you were going to be out all day,” Molly said, causing Amelia to look up and see Charlie and Molly both walk into the front room. Charlie gave them all a greeting before looking at Amelia as he made his way over to where she was sitting.

“I heard that you were being a lazy bum and getting all of this time off of work. So, I thought that I would come and see you,” Charlie said, taking a seat on the edge of the chair that Amelia was sitting on. She looked up at him and wrinkled her nose at his choice of cologne; it was beginning to make her feel a bit sick.

“I’m not a lazy bum, I was sent home due to a medical reason,” Amelia stated, getting annoyed at the fact that he thought that she was being lazy. If anyone was lazy it was him.

“And can you please move away from me, your cologne is making me want to throw up,” Amelia said her hand covering her nose as she tried to lean away from him.

He gave a laugh and shrug before he stood up, walking away from her and taking off his jacket to hang it up in the other room, he came back into the room and Amelia was pleased to notice that the smell had gone. She made a mental note to avoid Charlie’s coat.

“So, what have you got here, fatty?” Charlie asked looking over at the bowl next to Amelia with the few remaining carrots in it. She fumed at him calling her fatty, seeming to get more annoyed at him as each moment passed.

“Oh, come on now, Charlie, she’s carrying two babies.” Arthur said, sticking up for his great granddaughter.

“Yeah, what’s your excuse?” Amelia snapped tearfully, glaring at Charlie, she was not feeling in a good mood today and he was making it worse. “Having twelve babies?”

Charlie raised an eyebrow at her before he laughed; he leant across Amelia, making her gag at the smell that was still on his clothes. When he pulled away from her and Amelia had gotten the smell of him out of her nose she noticed with anger and horror that he was eating her carrots

“What did you just do?” She declared loudly, feeling herself filling with a rage. She was looking forward to eating them, and now he had ruined everything.

“What?” Charlie asked with a laugh through his mouthful of carrot. “I think that you’ve eaten enough,”

Amelia fumed as she clenched her fists in anger.

“I’m going to bloody kill him!” she said loudly to herself, unclenching her hands and putting them onto the arms of the chair to pull herself up so that she could get to her wand and destroy Charlie. Arthur was quick to stand up, calling for the others who ran into the room, all before she had managed to stand up.

“What’s wrong?” Ginny asked watching as her father was telling Amelia to calm down. Amelia was trying to reach for her wand so she could spell Charlie who was looking shocked at Amelia’s outburst.

“Charlie, is antagonising, Amelia,” Arthur said just as Amelia spoke.

“He’s being a jerk!” she yelled, her eyes glistening with tears, Harry helped Arthur get her to calm down enough to try and sit down, but Amelia stayed standing.

“And now I have to go to the bathroom, why do you have to ruin everything? I was comfy.” she yelled at Charlie, Arthur and Harry let Amelia leave the room. Amelia was giving sniffs as she walked away from them. Harry and Arthur both turned to look at Charlie, but Ginny had got to him first.

“You wait until I tell mother about this!” she hissed violently before turning on her heel and stalking out of the room.

“What did I do?” Charlie asked, watching her leave. “I was hungry.”


“Hey, Mariah, how are you doing?” Amelia asked as she had opened the door of her flat and greeted her sister-in-law. After Charlie had angered her earlier she had asked to be taken home earlier then she would have been, saying she couldn’t stand to be in the same room as the smelly carrot thief. Harry had taken her home and made sure she had got settled before he left to go back home, speaking about how Ginny wasn’t going to be forgiving her brother anytime soon for making Amelia leave.

Amelia had promised Harry that she would be over to see them again tomorrow if she could, and Harry had promised that Charlie would not be there.

“I’m doing fine, just really stressed out that’s all,” Mariah said walking into the room and putting Pedro down on the floor. He quickly ran off to his box of toys that Amelia had in the flat for him.

“Why, what’s wrong?” she asked her, Mariah ran a hand through her hair before she told Amelia.

“I need to go to make my cakes, but Pedro keeps trying to add toys to the mixture, or trying to get into it. Needless to say it’s difficult without Albus around to distract him.” Mariah admitted with a shake of her head at her husband, who had to go into work. “I know this is a lot to ask as you should be resting, but is there any chance that you’re able to keep an eye on him for a few hours? I really need to get these cakes done by tomorrow before someone comes to collect them.”

Mariah had been running a cake making business out of her home, it was a good business bringing in a good enough amount of money to get them through the time between Albus’s pay checks, the only problem was that Pedro loved the cake mix more than anything else and would always head straight for it if he saw it.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Amelia said with a smile, “I would love to look after him. Did you want us to keep him here for the night? That way when you finish and have some time alone with Albus.”

Mariah’s face brightened up, she couldn’t remember the last time she had alone time with Albus. “Oh, that would be lovely! But I don’t want to push you, if you want me to come back for him then just send me a floo.”

“It’ll be fine, it’s not long until James comes home, so I won’t be alone for long,” Amelia said.

Mariah hugged her sister-in-law tightly, made awkward by the bump. “Thank you so much! I’ll bring his stuff over in a moment; oh, Albus is going to love this,”

“I bet he will,” Amelia said with a smirk, Mariah gave back her own smirk.

“I’ll see you soon,” Mariah said walking out of the flat so she could apparate home and get Pedro’s stuff, planning to say goodbye to him when she brought the stuff over.


“Just think, in two years our babies will be this big,” James admitted, shifting slightly to get more comfortable, his nephew was lying on his chest fast asleep and James was rubbing his back gently, Pedro had been crying for the last half an hour and he only seemed to want to be around James, Amelia knew that it was because he looked more like Albus, who was Pedro’s favourite person at the moment.

“It’s strange to think that far ahead, they’re not even here yet. We’re not even prepared yet, we still need to move.” Amelia told him, shifting on the sofa as she felt one of the babies moving, it still felt so surreal to think that she would be a mum in a matter of months.

“I hope that we hear back from the agency soon about the house we put the offer in for; I would like to move before the twins both get here.” James told her, looking down at his nephew to see that he was fast asleep with his thumb in his mouth. “It would take a lot of pressure off of us, and then we can actually get the bedrooms ready.”

Amelia nodded, before she gave a yawn and rubbed her eyes, seeing her nephew sleeping was making her feel tired herself.

“Shall we head to bed?” James asked her, a small smile on his lips at seeing how tired she was. “As cute as you look asleep, I don’t think there’s enough room on this sofa for all of us to sleep.”

Amelia nodded before getting up off of the sofa and waiting for James.

James stood up, holding onto Pedro carefully as he carried him into James and Amelia’s bedroom. Mariah had set up Pedro’s travel cot in here so that he could sleep in it; James placed the sleeping toddler down gently before covering him with the blanket, which had tiny dragons across it, a gift from Charlie. Pedro kicked it off of him as he turned on his side, his tiny fists balled up beside his face, as his Raven curls fell across his closed eyes.

“How on earth has, Albus, managed to produce such a handsome son?” James enquired, “Albus is the most disgusting person I know.”

“It’s got to be all Mariah, or maybe the Weasley gene just skipped a generation?” Amelia whispered as they walked away from the slumbering toddler and over to their own beds so they could get ready to sleep.

“Have you seen that black hair?” James asked his wife, who was rubbing a potion into her stomach to help the stretch marks fade. “That’s all Potter right there.”

“I wonder what our son’s will look like?” Amelia asked after ten minutes later after they had changed, brushed their teeth and settled into bed. James waved his wand to turn off the light as Amelia used hers to turn on Pedro’s nightlight. Images illuminated themselves across the room, and spun around slowly. Amelia got comfortable on her side and James lay on his back as she faced him. He was watching the shapes move across the room, Amelia knew he was thinking about something as he had the cute little crease above his eyebrows that was normally a tell tale sign.

“I think that one of them will have your eyes and one of them will have mine,” James said.

“I hope none of them get the Potter knobbly knees,” Amelia laughed, James nodded.

“Those are just embarrassing,” he admitted, “I wonder if they’ll have hair?”

“Nana said that because I’ve been getting heartburn it means that they’ve got hair,” Amelia said, remembering what Molly Weasley had told her the other day, after noticing Amelia taking one of her potions, which was to stop the heartburn she had been feeling a lot of.

“Can you imagine if they both come out with really long hair? Longer than them, I mean?” James asked, turning to face his wife as they whispered together, not wanting to wake up Pedro.

“That’s ridiculous,” Amelia stated laughing quietly at her husband.

“It could happen. I swear that I’ve read it in one of mum’s magazines about a woman who gave birth to a baby, that had fingernails that were longer then their own fingers. It was like the baby had claws!”

Amelia was shocked at the story, “That can’t be true!” she exclaimed quietly, frowning slightly, “That baby would have somehow scratched her on the way out and it would have been really serious, she could have bled to death.”

“I’m just saying what I read,” James stated.

“Let’s stop with these stories, you’re freaking me out a little. I’m the one who’s going to have to push ‘left’ and ‘right’ out,”

“What if they’re born with one eyebrow each, or come out looking like a troll?” James asked after Amelia had given him a kiss on the lips and closed her eyes to go to sleep.

“Don’t say that about our beautiful babies,” Amelia said, her eyes still closed and slapping James, catching him in the chest. He let out an ‘oomph’ before he smiled at her, turning to lie on his back again and looking up at the images, feeling his own eyes beginning to droop.

“What if they come out as girls?” James asked Amelia.

“Then they’ll be wearing a lot of boy’s clothes in their first few months, now go to sleep.”

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