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The Lost Prophesy by harryginnydestiny
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1 - The Second Prophesy
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Fifteen years ago, a young woman learned of a Prophesy. A Prophesy that named her child as the only one would have the power to defeat the Dark Lord. But the Dark Lord had also found out about this Prophesy, and her life had been thrown into mortal danger. Forced to flee, and driven into hiding to protect her baby’s life, this girl made it her mission to find out anything she could about her son’s destiny. She travelled in secret, visiting seers and oracles for any information she could find, knowledge to help shield her child from harm. It was from one of these mystics that she heard a second Prophesy. A Prophesy that named a newly born baby girl, the seventh child of a pureblood line, the first girl born in seven generations, that held the key to her son’s survival...

Now, fifteen years later, she must journey back to the other side... and pass on this information... before it is too late...

Chapter 1 - The Second Prophesy

The red-haired girl sat in a small dark room, its walls draped in dusty hangings, facing the woman who may hold the knowledge she had been searching for. Time was running out for her, she knew that well. She had been told that many times in these past few weeks, by seers, and oracles, and mystics, that her life would be ending soon. That she would have to die so that her son could live. The thought of it terrified her, leaving her baby alone in this world with nothing and no-one to protect him. She had hoped that if she were to die, James would survive to care for Harry. But her hopes had been crushed by the last seer she had seen, and now she knew the truth. That both of them would die, and that it would be soon, and that Harry would be left alone, to never know his parents, to never know the love she and James had for him.

A tear trickled slowly down her cheek. How could they leave him behind, how would he survive without them? How would it affect him? That the two people who should have been there for him to watch him grow, to watch him take his first few steps, to care for him when he was ill, to be there to wipe away his tears, and further into the future, to see him off on the Hogwarts Express on his first day of school, or even still further into the future, to be there for him on his wedding day, to be part of his children... their grandchildren’s life, they would never be part of that. It felt like a betrayal. That soon they would have to abandon him, through no choice of their own, and that the path that lay before him would be harsh and cruel without their light to guide him, without their love to steer him through this dark and bitter world. Would he blame himself for their death? It hurt more than anything to think about, no child should have to live with that burden. How would it happen? And when? And how would little Harry escape? And who would take care of him?

But, maybe... just maybe it didn’t have to be that way... maybe they could change that. Maybe this woman held the key, the key to the survival of them all. Maybe she had some knowledge, some small glimmer of hope that would help them all make it through this nightmare, not just Harry, but she and James too.

She had been sitting for some time now, the old woman turning the crystal slowly in her hands, her grey eyes flickering in the firelight, whispering in some sort of ancient tongue she did not know. Then, just as she was about to ask if there were any signs, the old woman shuddered and slumped slowly forwards. She looked as though she had passed out. Lily got up quickly, rushing around the woman’s side. But as she approached, the woman sat bolt upright, grabbing her tightly by the arm, her eyes flicked open and now shone silvery and misted, and when she spoke, her voice was somehow misty and ethereal.

“She.... is.... already... here....” whispered the woman, and Lily froze.

“Who... who is here? … M…Me? ...” began Lily.

“The girl... the girl is here... the girl who will guide him... the girl....”

And then the Prophesy began...

“She is already here... born to a union between two pureblood families. The seventh child will guide him. The first witch born to that bloodline in seven generations. And she shall be his guiding light, his reason for living. For within her heart lies the power to defeat tyrants, and to raise the dead, for the one who holds it will be master of death. And he shall call on her strength in his darkest hour, for within her chest beats the greatest power of all. For while she lives, he cannot die. For even in death, he will return... to her... for her... because... of her...”

“She is here... she is already here” the old woman’s voice trailed off.

Lily sat in shock, her eyes wide, her mind still reeling with this new information. Unless she was very much mistaken, she had just heard a Prophesy. It was a while before the old woman moved again. But when she did, there was a strange sense of panic about her.

“You must leave...” the old woman gasped, the pleasant tone she had first used upon entering now dropped to one of fear. “I have things to do, places to go... I.... I... You must leave.... Now!”

Lily stared intently at the woman, who now busied herself pulling on clothes, tidying things away, rushing around in a fluster.

“Where... are you going?” she asked, concerned.

“I... I... please understand, what happened just there... there are rules and regulations... I…I… I have to get to the Ministry...”

“The.... Ministry...??” said Lily, her eyebrow raised.

“Yes... please, you have to leave... I need to get to the Ministry... now!... There are rules to what I do... all Prophesies must be registered that day... Dear Merlin! ... Look at the time... I should never have let you in… so late… so late...”

But the old woman froze, Lily’s wand now pointed directly at her face. It had been a Prophesy that had thrown her son’s life into mortal danger. It had been a Prophesy that had made the most powerful dark Wizard the world had ever seen hunt her and her entire family down. He had already murdered her mother and father because of this Prophesy, to get to her, to get to Harry... and how many others would fall before he found another way to get to them? No, she would not risk this girl’s life too, she would not have her family suffer the same fate as her and James. Not if she could help it...

“Please...” begged the woman “Please... you have to understand... There are rules...”

“OBLIVIATE!” bellowed Lily, the spell struck the old woman directly in the face.

“You will forget I have visited you this night... you will forget of all the things you have seen... you will forget about the Prophesy you have made... You... will... forget!”

“OBLIVIATE!!!” she cried again. She must make sure, she must make every effort to purge this memory, this vision from the seer’s mind.

The old woman’s eyes misted over, as she slumped back down on the chair. Soon Lily would leave this place, and the stranger who had visited the woman this night would be wiped from her mind forever.

As the red-haired girl left the small shop, and headed up the narrow cobbled street, she had one thought in her mind; she must find this child. This child: who held the key to her son’s survival. This child: who would give him strength in his darkest hour. She would make it her mission from that point on to discover anything and everything she could about this baby girl; to alert her family to the danger she could be in. If anyone else ever found out about her destiny, her life would be in mortal danger. But first, she must get home, she must tell James all she had learned, she must tend to Harry. But tomorrow... tomorrow she would owl Dumbledore. He must be informed of this revelation. If anyone could help her locate this girl, and discover the full meaning of this Prophesy, it would be him. But for tonight, just for tonight, she just wanted to get home to her son, and to James. She found a secluded corner, looking around for any sign of passing Muggles, and then, she turned on the spot, and was gone...

But what Lily Potter did not know, what she could have no idea of, was that in two hours time... she would be dead...


Fifteen years later...

Ginny stormed up the stairs, taking them two at a time, throwing the door open to the girl’s dormitory with deliberate force, slamming it behind her with equal frustration. Her brain still bursting in her head with the argument she just had. So many foul words she wanted to yell, so many hexes she could have ...should have used on that idiot! How dare he try to treat her like that! She wasn’t some little child that needed helped crossing a street, let alone helped through the sodding portrait hole!

“Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgghhh!” she fumed. “… BOYS!

There was a small knock on the door behind her, and then Hermione opened the door slowly, peering around it to see if it was safe for her to step inside. She had heard the gossip around the Common Room. She had heard all about Ginny’s screaming match at Dean in front of nearly everyone in there. She had hurried the full height of tower to be here for her best friend.

“What’s happened, Ginny?” asked Hermione, gasping to catch her breath.

“Oh, I’ll give you one guess. He’s tall, dark and stupid!” snapped Ginny, clearly incensed.

“Oh...” said Hermione softly, trying to sound surprised, “you had another fight with Dean then, I take it?”

“Who else!” said Ginny, rolling her eyes.

“What was it about this time?” asked Hermione, she sounded concerned.

“Does it really matter?” Ginny huffed, and then “He was babying me again! Thinks I need help through doorways like some pathetic little child! You know how I hate that! Don’t I get it enough from my brothers?” said Ginny resentfully.

“Oh...” said Hermione again “Well... maybe he’s just trying to be a gentleman?”

“Or maybe he’s just wanting a bludger to the head?” replied Ginny scowling “Let him try that with me on the Quiddich pitch, then he’ll see what a delicate little princess I really am!”

“Ginny!” said a shocked Hermione, her eyes wide. “Really! I’m sure he was only trying to be nice...”

“Well he can try that on someone else...” Ginny huffed “We’re through!”

Hermione grimaced. “It can’t be that bad? I’m sure you’ll sort it out...”

“Not THIS time!” cried Ginny “It’s over!”

There was a finality to Ginny’s words that made Hermione think twice about going on. She paused for a second, contemplating her friend. And then,

“Well maybe...”

But Ginny cut her off...

“Look, Hermione. I know you’re just trying to help and all, but I really don’t want to talk about this right now. OK? I just want to get some sleep and forget about this entire day!”

It was clear Hermione wanted to say more on this matter, but she had seen Ginny in this mood before, and knew it was better to leave her to cool off.

“OK Ginny... Well.... I’ll leave you to it then…” said Hermione sheepishly, heading towards the door. But before she left, she turned and tried one last attempt to say what she wanted.

“I … I was just going to say ‘Maybe you’ll feel different in the morning?’” Hermione gave her a weak smile.

Ginny sat on the bed, punching her pillow into shape, imagining Dean’s stupid melon head in its place.

“Doubt it!” she grumbled, not even looking at Hermione.

The sooner this day was over, thought Ginny, the better! She just wanted to sleep, to shut this entire day out her mind, and not have to think about it till morning. She threw her head down on the bed with deliberate force, trying to think of anything else but that stupid overprotective oaf. Yes, soon she would be asleep, she thought, and hopefully her dreams would take her somewhere nice... somewhere relaxing... somewhere peaceful… somewhere without any sign of that moron!


But Ginny didn’t get her wish. That night she tossed and turned in her sleep, dreams coming thick and fast: She was trying to climb through the portrait hole over and over and over again, but Dean kept appearing and he kept trying to help her through it, and every time he did she fell flat on her face, and everyone was laughing; Then she was sitting by the lake with Dean, and they were arguing loudly, and suddenly his hair turned bright red, and he started lecturing her in the pompous voice of Percy; Then she was in the Gryffindor common room, and they had just won the house cup. She turned to see Dean racing towards her. He threw his arms around her like a giant leech, and tried to plant his lips on hers, but she managed to swing her tiny fist just in time, and she knocked him out with one blow!; Then she was in the Madame Puddifoot’s with Dean, and he was arguing with her again, but this time she couldn’t hear what he was saying, his lips moving animatedly, criticising who knew what this time. It was as though someone had turned the volume off. And then…

“He’s not the one,” she heard the voice say.

Ginny looked around sharply. Standing behind her was a red-haired girl. The girl was about the same age as she was now. Ginny didn’t recognise her, but something about this girl seemed vaguely familiar.

“Ehhh?” replied Ginny.

“He’s not the one for you,” the red-haired girl spoke again.

“Yea… I… I know that,” Ginny huffed, “I already have enough brothers, I don’t need another,” she replied, gesturing towards Dean, who was still mouthing wordlessly who-knew-what.

The red-haired girl gave her a small smile.

“So... you’re not going to get back together then?” the girl asked politely.

“Not bloody likely!” she replied, still staring as Dean went on and on and on at her “He’s been a right git lately! ... did you know he actually laughed at me when I told him I wanted to play Quidditch professionally? Said it wasn’t a proper job for a girl!?... Why don’t you become a Healer, Ginny?... Why don’t you choose a career more suitable for a girl??... Can you believe that??! ... Nope! We’re through!”

“Oh... I’m sorry to hear that,” said the girl, smiling broadly, but she didn’t look sorry at all. Ginny thought this was a bit odd. Though, this whole dream was odd.

Ginny sighed quietly. “To be honest,” she continued, “I think I’ve had enough of boys for a while. They’re just too much hassle, if you know what I mean?”

“Are you sure?” asked the red-haired girl “Well... that’s a pity... only... you’re so close now...”

Ginny raised her eyebrows. “Close? Close to what??”

“Not to what,” replied the girl smiling softly, “but to whom.”

There was something weird about this conversation, she thought to herself. For one, it didn’t feel like it was part of a dream, it seemed so vivid, so clear. For another, she didn’t know this girl at all. Not from Hogwarts, and certainly not from anywhere else she remembered. Ginny looked at the girl intently, trying to figure her out.

“Look, I don’t want to appear mental or anything… but… who are you again?”

“Ahhhh... now that’s an interesting question. But I’m afraid I’m not going to answer that... at least, not yet,” replied the girl, still grinning.

“Not yet?” asked Ginny

“No... I don’t think so...” said the girl. “But I’m sure all will be revealed in due course.”

Ginny was still staring at the girl, it felt like she knew her somehow. She had a strange feeling about her. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it felt like they were related in some way, or like they had been close in another life… or… maybe...

“Are you... are you... my conscience?” Ginny blurted out. She felt stupid as soon as the words left her mouth, but she was sure this girl was connected to her somehow.

“No...” replied the girl, “No… I’m not your conscience... I’m... something else...”

“Not giving much away, are you?” said Ginny, slightly annoyed. This girl was talking in riddles, even Luna made more sense that this! Though, this was only just a dream, it wasn’t meant to make any sense? Was it?

“No... I’m afraid not,” laughed the girl, “There are conditions to me being here, after all.”

“Conditions?” asked Ginny, confused. “Look, this is still just a dream, right?”

“Yes, Ginny, this is just a dream, but that doesn’t mean I’m not real,” replied the girl, “and as I said, there are Conditions to me being here… I can’t interfere… I’m breaking enough rules even talking to you... “

Ginny’s eyes widened. Was this a dream? Yes, that’s all this was, just a dream. Yet deep down inside her something was telling her it was more than just that…

“What are you?” she asked.

“Ahhhh... I can’t tell you that either,” replied the girl. “But… if you ask the right questions, then maybe I can answer. I told you I can’t interfere. And telling you who or what I am could do that. But... I could point you in the right direction…”

Ginny stood for a moment, trying to figure things out. And then...

“So… I can ask you questions?” Ginny asked.

“Yes…” replied the girl, smiling.

“And you can answer them… if I ask the right ones?”

“Yes…” replied the girl, her smile spreading wider.

“OK... and you said I’m so close now… to… to a person, right?”

“Yes….” replied the girl, her smile now splitting here face.

“And you can’t give me any sort of clue?” Ginny pleaded “Even just a hint? I mean, if this is all real and all.... who is he?”

The girl stood silently, contemplating Ginny. Finally, after several long moments she spoke.

“‘The one’!” she said simply.

“The one?” repeated Ginny.

Your one” nodded the girl. “That’s all I can say.”

“As in....” asked Ginny

“Well, you tell me.” replied the girl smiling.

“Well... I would imagine... you mean... the one I’m meant to be with...” began Ginny “Instead of Dean, I mean.”

The girl nodded, “Go on...”

“I... I don’t know what you mean...”

“Ginny, do you know what the most powerful force in the Universe is?” the girl asked.

Ginny shook her head. “My father used to tell me the most powerful force in the Universe was... was… Love....”

The girl nodded again.

“You mean... you mean this boy... ‘the one’... is the one I’m supposed to fall in love with? Or do you mean he’s one I’m meant to be with... forever? The one I end up marrying? Having a future with? Or is he my soul mate?”

The girl smiled “What would you say if I said ‘All of the above’?”

Ginny looked stunned. “But... who is he?”

“Ahhh....” said the girl “That IS the question. And one I can’t answer for you. This is something you’re going to have to figure out by yourself, Ginny. As I said, I can’t interfere... but I can point you in the right direction”


And suddenly they were in the Great Hall, though it was empty, but the tables were set for breakfast.

“This is where he watches you,” the girl said softly.

Ginny looked around at the empty tables and chairs.

“Somebody watches me? Here? Who...”

“The One,” smiled the girl again.

“And he watches me? Here? While I eat? He sounds like a right creep!” Ginny laughed.

“No, Ginny,” said the girl impatiently. “He watches you because he loves you, even if he doesn’t realise it yet. And you love him, even if you don’t know it.”

“I do?” said Ginny, dumbstruck.

“Ohhhh yes,” smiled the girl. “More than you could ever imagine...”

Ginny looked around in silence at the deserted tables and chairs, imagining people surrounding them, the clatter of breakfast trays, the sound of people chatting noisily over their cereal.

Then, suddenly, as though someone had flipped a switch, light came streaming in through the windows. It was bright, dazzling. Ginny looked around at the girl again, and there was a look of fear on her face. She was staring at the windows, as the light poured into the Great Hall, now blinding. And when the girl spoke again, her smile and her cheery tone were replaced by one of worry and panic.

“Time’s running out for me.... listen to me, Ginny Weasley, because I don’t have much time. You’re going to wake up soon, and there are things I must tell you before you do. So please let me speak. I don’t have long here, and you won’t be able to see me again until tonight, when you sleep. You need to work this out before we speak again.”

Ginny looked confused again “What do you mean ‘You don’t have long?”

“I only have 24 hours here,” the girl said quickly. “I first came to you just before dawn, and you will awaken soon. I will see you again tonight when you dream, but I will have to leave before dawn, when my time is up. You need to know everything by then. There are things I must tell you, information I have to give you, but I won’t be able to tell you anything until you know the truth. Those are the terms I agreed to when coming here.”

“You have things to tell me?” said Ginny, her eyes widening.

“Yes, but as I said, I can’t interfere. You have to work out who this person is before I can tell you anymore. It’s very important that you do. I can’t tell you anymore, but you need to figure this out before tonight, otherwise I can’t tell you what I must. And the consequences could be devastating.”

Ginny nodded, “OK... I’ll work it out...” she said, “But .... But what if I don’t figure out who it is? What if I need more help? Isn’t there any way I could see you again ... before that?”

The girl laughed. “Not unless you fall asleep in class,” she began, “...although…”

“Although?” asked Ginny

“There... There is a spell… one where I could help... one where you could see me...” said the girl. “But...”

“But?” replied Ginny

“Ginny, please, you have to understand, this is really advanced magic. It would be like someone your age casting a Patronus!”

Ginny smiled. “I can cast a Patronus. Harry taught me.”

“Harry?” said the girl, her eyes widened.

“Yes, Harry... Harry Potter. Surely you’ve heard of him?”

“Yes... I have... heard of Harry,” replied the Girl, her green eyes sparkling.

“OK then,” the girl continued, “Well, I’ll have to tell you this quickly. There’s not long left. Now, Ginny, this spell needs a lot of concentration. You have to root yourself to the spot when you cast it, but you have to picture yourself stepping forward. Concentrate on that image. You have to hold your wand close to your chest, pointing it directly at your heart, and you repeat the words “Animus eo ire itum””

“Animus eo ire itum,” repeated Ginny

“It might take you a while to get it right. Just keep repeating those words, and picture yourself stepping forward. If you do it right, you’ll feel a tug at your chest, as if you’re being pulled by an invisible hook. That’s how you’ll know if it’s worked or not. Do you think you could remember all that?” the girl asked.

“Animus eo ire itum,” repeated Ginny, “concentrate on picturing myself stepping forward. Got it!”

“Good,” said the girl, “Now, you’re going to wake up soon. Remember what I’ve told you. Watch for him at breakfast… watch for him at lunch… watch for him at dinner… figure it out, Ginny. I don’t have long, and you have to figure this out before tonight, or I won’t be able to tell you more. Please, Ginny, figure this out. I’ll be there if you need me, just use the spell. Oh, and one more thing: You can’t tell anyone else about this meeting. It has to be between us, otherwise I may not be able to return tonight.”

“I will…” Ginny smiled and nodded. Normally she would be very wary of talking to an ‘invisible stranger’ inside her head, especially after Riddle. But something deep down inside was telling her to trust this girl. It felt almost as if her life depended on it. Call it instinct or whatever, all she knew was that this was important, very important, and that she had to figure this out.

“... but wait....” called Ginny, as the scene began to fade “...don’t I even get your name?”

The girl just smiled, “You can call me ... Lily”

Ginny stirred. The other girls were already awake in her dorm, getting ready for their long day of lessons and study. Soon she would wake to a new day, and everything... would change.


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The Lost Prophesy: Chapter 1 - The Second Prophesy


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