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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 14 : Chapter Thirteen
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When I woke up I realised that today would be my last ever day at Hogwarts as a student. I gathered up all my stuff and packed it in my trunk, as well as making sure that Specky was safe in her cage before writing the girls a note, telling them I was going down to see Madame Pomfrey for a check-up and that I was then going to breakfast.

I took my time as I made my way to the hospital wing, so I could take it as much of the castle. I would miss this place so much, which is why I wanted to remember it inch by inch.

"Good morning Miss Weasley." Madame Pomfrey greeted me in a cheery voice as I slipped through the hospital wing doors.

"Morning." I replied as I went over to the end bed and got up. It was my usual routine now every time I came here, Madame Pomfrey brought over the machine and I rolled up my t-shirt. She squirted the gel on and then said the spell.

The screen lit up and I was able to see my little girl once again. "She's looking fine," Madame Pomfrey stated as she printed me off a picture, she conjured up a tape measure and measured the size of my bump as well before allowing me to pull my top back down, "You're bump is measuring to size as well and you seem to be in perfect health despite the stress. I still advise you take it easy."

I got down off the bed and followed her into her office and took a seat, "This is your last appointment that you have here. I've sent your files over to the local hospital in your area assuming that is where you're going?"

I nodded, "I don't to be anywhere near St. Mungo's, especially with the press as they'll probably try to get pictures and that's the last thing I want when I'm in labour."

She smiled, "I thought that would be the case especially with your last name. You'll go to meet your midwife in two weeks’ time; your appointment is for the twelfth of March. You've got ten weeks left which means that you'll probably start finding that you're more breathless as your uterus is pushing on your ribcage and you may experience braxton hicks which are like practice contractions."

"Thanks Madame Pomfrey, for everything."

She smiled again, making her look younger than normal, "Just doing my job."

I smiled at the picture Madame Pomfrey had given me, my little alien was moving around so much and had definitely grown, I could make out so much more now on the picture. I still can't believe that she'll be here in ten weeks. It's mad.

I went down to breakfast and found Amber and Chloe already there, I showed them my scan and them awwed at it. After breakfast we got in one of the carriages after leaving our luggage in the great hall so that it could be taken down to the train.

We found an empty compartment and went inside; Lucy joined us not long after. "Luce I need you to do me a huge favour. Can you look after Specky for me please and also if any owl mail comes from Hogwarts this week, will you tell me?"

She nodded, "I can't believe you won't be at home Mol. It's gonna be so strange."

Well you better get used to it, I thought, as I'm probably not ever gonna come back well at least not while mum is there. The journey was okay and I got a bit teary towards the end as I knew it would my last ever ride on the Hogwarts Express. Dom cheered me up by doing impressions of McGonagall and the other teachers and my sad tears were soon turned into ones of laughter.

Once I was off the train I scanned the platform for my family and I could see auntie Ginny and uncle George. I got myself a trolley and collected my trunk and Specky before going over to them. "Hello Mollster." Uncle George said to me.

Great, even my uncle has picked up on the nick-name James calls me.

Auntie Ginny pulled me into a huge hug, "Are you ok Mol? Has everything been ok?"

I reassured her that I was fine and so was my little alien. I showed her the scan photo from this morning and I could practically see the relief that we were both okay drop from her face.

"Where's dad?" I asked them as my cousins started coming over.

"He's away at the moment something to do with work. Well I think he is, but I wasn't really listening. You know me Mol I never do." Uncle George laughed.

I also noticed that mum wasn't here; my guess is she's too scared to face my aunties, especially Ginny. I went through the barrier back into the muggle world first with Lucy and I handed her Specky's cage. "Take care of her Luce." I said.

Lucy nodded and the others soon followed us through the barrier, as we were walking through the station to the exit I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and there was Lauren running towards me. I left my trolley next to Lucy who was stood gawping. "Laur," I called as I rushed to meet her, "What are you doing here?" I asked as her mum came into view.

I looked Lauren up and down and she did the same to me, I was able to see her bump and compared to mine it looked so tiny.

"I told you, you're coming to live with us. So we thought we would come and meet you, but you didn't say what platform."

 As much as I've really wanted to tell Laur and Katie about Hogwarts I know I can't. They would probably freak out or something, I mean would they still want to be friends if they knew I was a witch?

Why am I even thinking that now, shut up brain.

Sandra then hugged me as well, "How are you love?" She asked.

"Tired, aching, hungry."

Her and Lauren laughed and I muttered, "Just you wait Laur."

"Come on then lets get you home and settled." Sandra said with a cheery smile.

I could feel the stares of Lucy, my aunt and uncle and all my cousins on the back of my head. I turned around to see Lucy still gawping at me. Lily and Roxy were giggling, Rose was trying to keep a hold of the book she had been reading whilst trying to soothe her cat Cookie, (Who I've nick-named Cranky because that cat never seems happy) and Al, Hugo and Louis were all staring at Lauren. Yes Lauren is pretty, but why must my cousin's drool over my pregnant best friend?

"I've just got to speak to my family first."

They both nodded and Laur pointed to the cafe near the ticket booths and mouthed, "We'll be in there."

I headed back to my family, and once the boys were within earshot I hissed, "And you three can put your eyes back in. She's taken and she's pregnant." I told Al, Hugh and Louis. I turned away from them and I swear one of them said, "Damn she was fine." Typical boys.

I said my goodbyes and hugged everyone and told them I would stop by The Burrow to see them. Auntie Ginny pulled me into a tight hug, which was pretty hard considering the front of me sticks out a lot. "Take care Mol, we'll all be at the burrow on Friday, nana's doing a cooked dinner."

Just as I was wondering whether they knew that mum had kicked me out auntie Ginny nodded at me as though she had read my thoughts, "Lily owled me, you know you're more than welcome to stay with us Mol."

"Thanks." I whispered before turning around so they wouldn't see my tears. I got Laur and her mum from the cade and we left the station, Sandra loaded my trunk into the car and we drove off. I smiled to myself; maybe it’s a good thing I got kicked out of Hogwarts.

My old life isn't end, this is my new beginning.

We arrived at Lauren's house a few hours later and I was instantly welcomed by Lana and her daughter Brooke, the twins Callum and Corey as well as Etta, Jack and Madison and Sandra's mum Hilda.

"Until you get the rest of your stuff from your parents, you and Laur will be sharing a bed." Sandra told me, as she shooed me and Lauren upstairs whilst she and Lana carried my trunk.

Once we were in Lauren's room which is painted purple, we sat on her bed and had a good catch up and exchanged scan photos as well as pregnancy tales. I told her all about my need to pee more, the fact it was hard to walk long distances and don't even get me started on stairs. We also spoke about other stuff and she informed me on the latest gossip from the estate.

At the end of dinner that night, I stood up and raised my glass, "I really want to thank you all, especially Sandra, for letting me stay. Here's to new beginnings."

"New beginnings." Everyone chimed as I clunked my glass of orange juice next to Lauren's.

I actually had a good night sleep for a change. There were no funny dreams, no tossing and turning, no being hot one minute, cold the next. It was like heaven.

Today I'm going home as Sandra, Lauren, Luke and Lana are helping me my stuff from dad's (I’m not mentioning mum since she doesn't exactly give a shit about me anymore therefore she will not be mentioned and if she is I shall call her the devil, since she’s just as evil).

Today is also Wednesday, meaning that the devil will be at work for the morning which should give me a couple hours to sort everything out. Since I don't have a key anymore I just hope that Lucy is home. I know dad isn't gonna be there either as he's still away for work stuff, well that’s what uncle George told me.

After breakfast we drove over, I went with Sandra and Luke in the seven seater and Lauren went with Lana in her car. Hilda was at home with Etta looking after the kids. I called Lucy when we were around the corner to make sure she was and the devil definitely was out. I knocked the front door and Lucy let us in.

We went up to my room and I started to chuck things in the boxes that we had brought with us, Luke and Lana made a start on taking my bed apart and insisted that me and Lauren were not to do any lifting since we're pregnant. We didn't mind though as Lauren helped me sort out what was left of my clothes and I found things that I thought I had lost years ago.

It didn't take long for them to dismantle my bed and they had taken it down to the car along with my mattress. From with the airing cupboard I grabbed all of my bedding and the towels that I use as chucked them on top of the box which was marked, 'clothes'.

I looked around my room which is blue, neither pale nor dark just somewhere in between. My room is one of my favourite places, especially the window seat which looks over the back garden. I'll be sad to leave it as it has many memories for me. Once we had started it didn't take long until my room was empty except for my wardrobe which is fitted, so it wasn't like we could remove it.

"We're gonna make a move Mol, if you and Laur wanna go do something or pop into town for a bit whilst we get this set up." Sandra told me as I stood in the center of my room looking around.

"Okay and thanks Sandra." I mumbled.

"Call me mum Mol." She smiled which made her look a lot like Lauren.

They all left leaving me Lauren and Lucy in the house. Lauren went down to ask her mum something and then I heard both car engines start and leave the driveway, I was just taking a final look around my room and the house when I heard a car pull up. Surely they hadn't been that quick? I wondered.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and I left my room, instead of seeing Sandra or even Lauren I saw dad. Fuck.

"Molly," He said with a big smile on his face, "Come here."

I walked over slowly and he pulled me into a huge hug which is something we never do. Lucy came out of her room and saw dad, she smiled but then saw the look on my face.

"Hey dad I thought you weren't due back yet?" I said nervously as we broke apart.

He laughed, "Trying to get rid of me are you Mol? So how have you both been whilst I've been gone. Anything interesting happen at school?"

Lucy started to answer him but I could see his eyes were not on her. They were looking over my head and into my newly empty room, his brows furrowed in confusion. "Um Molly where's all your stuff?" He asked.

"Well, um...”

"Mum kicked her out." Lucy blurted sending me a sorry look.

"What? W-why would she do such a thing?" Dad stammered.

Hmm let me think because she an evil old witch who can't stand to see me happy. "Because she doesn't want to me to keep my baby. We got into a fight, she told me that we have a half-sister and that she was throwing me out, and that I had to give my key back to her. Oh and if I didn't collect my stuff by the end of half term she would sell it." I explained to him.

"What? What half-sister?" He spluttered as he ran a hand through his red hair.

Oops, so maybe he didn't know about that. "Ask the devil." I said sarcastically.

Once dad seemed to have pulled himself together he asked if we could talk downstairs, I told him yes but not for long as Lauren was waiting for me. I told Laur what had happened and she sat in the living room with Lucy whilst I went into the kitchen with dad.

It smelt like bleach and disinfectant and I wrinkled my noise as I entered, "Eurgh."

Dad sat down and indicated to the care opposite, "Mol I haven't clue about a half-sister, Lucy is your only sister."

Ha mum is going to be for it when she gets home, serves her bloody right for not telling him. I rolled my eyes, "Ask her when she comes home. Even Lucy heard her say it and auntie Evie confirmed it."

"Look please Molly, stay. Stay here with your family." He begged.

"Dad I can't, not with her around. Not when she doesn't even want her own daughter or granddaughter for that matter and plus Lauren's mum has been a better mum to me than she ever has."

His face dropped and I could practically see his brain working to find an answer, “Let me get you a place of your own or at least let me pay for the pram and cot, they're expensive." Dad finally said.

I sighed; I guess I could let him buy me a cot and maybe a pram. I mean I haven't got much money or even a job and I know their pretty expensive. "Okay then." I told him.
Dad smiled, "I'll transfer the gold into the little one's Gringotts account."

"Um actually could you put it in my normal bank account please? Wizard money isn't gonna be any use to me any more either."


"Hogwarts kicked me out as well," Dad gasped but I continued, "But I'm still allowed to carry on with my classes via post."

I heard the front door open and dad and I exchange looks as mum came into the kitchen looking all happy and cheery. The minute she saw me her mouth formed a perfect, 'O' and her smile faded.

"Audrey come sit down please, we need to talk," Dad asked and mum put down her shopping bags and came over to where we were but she didn't sit, "Why have you thrown Molly out and why is she and Lucy under the impression that they have a half-sister?" Dad asked.

Her face looked gob smacked and she shot me a dirty look. Revenge is sweet, as is watching her squirm.

"I- Well- I-" She hesitated "I thought it would be best, I mean you don’t need a crying, screaming baby waking you up at all hours, not with some of the shifts you work."

Dad didn't look convinced, "I couldn't care less about that, I would rather my daughter and granddaughter living with us. And as for the sister thing is it true?"

Mum looked like she wanted to say no and that I was lying but her facial expression changed. "Yes, she was telling the truth for once. I had a child at sixteen and it ruined my life completely. I wasn't able to do what I wanted to and get the job I loved because I had no qualifications, I gave her up for adoption and I regret nothing," Even now there wasn't an ounce of sadness in her voice or on her face as she said those words, "Now if you don't mind me, I have to prepare dinner."

And with that she set about making a lot of noise as she got pots and pans out of the cupboard. I left the kitchen and went into the living room, I gave Lucy and dad a quick hug and then me and Lauren headed for the front door.

"Are you sure nothing will change your mind?" Dad asked me with a sad look in his eyes.

"You heard her, she doesn't want us here." I said stating the truth.

Once we were at the end of the drive I waved goodbye to dad and Lucy as well as to my old house. We caught the bus into town and went looking in baby shops looking at prams after I had told Laur about what dad had said about paying for it, before meeting up with Katie and her mum since she needed back up as they were going bridesmaid dress shopping.

Putting everything that had just happened to me in the past few hours, I enjoyed the shopping. There’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up.

Up next - Shopping, baby names and a wedding.


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