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Light at the end of the tunnel by AnnLillyPotter
Chapter 4 : I get why you did it... But how?
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  She opened them again, but things were quite different. The room was in complete silence. All the dirt from the battle had been cleaned up. Madame Pomfrey and her daughter were no longer in front of her. She tried to get up quickly, but a pain invaded her whole body before she could lift anything other than her head. She could not identify where it was coming from, but she had a pretty good idea.


    She moved her head to her right, and saw Harry and Ginny asleep and holding hands. She looked to the other side, and there was Ron, holding the baby, eyes locked on his daughter. 




    "Hey, Mummy's up!" When he said this, Ginny and Harry woke up.


    They helped her sit up and Ron gave the baby to her while congratulating her and asking her how she felt.


    "I'll get you back on that one." she said while tenderly caressing her daughter’s forehead with her index finger.


    "Both mum and Pomfrey say you where outstanding." said Ron.


    "Yes, they said you did what you had to do, and so fast, and without complaints or cursing everyone, which apparently, is very common. That you had a great mood and were even smiling at what Ron was whispering to you."


    "Aha..." She was only half listening... Her baby was so perfect. She had red hair. Of course, she's a Weasley... And she was now grabbing her thumb with her whole fist and looking straight into her eyes. She had blue eyes. She looks exactly like Ron was what everyone had said.


    "I can't believe you two are parents!" Harry said without realizing he was saying it aloud. He felt a little embarrassed. 


    "I know what you mean, mate." Said Ron with a big smile and a tear running down his cheek. 


    "I get why you did it... I guess I'd have done the same. But how did you do it?" Ginny was now seated in the bed, to see her niece closer.


    "That was the easiest part. A very simple charm. The same I used on the purse. I was just starting to show and had been thinking how to cover that up... When Harry asked me for something in my purse... and I had my doubts, but I looked at the tent we were in, which had the same charm, you know... And she started kicking as if saying 'you have to try, at least, mum', so I went for it. I cast it in my womb.  What was extremely difficult was staying healthy with the little food we had... and trying not to stress out when I had to jump off a dragon, for example."


    "You're brilliant, aren't you?" Ron kissed her forehead. "But you could have told me. You needn't have done it alone."


    "You would have sent me to Argentina to hide. And who would have read the book Dumbledore gave us in Ancient Runes?"


    "She's right, you know? We wouldn't have lasted a day without her" Harry was now seated on the bed, too. 


    "This teaches us that women are far better than men" Ginny stated.


    "No, this teaches us that we should not take school for granted, right baby?"  Readers can imagine who said that.


    "We cannot keep calling her baby." Ron clumsily took her from Hermione's arms, completely ignoring what she had just said.


    "Do you have any suggestions?" New Mummy asks.


    "You are the one who had almost 9 months to think about that..." Ron paused. He was kind of embarrassed, but said it anyway. "But... I always thought that if I had a girl I would name her Rose, or Reneé, or Ray..."


    "Why is that?"


    "I don't know... I like to play with initials... Like, if we had a boy, I'd choose a name with an 'H' because it’s your initial, like Hugo or Henry or Homer"


    "Or Harry!" He said as pointing at himself.


    "Sure, mate!"


    "I like Rose. Or Reneé." Hermione said. She hadn'd thought of a name,it didn't seem right without Ron.


    "She looks like a Reneé to me. You can call the next one Rose." Ginny said while taking her off of Ron's arms.


    "You have one, and then talk about having a second one, Gin." Said Hermione.

    Everyone laughed. But Harry laughed more nervously than out of fun. 

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