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Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks by Fonzzx
Chapter 3 : Which Ship?
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Chapter 17: Which Ship?






“What do you think?” Victoire asked me as we lounged in the good chairs by the fire in the common room.


“About what?” I replied, breaking out of my reverie. I was lost in her sapphire eyes.


“Dom and Angel.”


“Well, he said he wasn't going to wait around forever for Cass, if he found someone else that he likes, why shouldn't he go out with her?”


“But why does it have to be my sister?” Victoire demanded.


I shrugged. “Angel's difficult.”


She snorted. “You can say that again.”


In some ways, I thought that Angel and Cass were a perfect couple. They were both grumpy, angry, and passionate people. But I also thought that Dom was good for Angel. She'd calm him down a bit. And he did genuinely seem to like her.


“Dom has had boyfriends before,” I pointed out to Victoire.


“They weren't vampires,” she said.


“Look, he likes Dom, I can tell. He won't hurt her.”


“I'll kill him if he does,” Victoire muttered. It was the French passion in her that burned.


“I think your dad might get there first,” I joked. Bill wasn't going to be pleased that his second born was in a relationship with a part vampire.


“Come on, we'd better go if we're going to watch the Ravenclaw Quidditch tryouts,” she said, pulling me up.


I changed my hair to Ravenclaw colours, and we made our way down to the Quidditch pitch, where Angel was standing in his Quidditch robes, trying to organise everyone into groups.


“Oi,” I shouted from my seat in the stands. Angel came over.


“You know if you weren't my best friend and bloody useless at Quidditch, I'd have to kick you out,” he smirked.


“We're not here for you, we're here for Dom,” Victoire said.


“I'm entirely confident that Dom'll get a place on the team,” Angel grinned. “She's too good not to.”


I looked behind him. Dom had her blonde hair tied back in a messy bun, and a serious look was on her face.


After two hours, Angel had half his team. Victoire had fallen asleep on my shoulder while I read a book. Dom had returned as one of the chasers. Angel was currently looking for a keeper and a seeker.


I saw a mess of dark hair peek around the entrance to the stands.


“Just a minute,” I said to Victoire, jumping up and disturbing her.


I ran over to where I'd seen her.


“Bloody hell Cass, you look terrible.”


She wasn't wearing make up, and looked pretty ill.


“Don't start Teddy,” she said weakly.


“Hanging?” I asked cheerfully.


“And feeling severe amounts of shame,” she grumbled. “Did he tell you what I did?”


“Merlin Cass, what did you do now?”


“I told him I wanted him.”


“Do you?” I asked her bluntly.


“Yes,” she whispered, looking pretty pathetic.


“What did he say?”


“That he's with Dom now and I should grow up and get over myself.”


I laughed. Angel has one hell of a backbone. Or a death wish. “Why have you decided that you want him now, when he's been making moves on you all these years and you've been rejecting him?”


“I only realised yesterday that I'm in love with him.”


“Love?” I asked skeptically. “Cass, do you even know the meaning love?”


“Yes,” she snapped at me, sounding much more like herself.


“Tell me then,” I challenged her.


“I miss him when he's not around. I want him to flirt with me, hold my hand, I want him to want me. I miss actually having a conversation with him,” her eyes filled with tears. “I always thought of him as my best friend and I never told him and then I went and fell in love with him.”


“How long have you felt like this?” I asked her.


“A couple of months.”


“Cass! Why didn't you say something?”


“I didn't want to admit it to myself.”


She looked down at the ground. “I tried to kiss Diggory yesterday. And Angel.”


“You have some serious issues, you know that right Cass?”


“Fuck! I know,” she said in frustration, still looking at the ground.


“Cassandra Heather Black, you look at me,” I said. She did. “I'm going to tell you two things. First, I always kind of thought you and Angel would be perfect together.” She smiled despite herself. “Second,” I glared at her now. “He's going out with Dom and you should let it go.”




“Dom's good for him. And he likes her. Let him have this one. It'll end at some point. You can chase him then.”


“What if it doesn't end? What if they get married and have kids and stuff?” Cassie whispered.


“I doubt they will. Dom's only fourteen, it won't work out. Angel's more mature than everyone gives him credit for. It'll fall apart eventually.” I surprised myself with my wisdom sometimes.


I went back to Victoire, who had fallen asleep again. Dom was trying to shake her awake, and Angel was waiting for her. Everyone else had gone; he'd chosen his team.


“Wake up!” Dom was shouting at Victoire, who's head finally snapped up.


“Did you get on the team?” she asked sleepily.


“Yes, and you'd know that if you were awake!”


“Sorry,” Victoire yawned. “I spent the night with Teddy.”


Dom shuddered. “I don't need to know.”


Angel and Dom left to go and get changed, and I was left with the task of waking Victoire up properly. I kissed her gently on the cheek, and all over her face.


“Alright, I'm awake,” she grumbled, and kissed me properly. I took her hand and we walked towards the changing rooms to wait for Angel and Dom.


“What's taking them so long?” I wondered aloud after ten minutes, and pulled the door open.


Dom was fully dressed, and Angel was only missing his shirt. Oh, and they were kissing pretty fiercely.


I coughed, and they realised we were there.


“Do you mind?” Angel said. “We're busy.”


“Well actually yes we do,” I replied. “It's lunchtime and I'm starving.”


Angel rolled his eyes, grabbed his shirt off Dom and they left with us.




After dinner, I headed up to my Dad's office. I didn't need to knock. Mum was in there with Sirius. They were looking over photo albums.


“Oh, I like this one!” Mum said, pointing at one and elbowing the back of her chair at the same time.


“Christmas day in seventh year,” Sirius said. “The day before Bellatrix attacked us. That's where the scar on her neck came from.”


Dad was snoozing by the fire. It was nearly full moon and it was always tough for him.


I was lucky I'd inherited Mum's genes (including her clumsiness). Being a Metamorphmagus was much more fun than being a werewolf.


“Hello darling,” Mum said as soon as she spotted me, getting up to hug me (and tripping over her own feet in the process). “How was your first week?”


I grimaced. “There's too much drama.”


Sirius snorted. “Please. I went to school with James and Lily. I bet there's less drama now than there was back then.”


“Really Sirius?” I asked him. “Do you really want to make that bet?”


“Try me,” he grinned, leaning back on his chair.


“Well,” I began, throwing myself into an empty seat. “Cass has decided she's in love with Angel because he's going out with Dom. Victoire wants to kill him, and I'm pretty sure Bill will want to kill him too. James and Freddie snuck into Hogsmeade, and Louis freaked out on the train and ended up in Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor like he wanted. Oh and Cass got drunk in Hogsmeade after she found out about Angel and Dom, and threw herself at the Head Boy and at Angel, and got upset when they both rejected her.”


Sirius slipped a couple of galleons across the table towards me. I pocketed them cheerfully. “That daughter of mine has been nothing but trouble since she started here.”


“You can say that again,” Dad said groggily, having just woken up. “She's in detention at least twice a week.”


“Angel says she doesn't know how to wear her uniform,” I grinned.


“Oh, Fiona was the same,” Sirius said, taking the photo album off Mum and flicking through the pages. “Here.”


It was quite a shock to see Fiona in a low cut top, short skirt, thigh high stockings, massive heels and her school tie on her head, and Sirius bending down from one of the tables in the Great Hall to kiss her.


“That was the day I asked her out,” Sirius grinned.


“Ok, Cass isn't quite as bad as that,” I said. “She at least wears clothes.”


“Oi! That's my wife you're talking about! And my daughter!”


Speak of the devil, Cass herself came in. She looked a bit more presentable now.


“What's this I hear about my daughter chucking herself at a vampire?” Sirius frowned at her.


“Oh Dad, don't start,” Cassie said grumpily.


Sirius laughed. “I'm not going to start. I know that if I tell you to do something, you'll go and do the exact opposite. I learned that when you were ten. You're just like your mum.”


“And you,” she said. “You do it as well. The amount of times James has told you to do something and you've just ignored him must be in the quadruple digits by now.” She got up and sat on Sirius' lap, despite the fact that she was seventeen. “Daddy, he doesn't want me,” she pouted.


“I told you this morning Cass, you just have to give him time,” I repeated myself. “He will come around. You don't just go off someone in a couple of days.”


Sirius stroked her hair as she laid her head on his shoulder. “It's his loss, Cass.”


“You have to say that, you're my dad.”


“It doesn't stop it being true. Now get up because I need to go home.”


Cassie scowled and stood up.


“I should go too,” Mum said, after Sirius had vanished into the fireplace. “Be good,” she said to me. “And don't forget to write,” she added to Dad.


Dad checked his watch. “It's nearly curfew. You two should get going.”


I was on patrol tonight so I walked Cassie back to the Hufflepuff common room. No doubt she'd be thinking of some ridiculous plan to get Angel.


I did the usual rounds on my way back up to the common room. I was walking through the first floor corridor when I noticed that a tapestry had been pushed aside. I looked behind it, and there was a door. I went through.


I knew what this place was, even though I'd never been there. I'd heard stories from Angel's mum and Alexis about this place.


I walked through the living space and into a bedroom. Angel was sat on the bed, looking through some stuff.


“Are you ok?” I asked, when I realised that he was crying.


“I just miss my dad, you know?” he said. “I can remember everything since I was born. I remember him. I wish he hadn't left.”


“He did it to protect you,” I reminded him, remembering what Alexis had told me.


“I know, but I wish he didn't have to. He doesn't remember me at all, or Mum. And I know it's harder on her than me. You should see her when she's alone.”


I already had. I knew Daisy loved Alexis to bits, but Draco Malfoy had been the one for her.


I sat on the bed next to him. “Cass told me what she did.”


“She's a bitch,” he said automatically.


“Do you really think that?” I raised an eyebrow.






“She only wants me because I'm with Dom. I'd be stupid to end something good with her to have about five minutes with Cass before she decides she doesn't want me again.”


I had to admit, that was how Cassie's history had played out with other guys.




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