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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 18 : Fearful Rescues
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Chapter 18

Scorpius sat on the cement ground, staring at the shadows of the moon, from the window above him. His arm rest lazily above his head against the brick wall, the enchanted blade of the handcuff that he was attached to slicing into his skin, these were Warwick’s new brand of punishment for his last escape attempt.

If he had his wand, he knew the perfect unlocking spell, but he made sure to leave his wand hidden in his apartment. Scorpius didn’t really see the point in bringing it, the second they captured him they were going to take it away, then probably break, and to be honest he was rather fond of his wand. Not to mention if Rose was a smart as he knew she was, she would need it to find him.

Moving his arm side to side, the clattering of the metal chain clinking along the rusted pipe, that was bolted to wall, being the only sound to fill the room. Wincing in pain, he couldn’t move much, every time his skin pushed against the inside of the metal chain, it would glow white and burn his wrist, it always burned but at a manageable level. However when he fought against it, it scorched hotter and burned deeper.  

Sighing Scorpius lowered his eyes to the small boy who was asleep on the ground wrapped in Scorpius’ jacket. Levis body was pressed against Scorpius’ leg, hugging it as if it were a teddy bear.

He wasn’t sure how many days it had been, but he knew that it had to be well over two weeks since Grey Holmes had come to his apartment seeming to be on business, but instead knocking him out and taking him to Warwick. Needless to say, he was the Auror helping Warwick get away. Scorpius couldn’t say that he was surprised though. Grey always had a twisted way of thinking, and he made things very uncomfortable.  

Suddenly Levis started whimpering and his breathing became rushed and heavy in his sleep. Instinctively Scorpius lowered his free hand to run through the boy’s hair, “Shhh,” he whispered, the young boys eyes looking up to him. “Bad dream?”

Levis nodded his head, and rubbed his eyes from his nightmare. “I miss my mommy,”

Scorpius could help but chuckle at the comment, “Yeah I’m starting to miss my mum too.” He said guiltily thinking about how worried she probably was at the moment. By law the auror department had to tell family members that someone was missing after two days.

“When is your friend coming to get us?” Levis asked weakly.

“Soon,” Scorpius said, hoping that he was telling the truth. He probably shouldn’t have told Levis that someone was coming to rescue them, but the boy seemed so scared, that he couldn’t help it.

“What if she forgot?” he said softly, fear in his boyish eyes.

Scorpius shook his head, “She didn’t forget.” He reassured with a forceful eye “She is probably looking for us right now,”

“But how do you know?” Levis questioned back.

“I just do, she is the most determined person I know, and she isn’t going to stop until she finds us.”

Levis made a loud yawn, forcing his tired eyes to stay open “Is she you girlfriend?” he said in a mocking way.

Shaking his head Scorpius gave a gentle smile, he wasn’t really in the mood to discuss his and Rose’s relationship problems with a six year old. “You should really go back to sleep,” he whispered.

The boy gave an indifferent shrug to the lack of an answer, and nuzzled his head against Scorpius’ thigh, “Good night Scorpius,”

“Good night Levis,” he said closing his own eyes in attempt to try and get the slightest bit of sleep in the uncomfortable position.


Crossing her arms, Rose stood inside the rundown abandoned theater. Taking a few steps down the stage she shook her head, keeping her eyes on one of the ratty red cushions of the audience seats.

“Another dead end?” she heard Albus say from behind her.

Giving the slightest of nods she focused on the ground. “Another dead end,” she repeated.

She felt as Albus came up beside her, sliding his arm over her shoulders and giving them a tight squeeze. “We’ll find him,” he said in as reassuring a voice he could make.

Rose shook her head feeling defeated. Often, Rose would wonder what Scorpius had been thinking when he did this, putting so much faith in her to find him. It had been over two weeks and so far she had nothing, no trace, no clue…nothing.

She had raided his apartment the very next morning, after Cornell had told her, finding his wand taped to the inside of one of her mother’s books, Grasslynn Cross: the Following.

When she wasn’t tracking down potential locations, Rose spent her free time pouring her eyes out over maps. Performing countless tracking spells, with his wand, knowing that they worked better if you used the owners wand, but nothing ever came up. It was as if Scorpius Malfoy had disappeared off the face of the planet.

Shrugging out of Albus’ hold, she gave a half smile at his effort to try and reassure her. Rose was surprised when Albus’ had showed up with James two days after Scorpius’ disappearance. Even though Albus’ didn’t mind Scorpius the way he used to, she was still sure that looking for him was the last thing he wanted to do.

When she finally asked him about it Albus had answered, “Being the way I am I know that there is a chance our family won’t approve of me being gay. And before Ben I had never loved anyone the way you described your love for Malfoy. Now that I have, I see how wrong it was for me to make you chose six years ago.” He paused thinking “I just want to return the happiness that I robed from you.”

As for James coming, she wasn’t entirely sure how that happened, but from what she could gather he was running from a psychotic ex-girlfriend. Not to mention he always had a soft spot for Rose, even if she was a lunatic.  

Even Vivian had come to New York, although it was for the comfort of the Malfoy’s. Speaking of which that was about the most awkward conversation Rose had ever had in her life.

If Rose wanted the case then she was the one who had to talk to them and tell them that he was missing. The image of a very tired Astoria and glaring Draco, coming to her head. They did not say a word the entire time Rose went over the situation with them. Only at the end did Astoria grab her husband’s hand, look at Rose and say “Well at least we know why Scorpius has stayed in New York so long,” as if this was subject that had been widely debated in the Malfoy Manor.  

Rubbing her eyes to forget the thought, Rose heard the clanking shoes of Matt and Grey checking the wings of the theater, from above them.

“Rose,” Matt called. Looking up to him she raised an eyebrow, “There is nothing here, maybe we should call it a night.”

Rose had to agree, they weren’t going to find anything in there, even though there was evidence to support that they would, and everyone seemed pretty tired. “Alright,” she said softly.

Grey jumped down from the small electrical shaft above them, landing with a cat like grace. Walking over to Rose he gave a grin that sent eerie chills down her spine.

“Sorry, I really thought that this would be the place,” he said. Rose shook her head, she hadn’t wanted to work with Grey, but he was best at tracking in the office and he offered to help. She had originally intended to say no, something seeming off, but when Grey seemed to produce a lead after only a couple of days, she had no choice to accept, believing in Carla’s faith in her own partner and that she trusted him with her own life.

“It’s fine,” she replied solemnly, making her way to the back entrance of the building “Did you ever check on that location I gave you near the Hudson river?”

Grey seemed the slightest bit taken off guard “Umm yeah, I did a tracer charm over the map. Nothing came up,” he said professionally.  

Frustrated Rose picked up her step, that was the only location that she had manage to give on her own, but she wasn’t sure why she wanted to check on it. There was no evidence that pointed anything interesting about it, except that her eyes kept striding back to that location when she was looking over her maps a couple of nights ago.

Grey caught up to her “I have a few more locations that might be worthy of noting, I’ll bring them in tomorrow.”

“Alright,” was all she said in a short tone, opening the door.

“I really do appreciate you letting me help, after that incident with Cornell last year, I have been looking for a way to get back in his good graces,” Rose remembered the incident well, because it involved Carla accidentally being locked inside a burning building. Matt nearly killed Grey, but Carla seemed not to sweat it, explaining, that she had known Grey for a long time and that he always pulled though at the last second.

Rose reluctantly thought that maybe they need a ransom note from Warwick, with a deadline, then maybe Grey would find the right location. “No problem,” she mumbled stopping at the side walk, waiting for Matt, James, and Albus to gather their things.

Shoving his hands in his coat pocket Grey looked down to the concrete, trying to think of something to lure Rose’s mind off of the location near the Hudson. “They must have really taken him off guard,” he threw out into the air.

“Who?” Rose asked keeping her gaze straight ahead of her.

“The people that took Scorpius, I mean for him to not even have his wand on him when they got him…” Rose’s head shot to Grey’s quickly “They must have really surprised him is all.”

“Yeah,” she said in the strange voice that was full of curiosity, as she narrowed her eyes to Grey observing him intensely “They must have,”

“All I’m saying is that he probably didn’t even have time to reach for it.” The man said awkwardly.

Rose kept extremely quiet for a long moment “I’m sorry but how do you know that he left his wand, that’s information that only I know.” Scorpius leaving his wand behind wand information that she made sure to tell no one, not even Matt.

Grey’s eyes widened and his face reddened “I saw you with it, me and Scorpius were talking about our wands on day so I recognized it.”

Rose skeptically accepted the answer; although she remained severely silent the whole was back to the office.


It was coming up on about nine o’clock in the evening. Slamming the book shut, Rose lent back into the pillows on her bed. She had read and reread Grasslynn Cross: the Following at least three times in the past two weeks, searching for anything that would indicate that Scorpius had put his wand in the book on purpose.

A soft knock came from her bedroom door, opening without her response. “Dinners ready,” Rex said.

Rose pulled one of the maps, that were spread out on her bed, in front of her. “I’m not hungry,” she answered not looking up to him.

Rex watched her from the doorway, seeing how focused she was and not seeming to realize that he was still in front of her. Walking inside, he closed the door behind him. Rose felt as he came up beside her and sat down on the edge of the bed.

Giving off a loud huff, he bent his head down, leaning forward so that his elbows were on his knees.

There was a point in time when Rose would have reached out and rub his back, to show that she cared and really did want this, but her hand remained still following the lines that she had traced on the map. “What is this?” he said after long moment of silence.

“I’m working,” she said, lowering the map and crossing her legs tighter underneath her.

“I meant between us,” His voice echoed off the wall.

Rose pulled her eyes off the map and looked up to Rex, who had a serious look in his eyes. Biting her lips she had no answer. Rex continued, “It’s not easy waking up in the middle of the night and hearing my girlfriend crying over her ex-boyfriend,”

Her face flushed white; she had not realized that Rex had heard that. During the day she kept her emotions together, but at night she dealt with the pain.

She took a very long breath “Do you want me to say that this doesn’t hurt, and that I’m not worried to death about him, because I am,”

“No,” Rex said quickly. “But I want you to say that you love me, or that you think you could love me. That if I disappeared tomorrow you would be this upset.”

Rose pulled her eyes away from him, she knew that she wouldn’t. She would care and be worried, but she wouldn’t feel the pain that she has right now.

“Rose,” he looked at her unmoving body. “I asked you for a chance, and I’m grateful that you gave me one, but…” he shifted his body so that he could see her better “I don’t want to be the second man in your life. You don’t have to tell me that you love me but please tell me that there is a least a chance that you will,”

Releasing her lip from under her teeth, Rose’s face shot up to his with a pained expression. “I…” she tried in a weak voice. Shaking her head “I can’t,” tears burning her eyes.

Rex had a disappointed look in his eyes, but not a shocked one. Grabbing her arm he pulled Rose toward him kissing her on the forehead “It’s okay if you can’t, I just had to know.” He said with his lips pressed to her skin.

Clearing his throat he stood up “I’ll sleep on the couch tonight and in the morning I’ll find a hotel to stay at.”

Rose agreed that that would probably be best, but before he left the room she said “For what it’s worth I honestly did try,”

Rex gave a half smile, “I know. I told you I’m not a relationship type of person, do you think I would have stuck around for as long as I have if you did not try,”

When he walked out of the room, Rose took a relived breath. Aimlessly picking at piece of lint on her bed spread, she let her eyes fall to the book again. There had to be a purpose to it, she thought.

Placing it back in her lap, she let her fingers trace the cover, her index finger running along the F in Following. Noting that the letters had an almost flame like curve to them. Abruptly stopping her hand she looked over to the top drawer of her dresser, a sudden thought in mind.

“It couldn’t be,” she said under her breath, her eyes widening at her epiphany.

Standing up slowly, her heart pounded with excitement. Opening the drawer she pulled out a black box and lifted the lid, sliding the contents into the palm of her hand. Her eyes fixated on the flame inside the bead of the necklace that Scorpius had given her for Christmas in their seventh year. The necklace that she followed to him.

Rushing to her nightstand, she retrieved his wand, turning out the lamp beside her. Focusing on the tracking spell and who she was looking for, Rose tapped the wand twice to the necklace. The golden chain pulled away from her fingers, and started to float about the room. Hovering over various objects the flame would brighten and dim until finally it reached an object and stopped moving entirely, the flame glowing more than ever only for the necklace to drop and hit the wood floor, having completed it’s task.

Flicking on the light Rose looked in the direction of the necklace. Picking it up and slipping it around her neck, she grabbed the picture frame off the shelf that it stopped moving at.

It was a picture of Matt, Carla, and her standing on a boat and smiling. Glancing at the buildings that were behind them, in the old shipping yard, Rose had sudden gut wrenching feeling that Scorpius was probably in one of them, remembering Scorpius saying that Warwick would be right under their noses. But that wasn’t even the most revealing thing about the picture.

If Rose had the slightest doubt that Grey Holmes wasn’t the rat working for Warwick, it disappeared entirely, because the picture had been taken the previous summer while they were spending the day on the Hudson river.


The night was cooler than usual. Levis usually slept next to Scorpius but that night he had convinced him to sleep against the wall by the heating vent, so that he wouldn’t get sick.

The day had been long. Earlier he had tried to pull the chain from the rusted pipe, feeling as the metal heated up to unbearable levels, but he still pulled, smelling the melting flesh of his wrist burn away. Unfortunately the pipe didn’t break and the guards had noted a lot of activity from the room, resulting in another cuff to be put on his other wrist. 

So once again he sat in the night, his one wrist continuously throbbing, making it impossible to ignore, and his other only slightly sizzling. The sound of footsteps passed the door, closing his eyes he leaned his head against the wall, waiting for them to pass, but the creaking of the door opening, made him nervous.

He hoped that this was a just routine checkup and that they would leave thinking that he was asleep and therefore not up to anything, instead of Warwick wanting to practice defensive spells again and use Scorpius as the target.

Opening his eyes slightly to see who it was, noticing that the figure was in a hooded jacket and attempting to close the door softly, as if trying to eliminate the sound.

His eyes widened as the figure turned around and stared at him. “Rose?” he said slowly.

Rose quickly ran over to him kneeling on the ground in a hurry. “We don’t have time to talk, Carla is going to notify the auror department in a couple of minutes and Matt, Albus, and James will come when I give them the signal,” She whispered. Not wanting to risk Warwick thinking that he was being invaded she came alone, and decided to call for back up when she was sure that she had found him.

“You haven’t notified the auror department yet?” Scorpius said surprised. Shaking her head Rose reached for the first chain “Careful,” he half shouted. “Their charmed,”

Looking at the chains on his arms she waved her wand “We didn’t want to risk Grey telling Warwick that we had found you,” she answered, releasing the first chain.

The cold air hit his opened flesh as he quickly cradled his arm to his chest. “I was scared…” she continued freeing his second wrist “that Warwick might try and move you,”

Scorpius covered his wrist with his hand pausing as he adjusted “So how did you find me,”

Rose had almost a blushing look on her face, as she pulled out the necklace that was tucked under her shirt.

Scorpius smiled, the tips of his fingers touching the glass ball. “I see you got my clue,”

Nodding Rose turned her head away from Scorpius, to hide the relieved tears that were forming in her eyes. “It was kind of a risky clue,” she said lightly “How did you even know that it would still lead me to you?”

Still holding the ball “Because you have to want to find me in order for it to work,”

She gave a light laugh as she sniffled “That’s an even riskier move,”

“I had faith,” he smiled. Looking at her he knew that he had scared her, it was written on her face. Slowly he lifted his arms up and wrapped them around her neck pulling her into a tight hug.

Rose seemed slightly reluctant but after a few seconds she wrapped her arms around him and nudged her head into his neck. “For a while there I thought I’d never find you,” she gripped him tighter “You are a damn fool Scorpius Malfoy.”

“Better that he took me than you,” Scorpius said into her ear.

Rose shook her head “Funny, because the entire time that you were gone I was thinking I rather he had me than you,”

Scorpius lowered his arms and leaned back “How about just this once we agree to disagree,”

“Deal,” Rose said suddenly remembering the situation “So where’s the boy?”


Scorpius stood up stretching his arm muscles, shaking the tight knots in his shoulder, feeling empowered with his wand in his hand.

Levis stood beside him watching as Rose had her ear pressed to the door. “So you remember what I told you?” Scorpius asked with raised eyebrows.

The boy nodded, still wearing Scorpius’ jacket, which was zipped up all the way on him, looking like a dress “Keep my head down,”

“Right,” Scorpius said bending down to pick up the boy.

Levis poked on Scorpius’ shoulder “You need to tie your shoe,” he said softly.

Scorpius looked down and saw the two white strings of his laces strewn on the ground, grabbing his wand he was about to tie them, but was interrupted by Rose saying “You ready?” making him forget all about it.  

He gave a stiff nod and pulled the hood to his jacket over Levis head. The boy bent his head into Scorpius’ shoulder and held on tightly.

Feeling as her adrenaline began to spike and her blood pumping, Rose went to the window “Remember the second I send this, Warwick will know he has been invade,”

Scorpius gave her a no duh look “You know I have done this before,”

“I was just clarifying,” she said sharply sticking her hand out the window and shooting green sparks in the sky.

Instantly, loud alarms started to go off, all throughout the build. “Run!” Rose said busting through the door with Scorpius behind her.

There was loud chaos on the floor under them, as several popping sounds emerged into the room. The bright red emergency lights blinked making it hard for her to focus, as she led the way. Their main goal was to get Levis out and then come back for Warwick. She had already told Harper where to meet them.

Reaching the emergency stairs at the end of the hall Rose pulled on the latch. They took the stairs two at a time as they ran down, the small enclosed space feeling lifeless and never ending. Almost tripping Rose grabbed ahold of the handle, and large clouds of smoke began to pour from the walls as bolts of electricity started shooting in every direction. Screaming, as a flash of electricity crossed her only and inch away she slammed herself against the wall.

Covering Levis shivering body the best he could with his arm, Scorpius pushed against one of the other doors that led to another level, “This way,” Scorpius yelled, slipping into a hall that appeared to be clear. Rose narrowly missing another lightning strike, was right behind him.

Leaning forward Rose hunched over to catch her breath, needing a moment to rearrange their plan, because there was no way they were leaving the way she came in. Straightening herself she looked around the very dark room. It wasn’t a hall but actually a large empty space. There was something off about it though, it was quiet, too quiet for what was going on around them.

“Where are we?” Rose asked.

“No clue, but let’s get out of here.” Scorpius said taking the initiative to start walking forward.

Rose was about to follow when a pair of large arms wrapped around from behind, one crossing her neck tightly, and the other along the lower part of her arms.

A loud cry from Rose, made Scorpius turn around instantly. The lights above them becoming white, illuminating the room. A few feet in front of him, stood Warwick with Rose grasped in his arms.

“LET HER GO!” Scorpius yelled loudly.

Warwick had an evil smirk on his face “I don’t think so,” Rose was trying her best to wriggle free, remembering any of the techniques that she had learned in auror school on self-defense but it was hopeless, Rose had encountered someone who was too strong, even for her.

“You see,” Warwick said, his voice vibrating off the back of Rose’s head, “The way I see it is like an eye for an eye. Your friends come in here and took all of my lovely friends away so I feel that I should take something from you,” He paused running his nose down her cheek “And let’s face it she seems like she would be much more fun than you,”

Rose cringed, as she felt Warwick’s tongue start to lick down her neck, stopping at the base he pressed his lips to her skin, keeping his eyes focused on Scorpius. Her stomach tightening and her body shook, there was a pleading look of fear in her eyes.

Scorpius jaw clinched together “If you don’t let her go, I swear…”

“What?” Warwick said lifting his head up, “It seems that you really don’t have any options. Either, you play by my game or you die, regardless it isn’t going to be a fun fait for you.” Leaning into Rose’s ear he whispered “You on the other hand might enjoy it, I have been known to have that effect on women,”

“Not likely,” Rose spat back, which resulted in Warwick gripping her so tight that she thought she couldn’t breathe.

Scorpius looked down to the ground, attempting to think of a plan. Staring at the tops of his shoes, he saw that they were both tied, glancing to the boy in his arms, his escape route coming to him.

Meeting Rose’s terrified eyes, he gave a simple twitch of the face that only she would notice. Blinking, she silently agreed to whatever his plan was.

As fast as he could Scorpius raised his wand and shot several large balls of fire just a few inches shy of Warwick’s face, taking him off guard as the back wall began to blaze in fire.

Rose lunged to the side freeing herself from Warwick’s hold. Sending another flame of fire to set on Warwick’s shirt Scorpius ran to Rose, shoving Levis into her arms.

“Apperarate,” he said sternly.

“I can’t he’s a muggle,” Rose countered, her eyes on Scorpius, who kept his gaze on Warwick.

“No he’s not, I’m about a hundred percent sure he is a wizard,” He said slightly out of breath.

There wasn’t time for Rose to be conscious, but apperarating with a muggle could be deadly. “How do you know?”

“My shoes are tied,” the answer confused Rose, but the look on Scorpius face was one of certainty. “Just go, I will be right behind you.”

Rose didn’t want to leave, but she didn’t have a choice apperarating out of the building she pictured herself at the meeting spot that she had arranged with the Matt, Albus, and James.

Landing in the middle of a parking lot not far from the building, the area was surrounded with people from the ministry and auror department. Several men were tied up in charmed ropes, while she saw James and Albus talking to a ministry official. Matt on the other hand was with Cornell nodding his head, aggressively, a grim look on his face. Technically he wasn’t off of file duty yet and breaking a command could mean some serious trouble for him.

Tugging the hood off of Levis, Rose walked to the crowed.

“MOMMY,” Levis screeched loudly, catching the worried eyes of Catherin instantly.

Catherin started crying as she ran to Rose engulfing the boy in her hands.

“Why are you crying mommy,” Levis asked, his little arms wrapped tightly around his mother’s neck “Are you sad to see me?”

“No,” Catherin gave a soft chuckle, “I’m just really happy to see you,”

Rose smiled at the scene looking past Catherin to Harper, who was timidly keeping his distance away from the two. This was the family that he had left behind, regardless of his reasons, he left them, and he wasn’t entirely sure if he was welcome back into their lives. Giving a gracious look to Rose, he was honestly just happy to know that his son was safe.

“Harper,” he heard his name being called. Pulling his eyes away from Rose he looked to Catherin. She had very determined expression on her face “I swear you will regret the day you were born if you ever leave again.” His face softened “Now come join your family where you belong.”

Harper hugged his wife and son “I’m not going anywhere ever again.”

“Yeah well you have a lifetime to prove it to me,” she said cynically.  

Rose, gave a humorous chuckle. Turning around she saw Draco and Astoria Malfoy with their eyes firmly planted on the burning building. Immediately Rose looked around her, realizing that Scorpius hadn’t returned yet. Turning to the building it was ablaze in flames.

Astoria’s hand moved to her mouth, as she held tightly onto Draco. Rose shook her head, she had been in a whirlwind of hell the past two weeks and she sure wasn’t about to let this mission end with Scorpius dying. So pushing past the crowed of people, she apperarated back into the burning room.

It was silent with the exception of the flames that were coating everything. Smoke immediately filling her lungs, she coughed loudly and look to the ground. A few feet away from her lay Warwick’s motionless body, his neck twisted in a weird way. “Scorpius,” she shouted, hearing no response except for a loud groan.

Carefully making her way towards the sound, she was sweating in her coat, hearing the wooden floors of the floor above them creaking from the flames. Seeing a hunched over shadow in the corner, she rushed to him and knelt down to the ground.

Cradling his face in her hands his eyes were closed, and his skin was deathly pale. Noticing as his arms were covering his abdomen, she pushed his hand aside, lifting up his shirt. Blood and a green infection were covering a large gash in his side. He had been hit with an infector curse, meant to increase the speed of infection, it was a painful and slow way to die.

There was no way Scorpius was going to be able to apperarate out of there. Her eyes moving to the large full standing window that was beside the corner, she saw the waves of the Hudson right beneath them. The fire picking up, Rose flicked her wand blasting the glass out of the window.

“Alright I need you to work with me,” she said loudly to Scorpius. Moving his arm over her shoulders, struggling to lift him up, she shuffled to the window, somehow managing to drag Scorpius with her.

Looking down her stomach went weak at the sight of how far the jump was, and there was still no guarantee that they would survive. But she had to take that chance. So leaning forward she closed her eyes and jumped pulling him with her, either they were going to survive or die together.

The iceberg November water was a shock to her body, but Rose refused to let go of Scorpius’ the deeper they sank. Kicking her legs she found her inner strength to pull him to the top, gasping for air. They weren’t far from the boat docks and she gripped him tightly as she swam towards the edge.

Pulling him onto land, the building was crumbling behind them, but she hardly noticed. Her teeth chattering she lowered her head, pushing his wet hair out of his face. Listening for his breaths… none came. Aggressively Rose pushed down on his chest performing cpr, but there was no response “Come on,” she pleaded loudly, gripping his frozen hand which was connected to his lifeless body. Still there was nothing, no movements, no noise, just nothing.

“You cannot do this to me,” Rose said weakly, her voice escaping her. “You are not allowed to die on me do you understand that,” she whispered, tears running uncontrollably down her cheeks.

“You once promised me that you would never leave me,” Rose cried, remembering her seventeen year old self sitting in the hospital wing with Scorpius when he fell of his broom stick. “And I know that I haven’t done good on returning that promise, but I…” He words choked “But I still need you, and I need you alive,”

Laying her head on his chest “So please hold on, and give me a sign, any sign that you are still here with me.” Still nothing came, no sign “Please love,” she pleaded again, closing her eyes the tears seeped through, “Please,” she squeaked. Her heart pounding while she waited.

In the moment when it looked as if nothing was ever going to come, Scorpius’ hand squeezed hers jolting her head up as she stared at him. His head jerked to the side as he coughed water onto the ground.

Rose’s eyes were huge with relief, she didn’t care about the crowed of people that were gathering around them. She didn’t care about his parents who had rushed over to him. She didn’t care about the healers as they moved her aside and wrapped a blanket around her, as she watched them work on him. The only thing that mattered in that instant was that Scorpius was alive, and that he was going to be alright.

A/N: Alright sorry I’m late again, midterms. Not going to lie I am taking a heavy course load this term, so if I’m a little late I’m sorry. But now to the important stuff, What did you think of the chapter? I hope that the action was good, So much happened I don’t even know where to start her and Rex are over, and saving Scorpius’ life, not to mention what she said to him at the end. Please review and tell me what you think? Thank you for reading. 

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