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Royal by maraudertimes
Chapter 4 : Travel Plans
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I had corresponded with Headmistress McGonagall quite a few times since Marielle chose to attend Hogwarts, and we were set to leave in a few days to meet with Headmistress McGonagall at Hogwarts in a few days. Chancellor Evans was going to stay behind in Avalyn with my father, so a small tag team of guards and attendants would accompany Marielle and me to Hogwarts for the first of September.

Of course, we would be flying over in a private jet and then let the Headmistress accompany us to the castle her own way. I didn’t do trains. Yeah, it sounds snobbish, but to be honest, I’m a queen. I’m going to act like it if I want something. I had set up a press conference for yesterday and had announced that I was sending Marielle to an international boarding school to ‘help create international ties.’

I was keeping the information private so as to ‘keep Marielle safe from potential threats’ since she was going to be far from anyone who could help her if need be.

No bodyguards would reside at Hogwarts since none were supposed to know about it anyways – my task team was going to have their memory erased at some point before we set off back to Avalyn after our week was up – so to accommodate that, I had both Marielle and Headmistress McGonagall promise not to let anything about her position as Crown Princess of Avalyn slip.

And as the days before we left for Hogwarts came closer and closer, I had Chancellor Evans prepare what needed to be packed for Marielle as she would not come back until Christmas, as well as a larger amount of things that I would need, what with my condition. Of course, the magical things – such as a wand and robes – would have to be purchased from somewhere in London, so we were leaving a day early to get that figured out.

I was nervous and excited all at the same time, and I knew that Marielle was even more so. Fidgeting as I contemplated all I had done for this trip – and for Marielle – I stared up at the ceiling of my bed. It was going to be a hassle for me to travel, not to mention how uncomfortable it would be for me, but I would do it for Marielle. As I sighed and turned over in my bed, I heard the door open and I quickly shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

I heard the soft footsteps of my primary attendant, Quinn, and then the slight tugging of the tubes in my left arm. After the initial discomfort, I felt the telltale stickiness of bandages on my arm. As Quinn left, I turned onto my other side and glared at the machine that had been attached to me for the past few hours. Always in my room, always glaring at me, always reminding me of the fact that while my blood may be royal blood, it will always run through tainted veins.

The veins my mother gave to me, and brought to her own death bed.


Author's Note: hey hey hey! Please tell me what you think!

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Royal: Travel Plans


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