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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 13 : Chapter Twelve
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Since being back at Hogwarts I've spent the time looking through the baby books, I've been mainly looking at names especially since I know she's a she. I didn’t want to keep called her she or her so now I wanted to give her a name, but the name would have to be right. Since Kyle doesn't seem to give a shit she will be having my last name which is Weasley so it has to go with that.

I haven't been the best student lately especially in History of Magic but hey when it's mainly about your whole family I don't really need to care as I'm bound to pass it. So far in today's lesson I've been looking through the list of baby names that I've come up with. Chloe and Amber also helped a little and it’s now been whittled down to fifteen names:

Kimberley, Holly, Grace, Jessica. Hope, Georgia, Maisie, Ellie (Note to self-remove name, as it will remind me of the bitch Ella-Dora) Alexis, Alix, Sasha, Neveah, Felicity, Amelia and Melody.

There are four names that really stick out but I'm not choosing until she's born as she may not look like her name. It may not seem like it but we've been back at school for six weeks and half term is soon approaching, I've been having regular checkups with Madame Pomfrey and I'll be thirty weeks pregnant tomorrow and let me tell you it's no fucking picnic. My ankles have become swollen not to mention the rest of me. My baby girl's been moving more often and it seems that she prefers to sleep in the day, and somersault just as I'm trying to sleep, also the mood swings don't help. One minute I'm crying the next I'm happy again and not forgetting my leaky boobs.

Also Dom has been making jokes non-stop, sometimes I could kill her others I could hug her for instance we were walking down the corridor that was pretty busy on our way to dinner and I was being all polite saying 'excuse me' since I was in a relatively happy mood when Dom who was in a rush to get to food suddenly yelled, 'Move you little midgets, seriously pregnant Ravenclaw coming through'.

Amazingly they all moved, maybe it was because they saw Dom's scary face that she does when she's angry or maybe they saw me and didn't want to get squished by the heavily pregnant seventh year hormonal girl. I couldn’t' help but laugh since I was happy and also hungry.

Earlier on today when I was on my way to Transfig with Amber, Chloe and Dom who's in our class as there aren't many of us taking the subject, we were walking down the corridor and I was taking my time since Hogwarts was NOT made for pregnant people. Seriously who needs one hundred and forty-two staircases and why must my lessons be so far away from each other.

Amber and Chloe who were in front were already inside the Transfig classroom and since I was being slow, Dom ended up stuck behind me and as I practically take up the whole corridor she couldn't get past.

"Jeez Mol do ya think you could waddle a bit faster, you don't normally hear me say this but can I actually get to class today and not tomorrow." She whined.

"Well I'm sorry for being pregnant and I DO NOT WADDLE" I snapped.

She snorted, "Yes you do Mol, you're like a mammoth sized penguin waddling around the school."

Is she seriously comparing a highly hormonal heavily pregnant teenager to a penguin, I am not some fucking bird that is black and white and lives in the cold and I certainly don't waddle. We were right outside the Transfiguration classroom and McGonagall came out to see where we were.

"For your information Dom, I AM NOT A FUCKING PENGUIN AND I DO NOT WADDLE!" I yelled and with that I burst into tears and walked as fast as I could away from Dom and straight passed McGonagall who was staring at me.

I went up to the astronomy tower where I knew that I would get the quiet and privacy that I wanted. No one would bother me up here. I pulled my wiz-phone out of my pocket and check it, I was surprised to see I had a fair few message. Most of them were off Lauren, Katie and Luke. There was none of Kyle. To be honest I don't know if I want him to be involved or not, since he hasn't made an effort to contact me at all.

I read the latest texts off Lauren and Katie:

Mol, Mol, Guess what? Call me x

Katie's wasn't all that interesting: Mums wedding is next month- you're invited as is Laur+Luke, speak soon xx

How am I meant to go to a wedding when I feel like a bloody whale, not to mention that I look like one. I checked the rest of my messages and found a recent voicemail off Luke,"Hi Mol, um just wondering if Laur told you, but Kyle heard that your mum kicked you out and apparently he went round there and had a massive go at her. He's got a new number and he wants you to call him."

With that Luke trailed off a number. Great just great, maybe this was why I hadn't heard off Kyle. I guess I could call him, call him and give him a piece of my mind. How dare he go to my house, I wasn't so bothered he had yelled at my mother I was bothered by the fact he hadn't contacted me. I punched the number into my phone and let it ring, there was no answer and it went to voicemail. So after the beep I let rip.

"Kyle why the fuck did you go around to my parents’ house and yell at my stupid mother, yes she deserved it but I don't care what gives you the right to do so. Anyway how do you know where I live? What gives you the right to think that you-"

The voicemail cut me off so I rang again and waited for the beep before yelling some more, "Can just walk back into my life as well as YOUR DAUGHTER'S, yes I'm having a girl. I haven't heard off you since I told you I was pregnant, then Luke says you went away for a while and come back like nothing had happen, I could -"

It cut me off again and I rang once more, "I could fucking murder you Kyle Stevenson why are you so bothered about us now, you weren't so fucking bothered when I told you. You thought I had slept with someone and that she wasn't yours well news flash she is. GOOD FUCKING BYE!!!!"

I pushed end call and leant back against the castle wall, my thoughts about my little girl.

I woke up and went down to breakfast as normal with Amber and Chloe, the day was pretty normal and we went into Hogmeade. We went into the baby shop called 'Baby Witch' and spent ages in there picking out different outfits for my little girl. When we came out I had two bags bursting full of clothes. I just couldn't resist the little dresses, hats and booties, not forgetting vests and sleepsuits. I mainly bought white and pink, it's so adorable and mad to think that she will fit into them especially as they're so little.

When we got back to our dorm before dinner, I packed them neatly in my trunk on top of my stuff; I can't believe that she will be here in ten weeks that's just over two months away. I'm totally unprepared the only baby stuff that I have is what I bought today. I have no moses basket or cot, no pram and no car seat.

Not to mention the fact that I have nowhere to live, I don't even know why I'm going back to be honest, maybe it's because Nana Molly will feed me lots and give me advice, I mean she has had seven children and looked after twelve grandchildren plus Teddy, come on that woman seriously needs a medal.

I got down to the great hall later than most people as I had been sat in my dorm looking at the baby stuff and thinking. It takes me a while to get down all the stairs and floors as well, so I'm used to get down there later than other people.

I hadn't long sat down and began eating a bowl of leek and potato soup. Unfortunately the house elves had not sent up any stuffing today and I was livid when I realised. I'm going to be paying a little visit to the kitchens later. And no I will not yell at the nice helpful house elves, I am simply going to ask for some stuffing and vanilla ice-cream politely.

I was sort of enjoying my soup and bread when I heard someone calling my name "OI MOL!" I looked up to see Dom yelling to me from over at the Gryffindor table, ignoring the fact that people were looking at her, she continued yelling "OLD MCGOGGLES WANTS TO SEE YOU MOLLY."

Oh great, now people are staring at me, like I don't get enough attention as it what with being pregnant. I got up carefully, leaving my soup as I wasn't too fussed on it and headed for the Gryffindor table. I stood opposite her and hissed, "Dominique Aurora Gabrielle Weasley."

The use of her full name earned a few giggles from the people closest to us, they shut up immediately when Dom glared at them, she can look pretty scary sometimes, especially in the mornings. Trust me that is not something you want to see and it would scare anyone.

"Did you really have to announce that across the great hall so that everyone could here that McGonagall wants to see me?"

She stopped with her spoon half way to her mouth before starting to say, "No but-"
I cut her off, "No but you couldn't get up off your skinny little arse could you, you forced a very pregnant hormonal teenager to walk across the hall to you."

I left her gawping at me, the spoon which had the pudding she had been eating flopped off and landed down her blue t-shirt. From the great hall I  took a de-tour to the kitchen to get some stuffing and ice-cream which I ate there and then and a bottle of pumpkin juice before making my way up to McGonagall's Transfiguration office.

Once I had eventually made it, I stood outside and knocked. "Enter." Came a voice from inside.

I entered and saw Professor McGonagall sat behind the desk along with Professor Chang who is the head of Ravenclaw House. I started to get a bad feeling about this as soon as I saw both of them smiling at me. "Ahh Miss Weasley, please take a seat." McGonagall gestured to the empty space in front her and then conjured a very squishy arm chair.

I lowered myself into and I had to admit it was pretty comfy.

Once I was sat down McGonagall continued to speak "As you are getting further on in your pregnancy, Professor Chang , Madame Pomfrey and myself have come to a decision. It is not one that we wanted to take but after your little outburst yesterday we feel that it is best."

"Madame Pomfrey is not equipped to deal with births, we’ve had a few students in the same situation as you over the years but the student chose to drop out before they were due, continuing classes at home or they were due in the summer holidays. If there are complications then you and your baby could be put in danger as she does not have the right equipment." Professor Chang explained.

The bad feeling in my stomach started to grow and I knew what they were trying to tell me.

Professor McGonagall gazed at me over her glasses, "Miss Weasley I am very sorry, but we think that it is best if you do not return after half term."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I asked not caring about the use of my language.

Chang looked at me, she looked a little guilty "We are not kidding and are very sorry, Molly, but it is for the best and if you wish to continue you can but it will be via owl. Or you could hire a private tutor; there are advertisements in the Daily Prophet."

I turned to McGonagall, "But you said I could do my NEWT's early if I studied hard enough and took extra lessons."

She gave me a stern look, "I know and I was wrong. I shouldn't have given you false hope, I am sorry but if you want you could still carry on with your work at home with a tutor. Depending on how you are you would floo in to sit your exams meaning you would still be able to graduate on time Molly."

"You will be allowed to keep your wand, as we are not expelling you. We're just suspending you, which means that if you choose to you would be able to come back to complete your NEWT's next year." Chang added.

I leant back in the chair looking up at the ceiling as I thought about their proposal. I smiled weakly at them, "Thanks professor, I guess I will continue and do the lessons via owl."

"Again we are sorry, and do take care Molly." Chang said as I got up and left the office.

As soon as I was out the door I burst into tears, I walked as fast as I could to the astronomy tower and pulled out my wiz-phone and dialed the very person I wanted to speak to, they answered straight away, "Molly what's up?" She asked.

"Laur, they've kicked me out. I'm not allowed back after half term and I have nowhere to live, if I don't collect my stuff from home mum is gonna sell it. And the baby is due in ten weeks and that's not far away and I haven’t got anything for her except some clothes." I sobbed into my phone.

"Hey Molly, don't cry when did this happen?"

"Just now, my headmistress and head of year think it is best. I'm still going to be getting work through the post so I can graduate on time."

"Oh honey, stay there I'll be right back," Laur told me and with that I heard her yelling to her mum, there was a lot of muttering in the background and then Lauren came back on the phone, "Mol, great news. You've got a place to live."

I gasped, "What?"

Lauren laughed, "Yep mum says you can move in here since your practically family anyway. We'll get all your stuff and your bed will go in my room since its big enough, it will be great."

"Are you serious?" I asked as I dug in my pocket searching for a tissue.

"Deadly serious Mol, you're my best mate and I will not have you and your baby girl living on the streets."

"Oh thank you Laur, if you were here right now I could kiss you." I said as a smiled emerged on my face.

"Guess what?" Before I could say anything, she continued, "Me and Luke are also having a girl!"

"Oh my god, I'm so happy for you Lau. Maybe they can be best mates like us when they're older."

"That would be awesome," She laughed, "When do you come home?"

"Monday and I should be back around dinner time, why?"

She was planning something, I could tell. "No reason. See you soon Mol."

"Bye." I ended the call and put my wiz-phone back in my pocket. I honestly don't know what I would right now if I didn't have Lauren.

I didn't sleep at all last night; I had pretended to go bed before any of my cousins or Amber and Chloe could ask me what had happened with McGonagall. I really don't want to have to say goodbye to Hogwarts, it's been my home for the past seven years and I have so many memories and my friends. How am I going to say goodbye?

I don't think I'm going to be able to do it, I just don't. I went down to breakfast early as not a lot of people were there. I spotted my cousin Timmy so I went over and sat with him, he's a Ravenclaw like me and his mother.

"Hey Timmy," I said as I grabbed myself a bowl and adding cereal and milk to it.

He looked up from the paper he had been reading, "Hey Mol, you ok?"

I shrugged, "I guess. I need to talk to you in private, can you meet me on the astronomy tower at ten please, it's important."

He looked at me with curiosity but nodded anyway. I finished up my cereal and then left to do some searching; I went down to where the Hufflepuffs come from every morning and conjured myself a chair outside the stacks of barrels. A group of girls came out giggling not five minutes later; they stopped when they saw me.

"Hi," I said, "Can you please tell my sister Lucy to come here, please."

I really hoped that they would feel sorry for me since I'm pregnant and can barely walk through the castle anymore; two of the girls eventually went back in and got me Lucy after I did my puppy dog eyes.

Lucy came tumbling out of the barrels that lead to the common room, "Molly, are you ok? Is the baby ok?" She asked hurriedly.

"I'm fine, we're fine," I told her as I rubbed my bump, "I just needed to talk to you, meet me at the astronomy tower at ten please."

She nodded and I noticed she was still in her pyjamas and her hair a mess. I smiled to myself, "Might wanna go get dressed Luce."

"Sod off, I thought something was really wrong."

I made my chair disappear and then walked back down the corridor to go to the kitchens. I went inside and asked the house elves for a few bottles of pumpkin juice and they gave me six, I thanked them before leaving.

I conjured up a tray and then made it float next to me as I made my way to the dungeon's to look for Albus. Again I sat outside waiting for someone to come out and luckily for me it was Scorpius, who is Al's best friend. He looked surprised to see me and asked if I was okay.

"I'm fine. Could you please tell Al to meet me on the astronomy tower ten, you can come as well if you like."

"Okay, will do." He replied looking confused before turning back and re-entering his common room.

Well one sister and two cousins, just another five to go and I still have to walk all the way to the top of the castle to get to my common room and the seventh floor for the Gryffindor common room. I opened a bottle of juice and gulped it down before taking a little break by sitting in an empty classroom, before setting off once more.

I made it to my common room and looked at my tray to see that I had drank two more bottles on the way, I knocked the knocker and the mystical voice asked, 'I have a sole but not the one you’re thinking of. I have a tongue but I cannot talk, I go everywhere you go, yet I have no feet but I can walk.'

I wondered, I have no feet but can walk. I have a tongue but cannot talk. Easy, "You are a shoe." I said.

'Correct, you may enter.'

I walked through the common room and past the statue of Rowena Ravenclaw and made my way up to the fifth year boy’s dorm. I opened the door carefully and peeked around to make sure that there were no naked boys. I don't want to be known as the pregnant perv. Having checked it was clear I walked in and went over to Louis' bed, I poked him until he woke up.

"Stop it, go away." He muttered.

I then did my best impression of auntie Fleur right next to his ear, "Louis, get up this instant young man."

With that he shot up in bed still half sleep, his blonde hair sticking up in every direction, and muttering, "I'm up. I'm up."

I poked him some more with my wand until his eyes fully opened, "Bloody hell what are you doing here Mol?"

"Meet me astronomy tower at ten, please." I said really slowly so he understood.
"Okay." Louis replied and then he led back now and closed his eyes.

Nice for some, I wish I could sleep except my little girl always seems to be more active just as I snuggle in bed. I left before any of the other boys could wake up and I popped in my dorm and told Amber and Chloe exactly the same thing. All I had left now was to go to the Gryffindor tower. I took another small break before heading up the rest of the stairs.

Once I was outside the portrait of the fat lady, I started to think of the sort of password Rose would use as since she's prefect. She and McGonagall who's head of Gryffindor are the ones who come up with them.

I'm in Ravenclaw aren't I; surely coming up with a password should be easy. I coughed loudly to get the fat lady's attention; she opened one eye and looked at me.

"May I help you?"

"Yes I would like to enter the common room."

She looked me up and down as though to say you've never been here before and then asked, "Password?"

Think, Molly, think. What would Rose pick? Then it came to me, "Hogwarts a History." I told her.

"Correct." with that she swung open.

Hehe I am smart, well just as smart as Rose. I crossed their common room which was mixture of maroon and gold and entered the fifth year boys dorm and peeked before I entered. I silently thanked whoever is up there in the sky as Hugo was already up and playing wizard chess with his friend Sean.

"Hiya Hugh." I said as I walked in casually trying to avoid the dirty laundry that was spread across the floor.

"Hey Mol." He replied not even looking up from his game.

"Can you meet me astr-"

Hugo cut me off, "Astronomy tower."

I frowned, "Yeah at ten and how did you know?"

He shrugged, "It's you."

"Um thanks." I mumbled before leaving and going to the fifth year girl’s dorm which was a hell of a lot tidier than the boys. I told Roxy and Lily as they were both awake so that was easy and then finally I went up to see Dom and Rose. Everything was quiet when I entered, and I woke Rose carefully and told her.

"Do you want me to wake Dom?" Rose asked as she yawned and ran a hand through her messy bed head.

I shook my head as I had a plan to get her back for yesterday. I took my wand out and thought Levicorpus, which is a spell I learnt off uncle Harry and uncle Ron even though they told me not to use it. There was a flash of light and Dom shot up out of bed hoisted in the air by her ankle.

"Wazgoingon." She mumbled before screaming when she realised she was in the air. As you may have guessed Dom isn't a morning person, her nightwear was a black silky thin strapped camisole and her hair that is normally perfect looked as though someone had electrified her and her face was clear from make-up.

She saw me and yelled, "Molly what are you doing, I'm going to kill you. Put me down!"

The other four girls in their dorm had woken up from Dom and her loud mouth so I thought the counter curse, whilst I was still giggling and watched her fall onto her bed in a heap.

"What was that for?" Dom fumed, wrapping herself in her quilt. I'm not surprised she must be cold wearing that to bed.

"I needed to tell you something and plus, I got you back for yesterday."

She threw a shoe at me, which I carefully dodged and in my condition it wasn't easy.

"Anyway meet me astronomy tower at ten." I looked back and directed the last bit at her specifically, "And don't be late."

Now that they all knew to meet me at the tower, I grabbed a blanket from a sofa in the common room as I made my way out and headed for the library to get Hogwarts a History before going to the astronomy tower. Once I was up there I curled up under the blanket and started to read Hogwarts a History after I conjured a pillow. It really is quite interesting, ever since I read it in the hospital wing when I found out I was pregnant, I've been meaning to read it, and now that I'm leaving it seems fitting really, finding out the secrets and things before I leave.

I think I must have dozed off as when I opened my eyes, Rose was carefully shaking me awake. "Molly, Molly," she whispered, "Are you there?"

I looked around to see all of my cousins, plus Scorpius, Amber and Chloe looking at me, all of them with a worried expression. Well I suppose it did look a bit odd, a heavily pregnant Ravenclaw fast asleep on the abandoned astronomy tower wrapped in a Gryffindor blanket with a book in her hand.

"What's going on Mol?" Amber asked as she knelt down beside me.

I sighed and then sat up straighter, "Well, you know Dom happened to yell that McGonagall wanted to see me, well I've been kicked out." I told them.

Especially after last time when they jumped to conclusions about it being Lucy who was pregnant and not me, I've learnt that it's best to say it straight.

Lily gasped and one of them asked, "Are you serious?"

I sighed again, "Deadly, I'll be allowed to take classes via owl so I can still finish on time like you lot." I said indicating to Rose, Dom, Albus, Scorpius, Amber and Chloe.

"So you're not coming back?" Lucy said looking at me, and I could it in her eyes that she was going to get upset.

I nodded and she dropped to the floor next to me and started crying. I pulled her into a hug, "Hey, why you crying Luce? It's not like you'll never see me again." I joked.

"But I won't." She sniffed.

"Yes you will. Just because I'm not here doesn’t mean you won't see me or your niece." I told her as I held her at arm’s length.

"Where are you gonna live Mol? You haven't got any money either."

"Laur's said I can live with her and her family, so you can visit." I hugged her again before Amber and Chloe whisked me off for a goodbye tour of the castle.

As we walked through, I realised I was welling up. This place has so many memories, there's the broom cupboard where I had my first kiss (romantic eh) and the statue's me, Amber and Chloe once defaced (actually it was just me; they just kept a look out).

I'm going to miss this place so much, it really is my home.

Up next - New beginning's and family drama

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