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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 23 : Anger
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“You’ve been snapping a lot since I came home from work last night,” Louis stated, he himself was cranky and tired, but he didn’t feel the need to take it out on anyone around him, unlike Freya, who had been in some sort of mood since Louis had left for work yesterday after listening to the match.

It had amazed Louis how drastically her mood swings could change lately, they had almost gotten into an argument yesterday, with Freya moaning about the amount of times he was working, Louis stated that he needed to work and he asked for the extra shifts because he wanted the money, which was why he had taken a shift that morning as well.

Freya didn’t seem to understand this and seemed to expect him to be around her all day, every day.

“Wouldn’t you be if you were carrying around all this extra weight and you weren’t able to go to sleep because you were so uncomfortable, not to mention being bored all day?” Freya told him, a slight edge to her tone.

“I understand that and I know how uncomfortable you are and how little sleep you’re getting, because you won’t stop fidgeting in bed and that’s been keeping me up.” Louis told her.

Freya fumed at his words, “Oh, I’m sorry. Have I been making your nights difficult? Would you prefer it, if you didn’t have to share a bed with me? I must be such an inconvenience for you.” Freya snapped at him, she was sat on the sofa with her feet resting on pillows on the coffee table in front of her, which was helping to ease the swelling in her feet. Louis was standing near her, looking at her as he crossed his arms over his work uniform.

They were the only ones in the house; everyone else was either at work or in Dom’s case, had spent the night at Kieron’s house, which had left Freya alone for most of the morning. They had told her that if she needed them at all then she could floo them and they’ll come straight home.

Louis took a deep breath, he didn’t want to fight with her, and he hated fighting with people.

“You’re not an inconvenience, I’m sorry. Would you like me to make us some lunch?”

“That would be nice, thank you.” Freya said, she moved her feet off of the table and placed them on the floor, before holding her hands out so that Louis could help her up. He did and she gave him a quick kiss on the lips before they walked to the kitchen. Freya took a seat at the kitchen table as Louis began looking around the kitchen.

“Do you want a sandwich?” Louis asked as he grabbed for the bread that was on the kitchen counter. Freya gave a shrug in reply.

“What do you want instead?”

“I don’t know,” Freya said, shrugging again.

Louis repressed a sigh as he began cutting the bread his mum had made, so he could begin making his sandwich.

“Well, I’m having a sandwich.”

“I’ll make my own food, don’t worry.” Freya told him.

Louis could feel himself beginning to get more annoyed. Freya’s attitude was beginning to take its toll on him and he was too tired and cranky to stop it affecting him.

The doorbell ringing brought him out of the comeback that was almost on the tip of his tongue, forcing him to leave the kitchen so that he could go and answer the door. He opened the door and smiled widely as Horatio grabbed him and pulled him into a hug, placing a sloppy kiss on the side of Louis’s face. Louis tried to push him off with a laugh.

“Stop it, Horatio; you know that Freya doesn’t like it when you do this.” Louis told him, trying to push him away, but Horatio was squeezing him in a tight hug.

“She knows that I can’t resist you, it’s got to be the Veela blood in you.” Horatio said as he continued to hug him.

“Horatio, you’re beginning to make it awkward.”

“Don’t deny our love, Louis.” Horatio yelled as Louis finally managed to push him away, before moving out of arm's reach. Louis turned to look at his cousin Molly, who had a smile on her face.

“How can you put up with him?” He asked her as he closed the door behind them and they all walked towards the kitchen. Horatio began rummaging in the cupboards for food as soon as he entered the kitchen, waving over at Freya in greeting.

“It’s all part of his charm,” Molly told Louis with a smile, she turned to look at Horatio and rolled her eyes at his behaviour. “Horatio, you’ve just eaten some cupcakes.”

“Oh, Louis and Freya, you have got to try the cupcakes that Molly has brought with her. They are amazing.” Horatio told them pointing at Molly, with a proud expression on his face. Molly blushed slightly as she took a seat next to Freya and pulled a container out of her bag, placing it on the table and taking the lid off. Freya took on and smiled gratefully at Molly as she thanked her.

“They’re not that good.” Molly told them humbly.

Horatio scoffed as he stood next to Louis and began to make his own sandwich, Louis was finishing his own. Horatio turned to Louis and stage whispered, “Best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted.”

“So, how have you been Freya?” Molly asked, turning to face Freya, whilst trying to contain her smile at Horatio’s words.

Freya shrugged, “I’ve been alright, just really bored. I miss being at home, I even miss being at Hogwarts. I wish I could have stayed instead of being home schooled.”

“Home schooling can’t have been easy.”

“It was terrible, I hated every minute of it,” Freya told her, before turning to face Louis. “Louis, can you bring me that bowl of pineapple I saw in the fridge earlier?”

“Yeah, sure,” Louis told her, he brought it over to her with a fork before going back over to Horatio.

“Are you going to be home schooled for your seventh year?” Molly asked her.

“Louis and I haven’t really talked about it, but I want to go back to Hogwarts. I don’t want to be home schooled again.”

Molly gave a small frown at her words as Freya began eating her pineapple chunks.

“But who will stay at home with Samantha? She can’t go to Hogwarts with you.”

“I know she can’t, but Louis and I will talk about it.” Freya told her, Molly glanced over at Louis and Horatio who were laughing at each other. As selfish as it was to admit it, Molly, never imagined the possibility that Louis might not come back to Hogwarts for his seventh year. She hoped that Louis and Freya would be able to come to some sort of compromise.

Louis and Horatio walked over to where the girls were sitting and sat down on the vacant chairs next to them. Horatio took half of his sandwich off of the plate before pushing the plate, which had the other half, towards Molly, she thanked him.

“Oh, Louis, do you remember the blanket I was making at Hogwarts?” Molly said suddenly, before leaning down and pulling a bundle of fabric out of her bag. “Well, I’ve finally finished it.” She handed the yellow blanket to Louis, who took it.

He opened it up and looked at it in awe as he held it up at arm’s length to look at it all, he placed it down gently on a clear bit of table in front of him and ran a hand over the soft material as he admired his cousin’s handy work.

“This is amazing, Molly.” Louis said, noticing that the blanket had a yellow boarder; Molly had made it in the Hufflepuff colours.

“You don’t know how difficult it was to not make the blanket with Gryffindor colours,” Molly told them with a smile. Horatio and Louis laughed at her words, whilst Freya looked over at the blanket.

“It’s brilliant. Thank you, Molly.” Louis held it up to show Freya, “Isn’t it brilliant, Freya?”

Freya gave a small shrug and nodded, “Yeah, it's good.”

Horatio turned to look at her as a frown crossed his face.

“It’s more than just good. She has spent months, making that blanket,” he told her, beginning to sound a little outraged at her words and lack of thanks.

“Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to buy one though?” Freya asked them. Louis felt shocked at her words,

“Normally, it’s the thought that counts,” Horatio almost growled. Molly placed a hand on his arm, which caused him to turn and look at her; she shook her head at him as though saying to not worry about it.

“A thank you would have been nice, Freya. Molly has put a lot of hard work into this.” Louis stated in annoyance.

“Thank you, Molly. You can tell that you handmade this and I appreciate the thought.” Freya said, giving Molly a smile, which Molly returned even though Louis could tell that she didn’t seem to mean it.

They sat in silence again, whilst Molly ate her sandwich slowly, Horatio and Louis still seemed to be angry at Freya’s comment, but she didn’t seem to notice as she continued eating the pineapple.

“How are Alyssa and Nikolos?” Louis asked Horatio, trying to steer the conversation towards something else, before Freya caused an argument. Louis folded the blanket as he spoke and placed it on his lap for safe keeping until he could take it upstairs.

“Alyssa is great,” Horatio said with a proud smile, “She was teaching me how to play some new game that she’s invented, she has such a great imagination. Nikolos however, is a different story all together.”

“What happened?” Louis asked him curiously.

“He’s acting strange again, it’s not as bad as he used to act, but I think that Richard might have something to do with it,” Horatio admitted, he seemed upset about the fact that something was going on with his brother, as much as Horatio admitted that he didn’t like his brother, Louis knew that it was all an act. Louis knew that Nikolos went majorly off the rails when he met Richard whilst he was back at Hogwarts, this spiralled quickly into a life of crime and illegal substances that Nikolos seemed to become addicted to quickly. Horatio had told them that Nikolos had been getting better this past year, but apparently this didn’t seem to be the case anymore.

“I thought that he was on the right track now, after all he’s been working at Gringotts, and I know that dad has admitted that Nikolos is a good worker, which has surprised him.” Louis admitted, remembering his father’s words about Nikolos the other day, apparently he had been doing a first class job and was impressing all the right people.

“Part of me thinks that Richard is the reason that something is going on with Nik, something bad is going to happen this time, I can just feel it. Of course, as usual Nik is beginning to shut me out and make out that nothing is going on. I just hope that he doesn’t start drinking or doing worse again.”

“Maybe he’s working at Gringotts so that he can steal something? In all honesty I’m surprised that they even hired him with his background.”

Horatio’s face of thunder didn’t do justice to the amount of anger that he was feeling at Freya’s words. Horatio, however decided to bite back the angry retort he was going to throw at Freya and decided to speak calmly, which wasn’t an easy feat for him to do.

“People deserve second chances, Jackson.”

Louis would have warned Freya that she was treading on very thin ice; she should have worked that out herself before Horatio called her by her last name. But like most of the day, Freya seemed to be hell bent on making everyone as annoyed as possible.

“Well, we all know what they say. Once a criminal, always a criminal, it’s only a matter of time before he gets sent to Azkaban.”

Horatio stood up so quickly and angrily that Louis was honestly worried that Horatio was going to hurt her. They were all so shocked by Freya’s words they didn’t know how to react; Freya, however was watching Horatio with slightly wide eyes at his sudden movement.

Horatio fumed before he stormed away from the kitchen table and out of the room, before any of them could stop him. Molly picked up her bag and chased after him, but not before throwing an angry look at Freya as she left. Louis pushed himself away from the table and picked up the blanket before following his cousin, by the time he made it to the open front door, Molly was trying to calm Horatio down in the garden. He had his wand in his hand as though he was about to disapparated, but Molly had stopped him.

“Horatio,” Louis called, “She was out of order.”

“Oh, I know she was. I know that she’s pregnant and is feeling very hormonal or fed up or whatever the hell she is feeling, but that does not mean that she has the right to talk to me and Molly like that.”

“I know, Horatio, I’m sorry.” Louis said, placing a hand on Horatio’s shoulder.

“You don’t need to apologise, Louis. You haven’t done anything wrong, it’s her.” Horatio admitted. “But there is no way that I can go back into that house at the moment, I’m just too angry.”

“I understand.” Louis told him. Horatio hugged him quickly before releasing him and walking away a few steps. Molly gave Louis a hug and told him in a whisper to not beat himself up over this and that she would calm Horatio down, Louis nodded before he watched Molly take Horatrio’s hand and they disappeared from sight.

Louis turned around and walked back into the house, he made his way to the kitchen and saw that Freya was still sitting at the kitchen table.

“You cannot talk to people like that, Freya.” Louis said, feeling his voice rising in his anger, having had enough of her attitude today.

“What I said about Nikolos was true,” Freya snapped at him.

“But you didn’t have to say it like that; you could have said it a bit nicer.” Louis told her.

“There wasn’t any other way to say that,” Freya shrugged.

“Whilst we’re on the subject, the way that you treated Molly’s gift was embarrassing.” Louis yelled at her, pointing down at the blanket and not caring that he was beginning to yell at her. “She has spent months making this, she didn’t have to but she did. You should be a little more appreciative when someone gives you a gift.”

“You’re right; she didn’t have to make it. In fact, it probably would have been easy and cheaper for her to actually buy one.” Freya stated as she slowly got up off of her chair and stood up as she glared at Louis.

“Not everyone has the ability to just buy things whenever they want, in case you haven’t noticed none of us are in the situation to buy new things all the time.” Louis told her. He clenched his fists and he wanted nothing more than to hit them down on the table in anger, he knew that he shouldn’t let his anger control him like this, but he was tired of holding everything in.

“It looks handmade; in fact, it looks second hand. I don’t feel comfortable having second hand things, I’ve never had it and I don’t like the idea of having it.” Freya yelled at him, he could see that tears were forming in her eyes and he wasn’t sure if they were from anger or the fact that she was getting upset and in all honesty, in that moment, Louis, really didn’t care.

“Well, you need to get off of your high horse, Freya. In case you haven’t noticed we are not in the position to have brand new things, we have to rely on handouts given to us by my family. Maybe if we had more help from your family, then you could afford all of the new things that you so desperately want.” Louis yelled, feeling his throat hurt with the loudness of his voice, he banged his fist down on the table before picking up the blanket that Molly had made. “Your family doesn’t seem to give two shits, about what we’re going through and how much we’re actually going to struggle. So, it’s a good thing that my family has been so supportive of us, that we’re more prepared than we ever could have been. I think it’s about time you start realising that without handouts we would have nothing.”

Louis stormed out of the room without another word at her, as he felt the anger flooding through him. He tried to calm himself down as he stomped up the stairs, even after he heard the unmistakable sounds of a bowl crashing to the floor and Freya’s angry scream, he just needed to get away.

A/N: Woah! Big argument between Louis and Freya! Doesn't help matters that they're both tired! 

So what do you all think? Let me know in a review! The next few chapters will have big things happening, I hope that you're all excited!! :D Thanks for reading!

Tammi xxxxx

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