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Light at the end of the tunnel by AnnLillyPotter
Chapter 3 : Here, already.
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   Author's Note: I apologize for the previous chapter, the version I uploeaded was not the final one, so it has spelling and grammar mistakes. But the escence is the same, so until I finish this story, I'm not going to change ot because the site takes three days to uploead each chapter and only lets you do this once. I rather have the story done first. PLEASE CHECK MY OTHER STORY: Harry Potter and The Multiples. It's muuuuuuuch longer. Thank you! Maria. 


    "GINEVRA WEASLEY! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?! HARRY HAS JUST GOT HERE!!!" Molly’s face was as red as her hair. So was Ginny’s.




    “Mum!!!! Let me explain!”


    “THERE’S NOTHING TO EXPLAIN. I HAVE SEVEN CHILDREN, I KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENS.” She made a pause and looked at Harry who was pale.


    “Mrs Weasley…” suddenly he had no words, he was too embarrassed.


    “It’s alright, Harry, dear. A baby is always a blessing.”


    “But, mum…” Ginny tried to explain.




    "It's not me, mum...It's Ron, Hermione's pregnant. She's been covering it up all this time, no one knew... and now she is in labor and there might be something wrong.  You've got to come with us."


     In less than one minute, Molly had gathered up all her family and they had been told the story. Everyone had said something, except George, but Percy was the only one who's comment did not imply concern but criticism.  


    "It's always the quieter ones." Six read-haired people and a boy with raven hair looked at him with no-friends faces.


    They got to the Hospital Wing and they could hear her screaming from inside. 


    "I'll go in" Molly said.


    "Me too." Ginny was determined.


    "Arthur, you and the boys better stay here. I'll come back with news."


     As soon as they opened the doors, the screaming became louder, and just as fast, it was changed for loud breathing. Hermione had been moved to the last bed at the far end of the room, the same one she had been when she was petrified in her second year. She was lying on her back in the typical 'giving birth' position. There was a white sheet covering her legs and Madame Pomfrey was peeping at her female parts which made Ginny felt very embarrassed so she looked away, though she couldn't really see anything anyway...


    Ron was just beside her, holding her hand and wiping the sweat off her forehead. He was whispering something into her ear. Whatever it was, it made her smile and turn her head to kiss him very delicately on the lips. But then, she broke the kiss grabbed her legs just under her bended knees and started screaming again.


    "She's pushing already?" Asked Mrs. Weasley.


    "Mum!" Ron didn't know whether to be happy or not. He really didn't know what he was doing, but he knew his mother could start scolding him any minute!




    "Molly!" said Madame Pomfrey without even looking at her. "Yes! She broke water the minute I got here, and her contractions were very often. The first time I checked, she was already 8 cms. dilated, And the baby is crowning, already!"


    "Good girl! How are you feeling, dear?" Molly was being utterly sweet.


   "A little... Mmmmm!" Hermione was biting her lips not to scream in the middle of the sentence. "... embarrassed...Hmm... uh, uh" She was trying to breathe the way pregnant women do in films when they go into labor. It was working, it helped with the pain. 


    "Head's out! Would you like to see Mr. Weasley?"


    "Bloody hell, no!"




    He looked at Hermione, who authorized him with her eyes and went to where Madame Pomfrey was. It was not pretty.


    Ginny took his place holding Hermione's hand just in time for another contraction. Damn, it hurts! Thought Ginny when Hermione squeezed her hand. OK... I'm being a little selfish here... It was so strange to see the situation, because this girl was giving birth to a baby, but her stomach was as flat as it had ever been.


    "Aaaah!!! Mmmmm!!!"


    "It's out! It's a beautiful girl, and seems very healthy, Miss Granger! Congratulations. Mr Weasley…" Hermione was relieved, all of her fears were gone. She was thrilled. She let herself fall into the pillow and closed her eyes for a few seconds. She opened them but the room was spinning, so she shut them again. The crying that had started a moment ago had faded. 


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Light at the end of the tunnel: Here, already.


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