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Deadly Affairs by DracosSexxiSlytherins
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Chapter 1- Prologue

It has been ten years since the battle of Hogwarts. The grief has still not gotten any better. When people you love die, it will never leave you. Every time that Hogwarts has a remembrance of the people who fell is like a dagger in me. I have not gone to one, despite the efforts Harry and Ginny have made to make me go.

My name is Hermione Jean Granger. Thankfully my frizzy mess of light brown curls has turned into curly waves, I have chocolate brown eyes, but am not skinny. Yes, I have curves; which is way more important than being a stick in my mind. I Obliviated my parents into forgetting me, and am considered the “brightest witch of our age”. I do not like this title; it draws too much attention to me. Contrary to popular belief I do not like being the center of attention.

Since You-Know-…Voldemort died I have not known what to do. I have immersed myself into work. I have gotten a job at the Department of Magical Education. I am almost everyone’s boss, just one step below. I do not have any friends in my department, except Astoria Greengrass.

Astoria is secretary to my boss, Mr. Hooty McOwlface, or as he is regularly called Mr. Leo Jones. Yes, Astoria was in Slytherin; yes, her parents supported the Dark Lord; but when you leave Hogwarts, you set aside the differences of your houses and learn to tolerate each other. Maybe even become friends.

I do keep up with my old friends, such as Harry and Ginny…but they have each other. Harry wants a kid, but Ginny doesn’t want to get married for a while. They’d be great parents, like they are to Teddy. Well Ron has Lavender, he married last summer. Yes, she did not die from Frenrir Greyback’s bite. She actually is just like Bill Weasely, likes her meat rare and has a scar. Thankfully there is no problem with the full moon. The scar is what I think bothers her most of all, seeing that reminder every day when you wake up on your skin would be unimaginable to me.

I did not go to “Won-Won’s” wedding. Harry thought that I should have gone. One of the Golden Trio was getting married. The other two should be there, right? No, I could not stand to get my heart broken all over again. To see Ron happier than I am is almost worse than the Cruciatus Curse. According to everyone it was one of the most extravagant of weddings. Bigger than Fluer and Bill’s by far. It was held in an ancient castle in Russia. They decorated the castle with candles that looked a lot like Hogwarts’ floating ones. Armor surrounded the hall where the wedding was held. The dim light of the candles gave the whole hall and eerie yellow glow, causing shadows to clash with the moonlight on the altar. The roof was opened up (the wonders of magic) to have the moon just shine down upon the minister and couple. Lavender’s dress was silver like the moon. Ironic I think, it has many jewels on it that bounced around the room like a disco ball. Her hair was done up in a messy bun with Moonflowers in it, giving her a mystical glow. It doesn’t sound that great to me, but Ginny said that it was absolutely stunning.

Neville got married right after the battle. I would never have guessed that of all people he would marry Luna Lovegood. Their wedding was in a forest in Romania. It was early in the morning because that’s when the Blibbering Humdinger’s were flying about most prominently. Luna had a light pale yellow dress on with silver flowers that sparkled in the multi-colored sunrise on it and a crown full of blooming white daisies. Luna’s hair was plaited, her blond hair shined in the early morning light. She looked like an ethereal angel born from the sky itself. She rode up on a thestral which made quite a ruckus in the crowd and kept saying that they had to put off the wedding because she had too many Nargles in her head. Neville insisted though that it had to be today because he pulled a few strings with Kingsley Shacklebolt and the heads of St. Mungos to have his parents there watching. Even though the Aurors Frank and Alice could not understand what was going on, they seemed as if they sensed that something important was happening. All the attendants were sitting on moss covered logs and the backs were intricately placed twigs and sticks with leaves on them. The floor was white and grey flower petals. The reception was just grand. It was held in the courtyard of the Longbottom mansion. The mansion was one of those mansions out of "Gone With the Wind in the United States of America. Hedges trimmed and proper, trees in exact order and not one thing was out of place. The courtyard had all the flowers of the world. Magnolias, Chrysanthemums, Roses, etcetera. All the flowers were illuminated with light to give a many colored glow to the party. Neville hired an orchestra to play and the night was filled with delightful music. I had hoped that Ron and Lavender would not be invited, to my dismay they were. I avoided them like the plague, I sat at the table with Ginny and Harry who agreed to not to engage in conversation with the couple. To wrap it up, their wedding was amazing. Better than Ron and Lavender’s by a lot!

All my friends are married. Except Astoria, I think. Ginny and Luna try to set me up (Ginny more than Luna) with guy friends they meet at work or on the street. Ginny has even gone so far as to set me up with a random guy walking in Muggle London. Luna…well Luna tries. She keeps saying that the guys that work with her on her crazy expeditions to find new species of Nargles or even more Crumpled Horned-Snorkacks. I have never gone on one date with anyone she suggests.

Married couples have started to even annoy me. Even if I had a boyfriend I would still be annoyed with them. They are always together, touching each other as if they would die if they were not touching each other. I cannot imagine the need of human contact in such a way; to feel the need of having one person by your side for your entire life. The only person I have ever felt love- well I think that is what love feels like- is for Ron; and looked how that turned out. I am alone, in an apartment in London. Far away from all my friends and family (like I have any left).

I have turned out quite depressing. My library is full of all the magical books ever written; even some of the famous Muggle classics that I have read such as To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, and Anna Karenina. All the spines are cracked with age and use. I will just sit up in my bedroom and read. I will become a social recluse until my book is done. Unless I just decide to read another one, which happens quite often.

I thought that my life would stay the same forever. Just in this purgatory of the world I knew. Nothing ever exciting or new every happened. Everything had its routine; it was planned at a certain time and date. I thought this was what my life would be forever like, stuck in this hell I called home; that was what I thought, until I met a certain man with light blond hair and steel grey eyes again for the second time in my life.


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*Gone With the Wind belongs to Margaret Mitchell, The Great Gatsby to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Anna Karenina to Leo Tolstoy, and To Kill a Mockingbird to Harper Lee. We do not own any characters all credit goes to J.K. Rowling



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Deadly Affairs: Prologue


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