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A Halloween Visit by adluvshp
Chapter 1 : A Halloween Visit
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The wind was chilly as a lone man walked towards the graveyard, his messy hair sticking in all directions and his green eyes looking keenly ahead. A group of children passed him, chatting excitedly about a certain Miss Wispy who was going to bestow them with large amounts of candy tonight like she did every year. He smiled despite himself as he slowly reached his destination.

The last time he had been here, he had promised himself that he would come back. Today, Halloween of all days, seemed perfect.

Harry had woken up early that morning and left the Burrow as quietly as he could, careful not to disturb anyone. He didn’t know when he had made up his mind about it but it seemed like the right thing to do once he had gotten out of bed. Now, as he walked through the cemetery towards his parents’ graves, alone, quiet and wondering, he was glad he had.

Harry knelt on the soft ground and waved his wand to produce a bouquet of roses. He gently laid them on his parents’ grave before his gaze drifted towards the ones beside it. Remus and Tonks rested there, and he was grateful to Hermione for having given the suggestion of burying them beside James and Lily. He felt a twinge of pain as he saw the empty grave of his godfather next to theirs. The Ministry had never been able to recover Sirius’ body but he had wanted to hold a funeral for him anyway, and had gotten an empty grave dug for his fallen godfather. He placed two sets of roses on Sirius’ and the Lupins’ graves too, glad that they all lay next to each other, together in death like in life. Almost.

He knew he should have come and visited sooner, but he was still finding it difficult to deal with all the pain and loss the war had left him with; left them all with. However, he wanted to tell them something today – to share an important moment of his life with them – and he forced himself to push through the ache. Smiling slightly, he looked over all the names and dates of his family.

“I asked Ginny to marry me last night,” he told them, “and she said yes. We're going to tell the others tonight, but I wanted you all to be the first ones to know.” He paused and let out a small laugh. “I'm debating what Ron's reaction is going to be. He will probably punch me on the nose or sit stunned and confused.” He shook his head, amused, before sobering slightly a second later.

“Remus, Tonks, Teddy is great, he's growing so fast. He has everyone wrapped around his little finger, especially Andromeda who has taken him in. We can't put him in nursery any more though because he finds it funny when he changes his appearance and the staff panic, thinking they've lost him. To be honest, I find it quite funny too, though Gin and your mum, Tonks, well, not so much,” he paused. “Happy Halloween by the way. I miss you both, and I miss you all, Mum, Dad, Sirius.”

Harry sighed, watching the leaves rustle in the strong wind on a nearby tree before continuing, “Anyway, I have to get back before Ginny wakes up alone and thinks I've done a runner. I'll come back soon though, I promise. I love you.”

Harry stood and with a final wistful look, turned to leave.

What he couldn't see though was his mum smiling happily, his father and Sirius grinning at each other, and Remus and Tonks watching him go, amused and thankful.

“We love you too,” they whispered and the roses fluttered in the breeze. 

A/N: So, this is very, very different from what I usually write. This is the first time I've attempted Harry and I don't know how it turned out, so I would love to get some feedback. Constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for reading (and reviewing). 


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