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Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks by Fonzzx
Chapter 1 : Sixteen Years Later
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Chapter 15: Sixteen Years Later






A lot had changed in the last sixteen years. I remembered it all with clarity.


Dad left. It wasn't his fault, he was just trying to protect us. It was all over the papers when he got married, to Astoria Greengrass. At least he looked happy. He had a son, who was a few years younger than me. Well, technically Scorpius was my brother. But he didn't know it.


I knew Dad didn't remember me, or Mum.


Well, I had two mothers now. My own mum, and Alexis. Their relationship is simple enough; they love each other. It took Alexis months to convince Mum to move on from Dad though. In the end she had to turn on her Veela charm.


Teddy, Tonks and Remus' son, was my very best friend. We were in different houses at school, but we made it work. I was put into Ravenclaw after about ten minutes (technically I was classed as a Hatstall), and Teddy went straight into Gryffindor. He was going out with Victoire Weasley, who was in the year below us (and in Gryffindor, typical Weasley). I had eyes for Cassie Black in the year above (Hufflepuff), but she wouldn't have me.


“Angel, I can't go out with someone younger than me!” She'd moaned the last time I'd bugged her about it (I was twelve).


“Aw, but Cass, don't you like me too? If we get married then you won't even have to change your name!”


“No, now bugger off.”


To make things even more complicated, Victoire's sister, Dominique (Ravenclaw, bit of a break from tradition for the Weasleys), who was just going into fourth year, had been giving me looks all summer. It didn't help that she'd just started filling out, AND she was part Veela. I was certain she turned the charm on whenever I was around.


We were on Platform 9 and ¾ on September the first, waiting for our extended family. Cassie was ignoring me. Teddy was wrapped around Victoire. Dom was staring at me. Her brother Louis was looking nervous (it was his first year).


James and Freddie came running down the platform, stopping just before they rammed their trolleys into us. It was their first year too.


Soon, the air around us was filled with goodbyes, and we hopped on the train. Teddy and Victoire had to go to the Prefect's compartment.


“Oi, Black,” Cassie said, grabbing my attention.


“Yes Black?” I grinned back. It was our little joke.


“I'm your opposing Quidditch captain this year.”




“So let's make a bet. Ten galleons we beat you in the Quidditch cup.”


“You're on,” I said. “It doesn't take much to take out the Puffs.”


“I can guarantee that once I've found a team, I'll wipe the floor with you.”


I smirked. It was great when she was all fired up.


“I can't believe I'm not allowed to play Quidditch until next year,” James pouted.


“I'll train you up,” I offered. I was a beater, and he was bloody scrawny. I'd filled out and shot up over the summer. Cassie was a chaser. James had the advantage of playing all the positions reasonably well. Freddie was a better beater than most eleven year olds.


Louis was sat in the corner, being quiet. That kid was weird.


“What's the matter?” I asked him.


“What if I'm not in Gryffindor with James and Freddie?” he whispered.


“How do you know James and Freddie will be in Gryffindor?” I replied, raising an eyebrow.


Please,” James said, rolling his eyes. “It's a Potter tradition.”


“I'm not in Gryffindor, and neither is Dom, and it's supposed to be a house full of Weasleys as well,” I pointed out.


Dom looked up as I mentioned her name. I was captivated for a moment by her bright blue eyes and then I remembered that she was a Veela. And I liked Cassie. I always had.


I chanced a glance sideways and Cassie looked annoyed. I blinked and the look was gone, replaced by her usual poker face.


The lunch trolley had gone past by the time Teddy and Victoire came back.


“What were you doing?” I demanded.


“Er, nothing,” Teddy said, blushing, and his usually blue hair turned red.


“Yeah, right,” Cassie smirked.


The rest of the train journey passed by pretty quickly, as did the ride in the carriages. Once we were in the Great Hall we split off. Cassie went to the Hufflepuff table. Teddy and Victoire went to the Gryffindor table. Dom followed me to the Ravenclaw table.


I barely listened to the sorting, only registering the people I knew.


“Potter, James.”


“GRYFFINDOR!” The hat roared, as soon as it touched his head. James would be such smug git.


“Weasley, Fred.”


“GRYFFINDOR!” The hat wasn't on Freddie's head long either.


“Weasley, Louis.”


Louis made his way up to the hat. He was the last person to be sorted.


He was there for two minutes. Then three.




Another break from tradition for the Weasleys.


The feast appeared on the tables then, and I grabbed a couple of steaks and the jug of synthetic blood that some poor first year mistook for wine.


“Oi! That's mine,” I snarled, taking it off him. He looked frightened.


“Don't mind him, he's just thirsty,” Dom told the poor boy.


I glared at Dom, and she held my gaze. No Veela charm this time. She wasn't scared of me. She should be. I was scary.


After dinner, Cassie cornered me. As in, literally cornered.


“Listen, I don't like the way Dom looks at you,” she said.


I laughed. “Finally getting jealous, Cass? I thought you didn't want me.”


“I don't,” she snapped. “But she's a Veela, so be careful. I know you're warming up to her.”


I said something that had always been in the back of my mind. “I'm not going to wait for you forever, Cass. If someone else wants to be with me I'm not going to stop them. You're just going to have to deal with it.”


I was such an arsehole. Her brown eyes looked into mine.


“You're still thirsty,” she said, changing the subject, and touching my cheek.


“Are you going to admit it?” I asked her. “Or do I have to bite you?”


“Never,” she grinned, and walked off, her long black hair swishing behind her.


I'd never understand girls. They're so bloody weird.




The next day I got up, dressed and walked down to breakfast. I joined Teddy and Victoire at the Gryffindor table for a change. I glared at the back of Cassie's head as she chatted away with her friends.


“Hogsmeade this weekend,” Teddy informed me.


“I'm holding Quidditch tryouts,” I made my excuse.


“You can't. Cassie's booked the pitch from nine til one on Saturday.”


“Oh for fuck's sake,” I stood up, and marched over to the Hufflepuff table. “Black!” I shouted. I was sick of her attitude.


“Hi Angel,” her friends chorused, giggling. I ignored them.


“Yes?” she said, glaring at me.


“You've booked the pitch on Saturday. I was going to do that.”


“Tough shit,” she said, and turned away.


She was such a bitch sometimes. I stormed off dramatically, grabbing the jug of synthetic blood on my way out. As a result, I was early to Defence. I sat on the floor outside the classroom, waiting for Remus.


My eyes fell on a pair of shoes. I looked up the legs to see who they belonged to.


“Hi,” Dom said.


“Hi,” I replied. Drinking had quenched my thirst somewhat, but I'd have to hunt during my free period. Looking at her reminded me of how thirsty I actually was.


“Do you want to go with me to Hogsmeade on Saturday?”


“You're not using your Veela charm,” I said suspiciously.


“No,” she said. “I want you to go because you want to go, not because I'm making you want to go.”


“Yes, I'll go,” I agreed, knowing full well that it was a date.


She walked off, and I couldn't help but admire her figure. She was hot.


“Oi, are you eyeing up my girlfriend's sister?” Teddy shouted. His hair was red and gold today. Gryffindor colours.


“Yes, I am,” I grinned. “As a matter of fact, I have a date with her on Saturday.”


“Merlin, Cass has really pissed you off hasn't she?” Teddy asked in alarm.


“No,” I lied. “I just realised that I can't wait around forever for her.” Well, that part was true.


“Thank fuck,” Teddy said. “I always thought she was a lost cause.”


“Teddy, language!” Remus sighed as he came to open the classroom.


“What are we doing today?” I asked excitedly. I loved Defence.


“Patronuses,” Remus replied. Teddy and I grinned at each other. We'd sneakily practised over the summer and could almost do it.


During the lesson I managed to get a shield form out, but I was too mad at Cassie to do any better. Teddy produced a giant wolf that ran around the room.


I walked down to the Forbidden Forest after Defence, and smack into Cassie as she left her Care of Magical Creatures class.


She wasn't very good at wearing uniform. She was wearing a short yellow tartan skirt, and a black waistcoat over her blouse and undone tie. Some guy ten feet behind her had his eyes on her arse. I hissed at him, before carrying on my way.


I hunted a great big bear before making my way back through the trees towards the castle. I stopped when I heard a familiar voice.


“Oh come on Cass, he clearly fancies you,” a girl was saying.


“Yeah, Angel's gorgeous,” another one said.


“I don't think he does anymore,” Cass said. “Victoire told me that he's taking her sister to Hogsmeade on Saturday.”


“Why didn't you ask him?” one of her friends asked.


“It's complicated,” Cassie said. “Like... he's a year younger than me. And he's a vampire. And his mum is my Dad's goddaughter. If we got together and split up... it'd just be awkward.”


“Do you want to get together with him?”


“I don't know. It was always so easy to say no before, because he was annoying. But now he's grown up a bit he's more...”


“Fanciable,” one of her friends filled in, before giggling.


“No! He's a bit more mature. People don't realise what he goes through every day,” Cass said, defending me a bit now. “It must be hard being around humans all the time and not being allowed to drink them.”


“He seemed pissy enough this morning, are you sure he's mature?”


“He was thirsty,” Cass snapped. “We all know what you get like when you're hungry, Marie.”


I backed away silently. Did Cassie like me?


As I walked back up to the castle, my imagination was going into overdrive. Me and Cassie. Flirting. Holding hands. Kissing. Having sex.


And then I remembered Dom.




I mean, Dom was nice enough. But she wasn't Cassie.


But what if I made the wrong choice? What if Dom was perfect for me, and I ditched her to chase Cassie? What if Cassie realised she didn't want me after all? What if I completely screwed things up with both of them?

I found myself in the Ravenclaw common room. I realised that I was missing Potions but I didn't care that much. 

AN: This is story two of two, so if you're confused, I suggest you read the first one. Of course I own nothing here, Harry Potter universe belongs to JK and Angel belongs to the brilliant creators of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

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