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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 21 : Ruining the Mood
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 Ruining the Mood


a mega, uber, fantastic CI by the lovely milominderbinder@TDA! (Albus Potter & Scorpius Malfoy)

“Are you insane? What in your right mind thinks spending the holidays with the ex she-devil will be remotely fun?” Amelia snapped at me as we rounded the corner in the locker rooms, towel drying our now wet hair.




It was seven o’clock in a morning and we had just finished another one of my morning quidditch practices. My legs felt like jelly, my eyes can barely stay open, and I’m pretty sure I resemble a walking zombie.




Heh. Maybe that’s why Albus hasn’t kissed me since our little incident.




“I don’t know, Mel, I freaked.” I whined as I swung open my locker and shoved the towel inside, ruffling through for some spare clothes to put on other my knickers. “I didn’t want to be the bitch that said no to spending the holidays with someone and besides I’ll always have Louis.”




Amelia’s face was twisted into frustration until I mentioned a certain blonde boy, her stoic mask wavering for a few moments before returning. “Yes, well Louis won’t be with you the whole time so what shall you be doing for two weeks? Playing Barbie with her?”




Mel’s voice was sarcastic and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.




“Aw, can it, it’s not my fault that you’re jealous you can’t spend the holidays with me.” I responded coyly, smirking before pulling on a random jumper that looked remotely clean. Eh, It smelt find to me.




“Oh sod off,”




I giggled before slipping on a pair of jeans and sleepily stuffing my shoes into feet. Wait, I mean feet into shoes. Yes, yes that is correct. I’m just way too tired to be doing this. I’ve been waking up at four o’clock in the morning to run around and scream at people for the past three days and I’ll give you a perfect reason why.




The totem pole is being updated tomorrow. I refuse to be last. I bluntly refuse. I’ll probably hurtle myself off the nearest tower if Ravenclaw is at the bottom.




Being at the bottom of the totem pole as a quidditch captain is almost as disgraceful and disappointing as failing classes when you’re in Ravenclaw.




It’s just unheard off. Well the Ravenclaw part since there always has to be at least one loser in quidditch.




There a pounding of fists on the locker room door which was our signal that a boy was coming in – three knocks – before the door creaked open and Bentley Flack’s face appeared through the tiny slit. “S’orry to interrupt ya girl’s changing times but there’s some bloke sitting in the bleachers with a note pad. We don’t know if he’s been watching but we think he has.”




“Some bloke?” I let my locker shut, swiftly swinging my bag over my shoulders before shoveling towards the door. “Show me,” I commanded.




Flack moved to the side slightly before pointing to the miniscule colorful object sitting propped on the wooden benches. You could tell he was a man and he was dressed in head to toe black with black sunglasses and hat.




A mother fucking spy.




“I’ll handle this little prick. He’ll be begging for mercy once I’m done shoving his good for nothing nose up his arsehole and – “




“Amelia! I’ve got this one!” I said quickly, pushing her away from the door as a string of – erm – interesting threats came pouring out of her mouth.




Merlin, I’m worried for my friend’s sanity. How does she even come up with this shit?




I know I’ve talked about people spying and I’ve heard about other teams catching spies but I , myself, have never had to deal with something like this. Ravenclaw has never been one of those teams that people would bend over backwards to watch.




It was usually more Slytherin or Gryffindor getting spied on or spying on each other.




I left the locker room with most of my quidditch team watching me. Hunter and Malcolm had decided to be my backup and they were following a few feet behind me, wands in hand just in case they had to stun some little stinker from running away from us.




As I got closer more details of the man came into view. He was for a lack of better words no boy but surely a man. He had a tall yet lean build with broad shoulders and large hands. He had a black and blue notepad resting in his lap and a quill lazily being held in one hand.




He was staring off at the pitch in boredom before I caught his eye. He looked briefly towards where I was, a smile forming on his lips, before looking away. He didn’t look scared or nervous about the fact that he was spying on a private practice.




“Excuse me, I don’t mean to sound rude but why the hell are you here?” I asked once I was within spitting distance.




The man didn’t look away from the pitch but by the way his lip twitched upwards I knew he had fully heard me and was choosing to ignore me.




“Are you mute?” I asked impatiently as he just continued to stare. “Do you even have a decent explanation for why you’re spying on my quidditch practice or are you just asking to be beat up by a bunch of quidditch blokes?”




I was aggravated. Who the hell does this prick think he is? No one ignores me. Bitch I’m fabulous.




The little prick now had a full out smirk on his lips and he looked away from his pitch only to look down and open up his notebook where he had pages full of writings. He let his finger slide over colorful tabs, finding the blue one and flipping it open.




He fixed his grip on his quill before scrawling an extra sentence at the bottom of the page. I was red with anger at this point so I didn’t even bother to hide the fact that I was reading over him. If you thought I was mad now I was practically seething at what he had written.




Ravenclaw quidditch captain possibly has anger management issues and is a very sassy human being.




I’ll show you what a sassy human being looks like when I throw you off this mother fucking bench, you little prick.




I’m pretty sure my left eye was twitching in anger as I shamelessly cross my arms over my chest, scoffing, “Har har, aren’t you just the little comedian. I don’t have bloody anger management issues so get the hell off my quidditch pitch.”




A small, barely audible chuckle escape his lips as he shook his head. “Sorry Patil but I believe anger management problems is very applicable to you.”




Okay now I was not only going to kill him but I was going to burn him too.




How does this guy know my name? Oh Merlin, do I have a stalker? I mean I know I’m really amazing and would be a perfect person to be stalked but I don’t want to die this young. I’ve watched all those scary movies when the stalker kills their stalked.




“How do you know my name? Please tell me you don’t stalk me. I don’t want a stalker.” I was beginning to ramble which I did a lot when I was nervous. I shook my head violently as I took a step away from him, nearly tripping over a bench which made this guy laugh more.




“Don’t flatter yourself, love,” He reached up and plucked the hat on top of his head and put it down next to him, “Knowing your name, and every quidditch player’s name also, is a part of my job.”




And with that the man looked up and I nearly shit myself. I know I say that a lot but I literally felt like screaming, hyperventilating, and crying all at the same time because sitting in front of me was Joshua Fable.




Merlin’s saggy pants!




It’s TPG. TOTEM POLE GUY. I need to share this news with my teammates.




“OHMYGOSHGUYSITTPG!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, my words all jumbled together. I was starting to breath heavily as I stared at him, screaming again, “TOTEM POLE GUY. GUYS IT’S THE BLOODY TOTEM POLE GUY.”








“NO, MALCOLM, I AM NOT SHITTING YOU!” I yelled back while all the matter still staring at Joshua Fable who was one good looking guy, might I add.




There was a loud thud on the benches and Hunter and Malcolm both flanked my sides. Both boys stared at TPG for a few minutes, Olly was currently gasping in shock in realization that I wasn’t lying to them about him.




Malcolm took a deep breath before giving confirmation to the others, “GUYS SHE’S NOT LYING IT’S THE TOTEM POLE GUY. GET YOUR ARSES UP HERE!”




Within the timespand of two minutes the rest of my team were up on the benches, pushing and shoving their way through to get a better view of TPG. Fable, the whole time, just sat there patiently with a perplexed smile.




“Wow, I’m flattered that I received this kind of response.” He said sarcastically with a lingering smile. “I never knew I was such a famous star here at Hogwarts.”




“Oh my god, Mr. Totem Pole Guy, you are my idol.”




“McClagan, stop, you’re scaring him!” Amelia growled, smacking Chris on the back of his head while he whined.




“I’m sorry – my team really isn’t all right in the head if you catch my drift.” I said with a small shrug, nodding towards Amelia and Chris where they were now wrestling on the floor for Merlin knows what. “Also – really sorry about freaking out on you like that. I’ve never had to deal with spies.” I added sheepishly in which he only shrugged.




“No worries, love, I wasn’t really that discreet about me being here. Besides, you’re rather entertaining. I had heard from my resources that Ravenclaw was stepping up their game and I wanted to see for myself before the pole got changed tomorrow.”




Oh. That make so much sense now. I feel like a moron for jumping down his throat before. But besides that point, can we all just take a moment because Joshua Fable called me LOVE.




Cue little jumping for joy dance.




Yeah, I’m weird, get over it.




I felt special, I had to admit. I had never heard of any TPG getting caught watching a quidditch team but yet Joshua Fable didn’t even bother hiding from us and my team and I had just spent the last half an hour talking to him.








He told us to stop calling him Totem Pole Guy because apparently he thought it sounded weird. He much preferred Josh but he didn’t mind Fable either since that’s what a lot of people know him by. He’s actually really great company once you get past his sarcastic jokes that I happen to like a lot.




He’s tall, athletic, and blonde. He may not be my exact time but he’s pretty damn close and I know what you’re thinking – Why is Brielle thinking of how good looking this bloke is when she already has some confusing shit going on with Albus?




Well I don’t know either. I’m a just a mess, to be frank.




After hoarding Josh with questions on how to help with our games, stamina, team dynamic, and shit like that we decided we had bored him enough and it was time to go get our grub on. With our last departing words Josh told me he’d keep in touch and that I should write him to let him know how the season goes for me.




Joshua Fable wants me to write him. He gave me his stinking flat address that is now pushed into the depths of my jean pockets.




I’m just high on life, man.




“Why do you look so happy?” Leslie asked with surprise as Amelia and I floated into our seats with large smiles on our faces.




I would be surprised too if I was her since we had been nearly dragging ourselves to breakfast the past couple days and moaning about how dead we were.




“Yeah, what happened to your whole zombie lark you had going on?” Scorpius asked sarcastically from his spot across from me.




I was generally surprised to see him here since he’s been coming late to first period class and missing breakfast a lot. Something about how he’s trying to avoid seeing Rose as much as possible – I know, shocker! – since they got in a huge fight a couple days ago.




It turns out that Scorpius indeed called her a bitch tease and after she roasted him for being too drunk to remember he then called her an annoying bitch tease and walked away from her. I don’t know if this is the end to the ScoRose relationship but we shall have to wait and see like everyone else.




“My zombie tendencies are very much still here and I’ll probably drop dead during Herbology,” I shrugged. “I just had a good morning, is all.”




“A really good morning,” Amelia said coyly with a knowing smile, winking before sliding a bowl towards me.




My lips quirked into a tiny smile as I began to scoop Wiz-O’s into my bowl, pouring some milk in with it. I had to fish around the top of the table for a spoon but I finally found one that James wasn’t using and stole it for my own use.




“Why was it such a good morning?” Albus asked once I finally settled down in my seat which was next to him.




“It’s a secret,”




There was a collection of groans across the table. Apparently, I’ve found out that my friends hate not being in the loop. Now they know how it feels to be the odd one out.




“I hate secrets,” Albus groaned, shoving some toast down his mouth, chewing and swallowing before continuing on. “Can’t you just tell me? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”




Albus tried giving me the whole puppy dog look but I refused to give in. Instead I just shook my head and rolled my eyes.




“I’ll tell you, Albus.”




My eyes snapped up to glare immense holes at Jenna Greengrass. She was really starting to get on my nerves lately and the fact that she was willing to give up all we’ve worked for just so she can flirt shamelessly with my man is pathetic.




Yep, I said it. Albus is my man so back off, ladies.




I was about to tell her off but Amelia had already managed to beat me to it.




“Shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you, you fat cow.”




“What she said,” I mumbled before scooping some more cereal into my mouth while watching her carefully. Jenna scoffed from her position at her table before flicking some wet hair off her shoulder and rolling her eyes.




That’s right, bitch, you roll your eyes at us. It’s not our fault you’re desperate and we’re not. Go find some other guy to throw yourself on.




“Damn, look at you guys with your claws out.” Scorpius said with a smirk, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he stretched in his seat, whacking Louis in the face while doing so. “If I’m not mistaken I feel a cat fight coming on soon.”




“Oh yes! Please have a cat fight. You know what, no , better yet have a mud fight.” Fred said with sheer excitement in his voice, clapping his hands together happily.




“Don’t forget – no shirts. You can’t fight with shirts on.




“Yes, James, you’re so correct!” Fred cheered on, bouncing in his seat he was so excited.




“Girls don’t have bloody cat fights – especially ones in the mud with no shirts on. That’s only in weird movies or porn or some other unrealistic thing you boys watch.” I said snidely, rolling my eyes and taking a sip from my goblet.




It sometimes annoyed me how immature the boys were but at the same time I loved it.




“As much as I’d love to beat you boys up for making such derogatory comments, I can’t. I’m off but I’ll see you lot later.” Amelia said abruptly, standing up and dusting off her pants.




“Where are you going?” I asked with a frown at her quick need to leave.




“Places,” She said shortly before turning on her heel and walking off.




I’m not going to lie – I was extremely put off by the way Amelia was acting lately. She was always off and disappearing to Merlin knows where and not telling anyone. It was one thing for us all to sneak around together for our quidditch team and lie about it but completely different when only one does it.




I know I’m being hypocritical since I haven’t even told her about Albus but that doesn’t matter.




Before I could voice my suspicion on Amelia to our friends I was interrupted by Louis saying, “Speaking of leaving, I have to go too.”




And without even giving us a moment to say goodbye he up and left us, with half his food still on the plate.




“Am I the only one that thinks something sneaky is going on between those two?” I asked casually and I was greeted with lots of shaking heads.




“Nah, something is totally up with them.” James agreed thoughtfully.




“I don’t know. Maybe there could be something…” Leslie mumbled but shrugged.




“I swear to Merlin if that twerp is keeping something from me I’ll skin him alive.” Dominique threatened.




I know I say this a lot but I really should find new friends. Specifically friends that aren’t so homicidal towards each other and sneak around behind each other’s backs. But then again – where’s the fun in that?




“Miss. Patil?”




I jumped in my seat as I clumsily knocked down my ink pod, blushing a crimson red when I realized that not only was I not paying attention during class but Professor Slughorn had basically caught me sleeping in a puddle of my own drool while she was off rambling on about how poorly we had just done on our recent exam.




Well now you know why I did so poorly, Professor. It’s because I spend my time in your class swimming in a pool of my own drool instead of actually listening.




“Yes, Professor?” I asked sheepishly after trying to casually whip the drool off my chin while Scorpius nearly shook with laughter from his spot next to me.




I hate him.




“Headmistress McGonagall would like to see you.”




There was a chorus of ‘ooh’s that I tried to ignore as I nodded quickly and collected my stuff. I decided to leave the little ink spill for Scorpius to clean up because he was annoying me currently and I didn’t want to deal with trying to get the stain out of the white tile floor.




I made my way through the little passageway between seats before plucking the pass from my teacher’s hand and walking away. The door made a soft thud as I closed it behind me and once I was safely a few feet away I began to let my brain fully register that I was going to the headmistress’s office and I had no clue why.




This was actually ridiculous. There was no way I did anything that bad that I needed to be sent to the office unless you count harassing, threatening, and working my quidditch team to near death against the school rules – which it isn’t, I checked.




I was a few feet away from the changing staircases before someone fell into step with me.




“Fancy seeing you here,” Albus said casually as he stuffed his hands in his pockets, a pleasant smile on his lips as he matched my strides easily with his long legs.




It had been a while since Albus and I had been alone together. The last time we were alone together we had snogged for quite some time and came to terms that we had some weird relationship that we couldn’t exactly put a finger on.




The only person that knew about that was Scorpius. I didn’t even tell Dominique or Leslie that we had kissed again outside the party. Hell, I didn’t even tell Amelia we had kissed at all.




“Yeah, I’m sure it is. Watcha doing out of class?” I asked casually – or at least I hope it was casually – as my messenger bag swung from my left side, hitting my hips after time it swayed.








I sent him a disapproving look and he rolled his eyes.




“I’m kidding – don’t get your knickers in a knot, mum. I have a free period.” He said sarcastically after I stopped walking to stare him down.




“My knickers are perfectly fine, Albus, but thank you for your concern.” I said stubbornly, rolling my eyes as well as I began to walk again. “Not that I don’t love having quality conversations with you but I have somewhere else to attend.” I said as I waved the little note in the air.




Albus plucked it from my hand and began to read it over lazily as he stopped walking. “You’re going to her office? What a badass you are,”




“Ha ha, aren’t you just hilarious, Al.” I said sarcastically , attempting to snatch my letter back but failing. “It’s not funny. I have no clue what I did and I’m genuinely worried.”




He shrugged, “I’m sure you did nothing. Blow it off and come hang out with me.”




Yes, Albus, I’m just going to ignore the headmistress personally calling for me to go hang out with you and do god knows what. That sounds like a splendid idea. Makes perfect and complete sense.




I decided to voice my opinion, “That’s probably the worst idea I’ve ever heard. I’ll have to pass on that.”




“Aw, c’mon, please.” He whined, using his other hand to catch my wrist and wrap his long fingers around it. “I’m sure I’d be much more fun to hang out with then McGonagall.”




I’m sure you would be Albus.




Wink Wink.




“Sorry Al but I’m not ditching our headmistress to go hang out with you despite how much fun I’m sure it would be.”




“I’m positive she won’t even miss you, Bri.” Albus mumbled with a knowing smile making its way on his lips.




Wait a second –




“Albus Potter, what did you do?” I finally asked after watching him smirk like a giddy child.




He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly before saying, “I may or may have not sent a fake letter in behalf of our headmistress so I could bail you out of class.”




I gasped, “Are you kidding me, Al? Why would you even do that? You can get in serious trouble, you idiot.”




Albus wasn’t even fazed with me scolding him and instead he gave me one of the most genuine smiles before saying, “I was lonely and I wanted to spend time with you.”




This is where I seriously hate Albus. I don’t know if he does it on purpose but he has such a way with his words and the way he acts around me. I’m sure if he asked me to jump of the nearest tower nicely with a real pretty smile I would do it.




I’m pathetic. I already know.




So with a fleeting sigh and a slump in my shoulders, I waved my white flag in surrender and said, “Fine but you better not be boring or I’m going back to Potions.”




Albus did some little fist pumping cheer before beginning to tug me down the corridors, ignoring the disapproving looks we were getting from portraits that were looking on to our conversations.




Mind your own damn business, you snoopy portraits.




Albus avoided the changing stairs and instead took a back passage way that looked seemingly familiar before stopping in front of a portrait that was empty. He knocked on is twice before the door swung open and revealed a small, dark passageway leading downwards with stairs.




“What is this?” I asked skeptically as I followed him inside and felt the portrait door swing close and enclosing us in darkness. The little platform was miniscule which made Albus and I pressed together to make sure neither of us went tumbling down the staircases.




“You can’t tell anyone about it, it’s a secret.” He said before mumbling ‘lumos’ under his breath and shining us with light from his wand, creating an eerie glow. “It’s a secret passageway into the Slytherin common room. It leads you straight into our common room with no password needed. Not many people know about it, including other Slytherins.”




“That is so…cool.” I breathed out as I looked over his shoulder into the dark abyss.




“It’s pretty neat, isn’t it? Lily and James know about it for emergencies only.” He said as he held his wand in one hand while intertwining his fingers with my right hand as he began to carefully make his way down the staircase. “Watch your step, ‘kay?”




I nodded even though he couldn’t see me since he was facing the other way but he caught my drift as he led us down the stairs. After a few minutes they began to get steeper and I felt as if we went any further we’d just be falling but my worrying was saved when Albus interrupted me.




“I think we’re here, just give me a second.” He mumbled before stopping on some random step and releasing my hand so he could feel around on the right wall, pushing against the stone. After looking around for a few seconds he found what he was looking for and pressed into the stone with a little bit more force, the little piece of brick sliding open and clouding us with bright light.




“Albus, how the hell are we supposed to get through a hole the size of my pinkie?” I asked with a stifle of a laugh.




Hopefully he had thought this through because there was no way I would be able to get back up there.




“It enlarges,” He said sarcastically before sticking his wand into the tiny hole and hitting all four corners twice before the hole expanded into a size big enough for us to shimmy our way through. “I’ll go first.”




Albus’s head disappeared first before his body and I was left in complete darkness because he had taken his wand with me except for the light from the little circle. I felt a little scared standing on a tiny step, now knowing what was underneath me if there was anything at all.




Albus’s hands peeked out from the circle and I heard his voice, “Here, grab on, I’ll help pull you up.”




I did as I was told, creating a death like grip on Albus’s arm before kicking and squirming my way through the hole with his help. After a few minutes I fell through the hole rather gracefully – sarcasm – and landed in a heap on top of Albus.




As soon as I had left the hole it had closed quickly, snapping shut into darkness abyss. After blinking a few times so my eyes could adjust to the sudden brightness I figured out that Albus and I had just fallen from the midnight black portrait that replicated the one we had entered.




“This is one snazzy common room you’ve got here, kid.” I said sarcastically after scooting off of Albus so I could cross my legs underneath me and look around. I’d been in the boy’s dorm plenty of times here but I’ve never actually been in their common room since it was rather scary to just loom around in unwanted territory.




“Thanks, us Slytherins do try hard to stay up with all the newest interior design trends.”




I couldn’t help but laugh at the sarcasm practically dripping from Albus’s comment. The Slytherin common room was covered in the very basic color pallet of green, silver, and black. It was posh, sophisticated, and dark. Nothing about it was roomy or inviting.




I’m pretty sure it reminded me of some evil dungeon rather than a comfy hangout place.




There was no one in the common room and I wasn’t surprised considering people should be in class at this time spare a few people with free periods like Albus. My gut twisted around nervously at the thought that I had actually skipped a class but I’m assuming – hoping, more like – that my professor won’t find out about it.




No big deal, guys.




“So, how do you plan to entertain me now that you dragged me out of Potions?” I asked with a small smile, swiveling around my body so I could look at him.




Albus was sitting on the carpet in a similar position to me however with his back propped up against the back of a green couch and his long legs spiraled outwards. There was some soot dusting his black hair from our travels underground but besides that he looked like his usual self in a button down and slacks.




“I’ve got a few ideas,” He mumbled, his voice murky and sounding almost mysterious. The sexy bad boy feel I was getting from Albus was only enlightened at the fact that we were skipping class and sitting in basically a dungeon.








“Yeah,” He concluded before dipping his head forward and sealing my lips with a kiss. It was quick. So very quick that I didn’t even have enough time to react. His lips were soft and light on my own as he lent forward for a second before leaning back, letting his back hit the soft fabric of the couch. “I’ve been waiting to kiss you for a while.”




“Oh, okay.”




So I’m really not the most romantic girl around the block but I think Albus caught my drift that I appreciated his sudden infatuation with me. It was quite pleasing to know that I can catch the attention of a rather attractive lad.




He laughed whole heartedly, shaking his head softly, before saying, “I heard that you’re going home with Dominique for the holidays.”




“You’ve heard right,” I nodded, smoothing out the pair of swing shorts I was wearing today with a navy sweater. “I felt kind of cornered in to it but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Who told you?”








“I should have guessed.”




“Yeah, he told me Vic was bitching about how Dom finally found a friend or something like that.” Albus snorted before shrugging his shoulders. “I’ll just be the first to give you the warning – Victoire is a crazy bitch. You may have thought Dom was bad before but Vic makes her look like an angel.”




I physically flinched at his description of the oldest Weasley daughter.




The day someone makes Dominique  ‘She-Devil’ Weasley look like a saint is the day all hell freezers over. And last time I checked it may be cold and starting to snow outside but hell is still a fiery pit of hellness.




“Well she just sounds like lovely company.”




Albus laughed at my sarcastic comment, beaming one of his genuine smiles. “No worries, love, you can always hang out with me.”




“Are your houses close?” I asked hopefully though I hope I didn’t sound like a desperate cow at the current moment.




That would be just my luck. Sigh.




“Not even close,” He laughed, shaking his head. “I’m surprised Dominique didn’t tell you yet. They sold their house in England but their looking for a new place.”




“Then where are we staying?” I asked with a facepalm of a face.




I may not be a genius, to my dismay, but I’m pretty sure selling your house doesn’t go well for when you invite someone over to stay the holidays.




“Their France villa; It’s real nice and all fancy up. That probably means you’ll get stuck seeing Aunt Fleur’s crazy family but you’ll survive just bring a nice dress.” He laughed, shaking his head.




“Great, all I need is more crazy family.”




Albus and I spent the next hour together doing nonsense things. We played a round of exploding snap, shared a box of every flavor bean sweets, and kissed two more times. The kisses weren’t demanding or anything dramatic but instead just simple pecks whenever Albus was close enough and felt like it wasn’t awkward.




It was weird to me.




Every time Albus would lean forward to press his lips quickly on my own my heart sped up like it was running a race. I kept on blushing at the stupidest of things because my cheeks decide to screw me over and I can’t help but feel special now being wrapped up in a Slytherin throw blanket sitting on the couch with Albus by the fire.




“Wazzup my bitches?”




And I also can’t help but feel like Scorpius seems to like to ruin the mood.




All. The. Time. 





A/N: Hey guys, long time no see! I'm so happy to be posting yet another chapter and even happier to let you know that we have gotten 120+ reviews which was my next goal! I'm so glad and my next goal is to get to 150+ eventually hopefully! 




So, what did ya'll think about it? I have no clue why I just said ya'll. I'm weird. But seriouslly, what did you guys think?! I know a lot of you guys were getting mad at me for not having enough Bribus but I hope you guys are happy with the amount of Bribus in this chapter. Anybody else love that Albus made a badarse move and broke Brielle out of class? I know I did. What did you guys think about Josh? Did anyone expect something like that?




Here is the part where I beg for reviews like usual so if you'd like too I'd love to see what you guys thought of everything! I also have another big favor, I started a new story that is James/OC and I'd love you guys forever if you guys could also go check it out and drop a review to let me know if I should continue it or not. As always, I love you all so much and thank you for continueing to read with me! 









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