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Broken Foundations by Perdaha_Obssesed
Chapter 1 : Painkillers
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Hermiones POV

I woke up with a start, heart beating, my dream not even close to going away from my mind. I felt numb. Another day of being a shell. How could one single witch, one single carving a single scar destroy me. A perfectly smart, brave gryffindor. Now I was just an actor. I had to full fill my script, but my heart wasn’t in it. It all started after the war, but really, in my heart I knew it was later on. The day that Ron left.

“Hermione I need to say something” said Ron
“Go ahead” I said. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like what she was about to hear but I just pursed her lips and listened.

“I have booked a flight to the U.S” said Ron in a small voice “I leave in two days.” my face fell, I felt like my insides had decided to drop to Australia and there was an army of knots in my throat. When I found my voice again I screamed

“ What? Ronald, how dare you do this to me how dare you do this to us? Is this some sort of break up? Is this a test? Because I tell you, I will not be able to endure any more. I loose my parents, I loose friends, teachers and now you want me to loose you as well? Well you know what you can go o your precious U.S.A, for all I care, you can even go to fricking Mars if you want, but when you come back I will NOT be waiting. I’ve been hurt too much. I’m not going to take one more thing.”

Ron looked hurt, as if I had just punched him.
“I’m sorry Hermione, I know it must hurt, but I need to leave. This place... It’s just doing the opposite from helping me. I’m sorry”

“You’ve already said that” I replied coldly I was blinking back tears as I screamed “Arghhh, Just get out of my flat. Go out!”

The tears started falling again since that day I had been a shell, I felt like my heart had been broken to many times, all the foundations I had laid were destroyed. That’s why I had started to cut my hand. Only my hand... Until that day. I knew it. I was alone. Ron wasn’t going to come back. Then the small cuts went around and up my left arm. Scars to remind me of all the pain. Ever since the day Ginny had seen one I was putting concealment charms on them so you couldn’t see them. I was trying to act like the old me. I could at least fool everyone... Everyone but myself.

I came out of my thoughts and decided I needed to feel something, even if it was the sting of a knife. I went into the kitchen and brought out the usual knife and I set to work.

As I was finishing the last little gash I looked up at the clock. Crap. It was 9:43, Ginny would get here in ten minutes. Rushing the end I didn’t realise and made it bigger than it should be. Blood started to trickle down my arm onto the floor, but I didn’t notice. I wanted the pain to go. The pain of living with a broken heart. I went to my medicine cabinet and took out all the painkillers I could find, muggle and magical. I took out a bottle of firewhisky and drowned 3 packets of tablets with it.

I was unable to stand on my legs so I sat down, next to the forgotten knife. I opened the fourth packet but was suddenly loosing consciousness, I fell on the floor, firewhisky spilling all around me. Pills scattered on the floor and a pool of blood from my cut arm. My vision started to blur and darken. The last thing I remember is an apparition pop and a vivid scream. Then my eyes closed and I drowned in the darkness.

----Ginny POV----

I apparated inside Hermione’s flat knowing full well, that my organized friend would be ready and waiting for me for us to have our “Girl day” As I apparated into her kitchen I wasn’t expecting what I saw. I looked down and saw Hermione's small figure unconscious, on the floor.

Blood, pills and firewhisky spilled everywhere. I nearly fainted but instead I screamed. The loudest, most ear piercing, high pitched scream I could muster. I apparated back and got Harry grabbed his arm and apparated back to Hermione’s flat. Harry was about to protest when he looked down and saw Hermione. His eyes went wide and he went onto his knees and picked Hermione up. He turned and said.

"Meet me at St Mungos." He turned and apparated out. I followed suit. Panic boiling in my veins. What had happened to Hermione?

-------Harrys POV------

“We need help!” I said as I entered the doors of St Mungos, “It’s urgent!”.

“What do you need sir,” said a voice from behind me. Shocked I turned around to meet Draco Malfoy’s intense gaze.

“Is something wrong, what happened to her?” He asked pointing to Hermione.

“She overdosed, cut her wrists, lost too much blood, drank firewhisky, is drunk and probably has a concussion.” I muttered.

“What? Granger. Overdose? Man hell must have frozen over.” Draco whispered in shock.

“Look we really need help. Can you help?” Draco looked perplexed for a moment then he gathered himself and said. “Of course, come right this way. We’ll put her on a bed and we can start oxygen transfusion, and blood transfer. You can explain better when we get her fixed.”

I sighted, relieved and suddenly remembered Ginny next to me. I turned to look at her. I loved these two. Both the one in my arms and the one next to me. If Hermione died it would be like loosing Fred again, but worse. I looked at Ginny, I would die if anything happened to her. She looked unnaturally pale and in a lot of shock.

“I didn’t even realise she was cutting her wrists. What sort of a friend am I?” she silently said. I turned his face back to Draco and asked

“Do you have something for shock as well?”

“Of course,” Draco replied “follow me.” He had finished adjusting all the tubes and cables to Hermione and was now proceeding to levitate the bed out of the room. We hadn’t realized but they were still in the lobby. Turning I noticed a camera click and several flashes of light and before they could escape the reporters had gotten several pictures of Hermione. A bloody, unconscious mess on a St Mungos bed. Great I thought Now when she recovers she’ll have to put up with the press fussing all over about her. Rita Skitter is probably already making up some overly melodramatic story for this. I kept walking, Pushing Ginny in front on me and following Draco. We got to a room and closed the door. After Draco had finished fixing all he could about Hermione, he turned and looked over at me and Ginny.

----Draco’s POV----

Harry sat shocked and Ginny was silently sobbing against his shoulder. 'She is shaking to much' I thought, I conjured up a calming potion and a glass and handed it over to Ginny.

“Here”, I said. “Drink this, it will help.” Harry turned to me and said

“Why Malfoy? Why are you helping us?” I looked straight into Harry’s eyes and said

“I’m a healer. It’s my job to take care of those in need.” Harry’s eyebrows rose a little.

“And since when exactly have you beed keen to help Hermione? Or me for that matter?” I sighed I was used to this

“People change Potter. That includes Malfoy’s. Now would you please be so kind as to explain to me what happened?” I replied, clip board in hand.

“Yeah, sorry.” Harry said as he hugged his sobbing girlfriend closer, causing me to smirk.

“I’ll start from the beginning. Right after the war, as the press clearly made obvious in the past. Hermione hadn’t been quite herself. She would zone out quite often, lost in her own thought. We put this as an after war shock and gave her a bit of time. After a few months thought Ron left as you might know, he went to the US. Hermione started to disclose herself more and more from us. A few days ago, about 4 or 5, she received an owl from Ron that said that he was sorry but he wouldn’t be coming back anytime soon fro he had found a girl and they had started to go out, he kept saying that he was sorry but he couldn’t come back. He said this place just brought back to many memories. That was the last straw for her. We thought that it was much less than it seems but apparently she was already depressed so this just pushed her over the edge. As it seems today was just impossible for her to cope with.”

Harry finished and looked up from the spot on the floor he had been staring at while he was talking. A single glistening tear ran down his face. Quickly brushing it off he stared back at me finishing writing dow things on the clip board. I looked up and asked

“Is that all?” Harry nodded, Ginny had now regained some of her real self. It was her who spoke up.

“That is all we know.” I nodded and then said

“ Please, go back home and rest I’ll take care of her from here, I’ll owl you if anything goes wrong and I’ll update you tomorrow on her condition.” Ginny nodded,

“I never though I’d say this, but thanks Malfoy” she said with a small teary smile. I nodded again and said

“Not a problem.” After they left I stared back at Hermione and muttered “How could you do this? You are meant to be smart.” He sighed and left. Just then Hermione’s eyes fluttered open.

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