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Light at the end of the tunnel by AnnLillyPotter
Chapter 2 : Along the corridor, down the moving stairs and into the Great Hall.
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    She and Harry started walking. She was guiding him.

   "What's going on!?" Harry was desperate, he had never seen Hermione like that... she had always had a high tolerance for pain... "What is happening to her!? Will she be all right?" He couldn't lose her, she was the closest thing to a sister he had ever had and he would ever have,

   "Well, that last part I don't know." Ginny saw the look in his eyes so she took his hand to comfort him and then said "But she'll live. I meant she's gonna be in a lot of pain... But it will go away, eventually. Poor thing, all she went through without telling a soul..." Ginny looked at Harry and remembered that he didn't know. "She's pregnant".

    "Who is? Oh! Hermione?! When?! I've been with her and Ron for... What's today? What date?" Harry was shocked.

    "May 2nd"

    "Then I've been with them for 7 months, almost. And trust me, they didn't have a minute to... you know. Specially the last couple of months."

    "Well..." She was going to tell him that this had happened more than a few months ago, but she instead said "How are you so sure it's my brother's?"

     Harry stopped and looked at her seriously for a couple of seconds. Then laughed.

    "Well, it's certainly not mine. And besides, we've all known forever that those two belong together, even if they hide it all the time, even from me. Just like everyone knows that..." Harry blushed. His eyes were locked on the ginger girl. "She is so pretty" he thought. "I've missed her so much. Every single one of those freckles, I've missed."

    "I know." Ginny knew he was talking about the both of them. She could see in his face that he was thinking exactly what she was thinking. She wanted to kiss him badly... To hold him, to see him laughing, to hold hands forever. But there would be plenty of time for that. So, she went back to her explanation and started walking at the same time. "The thing is, it didn't happen while you were all away. It happened before, during the holidays. I didn't get much details... nor did I want any... but it was the night before the wedding and Hermione came to me saying she was late. Late, late." They were climing down one of the moving stairs, which was no moving, thanks Dumbledore... otherwise they would need to walk  for an extra ten more minutes. "And I asked if she had had any symthoms, but someone walked in and we just stopped there. And then it was the wedding day... and then you three dissaparated."

    "The wedding was in August?! But then she would be almost 8 or 9 months pregnant!"

    "That´s why we're on our way to tell my parents they're having a grandchild right now." She was grinning at him. Weasley's do love babies.

     "But she's not showing at all!!!" Harry didn't understand why his girlfriend (that is the word he always used to refer to Ginny in his mind) wasn't seeing that tiny detail in the story.

     "Everyone says that there's no spell our Hermione cannot do..." they were now entering the Great Hall.

     "How could I not have known? It is so obvious now that you've told me... She has been very weird, but I thought it had to do with the whole situation." He was remembering all those times she had been sick back at the wood and the moments when he had caught her eating very weir combinations of food, or very distracted which is so unlike her...Or falling asleep in watch... or worst; while reading a book. He had asked her, many, many times... But she had always had an answer. "So clever, she is so clever".

    "There's my mother. I wander if she used reducto, or if she was applying invisibility potion... though that wouldn't cover her clothes... so it's not that." She took a deep breath once she got to where Molly Weasley was.    

    "Hey mum... I got some news for you." Ginny said nerviously. She knew her mother would be furious at Ron. Not at Hermione... but Ron would face the famous Molly Weasley's anger attack.

    "What is it dear?" She was sad. Anyone could tell.

    "Well, you are going to be a grandmother" Harry said.

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Light at the end of the tunnel: Along the corridor, down the moving stairs and into the Great Hall.


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