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Why can't I just be Potter by Druna_Romione
Chapter 1 : Did I just call her beautiful!
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Hello and welcome to the first chapter of the first fan fiction i have written i hope you like it, if you don't please tell me and tell me what i can do to improve it thanks. This story is told entirely from Draco's point of view

Disclaimer-i do not own any of these characters i just own the plot the rest belongs to JK Rowling (i wish i could come up with things like she has)

* * * * * *

Life is so unfair! Why did my parents have to be death eaters, why couldn't they be in the Order of the Phoenix? Why can't they save peopleís lives rather than kill or torture people. Why couldn't it be Draco Malfoy, the boy who lived? I don't understand, why is it always potter

The summer has been so uneventful, except from first the death eaters at the Quidditch world cup, I am so ashamed to admit that parents were part of that clan (so embarrassing), then my father telling me about the triwizard tournament (OMG OMG OMG) so exciting, I hope I get chosen. Apart from that I haven't done anything this summer except lie on my bed wishing and praying that I could be Harry Potter.

I can see the train puffing, about to leave. I have to run, shouting my goodbyes to my mother and father else I will miss the train. I find "my friends" Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle in a small cabin gorging food like they will never have food again. I sigh and sit opposite them, I really can't stand them I mean, why am I even friends with them, they are so annoying. I canít believe I'm saying this but, why can't I have friends like Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley, even though they are a mudblood and a blood traitor, they are so brave and would do anything to save their friends. Crabbe and Goyle are so useless. Why can't I just be Potter?

The only reason I am mean to Harry, Ron and Hermione is because well I am jealous of them I suppose. The only thing I really want to do is be in their little trio of friends. They are always saving people and scraping out of tight situations and everyone knows who they are. I know that my dad would probably disown me but you know what I wouldn't care one little bit. As long as I was happy. I would probably spend my holidays at the Burrow like Harry and Hermione do. OMG did my brain just think that!! What was i thinking i don't want to be friends with them, do i!! Well at least people can't see my thoughts. If my father saw what i was thinking! He would probably kill me!!!!!

Urgh here comes Pansy Parkinson, she is so annoying, and she thinks I like her. I'D rather go out with a troll. "Dracy" she squeals "I've missed you so much!! Have you missed me" she adds hopefully.
"Yeah loads" I lie. She squeals again, launches herself onto me and squeezes me so tight I can hardly breathe. She then begins to ramble on about her holiday to Hawaii (wherever that is) and how this muggle boy tried to chat her up so she exploded his bag because the only boy she will ever love is me! (So irritating) An hour or so has passed and Pansy has now moved onto the subject of girls hair and how her hair is just so perfect (yeah as if), when the unmistakably beautiful face of Luna Lovegood appears at the door.

Did I just call her beautiful!

* * * * * *

And there you go my first chapter of my first fan fiction. Sorry its so short hopefully the next one will be a but longer. I hope you like it please read and review it is really helpful thanks again for reading, the next chapter will be posted soon

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