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Science and Magic by GenerationGap
Chapter 3 : History of Magic
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  A/N: I don't own Doctor Who, the BBC does. Wish I did, though...

                The next morning, I awoke surprisingly refreshed. I saw that everyone else in the dorm room was already gone, so I quickly changed into my robes and hurried down the stairs. The Common Room was empty except for a group of rebellious sixth years, so I figured Rose was down in the Great Hall. Having no idea how late I was or how to get there, I just headed downward as fast as possible and luckily, I found it.

                I headed in, and found there were several students still eating breakfast, so I could tell I still had time to grab something quick to eat. I sat down next to Rose, but no one else I recognized was around, most likely headed to class.

                “Hello, early bird,” Rose greeted me, handing me my schedule. “Professor Longbottom gave me your schedule. We have all of our classes together today, by the way.”

                I nodded. We both signed up for the same classes, and most first years are required to take the same courses anyway, so it was likely the two of us would have class together for quite a while.

                I crammed a few waffles into my mouth and, noticing the time, decided to get to class as quickly as possible. Rose and I got up from our seats and ran out of the Great Hall, straight to the dungeons where we searched for the Potions classroom. We found it quickly enough (it was near the stairs, thank god), and were surprised to see only half the class there.

                As we entered, Professor Hendrix looked up and smiled brightly. “Hello,” she said happily. “Welcome to Potions, Grade 1. And who might you be?”

                I was slightly taken aback by her optimism and all-around good vibes. “Erm…I’m Albus Potter and this is Rose Weasley.”

                “Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Albus and Rose! Please, have a seat anywhere.”

                I nodded, and we took a seat in the very back row (Rose and I love sitting in the back of the room). I must say, I’m surprised she didn’t mention we come from two of the most famous wizarding families around. Actually, I think she may be trying to make us feel better by not saying something like “OH MY GOSH IT’S A POTTER AND A WEASLEY, I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M ACTUALLY TEACHING THEM!” But it doesn’t seem to be in her personality, saying something like that anyway.

                Looking around, Rose pointed out that we’d be having the class with the Ravenclaw’s this year, seeing as the only other students without Gryffindor robes had a raven on their chest. About five minutes after the two of us got to class, the bell rang and every student was here.

                “Good, it’s nice to see you all here,” Professor Hendrix began. “My name is Allison Hendrix, and I will be your Potions Master this year. I come from Cardiff but I have lived in London my entire life, I am twenty-eight years old, and I have always had a burning love for potion making. To me, it’s one of life’s finer things. Now,” she said, indicating to a steaming potion on her desk. “Can anybody tell me what this potion is?”

                Rose’s hand shot immediately up, but to my surprise, so did another person’s and not even a Ravenclaw’s. It was the blonde girl from the Sorting Ceremony, Faye Valentine, I think she was called. Professor Hendrix called on Rose. “It’s the Bookworm’s Brew, I think,” Rose confidently responded.

“That’s absolutely correct!” said Hendrix. “Five points to Gryffindor. And can anybody tell me what this potion does?”

Again, Rose’s and the same girl’s hands shot up. “Yes, how about you this time, what is this potions effects?”

“Well,” said Faye, I noticed she had a higher pitched, slightly girlish voice. “I believe what it does is increase the users mental capacity for about two hours, makes the memorization of facts easier, and the drinker can also read much faster than normal. But too much consumption can lead to fatal poisoning, so it is also called Satan’s Library.”

“Fantastic,” said Hendrix happily. “Really fantastic! Ten points to Gryffindor, that is quite the mind you have there, you too, Rose.”

Rose and Faye both beamed at the professor, and actually, the rest of the class went on like this, the two of them answering questions that I had no answer to, quite honestly. Eventually, we got to actually making the Bookworm’s Brew, which I found I wasn’t half bad at. Professor Hendrix’s words of praise helped too, not to mention the potion, as powerful as it was, was fairly simple to make, I could see why Hendrix had chosen this potion for the first day. In the end, Professor Hendrix announced that Faye and her partner, a small, dark-skinned, shy-looking Gryffindor girl and Rose and I had make the potion perfectly, earning us another thirty points for Gryffindor.

Soon after, the bell rang, and we made our way up the stairs. Rose eventually found Faye in the hustle and bustle of the dungeons hallway, and we introduced ourselves. Faye was tall, very smart, and seemed like she had just had a few shots of espresso. She didn’t talk too fast, she was always just kinda excited, I guess is the word. She and Rose got into a fast-paced conversation about Transfiguration, and I realized that the next class was Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Blanc.

“So,” I said, making friendly conversation with Faye as the three of us headed to DADA (Rose had discovered Faye had the same DADA period as us, too). “Where are you from?”

“Well,” began Faye, “I was born in Dublin and I lived there until I was five. Then, I moved to San Diego, California for another three years, and when I was eight, I moved to Brighton, and I’ve been there ever sense.”

“Wow, that’s actually pretty interesting,” said Rose, surprised. “So, why did you move around so much?”

“Erm…” said Faye nervously. “I don’t think I can-“


A loud scream came from my right, and I turned, face red, looking down the hallway. Running towards me from the hallway was Davy, and on his tail was Knox. Davy had a huge smile on his face, as usual, and Knox looked emotionless, just like the other few times I’d seen him.

“Good news!” Davy exclaimed loudly when he caught up to us. “I have DADA with Knox, and judging by where you’re headed, you have it next too, right? Right? Right? Ri-“

“Yes, Davy, yes,” I said, slightly annoyed. “You can come with us, if you like. We can be a group, I’d be pretty cool having the five of us together, I guess.”

“Wait,” said Davy, confused. “What do you mean, five, isn’t it just you and…”

Davy’s voice trailed off as he lay eyes on Faye.  He immediately ran over to her, cheeks flushed and stuck his hand out to her. “I-I” he stuttered. “I’m Davy Jestle. Th-this is my b-best friend Knox Foreman. It’s a p-pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

I was taken aback by the way Davy was acting; he had just turned into a completely different person. One second, crazy, silly, happy Davy. The next, head-over-heels, nervous, self-conscious Davy. Love at first sight is one thing, but…this is insane.

Rose stifled a giggle and I could have sworn I saw Knox crack a slight smile. I sighed.

“Um, hi, I’m Faye Valentine,” said Faye, a surprised look on her face. “It’s…nice to meet you, too, I guess…” Her voice trailed off, and she mouthed the words “help me” at Rose, who promptly cleared her throat. “Well,” said Rose putting on her best bossy tone. “We better get to class, we don’t want to be late.”

With that, the five of us walked up the corridor for about another minute, and made it to Professor Blanc’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class. We entered the room, and found a row of five empty seats in the back. Not wanting to talk to the others (especially Davy who was now flirting with Faye) I sat in the corner, with only Rose next to me. Soon after, Blanc entered from his office to begin class.

“Hello, everyone,” Blanc smiled. “My name, as you know, is Professor Blanc, and I will be teaching you Defense Against the Dark Arts. Now, I know some of you most likely believe I’m going to teach you dueling but alas, that is just not the case. For the first month of class, I will be teaching you basic theory of the Defense magic, and I promise it won’t be as boring as you think-you’ll learn plenty of spells along the way. After that, we will be studying wards up until Christmas. And then-well, then we get to the exciting stuff.” Blanc continued smiling as he handed out text books to everyone.

Strangely enough, we hadn’t actually been required to buy books for this class like all the other courses we took, so it was really good for us (and our parent’s wallets) that we didn’t have to lug around another book all year. Blanc had us write down some notes for the entire class. At the end of it, Blanc smiled once again.

“Good, good.” He said. “Now, I want everybody to stand back from their desks, please.”

Hesitantly, I got up and stood about a foot away from my seat, as did everyone else. Blanc raised his wand. “Mutli-Incendio!”  He shouted.

The orange tip of his wand began to glow, and fire shot out of it in several directions. And all at the same time, our textbooks went up in flames.

Best. Teacher. Ever.

“Ah,” said Blanc. “That’s better, isn’t it? You see, we won’t be needing those book all year, so I decided that, to emphasize a point…”

There was a short pause and then from Davy, a whoop and a cheer. Eventually everybody (except Knox and Rose, she looked like she just saw a friend die) began cheering and clapping.

After this dramatic class ending, the five of us headed to lunch, and, having nowhere better to sit, we decided to keep the group together. And I have to say, it’s really nice knowing some friends here. They’re odd, but…aren’t we all, really? I mean, everybody has flaws, Davy appears to have several, but I guess that just makes him Davy. I guess what I’m saying is (without sounding too corny) we’re all totally different, and…that’s okay. Normal, actually.

After a quick lunch, the class that I had been looking forward to the most began, History of Magic. I couldn’t wait to see what this Doctor fellow had in store for me, he certainly seemed a bit, erm, strange. Faye and Davy had Herbology next, but Rose, Knox and I had History together. The class wasn’t very far from the Great Hall, and we got there slightly early. No one else was in the room when we got there, but slowly Gryffindor’s and Hufflepuff’s began trickling in and soon enough, the Doctor and Ms. Pond entered the room.

Everyone turned their attention to the front of the room, where The Doctor and Ms. Pond now stood. Ms. Pond wore purple wizarding robes, but The Doctor had on a tan suit, suspenders and red bow tie from the train. In other words, he was a teacher at Hogwarts that wore muggle clothing, a true one-of-a-kind for the school, I’d imagine.

“Ah, well,” began The Doctor, clasping his hands together and beginning to pace the room. “I’m Professor John Smith, as you probably all know, but you can call me The Doctor, everyone does. Except for the people on-”

“Doctor,” Pond interrupted. “No intergalactic time stuff, yeah? We came to an agreement.”

“Right, sorry.” The Doctor said, frowning. “That’s no good, is it? Well, as I’m sure you all re sick of learning, and I’m actually quite frankly sick of teaching, that you all want to just sit around and be lazy. So do I, no wait, that’s a lie. Why would I say that? That’s weird. Anyway, I would like it if you all turned your books to page three.”

Ms. Pond cleared her throat, and The Doctor spoke again. “Oh, and don’t let me forget about my assistant, Ms. Pond.”

                “Actually, I’m not a assistant,” she said, glaring at The Doctor. “I’m a good friend, that’s all. Really, I didn’t sign up for this, you know.”

                “Yes, yes, and I’m sorry we had to come here, it’s just instinct at this point.” The Doctor seemed to remember that he was in a room full of very confused students. “Oh, right, you all are still here. Well, I will read out Chapter One for you, and I want everyone to take notes, alright, you lot?”

                Rose and I looked at each other and stifled laughter. This was most likely the single most strange man I had ever met, and that’s saying something.

                Rose, Knox and I pulled out parchment, ink and quills, our books open and prepared for note-taking. The Doctor saw that everybody was ready and began reading from the book.

                “Alright, here we go. Chapter One, A Brief History of Ancient Wizardry. In 645 A.D, the great wizard Merlin established the Court of Wizards, which became the first organized wizarding society, no matter how small, known to man. They were the first to implement and enforce a basic law system that all witches and wizards were required to follow, such as hiding magic from non-magic people and abuse of their power. This, in turn, lead to…”

                I turned my head to look at Rose who was scraping quill against parchment madly. Knox was taking a much smaller amount of notes, but seemed to be paying attention. I took very few notes because I kept thinking about how hilarious The Doctor is. He was such a strange man, he seemed almost alien. Coming to the class, I had hoped to be able to, perhaps, piece some clues together about who he was, but instead I was more confused than ever. Ms. Pond had said something about intergalactic time…stuff, or something, which made no sense at all. And The Doctor had said he was sick of teaching on the first day. I mean, what kind of teacher was he, getting bored of his job like that?

                Strangely enough, I liked him, though. The Doctor seemed like a really good person. So did Pond, really. I hope they would be good teachers, too.

                “Right, that’s boring,” said The Doctor, Ms. Pond looking like a mother with a disobedient child. “I’ve been doing that same reading in this same room all day in this same school. Amy, I need to do something. I mean, I can’t believe I’m doing this all year.”

                “No,” said Pond. “You’re the one who said we have to be here!”

                “I know,” The Doctor whined. “But still…”

                The Doctor stopped. And he was looking right at me. Naturally, all the other students in the room were looking at me, too, following The Doctor’s line of sight, and most were giggling.

                “You!” The Doctor said suddenly. “Your name was…” He snapped his fingers before saying “Albus! You’re Albus!” He walked over to my seat very quickly and began talking very fast. “You couldn’t see anything on my…magic paper. Why, why not? The girl next to you could, but why not you? What makes you so different?”

                The Doctor stopped and looked at me, then clapped his hands and went to the front of the room as quickly as he had come to my seat (that’s really fast).  “Alright, I’m bored. I trust you all to read Chapter One and take notes, please. I will check for completion next class. Dismissed!”

                I got up, happy to hear that we had just gotten a free period, even if it was for strange reasons.

                “So,” Rose said to me, as Knox (still tailing us) walked behind us. “He’s certainly an odd bloke, that’s for sure. But why did he let us out early like that? It doesn’t seem very responsible, if you ask me.”

                I laughed. “He let us out early for the exact reasons he said, he was just bored. I think he’s a bit mad, actually.”

                Rose grimaced. “In any case, let’s go to the Common Room and finish this assignment.” I nodded, and we headed off.

A/N: Well, it was a long wait, but I'm back. Really, though, sorry about being gone for so long, too much stuff was going on in my life. But now, updates should be constant, and Chapter 4 in in the works! The plot will begin to really take form next chapter, I promise. If your sticking with this story even after my little break, then your awesome, and thanks so much for reading :)


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