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Our Ridiculous Lives: Daisy Potter by Fonzzx
Chapter 14 : Loss
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Chapter 14: Loss




I was trying to sleep, and Angel was having none of it.


Night is for sleeping, I thought at him.


But I'm full of energy! It felt like he was doing cartwheels in my stomach. I suppose that's what I got when I ate before going to bed.


I looked enviously over at Draco, who was fast asleep.


Alright, I'll settle down, Angel sighed. I could almost hear his voice now. He stopped moving and I fell asleep pretty quickly.


He was already powerful, but he tended to use his powers for good. He gave me nice, relaxing dreams.


In the morning it was January the third, mine and Draco's anniversary. Unfortunately it was a Monday, and we had lessons all day.


Angel had other plans.


I was woken up with sharp pains coming and going every few minutes. Draco rushed me to the Hospital Wing, where I was dosed up on painkillers. I wasn't in there long before Angel decided that he'd had enough of waiting.


Draco looked shocked. “He looks exactly like you.”


I looked over at him in his arms. Black hair, green eyes, pale. His eyes focused on me, and he smiled. He didn't cry.


Over the next few hours we had a lot of visitors. Mum and Dad, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Alexis. Angel liked Alexis the most out of everyone, apart from me and Draco.


I was given a few weeks off, because I was ahead on all my work, and Draco and I decided to go for a walk down to Hogsmeade with the rest of the students one Saturday.


Angel preferred to sit strapped to my back than lay in a pram, so that's how we travelled. Draco held my hand and Angel rested his head on my shoulder. We walked through the snow up to the Shrieking Shack.


Cracks echoed all around us. We were surrounded by people, point their wands at us. One stepped forward. It was Draco's father.


I moved in front of him.


“Move any closer and I'll suck the life from you,” I snarled at him. Angel hissed from behind me.


Malfoy smirked, and I realised that they'd made a circle around us. There was no escape. I couldn't be everywhere to protect Draco. I hissed, exposing my fangs.


A woman laughed to my right. I whirled around and saw Bellatrix Lestrange. I grabbed my wand but she was too fast. I was frozen in place. I couldn't do anything.


“Come home, Draco,” Malfoy drawled. “Or we'll kill them both.”


Draco caught my gaze.


“I'm sorry,” he whispered. “I have to protect you.”


With a crack, they were gone.


Eventually the freezing spell wore off. I fell to my knees. Angel whimpered.


I don't know how long we were there. It was starting to get dark when Alexis found me.


The rest of the evening blurred past. I was totally incapable of moving, so Alexis took over looking after Angel.


It vaguely occurred to me that I was in the Hospital Wing. Others came to visit, but I was mostly unaware of anything.


“What's wrong with her?” Harry asked the matron.


“She's in shock,” Madam Pomfrey replied. “She'll come around, just give her time.”


“Look at her! She's thirsty. Can't you do something?”


“She won't eat,” Madam Pomfrey said sadly.


Harry grabbed my face and forced me to look at him.


“Daisy, listen to me. We'll find him. But you need to look after Angel.”


“He's gone,” was all I could say.


I was given a sleeping potion that night. It didn't quite have the desired effect. I slept. But I had dreams.




Draco was sat in a dark room on his own. There was nothing there, apart from a bed. It looked like a prison cell, except much more comfortable.


We heard from Parkinson that your little girlfriend was expecting,” a voice sneered from the shadows, before revealing herself. It was Bellatrix. “She forgot to mention that she was a vampire.” Bellatrix paused to laugh. “You really are a blood traitor, aren't you Draco?”


Don't do anything to them,” he begged, dropping to his knees. Bellatrix slapped him.


How much would you give up for her and her brat?”


Draco hesitated to answer.


Would you die for her?”




Bellatrix smiled. “I don't want to kill you Draco. You're far too useful.”


He looked nervous.




He screamed in agony, tears flowing down his cheeks.


After a while she stopped, evidently bored with traditional torture. She pulled a vial of white liquid from her pocket.


Do you know what this is Draco? This is your new life. You won't remember a thing about her. It will be as though she never existed, her or her scum spawn.”


If I take it, will you leave them in peace?” Draco asked.




Will you make the Unbreakable Vow?”


Bellatrix hesitated, before nodding.


Lucius!” she called sharply, and Malfoy entered the room.


Draco and Bellatrix joined hands. Malfoy stood over them, wand touching their hands.


Do you promise to never go anywhere near Daisy and my son?”


I promise. And do you, in turn, promise to erase your memories of them and start a new life with your family.”


Draco inhaled sharply. “... Yes.”


Ribbons of flames wrapped around their hands, and the procedure was done.


Bellatrix took out her wand. “Obliviate!”


Draco was knocked out cold. The fake memories floated out of the vial and into his head.




I woke up screaming. Angel was crying too. I picked him up, and held him, sobbing.


He's not coming back is he? The words floated into my head. He hadn't done it since he was born.


I shook my head.






It was clear to me now. So blindingly obvious I was shocked I hadn't seen it before.


I loved her. And her baby.


Daisy Lily Potter. But I loved her. And she loved someone else. Someone who was now unobtainable. She had a baby with him! And she wasn't into girls.


Well, apart from that one almost kiss we had a year ago.


I mean, I knew I was gay before now. It was part of the reason I'd left Durmstrang; everyone found out. Nobody knew here.


I loved her before she became a vampire. I loved her now she was one. I'd do anything for the girl curled up in a hospital bed, twitching and moaning in her sleep.


“Draco!” she screamed, her black eyes flashing open. At the same time, Angel started crying.


She didn't know I was here. I was hidden under Harry's Invisibility Cloak.


I'd once told her that I wasn't interested in schoolboys. I smiled wryly to myself. No, I wasn't interested in boys full stop.

She cried to herself. She needed time to grieve. Then I'd tell her. She didn't need to feel any more confused now.  

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