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The Break Up by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : The Break Up
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The day that we broke up, was the day that a war started inside the walls of Hogwarts.

Neither of us could have seen this happening, we certainly didn’t plan it, just like we didn’t plan to both choose that moment to break up with each other.

It had ended nicely; we both decided that after nearly over a year together that we weren’t into each other as much as we used to be. The fact that we had developed into friends more than partners so easily was reason enough to call time on our relationship.

In fact we had both hugged each other with a laugh, before making plans to meet up later in the afternoon to sit with each other during dinner.

It wasn’t until I was watching James walking quickly away from me that I realised it wouldn’t be long until this spread like wild fire around the school, making either me or James out to be the bad guy in this situation. The way I saw it was that I could either tell all of my friends that we split amicably, or tell them that either I was the one to end the relationship or James was, making me out to either be the Heartbreaker or the victim.

I knew that even though we would tell everyone that it was a mutual decision, no one would believe us. If someone came up to you and told you that they had split up with their other half, you would automatically assume that someone had made the choice and the other one was just saying it was mutual, to cover up the fact that they were the ones to get their heart broken. I wasn’t sure I wanted the school to think that it was me who was heartbroken from my split from James, I didn’t want to be made out to be the pathetic ex that was going to be hanging around James, everyone assuming that
I was going to try and win him back.

James had already left my sight and I knew that it wouldn’t be long until he told his friends about what had happened between us, of course he would be a nice guy and say that we came to the decision together, his friends wouldn’t care, but other girls would over hear and make out that he broke up with me and I couldn’t have that getting out.

I was being pathetic, I know that. But come on, I have just broken up with my boyfriend, I wasn’t thinking straight. Not that I can use that excuse as I wanted to break up with him anyway, but no one would believe me unless I made sure my side of the story was out and quickly. As much as my side of the story was going to be entirely fabricated, making it seem like I was the one who had had enough of going out with James, that I had suggested that we break up, but offer friendship as I thought that he was a great guy, even though my feelings for him were no more than that I would feel towards a friend. It was how our break up happened, but unfortunately James had been the one to start the conversation in our actual break up; in my version it was going to be speaking the words.

I just needed to find the right person to tell and I knew it would be around the school before dinner time, even if it made James out to be the one who was being the pathetic ex that was hanging around with me, but James was very flippant about what anyone thought of him, so I knew that it wouldn’t affect him.

Gossip didn’t seem to annoy him or get a reaction out of him like it did to everyone else, probably due to the fact that his whole life was surrounded by gossip, rumours and speculation. In fact, for the first few weeks into our relationship the amount of rumours that went around about how I was pregnant and engaged to him was phenomenal, I can safely say that there was and never will be any truth to those rumours. People can twist and turn information so brutally that the truth was so pulled apart that barely anything remained of it in the rumours going from person to person, that’s why I need to think precisely what I wanted to get out, so that if the facts got fudged, which was highly expected, that I could still pick up the pieces. That’s why I had decided to make out that I was incredibly sad about the whole thing, but I knew that it was for the best and I had James’s best interests in my heart.

Bingo! I knew that would make me look golden. Now I just needed to find the right person to tell.

Setting off down the corridor, passing by a few students who were wandering around and laughing with their friends as they enjoyed their Saturday morning, I kept my eyes peeled for someone I knew could spread the word faster than Fiendfyre.

It wasn’t long until my eyes settled on Victoria Manning, as she walked towards me, her blonde hair bouncing around as she seemed to be walking with some sort of purpose. I quickly moved so that I was in her way as I made sure to put on my best solemn and thoughtful face, my move worked as she had no choice but to ‘accidently’ walk into me, causing her to drop her bag onto the floor.

“Oh, Stacey, I am so sorry.” She cried as we both bent down to pick up her bag and the contents that had fallen out of it. “I wasn’t watching where I was going. Are you okay?”

I gave a nod as I looked up into her eyes, handing her a book that had fallen out of her bag, I made sure to take a deep breath as I pushed my long brunette hair out of my face.

“I’m as fine as I can be, Victoria. I should be asking if you’re okay, I wasn’t watching where I was going either, my mind is just all over the place at the moment.” I told her, giving a sigh after I had stopped talking.

She hitched her bag up onto her shoulder again and looked at me with concern; she noticed the sadness on my face and the weariness of my tone, she could smell gossip and she wanted it. Who was I to deny her?

“What’s wrong, Stacey?”

I gave a small shrug as I bit my lip for a moment as though deliberating something. “It’s just me and James; I broke up with him just now.”

She gave a small surprised gasp; her hand flew to my arm instantly to comfort me in my time of need.

“What happened? You two seemed so happy.” She said.

“We were. It’s just...” I stopped for a moment before taking another deep breath. “... I think we make better friends. It’s been one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I want James to be happy and I just don’t think I can love him enough that way to be the one to do that. I don’t want to continue in a relationship that might end badly, I would rather have him in my life as a friend and not lose him, he’s a great guy. The next girl to go out with him is going to be really lucky to have him.”

“That’s so brave of you,” she told me, her tone sincere. I almost believed that she cared about me, but I could see the cogs working behind her eyes, trying to think of a way to get away from me and start spreading the news she had just acquired.

I nodded, before giving a small smile at her. “I best get going, I want to be alone for a while, try and get my head around everything.”

“If you ever need me, Stacey, you know where I am.”

I thanked her before walking away from her, keeping my head hunched as I walked away with a small slouch, as though the whole world was on my shoulders. I waited a while before I turned around to look back at Victoria, and sure enough, I saw her whispering urgently to a group of girls in the year below me. I smiled as I turned back around and carried on walking away, trying to decide what to do with myself before I needed to go down to dinner.

Maybe I’ll do my potions homework? I’ve been putting it off for days now and it was due on Monday.

After a few hours sat in the library, I had finally managed to finish my potions homework. I was physically exhausted at having to think so long and hard about the information, that I was basically copying from the textbooks in front of me, hoping that some of it would remain in my head, but I knew not to get my hopes up.

I looked around me as I leant back in my chair, something I had been doing on and off since I had arrived, procrastination had taken its toll on me halfway through my homework and I found myself staring at the bookcases as I thought about how old some of these books actually were? Although, I was feeling too lazy to actually find out the oldest book in the library, maybe another time I will make it my mission to find it.

I looked back in front of me and jumped wildly at seeing that James was sitting in the chair opposite me.

“To what do I owe this pleasure, James?” I asked him as I tried to get my heart to stop beating so fast at being scared by him.

He raised his eyebrows at me before leaning forwards and resting his arms on the table as he looked at me.

“I think we need to have a little talk, don’t you?” he stated and I knew in that moment that my plan had worked, the rumours had gone around the school and James did not seem happy about it one bit. Maybe he did actually listen to them? “There’s something going around the school that I know you have something to do with.”


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The Break Up: The Break Up


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