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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 30 : Best For Last
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‘I heard them, did you my dear? It was her, I know it! And him! I’ve caught them once, I’ll catch them again.’ Came the snivelling voice of one Argus Filch as he hobbled along the corridor, clearly in deep conversation with his beloved mongrel of a cat.




I felt Black tug at my hand and I swiftly looked away from where the voice had come from.




He motioned for me to follow him along the corridor, away from the voice. I nodded silently, showing him that I understood. We began to slowly edge along the corridor, praying that the stench of Filch’s cat alone would save us; that man had the nose of a bloodhound. It was just as I thought we were going to get away, just as we were about to round the corner of the corridor that it had happened, or rather I happened. A loud clap bounced off the walls of the corridor as my leg collided with the knee of a suit of armour. I could not help but squeal in pain, though of course my cry went unheard over the noise of the whole suit of armour falling over with an almighty sound as it hit the stone floor.




All I could do was gape at Black.




We were royally fucked.




So Black did the only thing he could think of.




‘Run!’ he screamed as we both ran for our lives down the corridor away from a screeching Filch and a moaning suit of armour.










I felt, without really realising that I felt it, that in the rush of getting the hell out of there, (no thanks to me) Black had grabbed my hand, pulling me urgently (evidently he had forgotten that my arm was attached to the socket as he pulled me away). If it had been any other situation in which we were not being hunted down by a blood-hungry Filch, Black certainly would not have any balls left if he even tried to attempt such an action, especially after his recent flirtatious manner. But the adrenaline that coursed through my veins accepted Black’s own (surprisingly soft) hand, and grasped it tightly and I allowed him to pull me along as we hurtled down the corridor.




‘You’re going to get me expelled.’ I puffed, I was barely keeping up with him; he had stupidly long legs and seemingly was quite fit.




‘Only if we get caught, now speed up!’ he panted, a boyish smirk as ever upon his features.




He was pulling me along (I really couldn’t run, Black was doing all the work), as though I was some bloody rag doll, though I knew if he didn’t I’d be dead; both literally (by my mother) and figuratively.




We went skidding round a particularly sharp corner into yet another deserted corridor where the only sounds that could be heard was our heavy footsteps and the disgruntled mumbling’s of the portraits who did not seem best pleased to be awoken.




‘Quick! In here.’ Black stated dragging me into an empty classroom and pulling us down behind the door.




He stood like a crouched panther, eagerly looking out of the glass panel in the top of the door, waiting for Filch to come hobbling past. His eyes were wide and alert, and yet he seemed so bloody comfortable and relaxed in this sodding situation that he was almost enjoying it.




‘Do you not think that Filch will look in here?’ I hissed, looking up at him from my crouched position behind the door.




He looked down at me cynically before raising an eyebrow in apparent amusement; clearly my comment was almost worthy of a laugh. Prat.




‘No, he won’t.’ He smirked arrogantly, ‘because we are two floors away from the Gryffindor common room and Filch will believe that I will have run straight there.’




I stumbled on my reply. Had Black just thought of something half intelligent? Had he managed to trick Filch, knowing that the bloody-thirsty caretaker would have judged our escape and estimated our place for refuge would be the Gryffindor common room?




‘You can thank me later Stebbins.’ Black muttered egotistically still peering out of the window.




‘Deflate your ego Black.’ I replied moodily slumping down onto the cold stone floor of the classroom.




‘Did I not just save you from yet another detention and being removed from this school Stebbins?’ He asked in a smarmy rhetorical way.




I simply glared at him. Clearly we were back to our old ways – though I could say this made me feel far more comfortable than his recent flirting had.




‘If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be standing in the middle of the corridor like a deer caught in wandlight.’ He continued in that sickening smug tone of his.




I remained silent; my words would only inflate his ego to maximum potential.




‘So I believe a thank you is order.’




I looked up to find him no longer looking out the window, but rather staring at me intently, waiting for the sodding thanks.




‘Fine,’ I said moodily lifting myself up so that I was at his level, ‘thank you.’




‘There, that wasn’t that hard was it Stebbins?’ He gloated.




I opened my mouth to begin to shout at him, but before the words could reach the tip of my tongue his large hand had covered my mouth. I glared at him, asking him with my eyes what the hell he was doing. He simply pointed to the window as a shadow passed over us. I muted any comeback instantly and he slowly removed his hand from my mouth.




‘Come on.’ He whispered as the shadow passed and he pulled me out of the classroom and back the way we had just come, slipping through a secret staircase in the process that led us to the fifth floor.




‘We’re going completely the wrong way for you to get back to your common room.’ I noted as he continued to pull me along.




‘I’ll take you back to your common room.’ He muttered turning to look at me.




‘I mean, you know, else Filch would probably catch me.’ He said rubbing the back of his neck as he mumbled his lie.




‘I, yeah.’ I whispered, staring at him, and I was surprised to find that he too was now looking at me, I brushed off his stare uneasily, remembering what had happened prior to Filch’s sudden appearance in that corridor.




But still Black kept looking at me.




There we stood in the middle of the deserted corridor; Black looking at me in that same strange way he had that night when I had caught him with Isla. It was only now that we were alone in this silent corridor that I realised how loudly we were both breathing, our chest’s rising and falling in sync with one another as we tried to regain some control over our erratic panting.




I could not help but be drawn by his enigmatic grey eyes that sparkled in the dim light of the moonlit hall; he slowly raised a hand and tenderly brushed a stray piece of my dirty-blonde hair from my face. I shivered at the feel of his touch and he looked at me questioningly. All I could do was look at him, screaming at him with my eyes at how strange such an interaction was between the two of us. His finger followed an invisible line down my cheek and his touch felt so warm and welcoming against the cold night.




He slowly stepped closer to me, never breaking eye contact, and I suddenly noticed how tall he was, he stood towering over me, continuing to stare at me in a way no one had ever done. I simulated his previous actions and brushed a roaming piece of his ebony locks away from his chiselled face, I heard his breath hitch in his throat at my action and my fingers shook as I followed the lines of his face. He turned his cheek into my hand and closed his eyes momentarily; it shocked me to see him so weak at my simple touch.




He slowly ran his hand down the inside of my left arm, and goosebumps erupted across my skin that had nothing to do with the temperature of the corridor. His hands reached my wrist and he opened the palm of my hand and began to trace invisible patterns onto the palm of my hand. His other hand tentatively touched the tresses of my wavy blond hair and he slowly began to play with it.




My brain was crying out for me to get the hell out there, but his touch was so intoxicating that I was frozen there, immobilised. I was not sure whether he knew the effect that he was having on me, his usual smirk had long disappeared and he was frowning slightly at the close interaction. My lips quivered as his hand found the base of my neck, sending shivers down to the base of my spine, as though a thousand volts had just passed through my body. He smiled tenderly noticing my little action as his hand left my palm to wrap itself into the mess that was my hair.




He moved, if possible, closer, so that our bodies were firmly pressed against each other. My own breath caught at such close contact with a boy who had spent his years at Hogwarts taunting me. And yet I enjoyed the feel of his body pressed so close to my own, as though the magnets of the earth had pulled us together. I ran my hand through his shining hair, having to stand slightly on the tips of my toes to reach so high, I heard him chuckle ever so softly at my little action. He moved the hand that was resting on my neck, and dragged it slowly down my spine, to my lower back, so that I was inescapably close to him, whilst his other hand rested its palm onto my burning cheek.




‘Callie,’ Was all he whispered.




I stood there shocked, the sincerity of his voice caused me to choke on any reply that I could muster. It was the first time in all the years that I had known him that he had ever called me by my first name, let alone the first time he had used my nickname.




And then, as though in slow motion, he closed the gap between us, his eyes firmly on my trembling lips; his right hand remained firmly on my left-cheek as he planted a tender kiss on my lips. Our bodies melted into one at the heat of such an interaction, and I wound my hand into his locks, enjoying the feeling of his body next to mine.




The kiss quickly changed from tender to desperate, as though we feared that it would be cut short by some horrendous twist of fate. But fate never did intercede and his kiss became more passionate as his fingers trailed the outline of my hips. My hands found the front of his robes and I gripped them tightly in fear that the kiss would end and I would tumble to the floor.




And the worst of it all was not his passionate kiss, nor his tenderness, nor even the fact that it was the best, most intense kiss that I’d ever had, it was the fact that I was succumbing to his power, willingly, enjoying every moment for what it was. My body was reacting instantly to his, I felt myself nip at his bottom lip eagerly as I arched by body further into his. He in turn let out a low growl of what I could only suppose was lust, and his kiss became, if possible, more intense at my little movement.




But suddenly my mind was free from his prowess, no longer able to ignore the nagging feeling in the back of my mind. One name came to my mind like a thousand piercing needles, popping the bubble of Sirius and I; Isla. And Isla was the only thing that I could think. Isla my baby sister; the girl who cared for me and always protected me. And yet here I was kissing a boy who despised me and taunted me, and more importantly was my sister’s ex.




I pulled my lips away from him quickly as though I had been burnt by his touch, but he still had a tight hold of the rest of my body. He looked down at me confused, even a little hurt by my abrupt movement, I tried desperately to wriggle free but he simply kept hold of me.




‘What?’ He asked, and I could hear the emotion in his voice.




‘I’ve got to go,’ I breathed finally pulling free of his tight grasp.




‘Callie.’ He whispered before bringing my swollen lips to his own in one last sweet and tender kiss.




He released my lips after only a moment and allowed me to stumble back the way we had come. I felt tears began to swell in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall. My mind was spinning with a thousand questions and it took me everything to put one foot in front of the other. Half of my mind wanted to run back to Black, whilst the other, more sensible part, told me to run as far away as possible.




I was no Gryffindor, I was not brave or courageous or loyal, I was a Ravenclaw, the only thing I had were my brains, and it told me to run. And that’s exactly what I did.




Wait, do you see my heart on my sleeve?

It’s been there for days on end and it’s been waiting for you to open up

Best For Last – Adele



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Notion.: Best For Last


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