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Sudden Blessings by harrypottaaaa
Chapter 5 : Flashbacks
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There was a small boy standing guard outside the Hufflepuff common room, probably some first year that had been bribed for a firewhiskey.  He squeakingly asked the girls for their names before performing a charm on the door and admitting them inside.  From the outside, without the charm, you couldn’t tell there was a party so no one ever got caught.  As soon as the boy had twirled his wand, the girls stepped inside the common room to catcalls coming their way. 

Lucy smiled and quickly detached from the group to a small huddle that had some of her other friends.  Looking around, Hermione sighed in relief as she saw her other friends making their way over to the girls.  Luna and Neville quickly took off for the dance floor and Ginny put her arm around Harry’s waist, pulling him close and whispering in his ear.  Hermione decided she definitely didn’t want to know what the feisty redhead was saying and walked over to Ron, Seamus, Parvarti, Patil, and Dean.

Ron and Seamus took turns enveloping Hermione into huge bear hugs before Dean extended a firewhiskey towards her.  She happily accepted the offering and was about to put the bottle to her lips when she remembered her situation.  Slowly lowing the bottle, she passed it off to Ron, claiming she wasn’t in the mood.

“Oh Hermione, back to the goody two shoes act again?  Thought you gave up after the war!  You don’t have to impress us you know, we’ve all already seen you drunk!”  Ron teased.   “Oh shut up, Ronald!  For your information, I’d like to enjoy tonight AND remember it tomorrow!”  Hermione retaliated, laughing nervously.  Ron grinned and took a big gulp before making a face as the bitter liquid traveled down her throat.

Hermione smiled to herself, deciding she could have fun and not think about her little problem for a bit.  She just couldn’t drink, and that really wasn’t too hard for her.  Suddenly, Patil and Parvarti started giggling and Seamus sat up a bit straighter, defensive.  Hermione felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see a gorgeous, tall seventh year smiling at her and she felt herself blush.

“Care for a dance, love?”  He asked, flashing a smile at her.  She accepted his hand and he led her over to the dance floor, ignoring her friends’ whistles and calls.  She let herself get overtaken by the fast music and succumbed to the beat.  Hermione spent about two hours on the dance floor with the dark haired boy, whom she learned was a Ravenclaw named Thomas.  She sat down, exhausted on a couch that had been discarded on the side.  Panting, she accepted a water from a first year who’d also been bribed to serve drinks all night. 

She wiped sweat from her forehead and scanned the room for what felt like the millionth time that evening, not sure what she was looking for.  She saw a flash of white blond hair walk by and she shot up, forgetting her exhaustion.  When she reached him, she realized it wasn’t who she thought it was and returned to her seat, suddenly realizing who she’d been searching for.  But why?  She wondered.  She had been looking for Draco Malfoy.

At the end of the night, Hermione made her way back to her common room alone, heels in her right hand, hair messy and makeup smudged.  Ginny had been seen sneaking up to the boys dorms with Harry and Hermione guessed that’s where Luna was now too.  She unlocked her dorm room and saw Lucy already in there.  It looked like the petite girl had been too exhausted (or drunk) to remove her shoes or dress, but had just collapsed on her bed. 

Hermione smiled and shook her head before taking a knee and beginning to take off Lucy’s stilettos.  She dragged the girl farther up her bed before tucking her under the blankets and shutting the curtains.  Feeling her way to the bathroom, Hermione began to remove evidence of the night.  She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor before yanking a brush through her now tangled hair.  She wiped the makeup off her face and stepped into the shower, finally allowing herself to think.

As the water washed over her head, Hermione couldn’t help but place her hands on her barely rounded abdomen.   Tomorrow, they’d go to Hogsmeade and she’d find out for sure if she was about to be a mother.  To Draco Malfoy’s baby, she finally admitted to herself.  She stepped out of the shower and donned her dressing robe, going back to her dorm room with a towel wrapped around her light brown hair.  When she got there, she threw on a nightdress and let her hair down before collapsing in bed.  She couldn’t deny that things had been changing between her and Draco.  What were they now?  Friends?  It was all so confusing.  But that night, for the first time since it happened, she let herself remember that night.  The night with Draco. 

Hermione had been in the Three Broomsticks, nursing a beer.  She couldn’t remember how many she’d had that night, but she didn’t care.  The war had ended a few weeks ago and everyone’s emotions were raw.  Most people were happy but some that were involved in the war were a bit scarred.  She looked around for a familiar face and, seeing none, sighed and felt a tear slide down her cheek.  Suddenly a voice drawled out from beside her, “You alright there Granger?” and saw a tissue being extended to her.  She took it gratefully before looking up at the tall man she had once hated and offered him a shaky smile.

Draco was looking down at her, clearly concerned but clearly much more drunk than she.  Toward the end of the war, he had switched sides and told all Voldemort’s secrets to the Order.  Most people still considered him a traitor, when in reality, he was a scared teenager who didn’t know what to do.  But he had chosen good in the end.

Hermione couldn’t help letting a sob escape as she thought of the war again.  So much had happened and she didn’t know how anything could be the same again.  She grabbed on to Draco and began sobbing.

Draco was surprised but didn’t pull away.  He let himself wrap his arms around the small girl and murmur sweet nothings with his lips pressed into the top of her head.  “Shhh, it’s okay..  it’s all going to be okay love.  It’s over.”  He murmured quietly.  Hermione wasn’t sure what had possessed her to hug him but she didn’t care at the moment, she just wanted to be held.  He wouldn’t admit it, but Draco needed the same thing.

Hermione’s head was spinning; from the alcohol or Draco, she still didn’t know and new tears were forming in her eyes.  He looked down at her upset face and whispered, “Wanna get out of here?”  She nodded and Draco lifted her in his arms, stumbling as the room span, and held her all the way to the fireplace where he floo’d straight to his room in the manor.  Hermione relaxed now that she was out of the public eye and felt herself begin to sob more.  

Draco wiped her eye, and she looked up, meeting his silvery blue ones.  Neither person knew who closed the distance between them but suddenly his lips were on hers.  It started gently but their need increased and so did the ferocity of the kiss.  Her lips were on fire and she quickly deepened the kiss even more, reaching her hands up to wrap around his neck.  He happily reciprocated, putting his hands near her waist and began to lay her down, slipping his hands under her shirt.  Hermione wasn’t thinking, only feeling.  And this felt right.  She fumbled with his belt buckle before pushing his jeans and boxers down, and then ridding him of his shirt.  

Desperate now and wanting to catch up, Draco ripped her shirt off and pulled off the rest of her clothes, throwing them various places.  She kicked off her shoes and heard them hit something with a clang.  “Oh shit sorry,” she giggled, not really caring.  She felt him smile against her lips and she arched her back against his cold sheets.  He took care, stroking her curves lovingly.  She was the most gorgeous woman he’d been with, even his drunk mind knew that.  She met his eyes again and smiled.  He took the opportunity to move his lips to her neck, kissing down her body before their intertwined bodies twisted and he was lying atop her.  She gasped and wriggled at the unfamiliar feeling but quickly got used to it and moaned softly, begging for more.  Draco marveled at her pink lips quietly saying his name and found himself taken with this strange, beautiful girl.

Draco could hear her rhythmic breathing and was sure his heart would beat right out of his chest.  “Don’t stop…” she whispered against his skin. He was gentle and careful with her and she ran her nails through his hair.  Still smiling, Hermione rolled on top of him  and leaned down to kiss him again.  Draco smiled to himself as Hermione traced her fingertips over his chest, listening to their combined moaning and desire.  Eventually, they were both spent and they collapsed into each others arms.

Hermione was first to wake up the next morning, growling at the pounding headache she knew she’d face.  She was suddenly very aware of someone’s arms wrapped around her and the night’s events came flooding back to her.  Jumping up quickly, she gathered her clothes and floo’d back home.  What on earth had she just done?  It was amazing but she knew she’d regret it.

Returning to the present, Hermione smiled and shut off her light, quickly falling asleep.

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