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Object of Their Affections by ReignLee
Chapter 42 : Always Be Mine
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“Rosevine? What happened?” McGonagall asked striding through the hall to her place against the wall with Remus. 


“I’m sorry, Professor.  I’m so sorry,” she sobbed.


“Are you alright?” she asked in concern.


“No, but I will be.”


“Do you need Madame Pomfrey?”


“I’ll heal soon enough on my own,” Rose sighed.


“Well, then let’s go into my office and speak more privately.   You never know who is listening down here.”


“Her cover is blown, Minerva.  There is no secret left to protect,” Remus sighed.  “She can never go back there.”


“Even still, I would much rather we have this conversation in my office,” she said leading the way up the private staircase.  Rosevine followed the Headmistress hesitantly, Remus never leaving her side as she staggered up the stairs.  “Now, tell me what happened,” she continued as Remus and Rosevine took their seats across from her.


“I met Voldemort.”  Remus’ head snapped to look at her, and she knew in that moment that he hadn’t seen everything that transpired in the Manor.  Like the other Death Eater’s in the house he had probably heard her power crash into the Manor walls.  McGonagall nodded through her surprise, signaling Rosevine to keep going.  “Malfoy said he needed to approve of our union, even though I was not to become a Death Eater.  He had to approve of my heritage for breeding with Malfoy.”  Rosevine paused as both the Professor’s closed their eyes, appalled.   “He knew about my mother.  He knew she was an Elemental.  He-he’s the one who killed her.  I never got to ask why he let me stay free.  He used the Cruciatus Curse on me to see if my power would protect my body, and it did.  By the time I got to my feet, every one of the Death Eaters in the room was out cold.  If Remus hadn’t been keeping an eye on the place, I would probably be dead by now.”


“He would want you alive, Rosevine.  Even if you refused to fight for him.  He had to approve your marriage to Draco Malfoy?  What better heritage is there than someone who can breed elemental children to be raised by his followers?” McGonagall said, voicing the thought Rose had been silencing all night.


Rosevine kept to herself in a private room for the remainder of the Christmas Break.  Harry, Ron, and Hermione had stayed back like they usually did.  Despite the change of circumstances Rose wasn’t ready to see Harry.  She wasn’t completely ready to let go of her mission.  She couldn’t help but feel like maybe she could regain Malfoy’s trust, even though she knew deep down it was futile.  If he didn’t already suspect she was a member of the Order, he would now.  How else would he explain her escape from Malfoy Manor? 


As the students returned to Hogwarts, Rose started to venture out of her room more.  She didn’t know where she belonged at this point, only that she could no longer sit at the Slytherin table.  The rest of the school hated her, especially the Gryffindors.  Rosevine wandered the halls of Hogwarts, not really knowing where she was going.  Students glared as she passed, but she knew it was only a matter of time before the entire school knew of her mission.  And her failure.  Before long, she found herself wandering the seventh floor corridor she had so avidly avoided before the break.  The memory of Harry carrying her through the halls of this place was still so freshly engrained in her that it took her breath away momentarily.  She sat on the floor with her back to the wall, the bottom of the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy attempting to teach trolls ballet skimming her neck.


 “Rose?” a familiar voice said coming out of the Room of Requirements. 


“Hi Harry,” Rose sighed sadly, knowing she couldn’t evade him this time.  Sensing her resignation, Harry took a seat next to her on the floor, allowing just enough space so that the two weren’t touching. 


“We have to talk about this,” he said softly.


“No. We don’t. Really Harry.  We can just leave this and forget about it,” Rose answered.


“Is that what you want?” Harry asked sadly.


“It’s not about what I want.”


“It can be.  It is your life now Rose.  Take it back.  Don’t let what happened with him stop you  from being happy,” Harry encouraged, placing his hand on top of hers as Rosevine shook her head sadly.  “Rosevine, what happened between us, it was….” Harry started.


“Please Potter, do continue.” Rose stood quickly and turned her head to face the worst scenario, his white blond hair standing out in the darkness as he emerged from the shadows of the hallway. 


“Draco, it’s not,” she pleaded.


“It was what Potter?”


“Amazing,” Harry responded to Rose’s horror.  Without any hesitation, Malfoy crossed the distance between the two men and punched Harry on the nose. 


“I would have cursed you, but I’d rather kill you with my bare hands.  I want to feel the life leave you.  Do you understand me?” he asked in a calm, detached voice that frightened Rose more than his anger would have.


“Draco, please,” Rose pleaded.


“Quiet Rosevine.  I’ll deal with you later.”  Turning back to Harry, he approached him where he was trying to heal his nose.  “Don’t bother Potter.  A broken nose will be the least of your problems when I’m done with you.”


“Draco,” Rose said grabbing onto his arm.  “Stop this.  I’m not yours to fight over.”


 “You don’t get it do you?  You will always be mine,” he said pushing Rosevine off him.  She slid across the stone floor on her side, Harry hurrying over to her to be sure she was unharmed.


“I’m fine,” Rosevine said shaking him off in defiance.


“I take it Voldemort approved our marriage,” she asked with a mock laugh.


“Of course he did,” he laughed dryly.  “He needs that blood in your veins.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you shagged Potter.  What’s one more lie to you?”


“What was I supposed to do?  Tell you I’m an Elemental?”


“You were supposed to love me, but that was all a lie too.”


“Of course it was,” Rose said, lying to herself.  “How could I ever love someone like you?”


“Love me or not, you belong to me.  Just you wait until the Dark Lord gets his hands on you,” Draco said turning on his heel and leaving Harry and Rosevine alone in the corridor. 


“How dare you tell him?!  Maybe I could have still made this mission work!”


“Rosevine, you’ve got to be kidding.  It’s far too dangerous for you now.  McGonagall will never allow it.”


“It’s not her decision to make Harry.  Like you said, it’s my life.”

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