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The Alternative by SlightObsession
Chapter 3 : What's going on?
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 a/n: This hasn't been beta-ed but it will be soon. I promise <3



The pair walked out into the busy street,

‘’where are we going Granger?’’

‘’Harry,  take my arm as im guessing you don’t know  where Harry lives.’’

‘’Obviously not.’’ Draco rolled his eyes.

‘’You’re still the same git.’’ Hermione said under her breath.

‘’What?’’ Draco snapped.

‘’I said you’re still the same git. You haven’t changed one bit.’’ She looked up at him, glaring.

Draco scoffed, ‘’oh I have. I just don’t want to show that side to some people. Are we going or what?’’ he raised an eyebrow.

Hermione sighed and closed her eyes, thinking of Harry and Ginny’s house in Godric’s Hollow. She imagined their bright red front door with the silver knocker, and how the house was identical to the one his parents had before they were brutally murdered.

She felt the familiar pull and queasy –ness. At first, she didn’t like it, but she quickly adjusted it.

She opened her eyes and looked up, they have arrived; she looked to her right and Draco already looked bored.

‘’Let me do all the explaining. Okay?’’

‘’You would of anyway Granger.’’ He smirked.

 ‘’ Hermione shook her head and hit the knocker three times on the door and waited. She looked around, the place seemed different, something was missing.

She looked back at the door as she heard it click open, and smiled as she saw her best friend.

‘’Um…Hello?’’ Harry looked at them, puzzled.

‘’Harry, can we come in a minute, we need to speak to you about something.’’

‘’Um…’’ Harry shook his head, ‘’sorry, who are you?’’ he furrowed his eyebrows.

‘’Harry…what do you mean?’’ Hermione’s eyes  scanned him, looking for anything different when she saw it, ‘’Harry, where’s your scar?’’ Her breath started to get erratic again.

‘’who is this? Who are you?’’ Harry spoke to Draco.

Draco looked at Harry, never once had he been social with Harry. He looked at Harry, puzzled.

‘’I’m…Draco Malfoy. This is...Hermione Granger.’’ Her name felt weird to come of his tongue, but yet, felt strangely familiar. 

‘’Oh, you were in my year at Hogwarts, weren’t you?’’  Harry smiled smally.

‘’Uh…yes, so was Granger.’’ He nodded towards Hermione who was now doubled over, hands on knees trying to get her breath back.

‘’Is she okay?’’ Harry looked at Hermione, concerned.

Draco looked at Hermione and shook his head, ‘’I don’t think so.’’ He frowned

‘’Bring her in, its kinda’ cold.’’ Harry opened the door wider, letting Draco escort a now pale Hermione in.

He didn’t take care to look around at Harry’s house, so he just awkwardly sat Hermione down.

Harry came back in with a glass of water and set it on the table and sat on the sofa that was opposite the one Hermione and Draco occupied.

‘’Hermi…Herm…Herm’’ he shook his head and looked at Draco.

‘’Hermione.’’ Draco said.

‘’Hermione, are…are you okay?’’ he furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Hermione, trying to catch her eye.

‘’Harry, what’s happening?’’ Hermione looked up, she finally caught her breath back.

‘’Im…sorry. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you should start from the beginning. From the very start, of what you can remember.’’

Hermione shook her head, ‘’um, okay.’’ She took a deep breath. ‘’it’s quite a long story, so do you mind if I cut is short and ask questions after?’’ Harry shook his head, ‘’okay. So, when  you was a baby, a man called  Voldemort killed your parents  and tried to kill you because of this prophecy about a person being born at the end of July would kill him. So he went to kill you but he couldn’t, he used THE spell and left a scar on your forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt. Dumbledore sent you to live with your uncle and aunt-the Dursleys. Up until the age of 11 you didn’t know who you were, a wizard. Then on your birthday you found out via Hagrid. He took you and on the train you became best friends with Ron. In that year, Voldemort came back while living on a professor’s head. He wanted the Philosophers stone so Voldemort could live again. But you managed to destroy him as he couldn’t touch you.

In second year, something weird was going on. It was the chamber of Secrets. You found out  you could talk Parsletounge. Muggleborns were being petrified, some even wished them dead.’’ Hermione chanced a sideways glace at the tall man sitting some distance away from her. ‘’We found out that moaning myrtle was the muggleborn that died when it had happened 50 years prior, that only the prince of Slytherin, a distance relative of Salthazar himself could open it. Personally, you thought it was Malfoy; so you took polyjuice potion and crept in the Slytherin common room as crabbe and goyle and tried to get information out of Malfoy to see if he knew it was him.’’ She saw his head snap towards her but brushed it off. ‘’turns out, it was this diary that you had found, Lucius Malfoy had sneaked it into Ginny’s book’s when she was buying them at the start of the year. Myrtle died in the loo, and while I was  petrified, you managed to found out where the chamber was, rescue Ginny and destroy Voldemort ann. d the diary once again.

 In third year, we found out this person, Sirius Black was one of the people involved on the night of your parents death. You were told to believe that he was your parents secret keeper against Voldemort, and that he rattled you out. Then on the night of your parents death, it was believed he also killed your dad’s friend, Peter Pettigrew. That year, Fred and George gave you the Marauders map, so you could get to Hogesmead as your uncle didn’t sign the form. That year we also had a new DADA teacher, Lupin. At the end of the year, you found out the truth. Sirius was your dad’s best friend, as was Lupin and Pettigrew. Turns out your parents changed their minds and put Pettigrew as their secret keeper, he gave your parents location up, thus getting them killed. Lupin was a werewolf and Sirius had spent 12 years in Azkaban for nothing as Peter turned out to be Ron’s rat. The dementors were told to kill him, and he was sent to one of the towers. Me and you had to use the time turner to go and save him using Hagrid’s hippogriff. He got saved, all was well.

Fourth year was the year of the triwizard tournament. There were two champions from Hogwarts, you and Cedric Diggory. The challenges were tough. Mad Eye Moody was the new DADA teacher, but it turns out he was actually Barty Crouch Jr, the same Barty crouch who was a death eater and the same person who made the dark mark in the sky when we went to the  quidditch world cup. In the last challenge, you and Cedric were in a tie and decided to get the cup together. As you touched it, it sent you to the graveyard in which Voldemorts parents were buried. He killed Cedric and tried to kill you, but as your wands have the same core, they could not be used to kill the owner of the twin wand. That night, you saw your parents and Cedric as they were the last people Voldemort killed and you managed to get away again.

 Fifth year…’’ Hermione took a deep breath, ‘’ was the year you were mentally connected to Voldemort. He kept putting thing’s into your head. You even saved Arthur-Mr Weasley’s life. You saw him being hurt and it saved him. Towards the end of the year, you saw Sirius hurt. Dumbledore was away so you decided to save himself, so me, Ron, Luna, Neville and Ginny went to the department of Mystery’s with you. We managed to get but there were death eaters and they surrounded us. We got hurt, Ron got damaged by this brain thing.  They were searching for the prophecy. We then managed to get into this other room and we were duelling with the death eaters. Sirius was fine but he was duelling with Bellatrix, his aunt and you were duelling with Lucius. He was helping you and duelling Bellatrix at the same time, but he was distracted. Bellatrix took this opportunity and sent the killing curse at him, hitting him and he fell through the veil. He died.’’ Hermione closed her eyes.

She took another deep breath, ‘’6th year, you found out about Horcruxes. They are objects in which a person splits their soul and put’s it into this object, hiding it, thus making them unable of being killed. That year was dreadful. We thought something was going on with Voldemort, he was recruiting new death eaters-certain…people.’’ Hermione tried her best not to look at Draco but saw Harry’s eyes flick towards him and back. ‘’You went with Dumbledore and tried to get the locket. You had to feed him this…this  poison of some sort to get to the locket but it was destroying him from the inside-out. When you got back, you went to the astronomy tower-these were his final moments. Dumbledore knew what was going to happen so  he told you to hide, so you did. You watched as someone.’’ Hermione felt uncomfortable sitting next to Draco, so she shuffled closer to the arm of the chair. She saw Harry nod ever so smally towards Draco, and she nodded ever so slightly, ‘’that person…he didn’t have a choice.’’ She felt Draco stiffen, ‘’that person was ordered to kill Dumbledore but he couldn’t, so Snape…Snape done it. He killed Dumbledore.’’

‘’in our last year of Hogwarts, we decided not to go, so we went for our search for Horcruxes. Dumbledore gave you a mission to destroy them using the sword of Gryffindor. We went for months in our little tent, at one point Ron left us, but he came back. He came back. We also found about the deathly hallows. We knew one existed-your dad’s invisibility cloak.’’ She smiled softly, ‘’in the end, we only had two left, the snake and the diadem. Many…many people died. We saw Snape die because he was the owner of the elder wand, when in fact, it never belonged to him, it was Malfoy’s, then, yours. Snape…he needed you to see something. In this memory, you found out you were an accidental horcrux and that Snape was in love with your mother.  You gave yourself up and you found out the snitch Dumbledore had given you, conained the final hallow, the resurrection stone. That night, you saw your parents, Sirius and Lupin again. You went to Voldemort and he sent the curse at you; but you didn’t die. You had a choice, you told me you had a choice and you came back and Narcissa helped you. The soul inside you was gone.  Voldemort asked her if you were dead, and she said yes. She knew you were alive.

You were carried back by Hagrid, everyone…we thought you were dead.’’ Hermione closed her eyes as she felt a familiar sting. ‘’You got up and you managed to escape, we escaped. There was a massive battle but it soon ended and it was down to you and him. We went into the great hall and saw many of our friends…dead. Remus, Tonks…Fred. They all died and more.  The final battle between him and you took place there, but his wand…the elder wand never belonged to him, so it wouldn’t destroy its true owner. You.

You killed him, Tom Riddle died.

You were going to marry Ginny in two week’s time. You were head auror and Ron was your second, me and him…had been together since the war but he broke up with me as he was being sent to America for a year on a mission, and now…im here.’’

Hermione released a breath. She hadn’t realised she had spoken for so long, she looked up at Harry.

‘’Sorry…this is all too much. All those names…the names you mentioned dead, they’re not dead!’’ Harry furrowed his eyebrows.

‘’What…what do you mean?’’ Hermione gasped.

‘’Those things, all of that…that never happened. Who…who is Voldemort?’’

Draco coughed slightly, ‘’he was a dark wizard who wanted to get rid of all muggles and muggleborns. He only wanted pure blood wizards to rule the world.’’

‘’You believe her?’’ Harry asked Draco.

‘’Yes, I was there. For all  of it, just…on the other side.’’ He shuffled around in his seat.

‘’How do I know you’re not lying?’’ Harry asked.

‘’How do you want us to prove it? We’re confused Harry. I was your best friend, I don’t know what happened here but-‘’ Hermione was cut off by a letter appearing out of the air and landing on her lap.

‘’You have chosen the chosen one. Clever. Now only he is allowed to remember, but you have to make him. No one else must know. But this is your challenge, your game. He may help you, but not he can answer the clues.

Congratulations on already passing the next clue.

Wait for the next letter.’’ Hermione read out.

‘’What does that mean?’’ Harry asked.

‘’It means…you will remember, but we cannot tell anyone else. Please, Harry, help us.’’

Harry frowned, ‘’tomorrow. Come here tomorrow at midday and I will tell you my story. I will think over what you have told me.’’ Harry nodded.

‘’Okay. Bye then, Harry.’’

‘’Bye Hermione, uh…Malfoy.’’

Draco nodded and put his hand on Hermione’s shoulder as they apparated away. 

‘’Why did we have to choose him? You could of asked.’’ Draco moaned as he walked down the steps that were outside Hermione’s flat.

‘’I didn’t know what was going to happen! At least he has sense and its not someone like Blaize or Pansy.’’ Hermione rolled her eyes.

‘’Whatever, the sooner we find out what’s going on. The better.’’ Draco ruffled his hair. ‘’I’ll be here for 11.45, so I can’t spend minimal time with you.’’




A/N: Credit goes to JK for the events through year 1-7 :p

What do you guys think? eh? eh? 

SlightObsession xx


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The Alternative: What's going on?


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