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Even A Ravenclaw Makes Mistakes by u_got_RavenCLAWED
Chapter 3 : The Joys of Fanciness and Complicated Everything
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A/N- Okay,mentioning the disclaimer every single chapter is making my thumbs cramp. I'm serious, my thumbs were convulsing this morning, and, quite frankly, it was freaking me out. So... I don't own Harry Potter, only the plot and my OCs. Onto the chapter...

Burgundy's POV ('cause it keeps things interesting)

I arrived at the ball early, slipping into the already large crowd. Ugh. I felt nauseous. My claustrophobia was setting in.

At the punch table, there were less people. Ah, why did I even bother to come? Oh, right, the plan...

I had revised my old plan, so that I could continue... Okay, that sounded creepy.

Drinking my punch, I watched everyone else, and took in the sight of all of the decorations. The Great Hall had been decorated to look like it did outside (shades of pale blue and white with icicles everywhere) and the ceiling was putting a light sprinkle of snow on everyone's head, making them look like they had really bad dandruff.

I has just finished my punch, when Alexandria came through the main door. She looked dazzling, in a dark blue dress that just almost swept the floor, and had a slit up the side that came to her knee. The top part was strapless and shaped like a heart, and the dress made her look pretty curvy. It also emphasized her long arms...

One of which was looped through someone else's...

That someone else happened to be Draco Malfoy, the idiot that I had despised ever since we had met.

Someone cleared their throat really loudly, distracting me from my thoughts. I looked around for the source of the sound, and found Dumbledore where the Heads Table usually was (it was modified into a stage, or something like that) announcing something.

"Good evening, and welcome to the Yule Ball. I hope that you have an excellent time, and please, do not add anything to the punch, thank you... Oh yes, more thing. The opening dance will consist of the four Triwizard Tournament contestants!"

With that, he left the stage, and the four students and their dates started dancing as a song came on.

I started walking towards Alexandria and found Malfoy with his eyes almost falling out of his head. I followed his line of sight, and it lead to that Gryffindor, Hermione Granger. I, personally had noting against her, seeing as we never had the chance to interact, but I, being the logical one, saw what was going on.

First, he steals my girl, then he goes and crushes on another?! Dude, you can't have your cake and eat it too! Wait, this was a good thing... *evil face*

I finished making my way towards Alexandria and took her arm, asking if she wanted to get some punch and go sit down. She agreed, so we sat down at a table near the dance floor, each holding a goblet of punch (which I had spiked earlier. Hey, it was before Dumbledore said not to!)

"It's nice how they decorated the hall. I love the snow, don't you?" She asked, gazing out at the (now gigantic) crowd of people.

"It is nice. Did you know that every snowflake is different?"


"Yeah, and magnificent. Almost as-"

Just then, Malfoy decided to come and interrupt me. I was just getting to the good part!

"Would you like to dance?" he asked, holding out his hand.Ugh, why so cheesy? I could almost smell it!

She took it and they went to the dance floor, leaving me all alone, with only my spiked punch to keep my company...

After Alexandria and that idiotic fool, Malfoy, came bank, I decided that I had to talk to her (Like actually talk, not just flirt.).

"Hey, Alexa," I said, using my nickname for her. " Are you going to be going out with Malfoy after this?"

"I dunno." she replied. "I guess I'll have to see how this turns out."

And that was when it hit me. Huzzah. Boom. My moment of... Oh, you get it.

I kissed her quickly on the mouth, before saying bye and going to talk with a few acquaintances. I even threw a wink at her before I left. Take that Malfoy. Me, one. Malfoy, zero.

Alexandria's POV

Uh... Whoa, bro, why do my lips feel all warm and tingly? And why have I seemingly forgotten how to speak?

And then Draco decidedto so graciously join me.

"What the crap?! Did he just kiss you?!?"

"Uh,yeah, apparently so." I made a disgusted face, so as not to worry him, when, in fact, he probably should have been. I kinda liked that kiss...

-Yo,snap out of it, he's your best friend!-

-Apparently not. He just snogged you,and you liked it.-

-Shut up! Why does it have to be me with the snarky conscience?-

-Hey, I'm not snarky! I'm just you in an awesomer form.-

-Oh, no! The voices are gonna come back!-

-*high pitched scream* Eek! No! They'll ruin my glorious plans!-

-Why do you have plans, and why don't I know of them?-

-Because they involve you, Sherlock.-

-Yeah, that's what I thought.-

The rest of the ball was as generally boring and uneventful as Binns, meaning the boredom almost took over and made me pass out. Again. (Yeah, I've done it before, don't think I won't again.)

To top it off, I didn't see Burgundy again, which was probably a good thing, seeing as I would have most likely snogged him half to death, and that wouldn't make many people happy (ie. Draco, various passersby,ect.).

Back in the common room, I flopped down on the windowsill, and passed out.

I woke up with a headache and no memory as to how I got there. Slowly, it all came back to me, from the kiss to falling asleep on the windowsill... Which I was not on. I couldn't use my superior intellect to solve the mystery of whodunit because of the hangover, most certainly caused by Burgundy and his love for breaking rules. He spiked the punch, and he kissed me while I was on a date with someone else. Then that someone else got jealous of him and attempted to knock his lights out.

Unfortunately, Burgundy was a master of four types of martial arts and an avid street fighter (don't ask). Yeah, you can tell how that went. Draco came out with a black eye, a split lip, and a dislocated shoulder (again, don't ask). He ended up having a week's detention and a night in the hospital wing.

And since the night went okay, I was going out with him, I think.

I rolled out of bed, still perplexed as to how I got there, and threw on a uniform. As I brushed my hair the others woke up, one by one.

Luna and Cho were putting on makeup and seemed to be really tired from the night before.

"Hey, last night I fell asleep on the windowsill, but I woke up in my bed. How'd that happen?" I asked, tugging on a tangle that seemed to have a mind of its own- and hate me.

"Oh."Cho yawned."Alexander came up with you on his arms and put you there. It looked really sweet."

"How did he get in the dorm?"

"Luna let him in."

"I couldn't refuse him."Luna said, smiling. "He was carrying you in his arms, and you looked so peaceful."

"Say what?"

"Yeah and your head was on his shoulder and you had this little smile on your face." Luna said in her usual dreamy voice.

I fake vomited into an invisible paper sack. Eww... That was a bit my tastes.

I decided to go to the hospital wing before breakfast to check on Draco.

Madame Pomfrey was just letting him leave when I got there. I left with him and we talked all the way to the Great Hall.

"So, are we still going out?" I asked, unsure of what his answer would be.

"Sure, as long as you don't let that Alexander guy kiss you anymore. That guy is ridiculous."

"Okay," I said. We were at the entrance so we went to our separate house tables.

I sat down at the Ravenclaw table and started piling my plate with food, avoiding the eggs.

"So,"Cho asked. "How was the walk?" she nodded towards the Slytherin table.

"Umm... We're going out now, if that's what you mean."

Amd then she screeched.

I wouldn't have been surprised if Merlin himself heard that.

And that was how breakfast went. Nice story, huh? Didn't think so.

After breakfast, I had Herbology (yes, the dreaded first period on Friday), the only class that I didn't have with the Slytherins.

"Today, class, we will be planting various meat eating plants." She went on with the details and I just sat there, sucking on a sugar quill.

"Hey, Alexa,"Burgundy said, using that nickname that he had for me. "Can you go get about ten pots?" he asked sweetly. Aww... He could be so cute sometimes. Wait, I was Draco's girlfriend, not his.

I got the pots and came back, aligning them in rows. We began planting them, careful not to get bitten.

He was sitting kinda close to me, so occasionally our arms would touch, leaving sparks to fly to my hand.
Overall, Herbology was my least favorite class.

Burgundy's POV

After the Yule Ball, Alexandria began avoiding me. It was so sudden, I was sure that Malfoy had something to do with it.

A few weeks after Malfoy made Alexandria start avoiding me (because she wouldn't ever do it of her own free will. That would be too mean.), I was stalking the hallways after curfew. I had a way of telling where Filch and that stupid cat were, so I wouldn't get caught. Anyways, I was in the dungeons, when I heard a girl making out with a guy. This struck me as interesting, as one of the people sounded vaguely familiar.

I followed the noise and turned a corner, and behind it were Malfoy and Alexandria.

My jaw dropped. While Alexandria looked horror struck, Malfoy just glared at me and told me to go away. He went back to snogging her and she gave me an apologetic look. I left to go back to the common room, feeling a bit shaky.

Once there, I curled up and bawled on the windowsill. With my face against the cold glass, I felt a lot better.

I stayed there with my arms wrapped around my knees, just thinking. And thinking. And thinking.

(With a fair share of crying mixed in.)

A/N- I'm back! Like the creepy person who stalks around in dark hallways that I am. Oh, wait, that's supposed to be Burgundy.

So. Not sure this fic is going so well. Actually, I'm not sure how it's going at all. Should I continue? Should I just drop it and continue on my other story? Should I continue to write during class? (I know the answer to this one :p), and why do my teachers care so much about the homework that I was supposed to do a month ago? *author realises that she is rambling* oops, sorry.

Until I find a Hufflepuff with black hair,

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Even A Ravenclaw Makes Mistakes : The Joys of Fanciness and Complicated Everything


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