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The Perks of Being a Sociopath by PitchBlue
Chapter 14 : Reality Check
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A/N: A lot of Spanish swearing in this chapter (seriously, it's addictive), so here're some translations:
Esto es jodido malo! - This is fucking bad!
Joder - Fuck
Me cago en todo lo que se menea! - literally means "I shit on everything that moves!" but can be interpreted as "Fuck you!" (my personal favourite)
Ese estúpido cabrón pagará - that stupid bastard will pay
CI made by me!

Chapter 14: Reality Check

“…must’ve been a nasty fall, given that she has a concussion. It’s lucky you found her, Mr Healey!” the voice rang through the silence, drumming against Olivia’s head. She groaned and tried to cover her head with her hands, but found that simple action to be quite hard: it was as if her arms were made of lead.

“Don’t move, Miss Wright,” Madam Pomfrey’s voice sounded. “You have a bad concussion, a twisted ankle, and several nasty cuts and bruises. I fixed your ankle and most of the more severe cuts, but your concussion will take a day at least to heal.” Finally, the blurred outline of the matron came into view, her kind face streaked with worry. “Now, if you will take this potion it should relieve most of the complaints,” she continued, summoning a vial containing a clear liquid. Olivia immediately grabbed the potion and downed it in one, spilling a considerable amount of it.

“Thanks,” she muttered, sighing with relief. Liam came to sit beside her, still looking worried.

“What happened? I found you on the bottom of the staircase, and you didn’t respond to anything –”

“Minor disagreement with some Slytherins,” answered Olivia curtly. “Remember when I prevented Mulciber and his friends from hexing that third year?” Liam nodded and a dark look crossed his face. “Well, they didn’t like that and I ran into them today –”

“Wait, they attacked you? How come you didn’t fight them off, you’re not bad at spells –“

“Liam, I suck at attacking spells. And either way, I didn’t fancy taking on seven angry Slytherins.” The Seeker sighed as she noticed Liam’s frown and slumped between the blankets. “I don’t know what to say, Liam. I’m such a bloody joke. I can’t do the simplest Stunning Spell, and I ran away from some angry dungheads with brains the size of a pea. I can’t call myself a Gryffindor,” she finished in a defeated tone, voicing for the first time her worries of not being a credit to her house.

“Hey, come here,” Liam murmured soothingly and pulled her into an embrace, taking care not to hurt Olivia’s head. “Don’t worry about it. Everyone has some issues with magic, I’m sure you’ll be able to master those spells in no time and then you’ll kick butt.” He smiled his easy smile, which always put Olivia at rest. “And what’s that rubbish about not being a true Gryffindor? Bloody hell, the Sorting Hat put you here, didn’t he? It’s never been wrong.”

“There’s a first time for everything,” Olivia muttered darkly. “I’m not brave, Liam. Not like you or James or Emma. I go for the most logical option and –“

“—there’re different kinds of bravery,” Liam interrupted her with an earnest expression in his dark blue eyes. “Maybe you’ve been brave your whole life, and you just don’t realize it. It’s not about boasting or being a Defender of the Oppressed –” Liam drew quotation marks in the air –“or getting into a lot of fights. It’s about standing by the people you love and –”

“—alright mate, I get it. You’re going to make me vomit with all the ‘Believe In Yourself’ crap,” Olivia said jokingly, poking him in the side. “Thanks though. I feel a lot better.”

“You’re welcome.” Liam patted her shoulder. “I think you should go to sleep now. You still look quite gruesome.”

“That’s lovely,” the dark blonde replied in an amused tone. “Could you maybe ask Liz to take notes for me the next couple of days? Hang on, ask Remus Lupin,” she added as an afterthought. “I take the same classes as him and Liz doesn’t take Arithmancy or Ancient Runes.”

“Lupin’s not here,” Liam answered, frowning slightly. “He went to visit his sick mother again. I’ll ask Liz though, she’ll come visit you anyway when she’s heard what happened.” He gave her a small smile and ruffled her hair.

“Right. That’s exactly what I needed,” Olivia muttered sarcastically and rolled her eyes as Liam grinned in response.

“Sleep tight,” the redhead said as he stood up to leave.




Olivia heard him chuckle from inside the doorway and then he was gone, leaving her to fall into a deep sleep.


The sound of voices trying to not to be heard woke Olivia up. According to the light (or lack of it) it was night, the waning gibbous moon casting patches of light on the Hospital Wing. Of course, she thought. It had been full moon the night before, so Remus was probably in the hospital wing as well, but not in sight. He’d told everyone he went to visit his sick mother though, according to Liam. One of the voices grew louder and pulled the Gryffindor from her reverie.

“… seems like Olivia fell from some stairs or something. Don’t worry Moony, she didn’t see you,” James’ voice sounded from behind a set of curtains at the far end of the room.

“Might be, but sooner or later she’ll notice the curtains and wonder who’s behind it.” Remus’s voice sounded weak from exhaustion. “And she’ll definitely have some questions when I’m behind it while I’m frickin supposed to be visiting my sick mother.”

Olivia sighed at his words, wishing she could do something to make him feel more at ease. Remus was clearly very distressed, as he almost never swore. There was nothing she could do however, since telling him she knew was out of the question for Olivia. For one thing, she reckoned Remus should be given the chance to tell her himself, if he ever wanted to, and more importantly she’d have to explain about Katie. Even the thought of telling someone about such an important part of her life – to expose herself so to speak – felt stifling.

“Mate, calm down,” Sirius drawled, “Olivia’s not one to snoop around. She spends too much time in her own head. I doubt she’s even noticed I have a new girlfriend.”

Olivia snorted inwardly. Well, if I have to keep track of that…

“Pads, even I can’t keep track of your girlfriends,” James said matter-of-factly, clearly thinking along the same lines as his teammate.

“Yeah Sirius, you might run out of girls to snog in a few months,” Peter squeaked, behaving much bolder with only his close friends around him. The boys were silent for a few moments, and Remus seemed to have calmed down a little at his friends’ words.

“How did it go with you guys? I don’t remember much of it,” he asked unexpectedly.

“Brilliant Moony! It went just as great as the first time. Pete could do the transformation without our help,” Sirius exclaimed, momentarily forgetting he was supposed to be quiet.

Olivia frowned at his words, apparently she was missing something. Transformation? Into what? It would make sense if they were talking about Remus, but it was Peter.

“Yeah, you didn’t attack yourself nearly as much with us around, mate. You must’ve noticed!” James added, sounding very pleased with himself.

With us around? The dark blonde repeated in her head. That doesn’t make sense… if a human comes within even a one mile radius of a Werewolf, it goes mad with blood thirst.

She understood less and less of the conversation but found herself thinking determinedly. Obviously, James, Sirius and Peter had found some way to be with Remus during his transformation without being attacked. And apparently it had helped Remus, making sure he didn’t hurt himself as much. Olivia pondered about this when she thought about Katie. The post – transformation wounds she had witnessed were awful. Cracked bones, bite marks, gashes… If a werewolf didn’t find prey and was locked up, it attacked itself out of frustration. Plus, the transformation itself was extremely painful. The bones stretched, spine broke, nerves and skin tore apart, new teeth broke through. According to Katie, that wasn’t the worst part though. It had been difficult for the girl to tell Olivia about it, but she had eventually. The Gryffindor remembered their conversation, in Katie’s small bedroom while the rain drummed against the window.

“… in the end, the physical pain doesn’t matter. It fades to nothing when the Wolf takes over your mind. You feel it, it grows from inside of you, shattering everything on the way. And at the point it gets so bad you want to die, and your body has transformed, it drips into your brain. The one last sane thought you have is that you know you’ve lost, again.” Katie stuttered at these last words and a hard, empty look filled her eyes. “And then you’re the Wolf, and everything turns red,” she finished in a dead voice.

It still made her shudder when she thought about that conversation, especially the look Katie had got in her eyes. She would do anything to help her, but lycanthropy had no cure.

A sound brought Olivia back to the Hospital Wing, and she saw the curtains around Remus’ bed being shoved apart. She quickly pretended to be asleep and James, Peter and Sirius quietly walked to the door at the end of the room.

Olivia fell asleep quickly after that, but Remus didn’t. He turned around a few times, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep, but it wouldn’t help. He didn’t have as many wounds as usual thanks to James, Sirius and Peter but the post – transformation stiffness was very uncomfortable. And whatever his friends had said, he still worried that Olivia would find out it was him behind the curtain. It wouldn’t take her long to put two and two together after that, as she was definitely smart enough. He needed to distract himself.

With a sigh, the young werewolf got out of his bed and decided to make sure Olivia was sleeping. After a quick Disillusionment Charm, he slowly approached the corner of the hospital wing where the Olivia’s bed was.

In the grey light of the waning gibbous moon she could’ve been carved from marble, if it weren’t for the large cut that covered one side of her head and several smaller bruises on her arms and neck. Remus frowned as he looked at her wounds more closely. One could say a lot of things about Olivia, but she definitely wasn’t clumsy. She had a control over her body that athletes often possess, those who know every bit of themselves to the last muscle. The young werewolf felt almost jealous as he thought of his own body that was broken and mended again every month, which felt like a cage.

A barely-there sigh of breath moved one lock of her hair, which was spread out on her pillow. Remus wondered how it was possible that, even when she slept, Olivia still looked guarded. Protective. Was it the way she held her arms close to her body, like a pharaoh on her side? Even though they had become casual friends, she hadn’t told him anything personal yet. Small things maybe, that she liked books or muggle music, but nothing really personal. Not that Remus wanted that, it wasn’t good for him to become close friends with anyone. If Olivia behaved distant, that was just all the better. It made things easier for him.

He told himself she wasn’t that interesting anyway. Nothing interesting about the way her lips pulled into that smile that could mean anything. Or how she tilted her head when she was intrigued. The Gryffindor briskly walked back to his own bed, letting his head fall on the pillow. Yup, nothing interesting at all.


Snow whirled around the train as the Hogwarts Express made its way to London one week later. Olivia was staring out of the window at the scenery while Liz read the Daily Prophet, her expression unusually serious.

“This is not good…” Liz muttered as her eyes flashed across the page. “Olivia, listen to this… ‘The number of cases of extreme violence against Muggles or wizards with Muggle relatives continues to rise, while even more people are disappearing. The Ministry of Magic is investigating a possible connection between these instances and a group of pureblood-extremists who call themselves the ‘Death Eaters’. While it is still unclear who the leader of the organisation is, many witches and wizards are convinced this isn’t just any other disorganised group of extremists – indeed, the almost religious devotion to their supposed cause and the use of strong symbols indicate an almost totalitarian organisation,’” Liz finished in an icy tone.

“Fuck,” Olivia breathed as Liz crumpled the paper and threw it in a corner. The Ravenclaw started pacing, her dark eyes flashing as she cursed angrily in Spanish.

Esto es jodido malo! This is not going to end well, let me tell you. It’s exactly what happened in Argentina – what’s still happening in Argentina. Joder!

“You never really told me why your family came here,” Olivia said with a frown as she watched her friend pace to and fro. “Do you think it’s connected?”

“No, not really,” Liz replied in frustration. “It had nothing to do with wizards or racism, it was a totalitarian regime under a dictator called Juan Péron coming up; coups, attacks, disappearances…” The tan girl sighed and finally sat down again, raking her fingers through her hair in distress. “What’s happening here follows the same pattern, though more subtly. If we’re going down the same road…”

“What?” Olivia asked as Liz turned silent. A chill crawled down her spine as the Argentine girl looked at her with an empty expression in her dark eyes. “What happened? For Merlin’s sake, Liz –“

“Thousands of people had already disappeared when my family came here and a lot of them died in guerrilla attacks – I don’t want to know what the number is right now.”

Olivia swallowed audibly, the air in their compartment suddenly feeling stifling. “Your dad was one of them, wasn’t he?” she whispered after a while, following Liz’s movements carefully.

“Yes,” the Ravenclaw replied quietly. “He posed a threat to the system.”

Olivia didn’t know what to say, but Liz didn’t need to be consoled. It was one of the things Olivia admired the most about her friend, she never let anything get the best of her. Most people only saw the boy-crazy, flirtatious and temperamental girl, but there was so much more to Liz Ortega.

Lost in thought, the Gryffindor didn’t notice the excited group of boys that crowded the passage.

“Oh, brilliant,” Liz groaned, “the Idiot Squad has arrived.” Olivia looked up distractedly and frowned.

“What do you – oh.” James and Sirius stood in the corridor outside of their compartment, waving at her with big identical grins on their faces. Remus stood behind them with an exasperated but amused expression on his face and Peter seemed distracted by a Sugar Quill.

“You’ll never believe what we have planned,” James said excitedly, entering the compartment and sitting himself beside Olivia. Liz huffed and hid herself behind the magazine she fished out of her bag. She did not particularly like the Marauders, or people for that matter. Olivia arched one eyebrow.

“Do I really want to know?” she asked, the corners of her mouth twitching in amusement. Sirius ignored her comment and snatched something from the inside of his coat. It appeared to be a vial filled with a liquid that changed colour constantly. He held the vial up for Olivia to see.

“Guess what this is,” he said, giving the potion a little shake.

“Unicorn puke?”

“Har har,” James said sarcastically while Remus sniggered. “It’s a Colour Changing Potion, and we’re going to put it on the Slytherins’ hair,” he continued, looking very proud with himself. “We even bewitched it to smell like rotten cabbage, look…” As he gestured for Sirius to open the vial, the train gave a sudden lurch and Sirius was thrown forward, the vial flying out of his hand and the potion spilling… right on Liz’ hair.

It was dead silent for a few seconds, and then the shouting began.

“YOU FILTHY, FAT – HEADED, GIT!” Liz shouted, sparks flying out of her fists and the glass in the compartment door shattered. Liz Ortega’s temper was infamous among the Hogwarts students and staff, since she still had the tendency to shatter things by magic when she was angry. Her hair was drenched in potion and now began to change colour rapidly, and like James had sat it emitted a horrible stench. Liz drew out her wand and Sirius took a few steps back, his hands raised in defence.

“I’m sorry!” he shouted, sounding a bit scared. “It was an accident, you saw it – “

“I don’t fucking care, you ruined my hair!” Liz screamed, her wand pointing dangerously at Sirius. “Fix it!”

“I can’t,” he stuttered, looking at his feet.

“What do you mean, you can’t?” Liz said slowly, breathing through her nose and sounding even more dangerous than when she was shouting.

“We don’t know how. It’ll probably wear off in a few hours though,” James muttered, not daring to look at her. Liz seemed dumbstruck for a few moments, then began to shout again and send a variety of curses and hexes their way. Sirius had to duck to avoid a nasty Knee Reversing Jinx and James got hit by a Stinging Hex.

“Calm down!” Sirius shouted, sounding a bit angry himself now. “I already said I was sorry!”

“Oh, you are SORRY?” screamed Liz, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Well, I guess that fixes everything. GIT! Me cago en todo lo que se menea!” She shot another hex at him which he barely dodged.

“Woman, you’re mental!” Sirius hollered back, dodging another one of her curses. This really set Liz off and she let loose a new round of jinxes.

“Retreat! Retreat!” James shouted and the Marauders scrambled their way out of the compartment, Remus sporting a bleeding lip and Peter an impressive black eye. The door fell shut with a sharp click and Liz lowered her wand, breathing heavily. Olivia knew better than to say anything right now, in case Liz would explode again. She fixed the glass in their compartment door window with a silent reparo and waited until her friend wanted to speak.

“Do something,” whispered Liz, turning to look at Olivia with a desperate expression in her dark eyes. Her normally beautiful dark brown hair was now blue, and started to change to purple at the tips. And as James had said, it didn’t exactly smell like strawberries.

“I think it’s better if we let it wear out, Liz,” Olivia murmured quietly, trying to keep her friend calm. “If we start casting spells it might get worse or react strangely with the potion…” Her voice faltered as Liz actually started to hyperventilate. “I can do something about the smell though,” she said hurriedly. “Hold still…” The smell disappeared and was replaced by a mild flower fragrance as Olivia cast the spell.

“I’m going to murder Black for this,” Liz seethed with clenched teeth and sat down. “No one tampers with my hair.” She continued to mutter angrily under her breath and occasionally Olivia caught bits like “slow and painful” and “ese estúpido cabrón pagará.

Liz’ temper stayed below zero during the whole train ride. Olivia lent her a dark blue beanie to cover up her rainbow hair, which turned a bright fiery red every time Liz’ anger flared up. By the time they arrived in King’s Cross, Liz’ scowl was so threatening it frightened a couple of first years.

“Hey ladies,” Liam’s voice sounded through the crowd on the platform. His tall figure strolled towards them and he frowned as he noticed Liz wearing Olivia’s beanie.

“Don’t ask,” Olivia mouthed and Liam nodded, watching their friend apprehensively. He quickly wished them a happy Christmas (Liz grunted) and went to meet his family on the other side of the barrier.

“Come on, Ortega,” said Olivia lazily and tried to pull Liz away from the crowd. The Ravenclaw snatched back her arm and made a hissing sound like an angry cat, at which Olivia rolled her eyes. It was unbelievably cold in the station and there seemed to be a chill that clung to their clothes and froze them to the core. Liz spotted her mother, a magnificent dark haired woman (whose temper she had inherited) and immediately strode over to her, jabbering away in rapid Spanish with many hand gestures and expressions.

“Olivia, bella, how nice to see you,” Liz’ mother greeted Olivia with a heavy Spanish accent as she followed Liz. Olivia grinned and did some small talk while Liz huffed impatiently. Clearly, she wanted to get home as quickly as possible. The Gryffindor bid them goodbye and went in search of her sister Ella, who was probably busy with supervising the crowd of students. Someone tapped her shoulder and she turned to see James standing behind with a big grin on his face, his jet black hair sticking in all directions.

“So you survived it then,” he grinned, ruffling her hair. “That friend of yours was almost as scary as Lily when she gets angry. It took a while for Peter to calm down, you know.”

Olivia smiled but shook her head. “You guys are so screwed. Really, you haven’t dealt with anything remotely as dangerous as a pissed off Liz Ortega,” she chuckled. James looked a bit worried at this for a moment but waved his hand dismissively.

“Sirius’s the one to blame, it’s his problem.” Peter, Remus and Sirius appeared next to them, making their way through the horde of students. When they saw that Olivia was alone, the boys relaxed visibly and set down their trunks.

“That friend of yours is a nutter,” muttered Sirius darkly to Olivia, who nodded agreeing.

“As nutty as squirrel poo.”

Sirius grinned his trademark smirk at her words but his face fell suddenly, a dangerous expression flashing in his eyes. When Olivia followed his gaze, she spotted a tall, impressive man standing next to the gate to the Muggle station. His dark hair had streaks of grey in it and he had grey eyes, which seemed strangely cold. This had to be Sirius’ father.

Sirius clenched his teeth and glared in the direction of the man, before turning back to his friends. “Seems like I’ll be going,” said he, trying to sound cheerful. James said nothing and just gave his friend a hug, patting him on the back. Remus and Peter both muttered their goodbyes and Olivia gave him a small smile.

“Merry Christmas,” said she quietly. Sirius nodded and weaved through the crowd to his father who completely ignored him and greeted Regulus instead. James sighed and watched them go, his hazel eyes full of hate for Sirius’ parents.

“Well, no use in lingering around,” he said briskly after a few moments and gave them a boyish smile. “Moony, Wormtail, I’ll see you in a few days right? Ask your parents if you can come.” Peter squealed excitedly while Remus smiled and slapped him on the back.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, mate,” he responded in his husky voice. “I’ve got to go too, my parents are waiting,” he continued and gestured towards a couple waving at them.

Remus was the spitting image of his father, the same messy light brown hair, though his eyes exited the same warmth as his mother’s. They seemed a relatively happy family. Peter also mumbled his goodbye and quickly took off, still not comfortable to be alone with Olivia. James had already found his parents, a stately couple that obviously had everything they desired.

Olivia waited until her sister Ella was done with her Head Girl duties and together they strolled out of the station to a quiet alley, where Ella took Olivia along with Side-Along Apparition. Their father had sent a letter some days ago saying that he wouldn’t be able to pick them up. When the oppressive feeling from Apparating had disappeared, Olivia opened her eyes and saw the beautiful north sea storming behind the cliffs. A whiff of fresh sea air reached her and she felt immediately elevated, sighing deeply.

Finally, she was back where she belonged.


“Dad, where’s the Floo powder?” Olivia shouted as she pulled a dark blue sweater over her head.

“What?” sounded Aldwyn Wright’s voice from his study room.

“I said, where’s the Floo powder?” Olivia shouted more forcefully and put on her Chelsea boots.

“It’s on the cabinet next to the fireplace,” Aldwyn said distractedly as he looked from behind the corner. “Have you looked past it?”

Olivia grumbled and snatched the small box filled with glittery powder from the cabinet. “It wasn’t standing there when I looked,” she mumbled, but to herself so that her father wouldn’t hear her. “I’m going to Katie’s,” she announced more loudly and her dad nodded absently.

“Be back before dinner, Olivia.”

“Sure thing,” the Gryffindor muttered and threw a pinch of Floo Powder into the hearth. “Katie Bennett’s house, Ballantrae, Scotland,” she shouted and stepped into the warm flames and swirling colours.

Coughing heavily, Olivia stumbled into the spacious living room of the Bennett family. She brushed the ash off her clothes and scanned the room, looking for Katie’s curly head to pop up from behind a corner.

“Who’s there?” a small voice asked, and Olivia saw a tall, dark – haired woman enter the living room. Katie’s mother used to be a cheerful, elegant woman with beautiful dark brown curls. But that was before her daughter had been bitten by a werewolf. Now, the dark curls that Katie had inherited hung limp beside her face and she hardly ever laughed. Wrinkles from smiling had turned into lines of worry, and her whole figure breathed melancholy.

“It’s me, Mrs Bennet,” Olivia answered stiffly and gave the woman a tight smile. A relieved expression broke through Caroline Bennett’s face.

“Hello Olivia, it’s nice to see you.” Her blue eyes flitted nervously but she smiled nevertheless. “I believe Katie is up in her room. You know the way.”

Olivia nodded and walked to the hall, up the stairs to the first floor where Katie’s bedroom was. Not bothering to knock, she immediately opened the door.

“How’s my furry friend!” exclaimed Olivia while Katie jumped up in surprise and bumped her head against a shelve of books. Katie was dead clumsy.

“My God, Olivia, you need to stop doing that,” she muttered while rubbing the sore spot on her head. The Gryffindor ignored her comment and let herself fall on the bed next to her. “Have you brought the chocolate?” Katie asked matter – of – factly, leafing through one of her books. Olivia held up a box and Katie immediately snatched it from her hands. She broke a piece off a bar of chocolate, put it in her mouth and chewed with a concentrated expression on her face, like how a sommelier would taste a wine.

“It’s good,” Katie decided and put another piece in her mouth. Her light blue eyes glinted with delight and she gave Olivia a warm hug. “Nice to see you again, Olivia.”

“Same here,” the Gryffindor mumbled into Katie’s brown curls. She had missed her friend. As she broke the embrace, Olivia tilted her head sideways and shot Katie a shrewd look. “You want to get out of here?” she asked, nodding towards the landscape that was visible through Katie’s window. The Scottish highlands with their rough beauty looked almost welcoming, and Olivia knew Katie hated to stay inside.

“Definitely,” Katie replied relieved, already grabbing her coat and scarf. “Mum will definitely allow me to get out of the house now you’re here.”

Olivia gave a tight smile, refraining from giving a comment on Katie’s mum’s views. It was none of her business.

A few minutes later the girls were tightly wrapped in their coats and set to walk down a familiar path through the moor. An icy wind made their cheeks tinge, but inside the layers of clothing they felt toasty warm.

“So,” Katie prompted, breaking the comfortable silence, “what thrilling tales do you have to tell me?”

Olivia grinned and took a deep breath. “Well…” she began.

A few hours later they had reached one of their favourite spots, a high hill which gave a stunning view on the surrounding scene. Katie however didn’t notice it, since she was clutching her side with laughter.

“I can’t believe you just snogged that bloke, you must’ve practically assaulted him! I’m surprised he doesn’t press charges,” the young werewolf snorted. Olivia unceremoniously shoved her in some bushes.

“Shut it, Bennett!”

“Whatever, Wright,” Katie chuckled as she got up and brushed the leaves off her coat. “I’m wondering though,” she continued more seriously, “why are you so determined to not start a relationship with that bloke? I mean, you get along all right and there’s sexual tension. What’s there to lose?”

Olivia frowned at her friend’s words and bit her lip as she thought this over. “It’s just not smart,” the Gryffindor said hesitantly after a while. “Why should I put myself out there when I’m fine with the way things are? I’m just not interested in a relationship. That would be illogical.”

“Hold on – it’s not smart? Illogical?” Katie exclaimed incredulously and stopped dead in her tracks. “Olivia, you can’t analyse or solve every little thing! What kind of life is that?”

“It’s a safe life,” Olivia shot back, her dark blonde hair whipping in the strong wind. She started to feel agitated, angry, something that hadn’t occurred in a long time. It threw her off balance. Katie of all people should know and understand her reasons, given the past they’d shared. As she looked into the brunette’s blue eyes, she realized Katie knew exactly what she was thinking.

“You’re afraid to get hurt,” Katie stated, an uncommon fierce expression on her face. “You keep people out and think that’s a good thing!” When Olivia didn’t respond, Katie grabbed her by the elbow and forced the Gryffindor to face her. “I have no regrets. Do you hear me? I’ve been hurt by the boy I loved and I have no regrets.”

You may not remember correctly, but you cried yourselves to sleep every night of the summer!” Olivia snapped, her grey eyes blazing. “This boy – he broke you completely! Once he knew you were a Werewolf—” Katie’s eyes narrowed –“he wanted nothing more to do with you. And you tell me you have no regrets?” The blonde shook her head slowly, still panting from her outburst. “I’ve seen what it did to you. Forgive me for not wanting to go through the same thing,” she sneered sarcastically.

Katie didn’t look hurt or even very surprised. She merely stared at Olivia as if she was an interesting phenomenon.

“You have nothing to fear,” the brunette said after a few minutes. “There’s nothing wrong with you.”

“Nothing wrong with you either,” Olivia bit back. “It doesn’t matter anyway. People will always hurt you somehow – it’s better to realise that as soon as you can.” The Gryffindor started to walk back the way they had come and kept silent, not wanting to say anything more on the subject.

“You’re ruining yourself, Olivia,” Katie said quietly. “You’re not happy.”

“I’m alright, and that’s enough.” She sighed and pushed her hands deep in the pockets of her coat. “Look, let’s just talk about something else,” she mumbled apologetically. “Are you coming with Liz and me to London the day after tomorrow? I have to buy some last – minute Christmas presents and Liz wants to buy clothes.”

Katie looked at her exasperatedly but didn’t push the subject further. “Sure,” she said in a light tone. “I’ll have to ask mum and dad, but they’ll be okay. Are we going alone or do we have some sort of supervisor?”

“Nope. Liz lives in London so she knows it like the back of her hand.”

“Oh.” Katie paused for a few moments, obviously having something on her mind. “Are you planning to go to Diagon Alley?” the girl asked in a small voice, deliberately not looking at Olivia.

“I’ll have to, there’re some presents that I can only buy there,” she answered, trying to read her friend’s face. She knew Katie didn’t like going to Diagon Alley, because it confronted her with the life she could’ve had if her parents had let her attend Hogwarts. But they were too scared that somebody would find out or that Katie might attack someone, so she was sent to a Muggle school instead. Olivia didn’t agree with their decision, but she had since long decided that it wasn’t her business. The worst part of it was that while Katie was sad not being able to attend Hogwarts, she generally agreed with her parents. She considered herself as a monster who should keep away from humans as much as possible. It hurt Olivia more than anything to see her friend like this.

“If you don’t want to go…”

“I’ll go. It’ll be fun,” Katie answered and gave a cheery smile that didn’t reach her eyes. Olivia nodded and didn’t bring it up again.

“By the way, is Liz the girl who knows… about me?” the young werewolf asked after a few minutes, her light blue eyes questioning. Olivia grimaced and nodded her head.

“You know it wasn’t my fault. She just read a letter from you and put two and two together.”

The Gryffindor thought about that day in third year when Liz had snatched the letter out of Olivia’s hands and started to read it. Before Olivia was over her shock and tried to get her letter back, Liz tossed it to her without even blinking.

“I didn’t know your friend was a werewolf,” Liz had said matter – of – factly while buttering her toast. Olivia remembered to have sputtered and looked at her friend incredulously.

“What – I mean – you didn’t have the right to – wait, you don’t find it horrible?” Olivia had almost shouted. Liz had just shrugged and took a bite from her toast.

“Let’s put it this way: if something’s of no immediate influence on my appearance, make-up collection or Herbology marks, I’m cool with anything,” the olive – skinned girl had answered and that was it.

Olivia grinned at the memory and met Katie’s nervous gaze.

“Don’t worry, Liz couldn’t care less about lycanthropy. She’s much too egocentric for that,” the blonde assured her. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d already forgotten about it.”

“Alright well, it’s a date then,” Katie replied with a shy grin.

Author's Note: I don't know a lot about the whole Julian Péron shebang in Argentina, it's merely an interpretation and I felt like it fitted, so if I'm wrong in any way just let me know :) Just out of curiosity, do you guys like the Spanish swearing or do you find it irritating? Love to hear your thoughts as always, I do a little happy dance everytime I get a review! (oh and the gorgeous bloke on the CI is Remus Lupin). All my love!

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