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Another Life, Another Time by Ravenpen
Chapter 14 : Pyjamas
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I lifted my hand just in time to catch my sneeze. I blinked, my eyes opening to the strange green lights on the ceiling. I heard Cyrus chuckling dryly from his own bed. “This isn’t funny.”

“It’s what you get for conspiring with a Kitty Cat.” Why did I tell him?

I twisted and sneezed, the force making me smack my head on the bed post. “Fuck!”

“Language.” I dragged myself up, pulling a pillow behind me whilst rubbing my sore head. I yanked back Cy’s curtains, began hitting him over the head with the pillow. “All right all right I give in.” I turned and dragged my feet back towards my bed.

I felt the soft heavy material smack me in the back of the head. I twisted and grabbed his wrists as he lifted to strike again. We collapsed on the floor, a confusion of dragging limbs and flying pillows. I laughed as I managed to get his arm in a twist. “Ah dam it!” He tried to twist out of it but I threw myself on top. Grabbed my pillow and hit him repeatedly over the head. “Okay you win. Serious this time.” I released sitting back against my bed, Cy did the same. Chuckling and breathing heavily. We glanced up but Blaise’s curtains hadn’t even shifted. I sighed.

Standing up I walked up to the common room. Cy in tow and we slumped down on the best sofa opposite the fire. The early risers letting us have it, defecting to their chess games or homework. “How long do you reckon he’s going to like that?” Cyrus turned to look at me.

“Forever and a day if we’re lucky. No, we’re going to have to find out why she ditched him, otherwise he’s going to be in a self-inflicted well of misery for as long as he can manage.” I tore a piece of parchment off a random crumpled sheet on the floor and threw it in the fire, the flames lapped at it hungrily. Making it shrivel into blackened ash. He watched the paper darken, his face following suit. He turned back to me.

“What if we got involved? Find out what went wrong and if it was trivial we can force them back together?” I nodded. Wouldn’t hurt to try would it? I spotted a certain sixth year with her friend walk up the stairs. The brown haired girl who Cyrus had been sitting with on Halloween.  She glanced up at him and blushed, her friend suddenly grabbed her hand. Her other being in her bag as she whispered urgently and ran back down the stairs.

The girl came and sat next to me on the other sofa, her hands clasped between her knees as she stared deep into the fire. I turned to Cyrus and pointed at her, using my body to block her sight if she turned. He waggled his eyebrows mischievously. “You okay Rowan?” She jumped slightly, turned and smiling back at Cy, her eyes a bright green.

“Yeah, Danni just forgot something.” She glanced at me and went shy again.

“You two are up early.” I sat back, removing myself from their conversation. “What’s the occasion?” She shrugged.

“None really, she wants to meet this lad from Hufflepuff. Dragging me along.” She rolled her eyes. “Not even that in to him, to be honest.” Her friend came rushing back up the steps, shorter than Rowan with black hair and a gentle rounded face. Thinner and her eyes were bright. I watched the two of them leave, Rowan turning back to throw Cy a smile as they left.

“Rowan eh?” He blushed.

“Her name’s Rowan McGovern, half-irish.” I nodded.

“So, you and her?” He smiled his sly little smile.

“I am in to her if that’s what you’re asking. No idea what she thinks.” I nudged his arm with my foot.

“Ask her, we can’t do any worse than we do now.” He sighed, kicking the rest of the parchment into the fire.

His voice took on a bitter tone. “You have Granger.” I stared, my eyes wide.

“In what sense do I have Hermione? I don’t want Hermione, I want her to be happy yes and I do have feelings for her I admit it. But she’s in a happy relationship with Weasley so no I don’t have Hermione. I never will.” I stood and walked out of the room, angry at Cy and at me. If it was the other way around I’d feel bitter. He saw Blaise and then me, in two different situations but very similar. Having feelings for girls who could never feel for us back. Cho didn’t, and Hermione never would.

I felt my feet climbing stairs. Pausing to sneeze twice.

Hermione would never care for me, she was a good person, a better person than me. My heart ached but it was the right thing to do. I was selfish though. I wanted to be close to her just to think that one day she might forgive me. For being such a horrible little git, for my family. I loved them but I couldn’t agree with their morals, ideas, opinions or their actions. Her forgiveness for me though.

Would make me the happiest person in the world. To be forgiven for it all from the one person who suffered most.

Guess Karma is real, I would never be forgiven, who would forgive me?

I stopped, fighting back the tears. 

Slytherins don't cry. Slytherins have no tear-ducts.

I heard steps, pushing myself back behind a knight’s armour. Eyeing around the corner to see who was coming, rubbing my eyes.

Dam! I’m still in pyjamas!

I stared horrified down at my black shorts, black vest top and black slippers.

Crap, crap, crap. How could I forget?

I crossed my fingers as I tried to see who was coming. Watching the shadows till one moved. I pressed myself further back, cursing my pale skin. The shadow leaped from one darkened section of the corridor to another. Too slowly.

Pansy Parkinson.

I stepped forward. Grabbing her by the arm, she twisted squealing but I pinned her against the wall. “Fancy seeing you here Parkinson. Shouldn’t you be locked in the medical wing?” She tried to spit at me but I twisted so she missed. Much to the painting’s behind me disgust.  She squirmed but I tightened my grip on her upper arms. “Ow! Get off me blood traitor!” I raised an eyebrow and smirked. “I said get off!” She tried to kick me between the legs but I had them together so she couldn’t. I smirked at her expression of frustration as her attack failed. “Fine. What do you want?” I kept my smirk a little longer just to make her feel awkward.

“I want to know why you tricked Justin Finch-Fletchley into thinking you were on his side.” This time she smirked. Badly.

“Is it not simple?” She flicked her flat greasy hair. “He takes out Lavender. Another drain on wizard blood. Then I let him believe a certain place was safe to hide, he hides and then the Great Lord can take him out. Two birds with one easy stone.” I stared at her, horrified. “I could have done it with a few others if that darn owl of yours didn’t screech the place down.”

“How? Why would you do that, why would you be part of any of this? Willingly?” I saw truth dawn on her, as she realised every good thing I said to her over the years wasn’t real. I saw the anger and hurt boil under her eyes. All I wanted to do was be sick and smack her for insulting Iseara at the same time.

“Yes. I can. Shows who’s stronger, doesn’t it?” She slammed her head into mine. I squeaked. My eyes were shut as my head thumped, if I opened my eyes I’d see stars. I felt her twist in my hands and threw my body onto her to stop her.

She twisted, slamming her fist into my nose. I yelled, jerking back. My head pounding and my nose throbbing.

We flailed around on the floor, her tiny stick frame meant I couldn’t get a grip. “Malfoy!” I ignored the yell as Parkinson got more violent in her escape attempts.

“You’re done Parkinson.” I smirked as I flipped, finally getting a grip on her and pinning her against the stair banister. I tried to pull my wand.

Dam! Still in my pyjamas, I don’t have my wand…

She suddenly went stiff. I frowned. “Malfoy.” I managed to open my eyes. Potter had crouched on his ankles beside me with his wand pointing at Parkinson. “Thought you could use a helping hand.”

“I was fine on my own thank you very much.” I stood, brushing the dust off my hands. “She got out the medical room.” The corner of his mouth twitched.

“I can see that, you do realise you’re in pyjamas?” I crossed my arms over my chest, the cold draft in the air was showing.

“Harry where did you…oh.” I turned as Hermione came round the corner and spotted the rather odd sight; Golden boy, pyjama clad me and stupefied Parkinson. Weaslette came up behind her.

“Oh well this is a sight.” I turned to Potter, not wanting his help. Otherwise being left half-naked for everyone to see. Thankfully Weaslette was averting her eyes, Hermione however was sneaking glances. Although she didn’t know I could see her do it.

Look all you want.


I looked around. “We should take her back.” I picked her wand up from where it had fallen on the floor and handed it to Hermione. Bending over and picking up Parkinson and holding her as far away as possible.

“So, why are you naked?” I glared at Weaslette, a smirk playing on my lips like it always does.

“It’s a long, boring story.” She raised an eyebrow but I turned my head, signalling the end of the conversation. I couldn’t admit that I’d simply forgotten. “And I’m in pyjamas. So technically not naked.”

Close enough.

We carried on walking up the stairs, Potter in front. If a few people came the other way he’d walk close to me so they couldn’t see Parkinson. I felt their eyes burning into the back of my head, wondering why I was in pyjama’s.

This is seriously embarrassing.

“Think I’ll have pancakes for breakfast.” We all looked at Weaslette. “What? No one’s said anything in a while.”

“Did you hear what happened to the angry pancake? He flipped.” Hermione snorted, Potter gave a half-smile while Weaslette gave a dry chuckle. I carried on up the stairs, finally reaching the medical wing.

Potter knocked on the door. Silence. “What about Madam Pomfrey?” Potter nodded, pressing an ear to the door. I put Parkinson on the ground, taking her wand from Hermione as Potter tried to open the door with magic. Didn’t work. He began to bang on the door, calling for Madam Pomfrey. No reply. “Something’s wrong, and we’re not getting in that way.” They ignored me, all of them banging on the door now.


I lifted her wand, unlocking the window. It felt wrong  in my hand but it got the job done. I dragged myself up the wall onto the rather large traditional sill. The wind whipped my skin making me cold to the bone. “Malfoy what are you doing?” I edged outside the window, forcing myself not to look down. My fingers digging in to the crumbly stone as I steadied my breathing feeling the huge open space of air around me. I felt a tugging on my waist, risking a glance over my shoulder.

Hermione was leaning out of the window, a small silvery rope had tied itself around me from her wand. Not much of a rope but a lifeline all the same. I grit my teeth, steadying myself at the edge of the ledge.

Don’t look down. Don’t look down. Don’t look down.

I braced, bending my knees. The world moved beneath my feet as I scrabbled for a hold on the windowsill. Eventually getting a foothold on the wall I pushed myself up, unlocking the window with Parkinson’s wand. I grabbed the edge of the sill, pulling myself through. Collapsing on the floor breathing heavily. “You okay Malfoy?” I nodded, unable to reply but of course they couldn’t see me.

Right, where’s Madam Pomfrey?

I forced myself onto my knees to look around the room. I froze as I spotted her, lying unconscious on the floor with a gash on her forehead. I threw myself towards her, finding a pulse I allowed myself to breathe again.

Unlocking the door. “Potter! Get your arse in here now!” I tried to summon bandages but they weren’t coming. “Dam.” I looked around. My hands were pressing against her cut to try and stop the blood, it looked fairly fresh and she hadn’t lost a lot but it still had to be stopped. Potter kneeled next to me, from the look of his face he was thinking the same thing. “Right.” I yanked my pyjama top off and pressed it to her head.

“What’s going on?” Weasley was at the door, his face drained as he spotted Parkinson and Pomfrey. “Malfoy you dammed Weasel…”

“SHUT IT WEASLEY!” There was a stunned silence. “Weasleys and Potter go get help. Hermione stay and help me, you’re smartest.” I froze as they all did as I said. Part of me thought they’d argue. Hermione knelt in front of me.

“Right, I think we need to get her in recovery position.” I just looked at her. “Right, we need to take this hand. Put it next to her cheek, lift that leg at the knee.” I did as I was told. “Move this hand, and gently push her onto her side.” I did, tying my top around her head to keep pressure on the cut. I looked up for the next instruction but Hermione seemed a bit distant.

“Hermione?” She jumped slightly.

“Okay, that’s the best we can do. Go and find some bandages, your top will do but we need proper material.” I stood and rushed over to her office. The windows had been shattered, the single door smashed in by a foot judging from the damage. I glanced down at my slippered feet, putting my hands on the ridge above the door. Lifting my body up and pushing my legs forward to balance them. One on a medicine cabinet and the other on a small counter under the window used to spy on restless patients.

I let go and managed to right myself. Making my legs burn, I lowered myself down to the floor rubbing my knees to bring back a bit of feeling.

I began to search through the wrecked remains, they’d obviously ransacked the place for their wands and succeeded. I unlocked the medicine cupboard and a small ball of white cloth shot out into my hand.

The bandages I summoned.

I sent them to Hermione, grabbed as much antiseptic labelled stuff as I could see and carried it back to Hermione.

I flicked my wand cleaning up the shattered glass then unlocking the office door to go back to her. Madam Pomfrey had begun to moan, coming too. “Madam Pomfrey can you hear me?” I twisted away to sneeze.

“Madam Pomfrey? It’s Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. We’ve sent people to get help, can you hear us?” She moaned again. Hermione’s hands had begun to shake.

I’d seen enough to guess what to do, I gently prised the stretchy material from her tiny hands. She smiled, grateful for the relief. Madam Pomfrey’s eye cracked open. “Hello Madam, just stay there help is on the way don’t worry we’re bandaging you up, nothing serious.” I kept my voice as calm and non-drool as possible. I heard a very suppressed snigger.

I looked at Hermione who was desperately trying to keep a straight face. I smirked, finishing my bandaging. Madam Pomfrey was coming too bit by bit. “Hermione, go and wash your hands.” My hands had blood on but nowhere near as much as her. “While you’re there can you get a glass of water?” She nodded, going to the sink at the end of the room.

I heard footsteps. “Some professors should be coming now Madam, I think I can hear them.” Both her eyes were open now, slightly glassed over. Hermione handed me a glass of water, so cool the sides of the glass where murky. “Here Madam, got some water here. Do you want some?”

She slowly nodded, I helped her back so she could sit, leant against one of the beds. She took the glass from me, I kept my hands close encase she dropped it as she still looked a bit wobbly. She took a long sip, she looked tired “What happened?”

I sat and explained everything I knew as the professors flooded in.





I know this chapter took a long time to put up and it's very short. However I hope it's explained the story to you so far and I thank all those who have stayed patient with me or have read up to this point. I thank you all!!!!

x Ravenpen x

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