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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 14 : Best Buds
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Chapter 14

“JAMES!” Sirius yelped, squinting his eyes carefully around the entrance hall in search of anything that would give away where they were standing underneath the invisibility cloak.

Suddenly the messy raven haired boy appeared, throwing the invisibility cloak of as he did so, with a timid Peter behind him.

“What are you playing at, do you want the whole school to know that were here” James cried, stuffing the cloak inside his pocket, moving closer to Sirius “what is it that you’re screaming about?” James asked noticing the wild glint in Sirius’s eyes.

“I did something stupid”

“You do that every week padfoot, what’s new?” James joked, adding a slight chuckle, but it fading quickly, before adding on a serious note “what have you done?”

Sirius shuffled awkwardly, staring at the floor in guilt, unsure of how to phrase it “I may have just sent Snape in the direction of Remus”

James’s eyes widened like golf balls and his mouth unhinged itself mindlessly.

“You sent Snape after Remus?” Peter began to laugh, stopping shortly “oh, that’s not a good thing”

The two boys ignored him as they stared at each other, James dangerously close to punching him “Please tell me your joking Pads, you’re having a laugh here, aren’t you?”

Sirius shook his head.

With one last look of anger, James ran past him straight towards the whomping willow followed closely by Peter and Sirius who struggled to catch up in the many inches of snow that covered the grounds.

As soon as they made it outside the entrance, James whipped around angrily shouting “stay here, don’t do anything else stupid will you?” his voice was sharp

He nodded in response to overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt to say much else. Night had begun to settle and it wouldn’t be long before Remus transformed. He was probably wondering where the hell they were, usually they were there by the time he changed into a werewolf.

Peter looked up at the sky, to see the full moon slowly appearing from behind a cloud “What happened Sirius?”

“I don’t know, I just thought it would be funny” Sirius shrugged, swiping some snow of a large stone before sitting down on it, Peter following.

“But what if- If Remus transforms and hurts him?”

Sirius snapped back “you don’t think I haven’t thought of that”

A lump formed in Sirius’s throat, it was a big possibility that it could happen but now even James was in danger, running after Snape like that. He couldn’t even think of what was going through his mind when he told Snape to follow Remus, he must have been mad.

Why had James ran after him? It should have been Sirius, he had caused this mess they were in, and if anything happens to any of them, he’ll never forgive himself.

Peter looked thoughtfully for a moment, something that rarely happened and took Sirius by surprise “Will you be expelled?”


“If anything happens to Snape, will you be expelled?” Peter said as though it was an everyday occurrence for him, as though it wasn’t such a big deal if Sirius was expelled or not.

“Don’t know, deserve it probably, but then again the slimy git shouldn’t have been snooping around in the first place. What was he expecting to find! I don’t even know why he cares if Remus is a werewolf or not, s’pose in his eyes werewolves are dirty animals”

Peter said nothing looking away in the distance, the two sat in an awkward silence for what felt years until there was a shuffling of feet and a heavy thud.

Sirius’s head whipped up franticly until he saw both James and Snape escaping out of the passage way. Sirius noticed a large bruise that formed on James’s cheek, what had happened?

“James, are you alright?” He began coming forward to help them out of the hole, but was roughly pushed aside.

“We’re going to the hospital wing” James aggressively snarled, simply walking past Peter and Sirius with Snape barley conscious, with a nasty gash bleeding from his head.

The journey to the hospital wing was one that Sirius would like to forget, with the constant glares being received by James and Snape moaning and whinging and adding on Peter’s worried stares was quite annoy, and with the noise they were making he was surprised that no teachers came around the corner ordering to know why they were out of bed and why on earth Snape was half conscious.

He’s going to be expelled for sure.

“What on earth happened here?” Madam Pomfrey demanded as soon as James had banged on the hospital wing door saying someone was injured.

James and Snape were lead away to a bed of their own while both Peter and Sirius shuffled their feet nervously.

Madam Pomfrey moved about quickly, forcing a potion down Snape’s throat drawing curtains around him as he did so and then moving onto James where she applied some yellow paste around his eye.

As soon as she was content that her patients were fine madam Pomfrey left in a dash out of the room, probably in search of professor Dumbledore or McGonagall.

“What the hell where you thinking Sirius?” James rounded on him as soon as Madam Pomfrey had left from sight.

Avoiding his eye contact, suddenly finding his shoelaces very interesting, he stood very still.

 What could he say?

“I-I don’t know” Sirius shrugged stupidly, regretting it the second he did so when James’s eyes grew wide as he dared a look at him.

“What the fuck Sirius! That wasn’t just a prank, Snape could have been hurt or killed… and who would have had to carry that guilt, Remus” James yelled causing Snape to stir from the bed across and let out a moan.

“He shouldn’t have been snooping around then” Sirius shouted back at him, pointing an accusing, shaking finger at the unconscious Snape “What even happened down in the tunnels anyway?”

“That doesn’t matter”

“Yeah it does, you’ve got a black eye… was it Snivillus?”

“Yeah it was actually, I only just found him just in time before a werewolf got a good bite at him” James growled, glaring “Snape apparently wasn’t too eager to leave”

“So he punched you?” Peter laughed suddenly out of nowhere, the two boys had completely forgotten that little Peter was in the room still and stared at him like he was mad

“It’s not funny Pete’s” James quickly turned on him, causing Peter to take a nervous step back and the smile wiped of his face “We could be in serious trouble for this”

“You, maybe” Peter mumbled, barely audible and the two boys were oblivious, still glaring daggers at one another.

Out of nowhere Professor Dumbledore appeared, beside Professor McGonagall, a look of sternness that neither James nor Sirius had ever seen before.

“I believe we have some explain to do, Potter, Black” Professor McGonagall’s beady eyes stared them down “Pettigrew you may leave” she added not taking her eyes of them.

As soon as Peter had shuffled out of them room and the hospital wing door had slammed, Sirius burst into an outbreak of excuses.

“Professor Dumbledore, McGonagall, it wasn’t my fault, Snape was snooping around after Remus-”

“And what exactly where you doing out at this hour yourself?” McGonagall interrupted, seeming not to have heard anything he had just said and ignoring it flatly.

“uh..” Struggled Sirius who swivelled around to James for help who only raised an eyebrow at him shrugging. Sirius sighed “I don’t know professor”

“James what are you doing here?” Dumbledore spoke for the first time since entering the room, his blue eyes twinkling as they usually did. He didn’t look angry, instead quite relaxed and relaxed without a care in the world.

“I got Snape out of the whomping willow, before anything unfortunate happened” Answered James shortly, standing up suddenly from his bed and sending a glare straight at the direction of Sirius.

Professor McGonagall’s face softened, her eyebrows rose, surprised “You-you got Snape out of there?”


Sirius could have sworn he had seen a small smile curve out onto McGonagall’s lips proudly, if only for a second.

“But then Black, what part do you have in all of this?” asked professor McGonagall.

Was she expecting an answer like James gave? An honourable answer? Like he was a helping hand at the scene? He couldn’t exactly lie and in the mind-set that James was in, he wouldn’t be surprised if James told the truth on him. It didn’t matter anyway, the look on Dumbledore’s face told Sirius he already knew the truth, no matter what he said.

“It was my fault in the first place” Sirius gulped guiltily.

“Sirius… don’t-” James begun stepping forward a little as he attempted to stop him from talking.

“I told Snape to go through the womping willow as a prank. I-I don’t know what I was thinking professor” He confessed.

It wouldn’t be so bad if everyone was staring at him he thought to himself.


“Sirius, do not beat yourself up about it, Snape is fine, James is fine, everyone is fine!” Marlene exclaimed one lunchtime as they sat in the corner of the library secretly munching on chocolate, that they had brought in their robe pockets, careful to make sure that the mad librarian didn’t catch them.

Shaking his head Sirius frowned “Marls, none of them have spoken to me in days. Well only Peter” He quickly backtracked “but he’s not exactly the greatest of company. I’m just glad I have you”

Smiling sympathetically while eating a particularly large chunk of chocolate “Why is it even so bad?” Marlene asked thoughtfully, tilting her head to the side “you only sent him into the shrieking shack, you lot play pranks on him all of the time.  Why is it different this time?”

If only she knew the whole of it? But he smiled never the less at how adorable she looked when she was thinking.

He had seriously considered telling her about Remus’s furry little problem, she’d understand, surely, it wasn’t like she would think Remus a monster. But was it really his secret to tell?

Dismissing the thought immediately, he turned to open his divination book remembering about his incomplete homework in for next period, he almost wanted to fall asleep just at the look of it.

“The old teacher never gave us homework. Why is divination so hard?”

“Apparently you do not have the inner eye” Marlene joked dramatically throwing her hands up into the air, mimicking their newest divination teacher, who was as barmy as Sir Cadagon.

 “I cannot wait for the holidays” Marlene said distantly, looking out of the window for a second at the falling snow.


“Are you going anywhere for Christmas?” She asked interestingly jotting something down onto the parchment, the scratching of her quill echoing around the library.

Sirius had no idea where he was going. The plan had been to leave with James, his first Christmas with the Potters, but was there any hope of getting that now? Probably not considering the fragile state that their friendship was in and both Remus and Peter were going home too.

Many times he had considered going back to the Blacks, but shivered every time he remembered the many curses that had been inflicted on him last time when he had been caught just talking to some muggle girls.

He supposed he could ask to go with Peter, but could he really stand two weeks at Peter’s tiny little shack, with his mother’s terrible cooking and Peter’s smelly room.

“Sirius…” Marlene suddenly came into full focus again as he realized it had probably been a few moments since she’d asked the question.

“I don’t know where I’m going to go” Sirius confessed “I’ll probably stay at Hogwarts; James is leaving soon so there’s no hope of becoming best buds again”

“You will” Marlene beamed knowingly “You two are the closest people in the whole entire school. Trust me when I tell you there is no way that the two of you are not going to becoming friends again”

Sirius grinned finally, even daring to smirk a touch.

and there it is” Marlene laughed.


“That smile”

A/N how many weeks has it been? Sorry I took forever, I had trouble writing this chappy and if you’re still reading then your amazing: D


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