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Beat It by alicia and anne
Chapter 5 : Elixir
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Roxanne rushed over to her wardrobe before rummaging through it for something to wear. She was running late as her coach had kept her and Jerome back after their practice, to tell them both that a talent scout was rumoured to be watching their match against the Wimbourne Wasps. Something that Roxanne didn’t want to worry herself about until she had to, she didn’t want to mess everything up by over thinking.

She had more pressing things to worry about at the moment, such as the fact that Lily was going to be arriving any minute now. Violet planned to meet them at the club with Shawn later that evening, and Roxanne had only managed to shower, put her hair up and put on her makeup. Clothes were another matter entirely, she had no idea what to wear. She couldn’t just wear her underwear outside, she dreaded to think of the newspaper article that would appear in that situation.

Roxanne winced slightly as she raised an arm to push some clothes around in her wardrobe, realising that she had too many dresses but wanted to wear none of them. She knew that she should have gone shopping to get some more, but it was too late now.

“Are you still not ready?”

Roxanne let out a loud sigh as she heard her cousin walk into her bedroom. Lily must have let herself in with the spare key, that Roxanne had given her for emergencies. Roxanne still pushed through the dresses as she tried to ignore the ache in her ribs.

“Whoa, that is a big bruise!” Lily stated as she walked over to Roxanne, noticing the large yellow and purple mark that spread across her ribs and some of her back. “What happened?”

“Bludger to the side. Jerome hit it at me whilst I was aiming the other Bludger. We were trying to re-enact what we had done in our match, but he hit the Bludger too early and cracked my ribs. Thankfully the Healer fixed my ribs, but sadly the bruising is still there and it kills.”

“Why don’t you use some of the bruise remover that Uncle George sells?” Lily asked her, as she helped her to rummage through the wardrobe for a dress.

“I haven’t had the time to go home and ask for it. I’ll go tomorrow,” Roxanne told her.

“Depending on how hungover you are,” Lily said with a smirk, as she pulled out a red dress and admired it, before shoving it towards Roxanne. Roxanne took it without question and moved away from the wardrobe so that she could put it on.

“I plan on drinking a lot. I don’t have a practice tomorrow so I can stay in bed all day,” Roxanne stated as she pulled the dress down so that it came down about halfway down her thighs. She smoothed out the fabric so that no creases or wrinkles were showing. Roxanne loved wearing this dress, Lily had great taste. She turned to face Lily, who was looking at her with a smile on her face as she held out a pair of heels for her to wear. Roxanne took the shoes before sitting on the end of her bed and putting them on.

“I take it that Lysander is going to the club tonight?” Roxanne asked Lily, as she finished fastening them.

“What makes you think that?” Lily asked dismissively, She walked over to Roxanne’s dressing table and took a perfume bottle, spraying herself with it.

“You’re wearing the Lysander dress,” Roxanne stated.

“I like this dress,” Lily replied with a shrug.

“You just like what it does to Lysander,” Roxanne told her, as she stood up and walked over to her perfume table to pick up a scent herself.

“I have no idea what you mean. Shall I get us a glass of wine to drink before we leave?” Lily asked her, and before waiting for an answer she left the room.

They arrived at the club around half an hour later, choosing to apparate to an alleyway not far from where the club was situated in London. They walked arm in arm towards their usual club, which was called Elixir. It was owned by a wizard who had clubs and pubs up and down the country and this was one of the ones that she and Lily would often go to. The main reason for that was because of its distance from where they lived.

Roxanne loved it here, mainly because absolutely no reporters were allowed to visit it. It was a strictly no photography club, if you wanted a photograph of your time here there were people, walking around with magical camera’s that would be more than happy to take your pictures for you. The reason for this was so that people like Roxanne, who were in the public eye, had no photos come out in papers that may possibly be damaging to them.

Roxanne noticed that the club already had a line out front as they approached and joined it. Roxanne could have gone to the front and gotten entry straight away, but she thought that it was unfair seeing as though everyone else had been waiting. Thankfully the line wasn’t that long and Lily and Roxanne were already in high spirits, so it passed the time quickly.

Within ten minutes, they were inside the club and were looking around for Violet and Shawn in the crowd that were already there, dancing along to the music. Roxanne spotted them over by the bar and squeezed through the crowds of dancers to make her way over to them, rushing as quickly as she could in her heels and be able to keep her balance. Violet hugged her tightly before moving back and admiring Roxanne’s dress, Roxanne twirled on the spot with a laugh, before giving Shawn a kiss on the cheek.

“Looking good, Roxanne,” Shawn stated as he handed them all a bright blue drink in a tall shot glass. It seemed to be bubbling. “That’s the kind of dress that’ll break hearts.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Lily said with a smile, holding her shot up in a toast. The others did the same before drinking their shots. Roxanne could feel the bubbles sliding down into her stomach and a warmth began to fill her.

“I must say, I feel like a very lucky guy, being surrounded by all of you beautiful ladies,” Shawn told them all, as he leant on the bar and admired them.

They all smiled at him and thanked him, Violet even gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Isn’t he the sweetest?”

“I think those kind words deserve another shot. Who wants to try a Screaming Ghoul?” Lily asked them all as she stood at the bar and began to rummage in her purse for some money.

“You were amazing on the pitch.”

Roxanne gave a smile to the barman as he prepared her cocktail, Cackling Witches Brew. She was getting herself a drink whilst Lily ‘chatted’ with Lysander, in an area of the club that had booths. Lysander had turned up about half an hour after they had and asked if he could speak to Lily alone for a while. Roxanne hadn’t seen her since, which she took to mean that they were back together.

Lily and Lysander broke up and got back together so often, that Roxanne didn’t know what was happening anymore with the two. Violet and Shawn had left her a few minutes ago so that they could go outside and have a cigarette, apparently they were only social smokers, so Roxanne was left talking to the barman.

“Thank you,” Roxanne told him with a grin.

“The way that you and Housley work together is fantastic. How did you manage to read each other’s thoughts like that?” He asked her as she leant across the counter slightly, so that she could hear him over the music playing.

“It took a lot of practice.”

The barman finished her drink and handed it to her, she went to have him a few Galleons, but he told her to put it away as the drink was on the house. She thanked him before she moved away from the bar. She took a seat on a few chairs to the side of the room near to the door, so that Violet and Shawn could find her when they came back.

Roxanne was sipping at her drink, which she thought was delicious, when she heard a voice from behind her that caused chills to go through her. She turned around and found herself facing Jason Turner. Roxanne raised an eyebrow as she turned fully in her seat so that she could face him, she noticed that he was here with his friend Sydney Hannigan. The two men were both clutching bottles of beer and Roxanne had to admit that they both looked very good, they certainly were gaining the attention of the women around them.

“Fancy seeing you two here,” Roxanne stated. Jason gave her a grin as he sat himself down in an empty chair, Sydney sitting next to him. “You’re becoming very good at stalking me, Turner.”

“I’m not stalking you. I didn’t know that you were coming here, Sydney invited me out,” Jason stated, patting Sydney on the arm, who nodded.

“How do we know that you’re not the one stalking Jason?” Sydney asked Roxanne, who let out a laugh at his words.

“He’s the one who’s been sending me flowers and turning up at places that I’m at,” Roxanne told him loudly, so he could hear her over the loud music.

“Merely a coincidence,” Jason said with a shrug, he leant forwards and smirked at her. “The usual reaction to being sent flowers is to thank the sender.”

“Thank you, Turner,” Roxanne stated, before turning around to look around for Violet and Shawn. She wanted to be saved from being near both Jason and Sydney. She didn’t want to admit to Jason that she had loved the flowers and that she couldn’t stop reading the card and wondering if his words were true. She didn’t want to admit out loud that, at times, she wanted nothing more than to find out.

She heard Sydney saying something to Jason, before she saw him stand up out of the corner of her eyes.

“Are you game, Weasley?” Jason asked her as Sydney stood next to her and waited for her answer.

“For what?” she asked him as she sipped at her drink again, she was upset that it was disappearing fast.

“A few shots,” Jason stated.

“No, she wouldn’t be. Wouldn’t want me to show her up when I can drink more shots than her,” Sydney said with a laugh, which caused Roxanne to give a laugh herself, biting the straw between her teeth before she answered him.

“You’re just scared that I’m going to drink you under the table,” Roxanne stated which caused Jason to laugh.

“You heard the woman, go and get the shots,” Jason told Sydney, who smiled before leaving the two, to walk over to the bar. "I hope you realise what you've gotten yourself into, Weasley."

"Don't worry, Turner, I do," She told him sweetly, smiling at him after she had finished her cocktail.

An hour later, Roxanne was beginning to feel the effects of the shots, so far they were all even on five and Roxanne was feeling more than tipsy. Roxanne laughed loudly as she shoved Jason playfully, Sydney laughed next to them as he grabbed for another shot and went to hand it to Roxanne, who held her hands up.

“Give me one minute. I feel like having a bit of a dance with Violet,” She told them, as she stood up and pulled her dress down a bit so that it was at the right length. She walked away from the table, stumbling slightly as she made her way across the dance floor in her search of Violet, who was dancing with Shawn.

“How’s the contest going?” Shawn asked Roxanne with a laugh, nodding over in the direction of where Roxanne had been sat with Jason and Sydney. Violet and Shawn had found them all sitting together earlier on when they had come back into the club and had declined the invitation to have shots with them, instead deciding to spend their time on the dance floor. Roxanne turned to look in the direction she had come from and saw Jason and Sydney downing another shot.

“I think that I’m winning, although I wouldn’t put it passed them to be cheating,” Roxanne told them slurring slightly, as she turned back to look at Violet.

Violet laughed as she and Roxanne danced.

“Have you seen Lily around? Last I saw she was with Lysander,” Roxanne asked them loudly, as she looked around for a sign of their cousin.

“She left about twenty minutes ago,” Shawn told her, “she seemed to be having an argument with Lysander.”

“Oh, we were meant to be going home together,” Roxanne stated, sounding sad. She hoped that her cousin got back home safely. Hopefully Lysander would have taken her home.

“At least I’ve still got you two here,” Roxanne said happily, wrapping her arms around the two.

“I think I might go home soon as well,” Violet admitted to her after Roxanne had let them both go.

“Oh, don’t go yet,” Roxanne cried, holding onto Violet’s arms as though she were going to leave right that second.

“Roxanne, I want to go home as there’s some creepy guy here that doesn’t seem to want to leave me alone,” Violet admitted sadly, Roxanne felt a frown fill her face as she looked around her for a sign of this guy that she didn’t know. “Roxanne, Shawn has sorted it and we’ve talked to some of the staff, but I’m worried that he might try and get back in. He was nice to begin with but he started getting angry and pushy whilst Shawn and I were talking to him outside. It’s just made me feel a bit uncomfortable, that’s all.”

“If that’s what you have to do to feel safe, Violet, I completely understand,” Roxanne said, pulling Violet into a hug before letting go of her and turning to face Shawn. “You better be taking her home, Shawn.”

“Don’t worry Roxanne, I look after my girls. That creep isn’t going anywhere near her,” Shawn told her honestly.

“Did you want to come with us?” Violet asked her, glancing over to where Sydney was. Jason seemed to have disappeared from the table, probably getting them more drinks.

“I’ll be fine,” Roxanne told her with a smile, shaking her head. She didn’t want to go home just yet, she was having a lot of fun. “They may be idiots but they wouldn’t let anything happen to me.”

“Who would have thought such words will be uttered from us about the Wasps, our mortal enemies,” Shawn said, shaking his head but laughing all the same.

“Be safe you two,” Roxanne told them as she watched them leave the dance floor, after giving her hugs goodbye. She walked over to where she had been sitting and took a seat next to Jason, who had just returned from the bar with what looked like a tray full of different coloured drinks.

“I really don’t think we’re going to make our practice tomorrow,” Sydney said with a laugh as he grabbed for one of the drinks. “It looks like Weasley is back with us. Shall we pick up where we left off? I think this would be our sixth drink.”

“Where’s your friends gone?” Jason asked her, looking around the club and noticing that Violet and Shawn had disappeared.

“Shawn’s taken Violet home as some creepy dude was making her uncomfortable. At first I thought it might be you, but she was talking about another creep,” Roxanne said, laughing before she could stop herself at the look on Jason’s face.

“That was a good one, Weasley,” Sydney said, before high fiving Roxanne as they laughed at Jason. Jason shook his head at them, but laughed as well.

“Oh, don’t get all high and mighty, Turner,” Roxanne said, ruffling his hair and laughing at him, before she leant across him and took the shot that Sydney passed her. “My cousin has already left, so it’s just us three.”

“Sounds like fun to me,” Jason stated with a smirk at Roxanne, as they downed the drinks and placed the empty glasses back down on the table. Jason turned back to look at Roxanne, throwing an arm around the back of the chair and behind her shoulders, leaning in to whisper in her ear.

“Have I ever told you how amazingly gorgeous you look, Weasley?” Jason told her. Roxanne smirked at his words, before turning to look at him so that their noses were almost touching. She noticed that Jason’s eyes flickered down to her lips.

“You have said something along those lines, actually,” Roxanne told him with a smile.

“Have I told you that I want nothing more than to kiss you?” he whispered before leaning his head forwards and attempting to close the distance between the two of them. Roxanne quickly ducked her head out of the way and shook her head at Jason.

“It’s going to take a lot more than that, to get me to kiss you, Turner, nice try,” Roxanne told him. Jason shook his head at her before leaning back and sitting back properly on the seat, moving his arm so that it now rested on Roxanne’s shoulders, she rolled her eyes but moved closer to him.

“I think you’ll be giving in before the end of the night, Weasley,” Jason told her.


Roxanne stumbled slightly as she pulled Jason towards her, thankful that she was wearing her high heels so that she wouldn’t have to tiptoe to place her lips on his. Her hearing was slightly muffled from the noise from the club and she was feeling quite drunk. The shots she had earlier were more than to blame for that.

She was entirely thankful that Jason had been able to apparate her out of the club, even in his own drunken state. She knew that she wouldn’t have been able to find her own way home without splinching herself. She couldn’t even get Jason to understand whereabouts in London she lived, so he ended up just apparating them both to his. Her drunk brain didn’t seem to want to process that she was now going to be staying at his flat and was too drunk to take herself home, all it wanted to do was find out if Jason’s lips were as soft as they looked.

“I need to get the door open,” Jason mumbled against her lips.

“I’m not stopping you,” Roxanne stated, before raising a hand and placing it on the back of his head, keeping him at her lips. He let out a groan before pulling away from her and muttering the unlocking charm for his door. He opened the door and pulled her inside so that they were out of eyesight and earshot of anyone, before Roxanne knew what was happening, Jason had pulled her to him and continued kissing her. She faintly heard the door shutting next to her.

Roxanne ran her hands across Jason’s broad shoulders as she opened her mouth so that their kiss could deepen, she felt Jason’s tongue running across her lips before it was met with her own. Through her drunken haze she heard him groan and she couldn’t help but move her hands up to his hair, gripping it in her hands as she continued kissing him. He pushed her backwards and she felt her back hit the wall behind her. Jason moved away from her mouth and placed kisses along her jaw line before making their way down to her neck as his hands skimmed down her side and grabbed for the bottom of her dress, inching it up her thighs. Roxanne bit her lip as she felt her head swimming with the moment they were sharing, as well as the amount of alcohol that she had drunk that night. Her hands moved down to his shirt and she started to clumsily try to undo his buttons.

She felt him move his mouth away from her neck and capture her lips again in a hungry kiss. They moved away from each other and Roxanne pulled her dress up over her head, so that she was standing in her underwear and began to try and undo Jason’s shirt buttons again. After a while she got so frustrated that she ended up ripping the buttons off of his shirt.

“Jason, we shouldn’t do this here,” Roxanne slurred, she was thankful that they had managed to get into Jason’s flat before it got to this moment, she wasn’t sure she would appreciate everyone in the hall getting an eyeful of them both.

Jason stopped kissing her and rested his head on hers, he was out of breath and he looked like he didn’t want to stop kissing her.

“We should stop because you’re too drunk,” he told her regretfully.

“I’m not too drunk,” Roxanne slurred to him, “I want to do this.”

Jason bit his lip and looked down at her as hemoved his hands down onto her hips and his thumbs were caressing her skin. He noticed that she had bruises across her ribs and he pulled away from her and looked down at it, concern written on his face.

“What happened?” He asked her. Roxanne pouted slightly as he moved away from her and looked down at what he was talking about, she ran a hand over where her bruise was, harder than she meant to, and winced slightly.

“Bludger to the ribs during practice today,” Roxanne stated moving around and stumbling slightly, Jason caught her quickly and righted her. “I wasn’t paying attention and before I knew what happened, it cracked my ribs. The coach said that I was lucky I didn’t fall off of my broom.”

“You need to be more careful,” Jason told her as he took a hold of her hand, as she was still poking at the bruising, he brought it up to his lips and kissed it lightly. Roxanne looked up into his eyes and could feel the spark between them igniting again, her breath hitched in her throat as she wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on her again, she wanted to be intoxicated by him, wanted to drown in him and not come up for air in a very long time.

“We should get you to sleep. I don’t want you regretting this in the morning,” Jason told her honestly. He pulled her gently away from where they were stood and further into the flat, he stopped at a closed door before he opened it and entered. Roxanne dropped his hand as she walked into the room and looked around her.

“I’ll try and find you something to wear tonight,” He told her as he walked over to his wardrobe and looked through it. Roxanne took a seat on his bed, before deciding to lay down on it and look over at him.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing now?” She asked him, feigning innocence, he turned around to look at her and smiled.

“Absolutely nothing. But I’ll be able to control myself a bit better around you when you’re not practically naked and on my bed.”

“You could always join me?” She stated with a smirk. She blew Jason a kiss and he moved away from the wardrobe and made his way over to her, a T-shirt was clutched in his hand.

He climbed onto the bed and hovered over her, looking down into her eyes.

“You really are something else, Roxanne,” Jason admitted to her, he ran his fingers down the side of her face tenderly before he gave her another kiss. Roxanne rested her hands on Jason’s stomach as she kissed him back. He moved away from her before he kissed down her body, he stopped once he got to her bruising and gave it a few light kisses. Roxanne felt her stomach fill with the most glorious butterflies and she never wanted Jason to stop kissing her, ever.

Jason sat up and moved away from her, causing Roxanne to open her eyes and look up at him with a frown. He stood up and held out a hand for her to take, she did so and he pulled her up gently so that she was sitting up straight. He held out the T-shirt for her to take and she did so before pulling it on so that it covered her, she looked down at it quickly.

“I’m glad that it’s not a Wasps T-shirt,” She told him.

“I would never be that cruel to you,” Jason told her as he knelt in front of her so that he could take her shoes off of her. She gave him a grin before pulling him in for another kiss; they kissed for a few more moments, before Jason pulled away from her again.

“I’m going to go and get you some water, try and sober you up a bit,” Jason told her.

“I’ll be fine,” She told him as he moved away from her and she shuffled further up the bed so that she was lying with her head on the pillow and looking over at him.

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

When he came back a few minutes later, with a glass of water, he found that she had fallen asleep. He placed the glass of water on the cabinet beside the bed, before getting ready for bed himself.

He climbed into bed and covered her with the quilt, before turning on his side and looking at her with a smile.

“I don’t think you realise what you’re doing to me, Roxanne,” He stated, before he took hold of her hand gently and held it as he drifted off to sleep.

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