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Risen: Out of the Ashes by PhoenixFlame86
Chapter 42 : Breathless
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A/N- edit of an original chapter... added on sept 25th, 2014. 

 James POV

I felt mostly certain of what she was going to say. However, I'd learned that fear was a pretty strong thing and even the smallest dose of it could warp your thoughts into a dark and twisted alley. The past few weeks hadn't helped my ability to trust my thoughts when it came to her either. I held my breath, waiting. 

“James. I’m all in, ok? I’m all in. I’m scared and maybe I should be overreacting about you kissing another girl, but I believe you and I’m willing to try… if you still do.” My heart stopped and the breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding escaped in a loud sigh.

“If I still do?” I looked at her and my heart melted. Her hair was tangled in a very sexy way. That had been my doing, I thought as I grinned. Her sweater had slipped down one shoulder, showing her pale, smooth shoulder that I reached out and grazed with my fingertips.

Charlotte was biting her lip, hard and looking at me expectantly. “Charlotte, I love you.” She still looked worried. “You’re my girlfriend and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that. Ok. I’m all in too. If that’s what you need to hear.”  She smiled, and I melted again.

I pulled her towards me, resting my head in the crook of her neck. She ran her fingers through my hair and I think I may have actually purred. I have never known a guy that didn’t like having a girl (or guy) run their fingers through their hair.
It’s one of the best feelings, ever. Something like what it feels like to a girl to have fingers brushing over just shaved legs, or so Dom tells me. Man, I’ve had some really strange conversations with my cousin.

I tore my thoughts away from the weird place they were in and took in the moment. Charlotte had her legs wrapped around my waist, and my arms were cinched tightly around her waist. Her hair fell around me, like a curtain and her mouth was busy doing very nice things to my neck and jaw.

I arched my head around, found her mouth and fell into the moment. My fingers found the bottom of her sweater and I yanked it above her head, before throwing her back down on the mattress I had conjured. That accident was working out well for me. Charlotte looked up at me, relaxed and grinning. I lay my body over hers, joining fully with her. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I love you Charlotte Gray.”

We fell asleep there, the second time we had fallen asleep on the pitch. This time was much better though, because when I woke up, I got to do all the things to her, and with her, that I didn’t last time. We grudgingly decided to head back to the castle, knowing that real life couldn’t be ignored forever.  We also chose to leave the bed so that we could confuse the hell out of the next person to walk in here, and trudged up the very muddy path to the castle. The storm had disappeared while we'd been sleeping. 

Dawn had only just broken the sky and we snuck into the great hall early. There were only three people there, and no one paid any attention to us. We sat across from each other, drinking coffee and eating the early morning breakfast options. I held her hand lightly in mine, feeling the difference in textures between her smooth skin and the rough wood.

My thoughts drifted towards the past as Charlotte sat quietly reading the paper. I remembered when she left, to live in America, when she was only 5 years old. It was a memory I hadn't thought of in a good long while. I remembered that she stood at the edge of the driveway, with her hands on her hips and a very stubborn, but serious look on her face.

Five year old me had been very upset to lose my best friend, and she was doing her best to comfort me.

James, she had said, this is not the last you’ll see of me so there’s no point being sad.

How do you know that?

Because at the very least, I’ll have to be back to go to Hogwarts, so just remember that when you get sad. We will get sorted into the same house, and be best friends again.

I’ll be waiting for you at the train.

How will I know it’s you?

Because we’re best friends. And best friends never, ever forget each other.

She had been very verbal, even then. Thinking back, I remembered how much I missed her the first few months. Time passed, and slowly I forgot about her. I forgot about meeting her on the platform. After the first year of her being gone, even though I would see her around the holidays, I forgot that she had been my childhood friend.

I wondered if she still remembered that we were supposed to meet at the train on the first day of school.

“James? You look funny.”

“I, under no circumstances, look funny. I always, always look ruggedly handsome.” She rolled her eyes at the same time she grinned.

“Except for now, there are exceptions to every rule. You do look funny.”

“I do not!” She started laughing, bending over to bury her head to cover her mouth with her arm so she didn’t laugh out loud.

“You still look handsome, but you look funny. You have an odd expression on your face.”

“Charlotte Gray, that is such a rude thing to say to your boyfriend.” She grinned again. “And it’s only fair, if I look funny, that you must look funny too.” Her eyes widened and she looked at me in horror, wondering what I was going to do. I used two fingers to scoop out some strawberry jam, and before she could stop me, I smeared some across her cheek. Her jaw dropped and she stared at me.

The memory was fading from my mind, but I made a mental note to ask her later. This was a lot more fun than reminiscing about our days as five year olds.

“I didn’t mean funny as in you had something on your face! I meant funny as in funny expression!” Charlotte didn’t sound angry, because she was too busy laughing. I just sat and stared at her, smiling. Even with jam on her face she was beautiful. I was so wrapped up in staring at her that I didn’t notice what she was doing.

She leaned forward, biting her lip. I leaned forward as well, eagerly anticipating a kiss. We were nose to nose when I felt it, a long swipe from my temple to my jaw. Butter. It was all over my face. I leaned back in shock, almost falling backwards off the bench.

Charlotte was laughing so hard she actually did fall off the bench, her face red from the full body laugh. She sat on the floor of the Great Hall, gasping for breath in between bouts of laughter. I sat there for a minute, shaking my head, before I grabbed a napkin and wiped the butter off my face. I went around to the other side of the table, still holding the napkin.

She looked up at me, still chuckling and I bent down to her level. Charlotte’s eyes sparkled. I reached out, cupped the back of her neck with my hand, and drew her forward. She sat up and looked up at me through her eyelashes.

“Are you done now?” I asked her, smiling.


“Ok. Good.” I pulled her face closer to mine, and gently wiped off the jam. She smiled at me, and I was aware that people were staring at us. Our eyes met and before she could object, I kissed her. She groaned and tried to push me back.

“You’re going to have to get used to this, love.” I whispered under my breath, nipping at her and tracing butterfly kisses along her jaw. “I’m all for PDA.” She kissed me quickly and then scooted backwards, before sitting back down and pouring another cup of coffee. I crouched on the floor for a moment longer, smiling to myself, before sitting next to her. I slung my arm around her shoulder and asked her to tell me about the news.

“Nothing all that interesting. Just the usual, boring, news stuff.”

“There must be something interesting.”

“It says here that they have successfully bred a cat and a dog, so you can now have the best of both worlds!”


“No. I made that up.” I smacked her with a muffin wrapper. “Hey! Crumbs mister.”

“It’s Sunday love, no one cares about crumbs.”

“I care about crumbs.”

“Would you two stop arguing?” Charlotte and I looked up to see a few of my smiling cousins. Dom was beaming at us, and once she noticed that both of us were looking at her, she squealed and clapped her hands.

“Yay! You two made up! James and Charlotte…” I just knew, I knew what was going to happen when she said that. Freddy, Louis and Roxie all lit up, linked arms and started skipping around the Great Hall. Singing. You know what’s coming.


“SHUT UP! THE LOT OF YOU!” Charlotte had crawled under the table, dying of embarrassment, but she was laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe. Again. I climbed under the table after her. “I really, really hate my family sometimes.” My family had ignored me and were still skipping around the Great Hall making up stupid songs about us. Dom poked her head under the table, and she grinned at us.

“Just go with it Jamsey. You know you can’t stop them. We’re just happy for you. Charlotte- if you hadn’t fixed this I would have killed you. Just sayin.”

“Hey! I would have objected to that.” Dom poked her head back underneath the table and looked at me.

“I wouldn’t have done it easily, geez. Now are you both going to keep hiding, or just accept this. You’re part of this family James. And now you are too Charlotte, because there’s no way that I’m going to let you break up with my cousin. You’re going the whole road… you’re getting married and having ridiculously attractive babies. Capiche? Good.”

Charlotte and I looked at each other, and her eyes were wide.

“My best friend is crazy.”

“Ya huh.”

“Can we go now?” Charlotte looked freaked out and I cursed my large, lovable, but stupid family that didn’t know when to leave things alone. We poked our heads out, looked around, and saw that my family was dancing around the Hufflepuff table. She looked at me, crawled out quickly, and we made a mad dash for my common room.

Instead of lounging around in front of the fire, I dragged her up to my bed so we could snog, but instead we ended up falling asleep. Freddy woke us up a few hours later with a bullhorn, doing kissing and other inappropriate sounds. So we decided to head to her common room instead. There was a much more likely chance that we'd be left alone there. Ravenclaws were usually to busy reading to be inappropriate like Gryffindors.

As we walked towards her common room, we talked about how everyone had taken the news that we were back in the right place with out relationship. Charlotte didn’t know whether to laugh or groan. I had to warn her that she’d be getting a lot of that now that we were 100% official. I reminded her that they all liked her, and that they'd downright hated some of my past flames. 

“Well… I have been around for a really long time, just not as your girlfriend. I’d hope they’d know me well enough to not hate me.”

“It’s kind of impossible to hate you. You’re too cute.” She scrunched her nose up and crinkled her eyes, smiling. She was adorable when she was happy, and it was good to see her happy. 

We spent the rest of the day holed up in the Ravenclaw common room, which turned out to be a bad choice. Dom and Georgia just kept staring at us and making cute noises whenever we did anything. I told them off more times than I could keep track of, and eventually gave up. 

Then it got worse. Roxie, Freddy and Lily joined us. I think it must have been the first time anyone else in the Wotter clan had seen the inside of the Ravenclaw Common Room. Dom always came to us, since everyone else in the family was in Gryffindor. The teasting and catcallling started anytime we so much as looked at each other, even if only to share aggravated glances. Charlotte, who had the patience of a saint, started to snap. The next time one of them made a sound, she shrieked loudly, slammed her books together and stalked over to the bottom of the stairs. 

She dragged me up to her room, drew her curtains around the bed, and cast a few spells to give us some privacy. I laid down, and she snuggled up next to me, tangling her legs with mine.

“So what were you thinking about earlier?”


“At breakfast. When I told you that you looked funny.”

“I never, under any circumstances…”

“Look funny, I know.” I looked at her and she smiled up at me, with a twinkle in her eye. “Seriously, what were you thinking about?”

“Do you remember the day you left for America? When we were 5?”

“Yes, I remember. Why?”

“Do you recall that I was upset and that you were telling me not to be sad? Because we’d see each other at Hogwarts in a few years and then it would be ok?” A sad look passed across her face.

“Of course I remember. You asked me how you’d recognize me and I said that best friends never forget each other.”

“I told you I’d wait for you by the train on that first day.”

“You didn’t.” She sounded so sad.

“You were waiting, weren’t you?”

“I was always waiting for you James. All those times I came back, and we saw each other, I kept waiting for you to remember me. You never did, and I learned to live with it. I hoped that one day that might change, but I didn’t expect it.”

“I’m a prat. Forgive me.” I wrapped her into my arms, kissing the top of her head and feeling a wave of sadness wash over me. All the time I could have had with her, and I wasted it because I forgot her. Because maybe I'd been a little spoiled, and selfish. 

“You were a kid James, it’s not like I can hold you to a promise we made when we were five.”

“But you never forgot.”

“No, I never forgot. But James, I didn’t have the things in my life that you did. It was harder for me to forget you. I never fit in with my family, and so all I could ever think about was getting back to my best friend.”

“And I forgot you.”

“You didn’t… forget me. You just, moved on to other people. No point beating yourself up about it now. We patched things up.”

“I do love you, Charlotte Gray.” She looked up at me, her expression hard to read in the growing darkness.

“Just… don’t forget me again. Ok?”

“I wouldn’t be stupid enough to make that same mistake twice.” She kissed me and I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her onto my lap. Her hair fell around me and I breathed in her scent, of green apples and gardenia.

“You have a funny look on your face again.”

“I do not!” She laughed as I flipped her onto her back and started tickling her. The day got better after that. Much, much better. 


Two weeks later. 


In the moments before class ended, I thought back to the events of the previous morning, when Charlotte had gotten a double whammy of good news. Not only had she gotten news about the birth of her newest sibling, but the purchase of her flat had been completed. My cousins had teased me about her now owning a very expensive flat. 


“Dude… your girlfriend has a huge flat. You’re set for life. What’s hers is yours.”


“Only if we get married!” Freddy nudged me in the side, chuckling and ignoring my horrified look. I was only 17, and yea I loved her, but I wasn’t going down that road anytime soon.  


“You are getting married. I’m already planning your wedding.” Dom said, before taking a huge bite of a banana. “How do you feel about having a teacup pig as the ring bearer?” I stared at her, thinking back to when she was a baby and wondering how many times she had been dropped on her head. A teacup pig? “Or a gaggle of geese to serenade you as you wait for Charlotte to walk down the aisle? What do Muggles do for weddings anyway. James… you have to ask Charlotte about their traditions.”

“Yea.” Freddy said. “Go ask her. Right now. It’s vital that Dom knows this stuff. She can’t plan your wedding without it! Merlin’s beard James… hurry up and propose already so Dom can really get serious!”


“You all are incorrigible.” I muttered darkly, staring at them.  “I’m leaving.” 



I had left the Great Hall after that, and wandered up to the common room, forcing my thoughts in the direction of the upcoming game. We were playing Slytherin and it was going to be a hard game, since they played dirty and tried to get away with as many fouls as possible. The fact that Avery Nott was there captain spoke volumes about the kinds of people they let on their team. Dad and Uncle Ron had snickered when I’d complained about how much of a prat he was, and how undeserving he was of being on the team, let alone being captain. They’d muttered something about Draco Malfoy at that point. 


Loud bangs and whistles pulled me from my memory. I was so caught up, again, in thinking about the game that I didn’t realize class had ended. I was sitting, staring blankly ahead, with my chin resting on my hand. Freddy knocked my arm out and my head fell forward. I just barely stopped my chin from smacking into the desk and shattering a few teeth. 


He roared with laughter and started walking away. Knowing Charlotte was waiting for me outside, I shoved my books in my bag and walked out. Freddy was already talking to her, telling her about how I had completely checked out of the last fifteen minutes of class. She turned to me with an amused smirk on her face, and wrapped her arms around me when I stood in front of her. 


“My cousin tried to give me brain damage.” I muttered, trying to sound pathetic and in need of some major loving. 


“Poor baby.” She said with a smirk, not even bothering to hide her lack of complete and total sympathy. 


“Brain damage!” I said, emphatically. 


“To be fair, you’ve done your fair share of giving yourself brain damage.” Freddy said, then roared with laughter again and I pouted. Yes, I actually pouted. It was very unmanly. It happened every once in a while, though I would only admit that in my own head.

“Aww, James, you’re pouting!” She placed her hands on both sides of my face and managed a half smile, half frown. 


“I need a kiss.” 


“Oh God, not this again.” My debatable best friend, but always cousin moaned, attempting to cover his eyes and his ears at the same time. 


“Bugger off Freddy, I’m allowed to kiss my girlfriend.”


“Yes, but you get so annoyingly happy after that you’re a pain to be around.”


“Not my fault she makes me happy. Also not my fault your loser ex girlfriend cheated on you, like we all said she would.” That had been another highlight of Valentines Day. Freddy had caught Annabelle or whatever her name was practically having sex with some random bloke on the dance floor. He didn’t seem too beat up about it though. Freddy was still in the liking girls because it meant having someone to snog and have sex with. 


“I’m going to go stand over here while you two snog. It’s almost lunch time though, so don’t take too long.” Freddy walked away, and I placed one hand against the wall, looking down at Charlotte. She smiled up at me, grabbed my shirt and pulled me down to her level. 


“You’re cute when you pout.”


“I am not cute! I am…”


“Manly and handsome, I know. Now, do you still need a kiss, or not?” I growled at her, and kissed her. She melted into my body, and I wrapped my arms tighter around her, picking her up after a moment. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I pushed her up against the wall, not taking my mouth off hers. Things had been perfect between us since Valentines Day. Absolutely perfect. 


“OI! GET A ROOM!” I wanted to kill Freddy. Charlotte let her head drop onto my shoulder, and I felt the vibrations of laughter coursing through her. She placed a light kiss on my neck and whispered something in my ear. 


“We should probably go down to lunch.” I kissed her again, and ran my fingers through her long hair. I gave her one last quick kiss, tugged on her hair, and set her down. Freddy was leaning against the wall, trying to cover his ears with his shoulders and not succeeding. 


Without waiting for him, I slung my arm around my girlfriends shoulder and we walked down the hall, chattering about our classes. The halls were busy and full of students all heading down to lunch, so we had to talk loudly. Freddy fell into step beside us after a few minutes. 


“Hey! You left me!”


“Yea, and?”


“That’s rude. Especially since we talked about discussing tactics after class.”


“Oh right, I forgot.”


“Well to be fair, if I had a girlfriend as hot as Charlotte I’d probably forget a lot of things too.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Charlotte turning a fantastic shade of red, so I smacked Freddy upside the head. She looked up at me and smiled, still blushing, but gave me a look that said it was ok to talk about the upcoming game. 


“We have to play expecting them to be play dirty, like they usually do. It will be best if we play like we normally do” Freddy just started talking, ignoring that Charlotte was still blushing. 


“No.” I looked at her one last time, attempting to pretend that I didn’t desperately want to talk about this now. “We need to change up our tactics and be unpredictable. They know how we fly and how we play. They are probably basing all of their fouls off our normal tactics.”


“This close to the game James? That will be too much. We need to stick to what we’ve been practicing. The game is in a few days, we don’t have enough time to try out a whole new way of playing as a team. That’s too much training. Especially with a new team member because Asher decided to be a total basket case and have an unnecessary meltdown. Although, as I said before, I guess I can’t blame the guy. I mean…” Freddy said, waving his hands up and down near Charlotte, while wiggling his eyebrows at me. She blushed again, and I glared at him, finally getting him to shut up. 


I tried to keep him on topic. “There’s no such thing as too much training.”


“One… I have muscles in places I didn’t realize that would disagree with you. Two, we’re a better team, we can beat them by playing how we normally play!”


“I don’t want to just beat them. I want to crush them. The Cup is at stake! I want it win it again this year.”


“And we will beat them by playing our normal game.” Freddy said slowly, emphasizing each word as he stared intently at me. 


“Boys,” Charlotte interrupted, looking amused, “It’s just a game.” Freddy and I both whipped our heads around to look at her, horrified looks on our faces. 


“Charlotte, I love you, but please don’t ever say that again.” I growled, pressing my forehead to hers, trying to psychically transfer happy feelings about Quidditch into her brain to take root and grow into a beautiful Quaffle looking flower. 


“The Cup is at stake Charlie. It matters. A lot.” Freddy told her, looking at me and trying to non verbally tell me that he thought my girlfriend was crazy. I looked back at her, and saw her shrug and smile apologetically at me. 


“So, Go Gryffindor?” 


“Much Better. Now, James, seriously. We need to play like normal. Our last game was rough. We pulled together a win, but barely.” I didn’t want to relive that game against Hufflepuff. We’d only won by ten points, after a brutal four hour game. We’d only had two days to recover from the originally scheduled game before we’d had the rematch. No one had really been ready, including them. “And I still can’t get over how much better Hufflepuff is than Ravenclaw. I mean… eagles. They fly. Shouldn’t that be some sort of requirement. Knowing how to fly, and fly well. They’ve sucked lately.”  


“Which is funny because eagles should fly better than lions.” It was a stupid joke, but I made it anyway. Freddy and I laughed and high fived. 


“Hey! That is my house you’re joking about!” Charlotte froze, putting her hands on her hips and looking incensed. 


“Finally some house loyalty. Honestly Charlie, you’ve been spending so much time with us Griffs I thought you might convert.” Freddy elbowed her in the side, chuckling. I saw her covertly touch her necklace while she stuck her tongue out at him. 


“Never! Ravenclaw for life. Now, if you two don’t mind, I’m going to leave and let you talk about the game you’re bound to win.” She started to walk away, when a voice cut through the silence. 


“Didn’t you know it’s bad luck to assume you’ll win a game. Especially when you’ll lose.” All three of us turned around, seeing someone appearing out of the shadows. A scowl crossed my face, and I quickly slid in front of Charlotte. Avery Nott had appeared from the shadows. 


“We’ve beaten you before. We’ll do it again.” I said, my fists clenched at my side. 


“I didn’t specifically say you’d lose the game. Just that you’d lose.” His face remained a cold mask, but a dangerous sneer crossed his face. His eyes were all over Charlotte. Avery stood close to me, and I had to look up at him. He was not only taller than me, but much more muscular, being a Beater. 


I was about to go nose to nose with him and say something when I heard Charlotte speak. She hadn’t yet walked away from us when Avery spoke up and was still standing behind me. Before I could stop her, she’d slid around me and stood in front of me, her whole body radiating anger. Then she shocked me to the core by shoving him. Charlotte just shoved him! I immediately went from wanting a fight to being completely freaked out that my short girlfriend had just shoved the biggest guy in school. The most dangerous guy in school. 


“What the hell does that mean Nott?” Charlotte spoke with a steely voice, her eyes narrowed as she looked at him. Her arms were crossed, and she stood as upright as she could. If I wasn’t so freaked out I would be impressed. 


Avery took a step towards her, his eyes raking up and down her body. My blood boiled and I wrapped my arm around Charlotte, planning to yank her behind me if he tried something. “I wish I knew why I’d never noticed you before. All these years… we could have been…” He looked down at her, reaching his fingers out as if to touch her and she took a quick step back, “Friends. Lovers. Rivals turned into lovers. Whatever would have gotten me… that. You must be something if you can draw even Potter into the world of monogamous relationships. So… why?”

I heard Freddy cracking his knuckles next to me, and I slid in front of Charlotte again, only half blocking her from Avery’s disgusting gaze. 


“That’s because you’re an evil toad that grew from pond scum and I don’t spend time with people like that.” Charlotte looked up at him, craning her neck. Avery was a foot taller than her. 


“I like feisty girls. They’re just so good in private areas of the castle. If you know what I mean.” Avery looked at her again, then looked at me. I wanted to smash his face in.  Avery was now standing right in front of her, and before I could do anything she whipped out her wand and held it steadily in front of her. The tip dug into his sweater. Charlotte said a simple no. She didn’t need to say more. Her meaning was quite clear. 


“It’s not something I’m used to hearing Gray.” 


“There’s a first time for everything. Now, move the hell away from me.” Avery chuckled, but it was a very unpleasant sound. My arm wrapped tighter around her, and I took a few steps back, taking her with me. “Get lost Nott.” 


I let go of Charlotte, and looked at Freddy. He took my cue and stood next to Charlotte, angling his body so that he was slightly in front of her. Knowing she was safe from anything Avery might try, I walked up to him, stopping an arms length away. 


“You heard her. Get lost. I’ll see you on the field Nott, and in the meantime, leave us alone. Leave my team alone. You want a fair fight…”


“I never want a fair fight. I want a fight stacked in my favor. So, like I said, you might not lose the game, but be prepared to lose something else.” He sneered at me, crossing his arms and waiting for my response. I took a deep breath, anger pulsing in my veins. 


“You touch any of us, before or during the game, and you’re going to have me to deal with.” 


“Does that include your hot girlfriend? I’d like to touch her.” He was looking at her again. I turned around, to look at Charlotte, and saw the look of anger on her face. I whipped around, my fist curled at my side, and punched him in the face. He was so big that he only moved back a few inches, and was just smiling at me. “Is that a no?” 


“Fuck off Nott. You touch her…”


“He touches me, he’ll have to deal with me.” Charlotte had shoved Freddy aside and stalked up to where I was standing. She walked past me and I immediately shot my hand out, wrapping it around her wrist and yanking her back to me. 


“I’d like that Gray.” Avery threw his head back and laughed, then with a salute in Charlotte’s direction he walked away. I immediately turned to Charlotte and hissed at her. 


“What were you thinking! He’s four times bigger than you.” She looked at me, and huffed. I yanked her into my arms and held her tight. “Seriously, you scared me. Don’t do that.”


“Mad props Charlotte! You sure you’re not a Griff? That took some nerve.” Freddy walked up to us, and placed his hand on her back. I glared at him. 


“Don’t encourage her dude.” 


“Look, can we just put this behind us and go eat. Defending yourself makes a girl hungry.” She pulled back and looked up at me. “Please James?” 


“You promise to not scare me like that again?”


“I promise to try. He’s such a loathsome creature though… I can’t help my blood from boiling and wanting to hex the guy into oblivion.” I growled at her and she pulled herself out of my grasp, following Freddy down the hall. Lunch had started at least fifteen minutes ago. My stomach grumbled loudly and I followed them, linking my hand with hers. 

As I listened to her talking with Freddy, I was busy thinking of ways to protect her. 


I had decided that she wasn’t going to be walking alone in the corridors between classes until after this game was over. Whatever it took, I’d set up a guard schedule. Avery Nott was not someone to be messed with. Charlotte was definitely better at spells, but a big strong guy against a tiny girl, he could hurt her. I should have been more worried about my team and the game. 


A/N- Wayyyyy too tired at the moment to think of much to put here. Next chapter will be called Where Do I Fit In. For those of you that like Georiga... she'll be in the next chapter and we'll learn more about what's going on with her. 

That's all I have energy for right now. Thanks for reading. Please leave a review... if you feel like it. That is all. Good night. Or good day. Whatever it is where you are. 

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