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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 32 : Chapter Thirty-Two
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Stunning chapter image of Flick and her babies by milominderbinder @ TDA!


It's nearly been a week since that horrible night of which I will not speak of. I am so pissed off at Al, how the hell could he have been so stupid. We were messing around and yet he gets her pregnant, although if bitch face is claiming to be ten weeks it means that technically we weren't fooling around just yet.

"Oi, Flick, Quidditch practice at seven," Albus informed me from where he was at with Scorpius opposite us. The us including myself, Rose, Dom and Rory as Didge was acting really odd and not bothering to include Rory in stuff and just went and did it on her own, or with some of her other friends.

I ignored him, something I've been doing a hell of a lot recently. Although he keeps trying to talk to me and I swear he's taken up stalking me around the castle because every time I come out of the library or one of the bathroom Al just pops up out of nowhere. Damn him and his stupid Marauders Map.

Scorpius smiled at me. "See you later, Flick."

I nodded at him as I ate my slice of pumpkin pie and vanilla ice-cream which tasted amazing as always. The house elves of Hogwarts never fail to please me with their cooking skills. Dom was happily devouring a large slice of chocolate cake and to me she seemed happier than she had in weeks.

After I had finished I stayed with girls until it was just gone seven. "Flick, shouldn't you be going to practice?" Rory questioned.

I shrugged. "I guess I've left it long enough. I'll see you lot later." I headed to the common room and went up into my dorm to drop off my bag and pick up me broom as well as changing out of my uniform and into a pair of trackie bottoms, a top and a hoodie. I picked up the stuff I had to send home as well and left.

As I crossed the common room with my broom over my shoulder from her place over by the window Hattie glared at me with her red puffy eyes, a clear sign she had been crying again. I thought nothing of it as I left and walked across the entrance hall and out into the fresh air. It was nice and slightly cloudy not that you could really tell, as the sky was slowing changing from light blue to a deeper shade with the sun setting just behind the mountains.

Before going down to the pitch I went to the owlry and called one of the school's barn owls down. I attached the card, letter and small present to it and told it my home address. The letter was for Ria and the card and present for Nana Marge as tomorrow is her birthday.

I smoothed one of the more friendly owls which I've nicknamed Pirate as he has a dark patch around his eye compared to the rest of his light brown feathers. He's one of my favourite owls and I often use him. As I was stroking the soft feathers on his head, I was glad of the company.
I watched the barn owl leave and fly out of the owlry until it was just a speck in the sky. Knowing that I would have to go to practice sooner or later I left and made my way down. I arrived on the pitch to find Al and the others up in the air. I headed to the changing rooms and I got changed into my Quidditch top.  I kicked off the ground and was glad for the feeling of the air on my face.


Quidditch practice seemed to drag on and on and I swear I was close to whacking Al with my broom.

"Well done everyone," he called as we all touched down back on the pitch.

I headed to the girls changing rooms quickly so that Al wouldn't try and follow me or talk to me and went inside. I made sure that both the doors were locked and placed my broom on the side. I grabbed my things out of my locker and got changed since I'd have a shower back in the dorm. I put my top in the washing basket and headed to the main door out of the changing rooms.

I was just about to unlock it when I heard his voice. "Flick, I know you're still in there and I need you to talk to me. There's no point going out through the office because I locked it with the key. There's no wait out so let me in. Please."

Great I was stuck in the changing rooms with no way out unless I talk to him, flipping brilliant. "Fine," I called as I went over to the door to unlock it, I turned the key and opened it just a crack. "You have fifteen minutes."

Al came in and I felt my heart do a little flip at the sight of him. His messy black hair was slightly damp and in an even messier state than normal and it might just have been me but I swear he even looked older. The thought of Bentley and Aubri crossed my mind but now with bitch face and her little confession I can't tell him. I simply can't for the fear of him reacting the same way and walking out on me and not wanting anything to do with them.

I drove away the thought before it could settle and looked at watch and then at him. "You better start talking Potter because time is ticking away, you now have fourteen minutes," I told him.


Albus' Point of view.

I watched her as she looked down at her wrist and then to me, I was trying to find the words. All the feelings and thoughts I had to say. I only registered she was waiting for me to say something when she muttered, "Tick tock, Potter."

I looked at her. "Back on last name terms are we, Saunders?" I asked with a cocky smile.

Flick rolled her beautiful blue eyes at me. "Shut up and start talking."

I smirked as I said, "Oh I love it when you talk dirty to me." I watched as she struggled to keep her smile hidden and then she turned away from me but I knew she was smiling.

"You utter prat, how could you have been so flipping stupid?" Flick asked me as she turned back and headed for straight for me, her voice at a much higher level than normal. "Couldn't you have used sodding condoms like every normal person?" she yelled.

I opened my mouth to reply but she cut me off, "I can't believe you. I can't help wonder if Hattie did it on purpose and if all the stuff you said to me was bullshit, because right now it sure feels that way."

Before Flick could move away from me I pulled her close and wrapped my arms around her. It took her by surprise and I was glad because her arms were still by her side as it meant she didn't try to pull away, "Fliss, you have no idea how much I know I've screwed up okay but I swear this didn't happen on purpose."

I felt her sigh as I ran a hand through her long blonde hair. "I love you, Felicity Louise Saunders, and I always have, always will and nothing will change that I swear. You have to trust me and as for Hattie," I paused wondering what I could say but Flick answered it for me.

"As for her is she telling the truth? I mean do you definitely know she is pregnant Al? Have you not heard of protection? There's loads of different muggle ways and there's a freaking contraceptive spell for crying out loud!" Flick yelled into my t-shirt, although it came out slightly muffled.

I shut my eyes for a moment trying to find words to say it. "I swear she's lying, Flick, and I'll prove it to you somehow. This doesn't change anything; I still want to be with you. It's always been you."

But how do you know? I thought, Flick's right and you know it. Neither of you used protection and it could be true so what are you going to about it? You too drunk to think about any sort of protection and you wand was in your trousers, which were probably half way across the room, I thought. I am so screwed!

I pulled her forward so I was able to look her in the eye. "Fliss, you have to believe me, she's lying and I know it. I love you and want to be with you."

Flick sighed as pulled away from me. "Until you can prove it, Al, that's it for us."

With that she picked up her things and left, slamming the door behind her leaving me stood in the middle of a now empty girls changing room.

I awoke to what felt like another day in hell. I hadn't seen my babies for what seemed like forever and I just wished that I could go and see them. Then it occurred to me that today was Thursday meaning I have two free periods before break. I smiled to myself as I rolled out of bed and checked my clock which told me it was nearly half seven.

I went over to Dom's bed and ticked the bottom of her foot which was sticking out of her bed, it twitched for a moment and then I heard Dom say, "Ow!"

I sniggered as I pulled part of her hangings open just a little and saw her rubbing her head. "What was that for? You made me bump my head on the stupid bed post," Dom complained.

I laughed. "Shouldn't sleep so bloody weird then."

Feeling happier knowing that I might be able to see Bentley and Aubri I snagged the bathroom whilst it was still empty and showered. Dom was still in bed because like me she's also got two free periods, plus another one after break when I've got Defence.

Once I was dressed I sat on top of my bed and pulled out the picture of the twins I keep hidden. I smiled as the image moved and then hastily put it back under my pillow when I heard Rory and Didge moving around and talking as they have classes.

I heard Rory whisper, "Do you really think she is pregnant? I mean from the sounds of it, it sounded like Albus was going to break up with her. Wasn't she here when I told you lot about Hannah and Emmet, and how she faked being pregnant so he'd stay with her?"

I heard something drop to the floor and Didge swore before saying in a loud voice, "To be honest, Ror, I really couldn't give a shit about Hattie or Albus or their so called spawn."

"Will you speak quietly," Rory hissed at her, "They're all asleep, Flick and Dom don't have classes first thing and neither does Hattie. You'll wake them up."

Didge made an annoyed sound. "Of course you don't want to wake them up. Oh Flick you're back now, what is wrong with you? I thought you hated her?"

I made no attempt to show that I was awake, this conversation was getting real interesting, especially the bit about Hattie.

"I've never hated, Flick," Rory stated. "You caused shit which made me dislike her for a bit but I've never hated her. I've known her since I was little; we were best friends until you showed up!"

Didge scoffed. "You said it yourself, Ror, you and Flick were never as close as she is to Dom and you know it. I'm going to breakfast before you piss me off some more."

I heard her slam her trunk and then the door as she left. Rory sighed. "I honestly wonder why I'm friends with her sometimes."

I didn't dare move so I amused myself by reading Hogwarts A History which was on my bedside table. Ginger Nut hopped onto my bed and started meowing at me and head butting my hand. I stoked her soft fur and peaked through my hangings, the dorm appeared empty so I got up and sat Ginger Nut on the window sill next to her bowls which were full thanks to the house elves.

"There's food there, Ginger," I told her as she meowed at me and gave me a pathetic look. I blinked at her and rolled my eyes as I turned back to my bed and packed my bag I use when I go to Hogsmeade.

I had just finished writing my note to Dom, explaining I had gone somewhere private to study and that I'd see her either at break or in Charms. I was just about to leave when Hattie got out of bed and walked in front of me, looking rather pale and a bit sickly. For a moment I thought she was going to throw up on me.

"Y'know, ginger biscuits or crackers can help with morning sickness," I told her and she looked at me.

"And what do you know about being pregnant, Saunders?" Hattie asked coldly.

I froze before saying, "I have a niece and nephew as well as younger siblings," I lied; well at least part of it was the truth. ''Trust me it helps."

Hattie just shrugged at me as she headed to the bathroom and I scarpered fast. Wondering whether Minnie would be in the heads office, her Transfiguration office or the great hall I decided to check the heads office first as that's where she sleeps, well at least I think she does.
Most of the castle was quiet except for the younger students and a couple of older, heading down to breakfast. I headed up the grand staircase to the third floor and took some short cuts before coming back out on the main stairs.

As I was coming up onto the seventh floor I spotted Rose and she waved. "M-morning," she yawned.

"Morning, Rosie," I replied as I then saw Scorpius running up behind her with a bunch of flowers in his hands, he came to a stop near us and leant against the wall breathing heavily.

"Ro, listen. One chance is all I ask. I need you, Rose," he puffed as he handed Rose none other than a bunch of red roses. He gave me a weak smile as he awaited Rose's reply.

"I need to go guys. See you later though," I said as I slipped away and hurried on down the corridor hoping they would sort out what was going on between them.

I made my way to the gargoyle and I stopped in front of it realising I had no clue as to what the password was. I was silently cursing myself as Professor Longbottom came along the corridor humming happily to himself.

"Good morning, Miss Saunders, I take it you want to see the headmistress?" he asked when he saw me looking blankly at the stone gargoyle.

"Yes, Professor," I replied.

"Is it important?" he questioned and I hesitated in answering, well it was important to me but would they see it that way. "Ahh," Professor Longbottom said as though he realised why I was here. "Password is Godric Gryffindor," he told me with a smile.

I returned the smiled. "Thank you, Professor."
He carried on down the corridor, humming away as I muttered the password and the gargoyle came to life. I hopped onto the steps as it took me up. They came to a stop and I walked off them and went to the door and knocked.

"Come in," came Minnie's voice from within. I entered and found her sat behind her desk, still in a red and green tartan dressing gown. She smiled as she indicated to the seat opposite her and I took it. "Good morning, Miss Saunders, and to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"I'm sorry for coming so early but I have two free periods this morning and I feel as though I haven't seen Bentley and Aubri in ages, so I was wondering if I could floo home. I'll be back for break and my next two lessons, of course," I added as she considered what I had said.

"Of course," Minnie relied with a smile. "I am to believe you've had apparation lessons, have you not, Miss Saunders?"

I nodded. "Yes, I took my test but I failed. My dad has offered to pay for me to take it again this year," I replied wondering why she was asking me this.

"Would you like to be put in with this year's sixth years as their test will be coming up soon?"

I nodded eagerly. "Yes please, Professor."

Minnie nodded, her grey bun bobbing away. "Very well, back at break and enjoy your time with them. The floo powder is on top of the fireplace, you know the drill."

"Thank you, Professor," I said as she stood up and headed to the back of her office and I crossed the room to the fireplace. I found the pot and took a pinch full, throwing it down I said, "Fourteen Victoria Road, London."

The green flames engulfed me and I shut my eyes as the office started spinning. I peered through my lashes as I saw the familiar orange living room come into sight. I was careful to brush the soot I had accumulated off whilst I was still in the fireplace and I stepped out. I dropped my bag on the chair and headed into the kitchen, just as my stomach rumbled. The house was quiet but then I heard the pipes in the bathroom above groaning.

I set about making myself some toast and a cup of coffee since I hadn't bothered going to breakfast at school.

"Whose there?" Dad asked as he raised his wand as he came into the kitchen fully dressed. "Flick?" he questioned as he lowered his wand after seeing it was me.

"Morning, dad," I replied as I crossed the room and hugged him, he kissed the top of my head and then held me at arm's length.

"What? How?"

I set about making my coffee after he let me go. "Floo powder with Minnie's permission obviously and I've come to see my babies. I haven't seen them in forever and I miss them every single minute of every single day."

"It's good to see you, Fliss. And I hate it say it but I'm off to work soon."

"Are they awake?" I asked as I checked my watch, seeing that it was just gone eight.

"They normally are." He chuckled. "Although they were really tired last night as we took them to the park yesterday and then we went to see your auntie Holly and uncle Liam, and I think Ivie-May and LJ tired them out."

"How're they?" I asked I sat at the breakfast bar with my toast and coffee. Dad was just about to answer but Ria came walking in, in her dressing gown with Bentley in one arm and Aubri in the other. Both of them still looked sleepy, so did Ria actually.

"Morning," she said with a yawn and then she spotted me. I stood up and rushed across to her swooping Bentley out of her arms and smothering him in kisses which made him giggle.

"Mama!" Aubri yelled at me and I smiled as I also took her from Ria and covered her in kisses which made her squeal in delight.

"Mummy's missed you both so much!" I murmured as I cuddled them.

Ria was still looking gob smacked. "Um morning, Flick?" she said looking rather confused.

I sat Aubri in her highchair and Bentley in his, as dad brought some toys in for them to play with whilst I went and made their breakfast. It didn't take me long and I was able to drink my coffee as I made it. By the time they were both happily eating their porridge my toast was cold but I didn't mind and plus it's something I've gotten used to what with having twins.

Ria sat next to me with her own breakfast; cereal and a glass of orange juice. "So what are your thoughts on the, um situation," she asked me carefully and I groaned. I had owled her in the week all about Hattie's revelation and how Al had reacted.

Oscar came running in followed by dad, "Flickk!" he yelled as he came and hugged my knees as it was the only part of me he could reach since I was sat on one of the stools at the bar.

"Morning, Ozzy," I said as he climbed up on the stool next to me and gave me a big kiss on my cheek. Thankful he had deflected me from answering Ria's question. "I've missed you too."

Dad slipped a bowl of chocolate cereal in front of him. "I'll drop him off on my way to work," Dad said to Ria who nodded. "Leave you two to talk about -" He was interrupted by the tapping on the back door and when he opened it Swoops flew in with a newspaper in his beak.

I thought nothing of it as dad scanned the front page and chucked in on the dining table as he left the room. Once Bentley and Aubri had finished I cleaned them up and went into the living room with them whilst Ria cleaned up the dishes.

I sat playing with them both and at half eight, dad and Oscar left after bidding us goodbye. Aubri kept on crawling up to the baby gate between the living room and kitchen and yelling at Ria. I smiled and then realised I had left her pink bunny out there. I went out the door and through the hallway and was just going through the dining room to the kitchen to pick it up when I spotted the paper dad had discarded.

I paused and picked it up, wishing I hadn't as I nearly dropped it again in shock.

The headline read; Albus Potter: Father to be?

We have had an anonymous tip off from a student that Mr Albus Potter, currently a seventh year student at Hogwarts is going to be a father. His current girlfriend of a year and three months, Miss Hattie Nott is said to be expecting. According to our source she told him in front of everyone in their Slytherin common room on March fifth.

We don't have any idea how far young Miss Nott is, but it is believed that she is over six weeks, maybe even further. We take it that Mr Potter had no idea beforehand as from out source it is said it came as a great shock, causing him to storm off.

Also in the crowd that very night was Mr Potter's ex-girlfriend; Felicity Saunders who broke his heart nearly two years ago. Our source said, "I think she was extremely pissed off at him, not just because they're friends but because of the history between her and Hattie. Either that or they've got something going on because I've seen them flirting."

We've been in contact with both Mr Potter's mother and father and neither of them have given any comments. Is it possible they've disowned their son or have they not been in contact with him?

More on this story on pages nine and ten and a re-cap of Mr Potter and Miss Saunders relationship can be found on page eleven along with Mr Potter and Miss Nott's relationship.

I didn't even bother turning to the pages and I dropped it back on the table just as Ria spotted me and gave me a 'told you, you should have told Albus about the twins' look. I took a deep breath and then breathed out as I saw Aubri's pink bunny and picked it up. I went over to the gate and bent and picked her up before opening it and heading over to Bentley after I had shut it.

I put the stupid article out of my mind and though of the two hours I had to spend with my beautiful children. Nothing was going to ruin this for me, not even a stupid article.

A/N *Hides some more*

Up next - Lies and Hope

Edited - 16.07.2014

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Unexpected Parenthood: Chapter Thirty-Two


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