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Odd Eyed by aliceinwonderland789
Chapter 3 : Candy and Kittens
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 Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

     As soon as I heard my name, I could have fainted on the spot. Or maybe I could have gone into a coma out of the shock. At least then I would be unable to be adopted by the old man. Piper and Amber were looking at me like I had grown three horns. Out of all the people in that orphanage, it had to be me.
                                                                                                                                                             I was going to be adopted by somebody who was probably around 100 years old! I let out a little cry and took a few steps back.

    “Her?” Ms. Bertha said amazed. “Well. If you must...” She paused for a moment. “I mean. She really is a lovely child it will be sad to see her go. Anyway what is your name~?”
                                                                                                                                                        “My name is Albus Dumbledore.” I covered my mouth with my hand. Not only was he old! But his name was Dumbledore! I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran up the stairs and to the room. Piper and Amber ran in after me, and we slammed the door.
                                                                                                                                                                  “What kind of name is Albus Dumbledore?!” Piper hissed.
I threw my hands up in the air before grabbing Piper’s shoulders and shaking her. “If-he-adopts-me-I-will-be-called-Chloris-Amarantha-Dumbledore-and-do-you-know-how-horrible-that-would-be?” I slurred my words together out of panic and slumped down onto Amber’s bed.
                                                                                                                                                                     “He’s really old!” Amber mused. “I caught a glimpse of his face. It-” She paused for effect, “had so many wrinkles that I suspected he was going to fall over any second! Not only that, but he had a super long white beard!” Both of our mouths dropped and I buried my face in my hands.
                                                                                                                                                                      “I can’t be adopted! It would be so lonely, and me might just want me to help around the house!!!! I’ll be living like a work goat!” I whimpered.
Piper shot up. “You can pretend that you are sick! Or you got a life-threatening disease!” I nodded eagerly. I climbed into my bed and did my best to look ill. Ms. Bertha danced into the room.
                                                                                                                                                                    “Chloris Vergis! There is someone here to see you~! Don’t mess it up!” She croaked joyfully. Ms. Bertha looked up at my bed. “Sick? I think not. Continue being sick after you are gone.” She dragged me out and attempted to stand me up.
                                                                                                                                                                   I coughed dramatically, falling onto the floor and putting my hand on my head. “I can’t *cough* Ms. Bertha. I am so sorry. Tell Amber and Piper I love them. And tell Randy I put bugs on his toothbrush because-” I wheezed again and twitched tragically.
                                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Bertha huffed. “Enough with your games girl! Stop faking and get down there!” She pulled me by the waist down the steps. I flailed around not bothering to stop once we got down to the meeting room. Plan A had failed miserably. Now I was onto Plan B. I was going to try to be as rude as possible so that this Albus Dumbledore would think that I am too rude to adopt. I screamed out as loud as possible the second we got into the room.
                                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Bertha dumped me on the couch. “Here you are Mr. Dunblemore. Anything else you need? Tea? Juice? Muffins? I make wonderful muffins.” Albus Dumbledore smiled and shook his head. Because I was too busy being annoyed at Ms. Bertha, I hadn’t gotten a good look at the possible adopter. 

   “Surely Amber was just exaggerating,” I thought. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Dumbledore was old. His blue eyes twinkled and his pale skin was decorated with lines etched around his whole face. Dumbledore had half moon spectacles that rested on his very crooked nose. It didn’t stop the there. Amber wasn’t lying about the beard either. He had a long silver beard that went to around his waist. Not that I could actually see his waist. He was wearing a long purple robe. I snorted. This guy was making it too easy. It was almost as if he wanted me to make fun of him.

    I straightened up, preparing Plan B. “What are you a wizard or something?” From beside me Ms. Bertha pinched my arm hard and smiled apologetically at Mr. Dumbledore.

     Mr. Dumbledore laughed. “You’d be surprised Ms. Chloris.” He looked at Ms. Bertha. “May I talk to her in private?” Ms. Bertha nodded and scurried out, closing the door behind her.

     Considering my comment didn't appear to lower his image of me, I decided to try again. “Is the beard fake?” I leaned forward and gave it a light tug. I wasn’t cruel. I didn’t want the old man to fall over and die. I just wanted him to be annoyed with me.
Mr. Dumbledore stroked his beard. “No, it’s real... as you just figured out.” I sighed. My Plan B wasn’t working.

      “You look stupid.” I blurted out. That had to work. I couldn't leave Amber and Piper! Mr. Dumbledore raised his eyebrows. I figured he probably couldn’t hear me with the old age. “You look stupid,” I repeated louder.
Mr. Dumbledore laughed. “I’m not here to adopt you Chloris. No need to fret about that.”

  I sat down startled. “What?! You’re not here to adopt me?”

    Ms. Bertha came bursting in. “You’re not adopting her?!” She looked around suddenly embarrassed and bowed out of the room.

     Mr. Dumbledore shook his head. “No I am not here to adopt you. Would you like a lemon drop while we wait for your caretaker to step away from the door?” There was a crash as Ms. Betha leaped away from the door in surprise. I could hear her heavy footsteps hurry away.

     I giggled, not worried anymore. “How did you know she was there?”

      Mr. Dumbledore winked. “You’ll find out. I am the Headmaster of The Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

      I rolled my eyes catching on with this joke. "Right. Of course, I can't attend the school until I have my wand." I flicked my hand.

      "My dear this is no joke"

      I snorted again. This guy couldn't be serious. He was nice, but the old age must have gotten to him. "Then show me some magic." Mr. Dumbledore's Eyes twinkled. He pulled a shiny piece of wood that was carved into the shape of a wand. He placed a lemon drop on the table and flicked his wand. The lemon drop turned into a silvery metallic liquid and morphed into another shape. Next thing I knew, a fuzzy kitten was standing on the table licking its paw. It looked up and leaped on my lap. I felt its soft fur and looked up in amazement. Mr. Dumbledore flicked his wand again, and the lemon drop fell onto my lap.

      My mouth was open as I picked up the candy. I looked at him. “Where’s the kitten? That was a really good one! You had me fooled. Is this like a mechanical candy? Mr. Dumbledore shook his head. He waved his “wand” again and was gone in a flash. Then he appeared on the other side of the room. My mouth was wide open again. “Oh my gosh,” I whispered. “Magic is real!” My shock quickly turned to excitement. “Am I a wizard?! When can I start school? Oh! I can’t wait to tell Piper and Amber!”

      Mr. Dumbledore frowned. “Chloris, I understand you would not like to leave. However, this school is very far away. Going to Hogwarts means you live there during your seven years. Of course you come back for summer and holidays.” My heart fell. I couldn’t leave them. I just couldn’t. We had been through so many adventures. I wanted to continue looking through the hallways for secret doors. “You should think about it. Maybe you could ask your friends about it. Though I caution you about telling your friends about magic.”

      I nodded. I couldn’t believe it even after seeing the spell. They would never believe me. I walked up the stairs. I wanted to go to Hogwarts though. I mean. It was magic. Who wouldn’t be tempted by that? My heart kept tearing into pieces with each step I took.

     I got into the room. Amber and Piper saw my face and immediately thought I had been adopted. “Don’t worry. He wasn’t here to adopt me. He wants to send me to a school. It’s really far away. So if I go, I have to live there. I’ll come back for summer and holidays. What should I do?” I desperately wanted them to tell me that I have to stay. Then my decision would be made and we could go back to exploring the orphanage.
They looked at each other. “Do you want to go?” they asked. I bit my lip. I had hoped they would not ask me this question. I nodded glumly.
Piper smiled. “Then go. You can’t stay here forever. None of us can. You won’t forget us. I know it.”

      I looked up. “ But I want to stay here!”

     This time Amber spoke up. “It’s not right for you to stay here. I can tell you want to go badly. You lived here for 11 years. You should do something you want to. You’ve seen Ms. Bertha’s room. It was beautiful.” She spread her arms out. “Look at our room. You know this place isn’t fair. We’ve seen you. Every time you’re around the other kids, you look miserable. In this school, you can start fresh.”

      I sighed. They were right. I had to go. I ran up to them and pulled them into a hug, tears pouring freely out of my eyes. Before I knew it, we were all a sobbing mess. The 11 years we shared together flashed in my mind, but it just made me sadder.
Piper let go. “We got you some presents for your birthday.” She pulled out 3 necklaces. They were silver hearts. On the top, it said all of their names. I opened it carefully. On the inside, there was a picture of all of us.

      I smiled, still crying. “How’d you get this?”

     “So much time of saving allowances.” We got a small allowance from Ms. Bertha. Of course we would save it so we could get something of actual value. The camera I suppose they just stole - erm- borrowed from Ms. Bertha.
       I sniffed, and hugged them. They were practically family, so leaving them tore me apart. 
        I clasped the necklack, and climbing to my bed, I removed the wall piece. After taking the flute and the mirror shard, I walked down the stairs sadly with them. Mr. Dumbledore was waiting there for me with a smile on his face.

       I hugged Piper and Amber one last time. As I was about to leave, Piper laughed, tears glistening in her eyes. “Since we don’t have any parents I might as well tell you this.” Her raised into a high pitched squeak. “Now. You be good babydoll. I don’t want to hear any nonsense that you’ve been bad.” It raised the mood immediately. I giggled, and waved to them. Mr. Dumbledore and I waited until their heads popped back into the orphanage.

      “Grab my arm. Remember what I did in the orphanage? We are going to do that again, accept for a longer distance. It’s called Apparition, one of the many things your will soon learn.” I took hold of his arm. Before I knew it, I was being pressed together like I was being sucked in by a vacuum. I was unfolded in a grand area.

       I recognized it immediately. “We’re in Charing Cross! That’s about a mile away from Parker Street! We were in one of the darker corners, and nobody could see us. “Why are we here?” I looked around at the breathtaking buildings.

      “The gateway to the Wizarding World is here.” I followed him eagerly. We came to a slightly run down building. “This is the Leaky Cauldron. To muggles- I mean non-magical people- this is just an old shop. The second we walked in, people were greeting us left and right... well not us... just Mr. Dumbledore. He curtly, but politely, said hello to everyone.

       We finally reached a brick wall. It looked like a normal brick wall. Mr. Dumbledore took out his wand and tapped the bricks in a certain sequence. The wall appeared to fold back. It revealed probably one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen.

        The Alley was lined with old-fashioned looking shops. There were colorful umbrellas over several of the doors. In the windows, were spell books, cauldrons, potions, ingredients, and brooms. I suspected that they were for flying, but since I was now in the wizarding world, I couldn’t be sure. A few of the stores were boarded up. “Mr. Dumbledore, are we shopping for school supplies?” I asked.

      He nodded. “Please, just call me Dumbledore. We are in Diagon Alley.” He pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. I ripped it open.
          Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
          Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
          (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump,                   International Confed. of Wizards)

          Dear Chloris Amarantha Vergis,
          We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of           Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and               equipment.
          Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

          Yours sincerely,
          Minerva McGonagall
          Deputy Headmistress


     I looked at the list of stuff I had to get. There were robes, hats, gloves, cloaks, many books, cauldrons, scales, and my favorite, a pet. “I get a pet!”
Dumbledore nodded. “Yes. We'll have to get the supplies from here.” I made my way through the crowd. everyone was dressed as strangely as Dumbledore. they wore cloaks and robes of all colors. I even saw one that switched colors every few seconds.

      We went to Gringotts first. I could have sworn that it was a wizard version of the Buckingham Palace. It was huge. Nasty looking Goblins handed us my parents’ key. The vault was filled, but it wasn’t a huge pile. Dumbledore said that it would do me good for several years past Hogwarts.

     After getting all the books (which took a long time believe me), the cauldron, the phials, telescope, and scales, and robes my favorite parts were up. I pushed towards the Magical Menagerie. I eagerly pushed open the door. I was welcomed by horrible smell. It was like nobody had bothered to clean this place in a few million years! The cat and dogs smells were piled up like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Like Leaning Tower, I felt the smell might just fall over and crush me.

    Even so, I pushed the smell out of my mind and focused on picking a pet. Ms. Bertha would never even consider letting us keep a pet. I once tried to keep a pet grasshopper that I found on the street. I kept it in my pocket, but the next day, at breakfast, it hopped out and onto Ms. Bertha. Nobody ever tried to have a pet after that.
      That made this occasion even more special. I was allowed a cat, an owl, or a toad. I easily crossed off toads. I skipped (yes, skipped) around the owl section. As I passed, each stared at me with their beady little eyes. I came to the second row, when one struck me as familiar. Around it’s eyes there was auburn feathers that went around its eyes and curved out. Then it hit me. I looked like Ms. Bertha and her glasses! I snorted and immediately went to the cats. Owls were weird anyway.

       I inspected all the cats very carefully. I wanted to pick the perfect cat. One would could be companion for the rest of my life. I crossed black cats of my list. They looked dark. All of the cats seemed so predatory, like they would jump out and attack me. On the 4th cage in the last row, I saw a little white kitten, so small that it could probably fit in my pocket. It was covered in fluffy white fur. It’s large white ears were perked up high over its bright blue eyes. I would have hugged it right there if it didn’t look so scared.

      I slowly picked up its cage and moved to the the counter where the saleslady was. After buying it I walked excitedly back to Dumbledore, who was in front of the toads.
“I wonder why nobody ever gets a toad. Wonderful little creatures they are.” I blinked. I couldn’t tell if the headmaster was pulling my leg or just loony. Dumbledore led me to a tall and skinny building that read “Ollivanders” I hopped up and down on my feet. I had been waiting for this. The inside was definitely not something you see everyday.                  

    Behind a messy desk, there the walls were piled with small shoe sized boxes.

     “Ah, Dumbledore! What brings you here?” An old man appeared from the mass of wand-boxes. He had fluffy silver hair that resembled cotton candy, and gray eyes to match.

      “Hello Garrick. I am escorting young Chloris over here. Chloris, this is Garrick Ollivander.” I walked over to Ollivander and held my hand out. He shook gently and retreated towards the stack of wands.

     “Now, let’s begin looking for your wand.” He pulled out a case, and handed it me. This wand was an elegant dark color, it was long and the handle was decorated with carved details. I looked in awe at it. I can’t staring at it. “Well give it a go.”
I looked up confused. “Give it a go?”

     “Yes, now hurry up!”
     “Give it a go!”
     “I don’t understand!”
     “Give it is swish.” he said exasperated.
     “Oh!” I said. I swished the beautiful wand in the air, hoping for the best. There was a gust of wind, and a few papers on the desk flew up into the air. Ollivander shook his head, and to my dismay, took away the wand. He handed me another beautifully dark wand, and once again, a mini tornado erupted in the area. I went through several wands. I wished that he could have let me choose the wand I wanted. I would have chosen the first one I tried, or the light one where you could see all the little details in the wood.

       Unfortunately, when I suggested that, Ollivander just shook his head and told me it didn’t work that way. So I kept trying wands, and giggling whenever I saw papers flying everywhere. Ollivander handed me another box. I picked it up. I was a light, simple wood, the details were faint, but the handle had little designs carved into it. I swished it, waiting for Ollivander’s papers to lift into the air. They didn’t.

        “Ah. Finally. That is Larch, phoenix feather, 11 ¾ inches, and unyielding.” I grinned. We have finally found the wand. A million spells I was going to learn flashed through my brain.
     We apparated to King’s Cross, the train station where I would leave for Hogwarts.
“I believe you should be fine from here on. Just run to that column and you will end up in Platform ¾. Make sure no Muggles are watching. Is there anything else you need?”
I grinned at the column as he was talking. When he asked the question, I looked up. There had been something that stuck out in my list. I pursed my lips. “Actually, yes there is.” Dumbledore looked at me through his half-moon spectacles. “Can put a spell on me to make my eyes brown?”

      “Yes, there is. Are you sure you would like to?” When I nodded, he looked around before flicking his wand. “Just for when you want to change them back, the incantation is ‘Colovaria’” I nodded again. Then Dumbledore was gone. I searched through my luggage for my shard of the mirror. I looked at my reflection. The first thing I saw was a pair of hazel eyes. They looked so... normal. I liked them much better this way. I sighed, putting the mirror away and sprinted towards the column.

A/N: Whoohoo! She has finally been introduced to the world of magic!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D I do not own the little Hogwarts letter up there. That is from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone page 51 ^.^ Review?

EDIT: Oh my gosh... so many mistakes. I realized.... this chapter was... wow. cliche. I tried to tone down the cliche...ness, but I'm a sucker for emotional moments :P

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