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What's the matter, Hugo? by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : What's the matter, Hugo?
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 A/N: This is an entry for the wonderful challenge ' Friends Quote Challenge' by AlPotterFan and I was given the quote, "Hey, can we turn on the TV? I think it's raining outside."

The quote used in this is taken from the TV show friends, which is owned by Warner Brothers. 

A big thanks go out to Sam aka TheHeirOfSlytherin for her help with my story idea, and to Isobel aka The Misfit for her help with the story ideas and for writing my summary. You two are amazing!!!!

I really hope that you enjoy this, let me know in a cheeky little review. 

“But, Mum,” Hugo cried loudly, pulling on the sleeve of his mothers jumper and complaining in the loudest and whiniest voice that he owned. He had been practising regularly and had managed to perfect a very annoying tone. In fact he could see his father wincing and gritting his teeth as he pretended to read the Daily Prophet, the noise seeming to go straight through him and set him on edge.

His mother however had developed immunity to Hugo’s incessant whining over the years, and it was much harder to wear her down, his father, however, folded quicker than a cheap set of robes. He knew that he would have to go all out so that his mother would listen to him, if he was going to get out of this it was going to be through her. He opened his mouth to whine in a louder voice, but his father seemed to have cottoned on to what he was about to do, the paper was placed down quickly on the table and he spoke before Hugo could get the first word out of his mouth.

“Your mother has said that you’re going, so you’re going.” He said his tone making it clear that the choice was final, as though that would stop Hugo from complaining, he should have known his son better than that.

Hugo opened his mouth again, his backup plan already forming in his head as to how he could get around his father, but his father seemed to know that was his plan all along.

“You’re going, Hugo and nothing is going to change our minds. You need to visit your Grandparents as your mother and I are going out for the day. We need some time away from you children so we can have some sanity back in our lives.”

“Ronald,” Hermione scolded him, pulling her sleeve away from Hugo’s grip. Hugo glared at his father before he quickly wrapped his arms around his mother and forced fake tears to form in his eyes. It had always amazed his cousins how quickly he could get them to form, but in a family as big as his, you needed certain skills to be heard and to get your way. His was whining and crying, and Rose’s was to get her way through bullying and punching, they all learnt quite quickly that the weakest member of the herd was the first one that was blamed or used as a scapegoat. At the moment that title belonged to Fred Weasley and Hugo wasn’t going to get that far down the Weasley/Potter food chain, he’d been there before and he didn’t like it.

“The tears will not work on me, Hugo.” Hermione stated as she looked down at her son and raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m your mother; I know exactly when you’re crying for real or when you’re faking it. Now go and get ready, we’re going to be leaving soon.”

Hugo moved away from his mother in a huff, frowning deeply as he stormed away, but not before throwing a comment over his shoulder.

“I hope that dad isn’t driving us there, as much as I don’t want to go, I at least want to get there in one piece.” Hugo growled.

“Oi, take that back you little, sh...” Ron yelled after his son.

“Ronald,” Hermione scolded, before Ron could finish his words. “You two are so much alike. He’s got your attitude.”

“Mum!” Hugo cried loudly, having heard his mother, “I can’t believe you just said that out loud, this is the worst day in the world.” They heard him stamping away from them and up the stairs; he seemed to be trying to cause as much noise as he could in retaliation for not getting his own way and for being compared to his father.

“I can’t believe that you just said that, Hermione.” Ron said, shaking his head at his wife.

Hermione rolled her eyes as she turned back around and continued packing some snacks into her bag for their trip up to her parent’s house. She was looking forward to dropping her children off at her parents and getting away for some alone time with Ron, then she’ll only be looking after one child instead of three and she could deal with one. Especially when Ron will find out her plans for making them walk around the new exhibition at her favourite museum, she knew that his tantrums would be as big as Hugo’s on the way there and he would sulk the entire time that they would be walking around, before admitting as they were leaving that he enjoyed himself and would spend more time and money then he should in the gift shop.

“Do you want to go and make sure that the kids are ready, Ron, whilst I finish up here?” Hermione said to her husband, “My parents are expecting us by floo in ten minutes.”

As she heard her husband walking away from her and grumbling to himself under his breath, she knew that today would be a very long day.


Hugo grumbled as he looked around the front room that he was standing in, a grumpy look on his face as he folded his arms tightly across his chest. Throwing glares at the ornaments that were scattered on a bookcase to his left, and the doilies that seemed to adorn every surface. He hated doilies with a passion, a hatred that he shared with his father, who was looking at the same doilies with a sneer.

Hugo thought back to a time when his Grandmother and Grandfather had send them a set of doilies as they had brought extras, and had told them that they would really brighten up the place. His mother had accepted them happily and whilst she was saying goodbye to
Hugo’s Grandparents at the door, his father was burning the doilies in the fireplace with Hugo looking on and laughing. It was a touching moment between the two and Hugo knew that it was one of the best moments he and his father had had that year.

“Well, look at the time,” Ron said as he looked down at his watch and stood up, placing his empty cup of tea on a coaster on the coffee table. “We should really get going if we’re going to enjoy our day.”

“Yes, I suppose we best get a move on.” Hermione stated as she placed her cup down before standing up.

Hugo looked at his father; he was horrified that he would actually get left here for most of the day, whilst they went out and enjoyed themselves. Hugo grabbed for his father’s sleeve and pulled him towards him.

“You can’t leave me here, they’re Muggles.” Hugo hissed at him quietly.

“There’s nothing wrong with Muggles, Hugo.” Ron told his son.

“I know there’s nothing wrong with them; it’s just that they’re boring. What can I even do here?”

“You should have brought something with you, Hugo.” Ron told his son, “Why don’t you hang around with Rose and find something to do together?”

“All Rose would want to do is read, so she’s going to be boring.”

“There’s nothing that I can do about that,” Ron said, grabbing his son and pulling him in for a hug. Hugo pushed away from him and folded his arms across his chest again in a huff.

“You’ll be fine.” Ron said, placing a hand on Hugo’s head and messing his hair up, Hugo glared at him.

“You better bring me back a present.” Hugo told his father darkly.

He watched as his parents walked out the door and left him to fend for himself; he gave a loud huff before throwing himself down onto the sofa, next to his sister who was reading a book.

“I told you to bring your comic books with you, but would you listen to me? No, you wouldn’t.” Rose told him, as she turned the page of her book.

“Thank you for that helpful comment,” Hugo said in annoyance.

“There’s no need to be a jerk to me because you’re bored,” Rose drawled.

“I could always spend my day annoying you,” Hugo told her, Rose gave him a shrug.

“You do that daily; it’s not going to bother me.”

Hugo felt his eyes squinting into another dark look as he decided to try and make his sisters life a living hell, even more so then he normally would.

Their Grandfather walked in before Hugo could think of anything that would annoy his sister.

“What would you two like to do whilst your Grandmother makes us all some lunch?” he asked them both as he took a seat in his favourite armchair, Hugo was jealous that he didn’t think of sitting there when he had the chance too.

Hugo gave a shrug, whilst Rose told him that she’ll probably continue reading her book.
They sat in silence for a while before Hugo’s eyes fell on the television that was situated in the corner of the room.

“Hey,” he said turning to look at his Grandfather again, “Can we turn on the TV? I think it might be raining.”

Rose scoffed beside him, before muttering that he was an idiot, Hugo kicked her in the leg and she retaliated by hitting him in the shoulder with her book.

“I was asking an actual question, Rose, there’s no need to hit me with your book.” Hugo yelled at her.

“You were asking a stupid question, the TV is not a window, if you wanted to know if it was raining just look out of the front room window.” Rose told him, pointing at the window that was next to the television.

“I actually think that the weather might be on, if you wanted to watch it, Hugo.” Their Grandfather said to them, after looking down at his watch.

Hugo turned to look at Rose with a smug look on his face as he laughed at her, “Why yes, Grandfather, I would love to watch the weather.”

“It’s one of my favourite programmes as well,” Their Grandfather admitted to them as he picked up the remote control and pointed it at the television, turning it on.

“Kiss-ass,” Rose told him.

Hugo regretted asking his Grandfather to turn on the television as now he was stuck watching the weather channel whilst he waited for his lunch to be made. It seemed to be repeated that same bit of weather almost nonstop and it was beginning o drive him insane.

Hugo was thankfully saved from dying of boredom by his Grandmother, who was calling them all into the kitchen. Hugo sprinted from the room, making sure to push Rose back down onto the sofa as he got up; rushing into the kitchen eagerly he looked around for a sign of his food.

“We’re going to be sitting in the conservatory whilst we eat, Hugo. It’s such a nice sunny day today so I thought that it would be nice if we enjoy It.” she told him with a smile, he nodded before walking towards the conservatory, which was joined onto the kitchen.

He slowed down his walk as he looked at the food that was on plates around the table, he turned around to look at his Grandmother in question, but was met with Rose’s grinning face.

“What’s the matter, Hugo?” Rose asked him, as she shoved past him and took a seat at the table. “Don’t like salad?”

“Salad isn’t real food, where’s the meat?” Hugo asked incredulously, pointing down at the plate as he slowly took his seat.

Rose picked up her fork and poked around her salad, before stabbing it onto her plate and lifting it up so that Hugo could see it. “Here we are, there’s some chicken in it.”

Hugo raised an eyebrow at it as he scoffed, “That’s not meat, where’s the pork? Where’s the bacon?”

Rose rolled her eyes as their Grandparents began getting drinks for them all. “Chicken is meat, Hugo.”

“Dad and I normally have a bacon or sausage sandwich for our lunches, this isn’t lunch.”

“Well you’re going to have to stop being an idiot and just eat it; you can’t always get everything you want.”

Hugo gave a loud sigh as he leant over to grab some mayonnaise, hoping that it would make the salad edible he began to pour it onto his plate.

“Calm down, Hugo.” His Grandfather stated with a laugh as he took the mayonnaise off of Hugo. “You’re going to have more mayonnaise then food.”

“That was the plan.” Hugo told them, before he grabbed his fork and stabbed at his food, not wanting to eat it, but knowing that he would have to as he wasn’t sure when his dinner would be. He took a mouthful before almost gagging at the taste; he swallowed his food with difficulty before glancing over at the mayonnaise and seeing that it was extra light.

“What’s the matter, Hugo?” Rose asked him with a smile, she seemed to love seeing her brother go through so much turmoil. “Why don’t you just grow up?”

“Why don’t you die, like the main guy in that book that you’re reading?” Hugo shot back at her.

“Hugo, there’s no need for such harsh words,” their Grandmother snapped at them. Rose let out a loud and horrified gasp at Hugo’s words.

“How dare you!” she cried at him angrily. “There was no need to ruin my book, because you hate low fat mayonnaise.”

“Just like there’s no need for me to do this!” Hugo growled as he grabbed a handful of his food and threw it at Rose, who let out a shriek as she looked down at where the food had hit her, bits had flown off and hit their Grandparents on the shoulder.

“Children, calm down now, this is no way to behave at the dinner table. Your parents raised you better than this.” Their Grandmother yelled at them as she wiped her shoulder with a napkin.

“This is the Weasley family’s fault, this is. They always seem to be settling their arguments with physical violence, it’s almost brutish.”

“Rose is the biggest, Weasley, I’ve seen.” Hugo yelled angrily. Rose growled as she got up from her seat and began making her way around the table to grab Hugo. Hugo got up quickly and ran from the room with Rose following close behind, mayonnaise and salad dropping off of her and falling onto the floor with every movement.

Their Grandmother chased after them after she heard yells coming from the front room, their Grandfather being left to clear up the mess that was made.

Their Grandmother arrived in the front room to see that Rose had managed to get Hugo in a headlock and was attempting to hit him with her book, whilst he was attempting to kick her in the legs. She managed to pull them away from each other and kept them at arm’s length from each other.

“You are acting like a pair of savages, never have I ever seen you two behave like this.” She scolded them.

“She started it,” Hugo cried, pointing at Rose, who grabbed for his finger and attempted to bend it. Hugo let out a shriek of pain before she let go of him after a stern look from their Grandmother.

“He started it by being born,” Rose retaliated angrily.

“That’s it; I’m calling your parents to come and collect you both, right now.” Their Grandmother snapped angrily, having had enough of the twos behaviour, she stormed away from them angrily. Hugo and Rose watched her go out of the room as they continued yelling insults at each other. Once they were sure that she was out of earshot, they immediately stopped arguing and gave each other a grin, before high fiving.

“I knew this would work.” Rose told him happily.

“Just think, in about an hour we’ll be sent to the Burrow as punishment.” Hugo said with a smile, knowing his parents well enough to know that they would try and get them punished by their Nana Weasley, thinking that they would listen to her.

Rose and Hugo both gave scoffs at the idea that being sent to The Burrow would be punishment. If being fed cakes and food until they couldn’t move was punishment, then they never wanted to be good.

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