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Love of a Dragon by angelgirlwithheart2
Chapter 3 : New Friends and Cruel encounters
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 A/N Thanks for all of you that are reading. I know the chapters are short so far but they will get longer around the 5th or 6th chapter. And it will get more interesting. It's rated M for later chapters. Enjoy! Please read and review. 


Hermione was nervous she was anxiously waiting with the other first years just outside the great hall. Draco, went to meet up with some of his buddies and he said that he would be right back. Then all of sudden she was on the ground. “ Hermione are you alright?” Draco asked at the same time another voice said, “ I’m sorry you okay?” Draco was the first to offer his hand she took it and was helped to her feet. She was sore but she was fine. “ I’m fine.” she answered them both. She turned to see a flash of red and what looked like the oldest robe she had over seen.

“ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you fall. I’m Ron.. Ronald Weasely.” “ Nice to meet you.” She said shaking his hand that he had offered. “ Maybe you should watch where you are going you could hurt someone.” Said Draco, he wasn’t happy. It had scared him when he had come back to see Mione fall, he didn’t want to see her get hurt. Ron narrowed his eyes at Draco. “ It was an accident Malfoy. And I’m surprised that you care, your families views are well known.” Draco’s eyes narrowed as well. Did I miss something Hermione wondered feeling lost between the two.

“ Ron calm down I’m sure it wouldn’t make a good impression if you were caught in a fight during the first ten minutes of school.” Hermione turned to see a flash of green. The other boy with dark and slightly untamed hair noticed her. “ Hello.” He said nicely. Some of his hair and moved from his forehead revealing a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt. “ Oh my goodness your Harry Potter. I have read all about you in some old editions of the daily profit. I’m Hermione Granger.” She said a little excited. “ umm nice to meet you Hermione.” He said shyly taking her hand.

“ So its true, the Famous Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts.” Draco said smugly. Hermione turned her head to look at Draco she was surprised to see that he didn’t seem happy. What was going on?

Draco hated to see the confusion on Mione’s face but she didn’t know of the long feud between the Malfoy’s and the Weasleys or how annoying it was to hear of Harry Potter growing up and always knowing that he was the chosen one destined for great things, while the only thing that he was destined for was following in his father’s footsteps. And he didn’t want to because he didn’t believe in what his father was or what his father did and he didn’t like who his father served. But he would one day have to. So he didn’t like Harry Potter cause he was destined for great things while he was destined for darkness. A future and destiny that he didn’t want.

Hermione kept looking at him confused and then it changed to shock when he had said some rude things to both Ron and Harry.

Then A nice woman professor came out. “ Hello first years, I am professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house and I teach Transformations. Now you will join us in the great hall but before you can join the other students you will be sorted into your houses. Now please follow me.” And with that the Great doors were opened to a huge hall and dinning area. As they entered they were all were mystified by the ceiling which looked like the night sky. But Hermione knew it was bewitched to look like so. She decided to keep it to herself. She didn’t like to be known as a know it all , all the time. But she knew soon enough everyone would know. Draco was next to her with his friends Crabb and Goyle on his other side. Harry and Ron were behind her.

They didn’t mind standing by her but they didn’t want to be by Draco. She understood cause she couldn’t believe that he was so rude. But beyond that what was going on between them why did they seem to instantly hate each other?

“ I’m sorry that I was like that Hermione, it’s just family history thing and I’m expected to be a certain way. I’m Sorry. Friends?” She still didn’t understand what all that meant. But he was her best friend so she accepted it. “ Off course Draco Best friends.” They shared a smile.

“ Ok, when I call your name you come up and sit and the hat will sort you. Lavender Brown.” Hermione watched as this girl with blonde hair came up and sat down and Professor set the hat down on her head. “ Gryffindor!” it announced and she happily went to the Gryffindor table. Then their were some called for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. “ Draco Malfoy.” Draco walked up grinning at her as their was a slight hush on the crowd. I guess its really expected for him to be in Slytherin. She thought. He sat grinning with his arms crossed. The hat was barely placed on his head when the hat bellowed, “ Slytherin.” The Slytherin table cheered as well as Draco’s friends. “ Hermione of course clapped for him. “ Harry Potter.” She looked behind her Harry looked nervous but determined.

He sat on the chair and the hat was placed on his head. The hat seemed to have difficulty for a few minutes before announcing, “Gryffindor !” There were many cheers and some seemed disappointed. She guessed that some of the other houses wanted the chosen one in their house. But Draco seemed relieved and she wondered why that was. “ Hermione Granger.” Her heart leapt up to her throat and she made her way to the chair nervously. She saw Draco, he smiled at her and gave her the thumbs up sign. That helped a little.

Draco watched her made her way to the chair and he saw that she had gone white he had to calm her down. He didn’t want her to get stuck in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw the wimps were in those houses and he knew someone like her had to be in either Slytherin or Gryffindor. And even though his house was in Rivalry with Gryffindor he would rather her be in that house than the others if she wasn’t in Slytherin. But he still hoped he would get to share a house with her.

“ Gryffindor.” The hat announced. And she got up and started walking towards her table. Draco was a little disappointed but at least she wasn’t in any of the other houses. And he was glad at that. He caught her eye and she seemed disappointed, she was looking at him as if to say I’m sorry. He gave her a look that it was ok.

A Week later                                                                    

It was a break between classes and Hermione was outside reading under a tree it wasn’t the willow. “ Hey Mione.” She looked up to see a flash of gray. “ Hey Draco.” She said as she neatly placed a bookmark in her book and put it in her bag then stood up. “ How has classes been for you this morning?” “ They were fine. I missed having you sit next to me, even though I hear you throughout class.” She turned red. “ I cant help what I know Draco.” “I know Mione, but I’m glad your smart you understand things that I haven’t the slightest clue about, and that’s good.”

Meanwhile unbeknownst to them Lucius Malfoy had arrived for an unannounced visit. After checking in with the headmaster he had looked through the campus looking for his son. And he found him outside talking to some girl. Hmm.. it seems my son is at ease with the ladies already, hmm he may be following in my footsteps after all. He stopped two boys that he knew were his sons friends. “ Hello, boys. Do you mind telling me about the girl that my Draco is with?” Crabb and Goyle nodded. “ That’s Hermione Granger she is a know it all, and she is a Gryffindor.” Lucius nodded. “ A smart young witch she may be a Gryffindor but he may do much worse. Now is her blood line good what years did her parents attend?” “ umm…” They didn’t know what to say they were told by Draco not to tell his father of her muggle blood.” “ umm.. They never attended Hogwarts sir.” The boys said, they were afraid of Mr. Malfoy.

“ Hmm.. Which Wizarding school did they attend that could be why I haven’t heard of the Grangers if they had attended a different school.” There was an awkward silence as the boys were trying to decided if they should tell him. If they didn’t Mr. Malfoy may kill them later, or Draco will hurt them and the muggle witch will be hurt. Actually that will happen either way. So they decided that they were screwed either way. “ They didn’t attend any.. Hermione is the first of her family to attend a wizard school.” They said as they ran off to watch from a safe distance. Lucius’ eyes flashed with anger. “ What! A mudblood! My son friends with a mudblood!! I will not have it! My son will not associate with that filth. I should have known that Narcissa would teach Draco the nonsense and the shame of associating with mudbloods.”

“ Hello Draco.” Hermione watched as Draco froze. Oh no Draco thought. Why father why now? “ Hello father.” He said looking up at his father. Father? Oh good. Hermione smiled. Draco can feel her excitement. She had been wanting to meet his father forever. To bad everything she knew about him were lies. Draco was trying to get prepared for everything to go very wrong. “ Hello, Mr. Malfoy, I’m Hermione Granger I’m so glad to finally meet you.” She said offering Lucius her hand. He just looked at her and ignored her hand.

Draco looked at his father look at Hermione. Oh no! He knows. This is going to get bad very bad. “Yes, I’m sure you are.” Lucius said coolly. Hermione put her hand down unfazed. “ Father, what brings you here” Draco asked his father while wondering how his father found out that Mione was a muggle born. “ I came to see how things are progressing during your first week or so at Hogwarts. And imagine to my surprise when I discover your friendship with her kind.” “ Father..” “ Tell me Miss Granger what do your parents do for a living?” Lucius interrupted. “ Their dentists sir.” She was confused and Draco knew why but it would all become very clear very soon. “ Imagine that. Miss Granger the daughter of dentists, while Draco you are the son of a wizard and witch your are a pureblood with very important family line. You are a Malfoy and will soon follow in my footsteps you cant a associate with such.”

“Father! While its true that I am a Malfoy, I don’t believe the same things you do. And I don’t want to follow in your footsteps.” He said worried but he had to say it he had to let his father know. “ Narcissa why do you shame me. “ His father bellows knowing the person that had taught Draco to be accepting of muggleborns. “ Draco, I have to re-train you. For one we are not friends with Mudbloods!” His father turns to Hermione. “ And for those that don’t belong here Mudbloods are horrible filth that are under us, The Purebloods, lower than slaves you are but you do to serve but why they let you and your kind have wands and practice magic I will never know. Because you and your filthy kind are worthless good for nothing all your good for is to serve. The women type such as yourself maybe good for laying on your back but I don’t see why anyone would want more little mudbloods running around or why anyone would want a bastard child with half mudblood in their foul blood. But you miss granger because of your disgusting blood you are a shame don’t belong here. And you should treat those with purer blood as royalty. From here on out you treat my son as a prince while you are nothing more then scum.”

Then Draco watched in horror as his father crucio Mione. But even before then she was crying. He hated that but he knew not what to do, his father could hurt him as well. She forced herself to her feet and with one last lingering look at him, she ran off or she tried to.

As Hermione got to her feet she felt such pain more than she had ever felt before. But she didn’t hurt just physically. Everything that she was told about Draco’s father had been a lie, she wondered what else she had been lied to about. She looked at Draco, he looked back at her as if to say I’m sorry. Then she ran, though she stumbled and fell some times she kept going. She just had to get away.

“ That was wonderful Draco, that mudblood is real pathetic. Now Draco stop looking so upset she got what she deserved.” Draco continued to look in the direction where had Hermione had gone wishing he could go after her and make sure she was ok.

“Stop looking like as if you lost a diamond, she is but a grain of sand. I can see I’m going to have my hands full with you.” Lucius says as he grabs Draco by the arm and starts leading him away. “ Aww! Father your hurting me.” “ Good.” His father said. Oh great now my father is going to be sure that I learn my lesson by force. Draco thought as he felt his heart rate speed up.


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Love of a Dragon : New Friends and Cruel encounters


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