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Not all is as it seems by Mischi3f_Manag3d
Chapter 1 : Gringotts
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  AN: Ok, so if i mess up and you notice it, please tell e because im not the best at this. I do like constructive critisism, but if you are going to complain about how i write or if you dont like the story, the answer is simple. Dont read it. I am not really going to worry about my grammar so yeah. Enjoy :)



The wind whistled and blew hard, nearly making the grey owl topple through the air as it flew to its destination. The city lights reflected off the water below, giving off a faint shine to the owls underbelly. The owls keen eyes spotted the house from half a mile away and flew straight towards it. One light on the top left of the house was still switched on and a shadow of a young boys passed through the frame of the window. 

The owl landed on the windowsill and taps lightly on the glass. The shadow got closer to the window and a hand brushed the cream curtains to one side. The boy opened the window and let the small owl in. When the owl stuck out its skinny leg, the boy untied the letter that was attached to it. He unconsiously gave the owl some treats and closed the window once it had flown out. He walked over to his single bed and sat on it. As he opened the letter, he noticed that the crest that the letter bore was one he had never seen.


Dear Mr Potter


It has recently come to our attention that Lord Black has left you possessions and other things. We require your presence at Gringotts. We cannot divulge too many things int his letter as it may fall into the wrong hands. In the letter, you will find a spoon which is a portkey. When you can, hold the spoon and say Koru (AN: This is a Maori word and it means new beginnings and is pronounced Koor-rue) and that will transport you to my office. If by any means you want to take someone who is not in your company now, tell us when you get to Gringotts and we will retrieve them. Please be sure that you trust this person fully and completely as there will be no turning back.

Director Ragnok
Head of the Goblin Association


Harry immediately thought Ron but then he remembered that Ron had turned his back on Harry in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. His mind then went to Hermione but knew she would probably tell Ron. He then thought about Fleur. The pair had kept in contact since the Tournament had ended and had become closer. Her trust had never wavered and she had always been there when noone was. He made up his mind then and there, and proceeded to hold the spoon. With a deep breath in he whispered "Koru" and with that, Harry Potter had left Surrey.



Harry arrived in Gringotts and was immediately ushered into an office. He looked around and heard a voice off to his left.


"Hello Mr Potter, its an honour for you to be here" (AN: Excuse my different spelling, we Kiwis spell some words differentely like colour) Harry spun around so fast he had to lean against the wall for support.


"Hello Sir" he said faintly. The goblin chucked at seeing his nervousness. He motioned for Harry to take a seat in front of the desk.


"Now before we get down to business, is there anyone you want to be here?" Harry nodded and told the old goblin about Fleur. "A yes, the Veela. You are a strange wizard Mr Potter. You see us as equals and not beasts. Very unique."


Not even a second later Fleur turned up with her wand out and still in her nightgown. "Get back! Do not touch me!" She yelled at the goblins that had gone to retrieve her. Harry rushed over to her and calmed her down.


"Fleur" He said softly, but she seemed like she didnt hear him."Fleur" this time he said it a little louder. This got her attention. "Dont attack them, i asked them to bring you here."


Fleurs cheeks went a light shade of pink and mumbled "Sorry" to the goblins as she looked down at her feet. Harry lead her over to the seats and sat her down.


"My my Miss Delacour, you are a fighter arent you?" The goblin said amused. Fleur blushed even more and the goblins all chuckled. "No matter, at least we know that you are a feisty one" he said with a smile.


"Now, my name is Director Ragnock, i am the head of the goblins association. It has come to our attention that we have some business to take care of. Lord Black  has left a will for you. Usually we wait until the subject comes of age but Lord Black has specifically said that under no conditions are you to wait until you are 17. Before we undergo this, you must understand what this will mean. Once you claim head of House Black, you will be fully emancipated, and be able to do magic outside of school. Also, you can reinstate and banish people from the family tree. You will be able to read your parents will and also claim other ancestral lines that you are entitled to do. Do you accept?"


"Yes" Harry answered.


"Right so I, Director Ragnok, Head of the Goblins Associations, hereby officially hand the title Lord Black to Harry James Potter." Ragnok said formally.


"I, Harry James Potter, hereby accept the title of Lord Black. So mote it be" Harry responded.


"So mote it be". As soon as these last words came out of the Directors mouth, a dim glow surrounded Harry and a ring appeared on his finger.


"On your hand now Lord Black-" Harry interupted


"Just Harry please sir"


"Of course. On your hand now Harry is the Black family ring. You are now emancipated and have no guardian what so ever. Congratulations." he said with a smile."I would now like to ask you to cut your hand and smear your blood across this paper, this will bring up things like powers, ancestral lines etc. Same with you please Miss Delacour" The goblin handed Harry a dagger and he easily slit his palm and did what he had been asked to do and Fleur did the same with another dagger. Words appeared on the separate pages and the goblin handed them the papers in their now healed hand.


Name: Harry Potter


Age: 15


School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Mother: Lily Nasya Potter nee Evans


Father: James Charles Potter


Guardian: -


Heir/s by blood: Griffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Potter, Malfoy, Lestrange, Merlin, Black, Hogwarts.


Powers: Occlumecy, Animagi, Legilimency, Aligist, Mind-control, Seer, Illusionist, Enhanced senses, Empath, Animagi, Telepathy, Element Control, Wand-less Magic, Parseltongue.


Vaults: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 20, 30, 40, 50, 687.




Merlin (vault 1):





Hogwarts (vault 2):





Griffindor (vault 3):
Sickles= 785,435,385.


Slytherin (vault 4):



Ravenclaw(vault 5):




Hufflepuff (vault 6):



Potter (vault 20):




Black (vault 30):





Lestrange (vault 40):





Malfoy (vault 50):




Potter trust(vault 687):





Total Galleons: 6,703,794,344,878


Total Sickles: 6,543,275,575


Total Knuts: 4,890,544,584


Galleons taken out per month:


100,000 galleons to Molly Weasley

100,000 galleons + 100,000 sickles + 100,000 knuts to Albus Dumbledore

100,000 galleons to Ronald Weasley

100,000 galleons to Ginevra Weasley


He looked over to Fleurs and saw hers was different.


Name: Fleur Isabelle Delacour


Age: 19


School: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic


Mother: Apolline Delacour nee Gaunt


Father: Mark Andre Delacour


Guardian: -


Heir/s: Delacour, Gaunt


Powers from yourself: Psychometry, Time-traveller, Illusionist, Animagi, Aligist, Invisibility,  Flying, Healer, Animagi, Stopping time, Element Control, 


Vault: 76, 237


Gaunt (vault 76)





Delacour (vault 237):




Total Galleons: 64,065,839


Total Sickles: 48,761,210


Total Knuts: 24,841,372


Galleons taken out per month:
 100,000 sickles + 100,000 knuts to Albus Dumbledore


"THAT FUCKING MEDDLING OLD BARSTARD! WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS TAKING MONEY FROM FLEURS AND MY ACCOUNTS?!?!?!" Harry went into a rage. Fleur had to put him in a leg binding spell to stop him. 


"Harry" she said softly. Harry kept struggling. "HARRY!" she yelled and slapped him. Harry stopped moving and looked at her. 


"Did you just slap me?" Harry said slowly. Fleur was shaking and had just realised what she had done.


"Yes?" She said, scared.


"Fleur, let me up now, i needed that slap." Fleur didnt move."Fleur, let me up." she shakily cast the countercurse before Harry wrapped his arms around her."Shh, shh, its ok." Harry was comforting her and a couple of minutes later, they regained control and sat back down.


"I take it you were not aware of this Harry and Miss Delacour?" the pair shook their heads silently. The goblin sighed. "Before we do anything else, would you like to claim these lines?" they both nodded. "Ok, Harry, for you to claim these lines, you will have to undergo a test. It will be very different to Miss Delacours as you will be claiming very ancient lines. As for you Miss Delacour, once you claim the lines, you will become the Lady of the House. Whoever you marry will become the Lord. Harry if you would follow me and Miss Delacour, follow Griphook over there" As they split up, they looked back at eachother as they were being taken to different places. Harry mouthed something that looked a lot like 'I love you'.



*Harrys POV*


As I am lead away from Fleur, my stomach churns. What will they do to her? I am lead into a chamber and Ragnok leaves me. I don't know what to do. I walk into the middle of the room with my wand out, where a light flicks on. I feel nothing, and then it hits me. Pain washes throughout my body. I try to scream, but only air escapes my mouth. I'm helpless. Wave after wave of pain flows through my body. I feel like i am being tortured by Voldemort all over again. 


After what feels like forever, the pain stops and i fall to my knees. I know i have to keep going, but i dont want to. I make up my mind and drag myself to the door on the otherside of the room thats just become visible. I stand up, knees wobbling like hell, and open the door. Four statues stand, one on each corner of the room. Two women, and two men. One woman is tall and lean. She has hair down to her waist and a tiara on her head. The other woman looks as though she has a kind face. Her hair is shoulder length and curly. She has a goblet/cup in her hands which are across her chest. The men both have beard, and one has a sword in his hand like hes preparing to fight, while the other has a snake draped across his shoulderd. He looks familiar from somewhere but I couldnt put my finger where i had seen him. 


"What are you looking at?!" The statue yells and jumps down from his platform. I jump and raise my wand. I hear a soft voice behind me.


"Sal, let the boy breathe, he was just looking" I turn to see the woman with the short hair getting down. Sal the statue grumbles under his breath and i see out of the corner of my eye the other man step down and put his sword in his sheath. 


"Harry m'boy! How are you? Its been a long time since I've seen you." i stare, bewildered at him. Last but not least, the woman with long hair gracefully steps down and moves towards the man that had just greeted me.


"Godric, he probably doesnt recognise you."the words flow out of her mouth like music.


"Oh, sorry" Godric says sheepishly. Sal then turns to me. I get into my fighting stance, prepared to take whatever as he approaches me. "Oh oh oh!" chuckled Godric "Hes ready to take on the mighty Salazar Slytherin" he jokes.


"Oh shut up you" Salazar says. My eyes widen in realization but i keep my dueling stance.


"You're Slytherin? As in the Slytherin?" the statue nods. "Prove it"


"Is this enough?" he says


"No, what are you doing?" i realise what hes meaning and his eyes also widen as he realises i can speak his language."Oh parseltongue." I can tell I've earned his respect as he backs down.


The beautiful woman started telling me about what was happening "This is Godric Griffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, and I am Rowena Ravenclaw. As you will know, we are the founders of Hogwarts-"


"Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts teach us someth-" Godric and Helga starts singing before Rowena interupts them.


"Godric, Helga, shut it!" They pull a face but keeps their mouths shut.


"As i was saying, we are the founders of Hogwarts. You claim to be the heir of all of us and Hogwarts. We are here to judge you and see if you are worthy of the titles. If you are judged worthy, you will own Hogwarts and be the most politically powerful wizard in the whole of Britain and even the world. If we don't judge you worthy, you walk out of here, with all the titles except ours and Hogwarts. So if you are ready, let the judging commence.


  AN: Wow! first chapter done! dont mind my mistakes :) il upload another chapter tomorrow :) read and review!


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