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Rumour by Blazing Golden Pheonix
Chapter 5 : Investigation
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Chapter 5




When Harry opened the door to his room, he saw an elf sitting on his bed, waiting for him. He immediately tried to take his wand, but the elf was quicker. With a single clap of hand, his wand went into his hands.


“No Harry Potter. I not come here to kill you” He spoke. His English was as bad as Dobby’s or Winky’s.

“What do you want?” Harry asked in a high pitched voice. Hermione, who was just preparing lunch, heard it too.

“Don’t go to master’s house sir. My master kills you. He don’t have any mercy”

“Why?” Harry asked. “Why do you tell me that?”

“He kills you Mr Potter.” He said kneeling down. “He kills you”

“Stupefy” A voice came from behind him. The spell stunned the elf. When he turned around, Hermione was catching her wand in the direction of the elf.


“Thank you Hermione.” Harry said looking back.

“Take your wand from him Harry” she said sharply. Harry obeyed her. He spelled a spell which tied him with magical ropes. He levitated the elf from his bed and with a single spell, he was disappeared.

“Where did you send him Harry?” Hermione asked surprised.

“I sent him to the prison, at the ministry office.”

“You did learn some advanced spells” she said laughing.

“Yes I do” he replied. Both of them came back to the front room and talked about many things.


Ron woke up a bit late the next morning. He was in his house, on his bed. He did not remember anything from the previous day. The last thing he remembered was breaking up with Hermione. He didn’t have a clue what happened next. He slowly got up and went down. Everybody in the house greeted him in a casual way. He understood that nobody in the house knew anything. But after some time, Fred caught his hand and took him aside.


“Ron! What happened yesterday? Why are you drunk?”

“How do you know about it?”

“Lavender brought you here last night. I opened the door myself. Now tell me what happened last night?”


Ron now remembered how he met Lavender in the practice grounds. But he cannot remember anything further. He explained everything he can remember to Fred.


“You broke up with Hermione? What were you thinking?”

“I don’t know Fred. She started cheating on me and I am totally angry with her.”

“She never cheats you Ron.”

“Please don’t bring that topic Fred.”

“Ok.” Fred said and took Ron inside.


After a long conversation, Harry and Hermione at a delicious lunch together. After lunch Harry took a nap for some time. Hermione went to her house to bring her secondary wand and other stuff, required for the mission. Harry woke up when he heard someone calling his name. He slowly came down.


“Why did you call me Hermione?” Harry asked in a sleepy voice. His eyes were not fully open.


Hermione lifted her head up in surprise. She turned her face away from him and bit her tongue. She actually called her cat which woke him up. “Nothing” she said covering herself.

“What are you doing Hermione? We still have an hour before we go.” Harry said looking at her.

“Get ready Harry.” Hermione said sharply, “Don’t be lazy”


Harry turned back towards his room. He knew he could not argue with Hermione when she was serious. He silently went inside his room, and got himself ready. When he came down to the hall, he was handed a cup of hot coffee by Hermione.


“Thank you Hermione” Harry said taking his cup. “What are those” Harry asked looking at a bag on the table.

Hermione looked angry before replying. “We are taking that bag with us to the location. It has necessary supplies. It has required medical supplies and”

“When do we start taking a bag into a mission Hermione? We don’t need that.”

“Shut up Harry” Hermione said and continued with her bag.


Both Harry and Hermione reached the ministry before going to the location. Each and everybody looked at both of them when they were crossing the atrium. Many people were whispering to their partners about them. Harry and Hermione did not care much on the way people were looking. They quickly crossed the ministry atrium and headed towards Harry’s office. At his office, all the people met and rechecked their plans. Harry converted a small waste paper into a port key, which took every body to the location.


For safety and silence, they landed about half a mile away from the actual location.


“Don’t let your guard down” Harry said to all of them, “The whole area was well guarded by his men. Don’t make any mistakes”

“And don’t speak in the middle. Or don’t ask for permission. Just do anything if you feel right” Hermione added to him.


They casted their invisibility spells and many special spells, to avoid suspicion of intruder. They tried to blend in the moving crowd for further safety. They slowly walked to the location of the suspected house and silently moved to the rear of it. They observed the building for some time. They counted every door and window, and tried to analyse the interior part. After that Harry slowly climbed to the first floor balcony along with Hermione while the others waited outside.


Harry opened a window with an unlocking charm, and silently looked inside. He was a person sitting in a chair, and immediately stunned him, before entering. Both Harry and Hermione made their way to the back door, stunning people in their way. Finally they opened the door and called the others inside. Hermione casted a silence charm, so that no one would listen the huge sound of the old door. Harry and Hermione took the lead while the others covered them from their back.


Harry opened the door leading to the main hall, and found about ten members there. Harry’s team attacked them at once, giving no room to escape. In seconds, there were ten bodies on the ground, bound with magical ropes. However the other members in the house heard the cries of these people. This time Harry’s team was attacked in the same method. They slid behind some obstacles for cover and fought them. It was a long fight. Harry, who was near the main door, did not observe that there was a person standing outside the door, and pointing his wand at him. He fired a very dark spell. However Hermione saw him just before he casted the spell. She immediately ran between them and the spell hit her. Harry just saw what happened and with a single flick of his wand, the other person was unarmed and bound by magical ropes. Harry immediately attended Hermione who was lying on the floor unconscious. He immediately tried many healing spells, but they didn’t work. By this time, the other aurors, finished catching all the other wizards and came back to him. They took the persons into custody, while Harry carried unconscious Hermione with him.


After about an hour, they reached the ministry with the same port key. Hermione was immediately admitted into the emergency wing of the hospital. Harry sat near the wing, waiting for the doctor’s report. He just had the medical check-up, by a doctor. An auror came to Harry to give him a report of the attack.


“These were the reports sir.” He said handing the reports to Harry. “The three aurors were admitted in the hospital for medical checking.”

“Is anybody in danger?”

“No sir. All the injuries were minor.”

“Did you uncover those masks that the two persons wore?”

“Yes sir. They were Draco Malfoy and John Carter.”


Harry looked up a second, when he heard Draco’s name. He didn’t hear that name for four years.


“They’ll be interrogated tomorrow sir” he said and went away. Harry checked the reports, and signed at the appropriate places. He closed the reports, the doctor arrived.


“What happened doctor?”

“There is nothing to worry.” The doctor said calmly, “That was a pretty dark spell. It would’ve killed her if it hit her at right spot. Now she was in no danger. She may need a bit of rest.” He spoke and walked away.


Harry felt really happy that moment. He immediately went inside and saw peacefully sleeping Hermione. He went near her and sat on a chair near the bed.


Ron who just announced his break up with Hermione, to his family, was standing silent listening to the words of everybody. Everyone in the house was totally shocked to hear the news. They scolded Ron for about an hour. Though Ron was speaking his reasons, nobody cared them. After a long hour, he took his broom and reached his practice ground. His practice became his only choice when he was angry or sad. He practiced for more than an hour and came down to stop. He was amazed to see Lavender on the same spot, she stood yesterday. He walked in that direction, and greeted her.


Harry stayed in Hermione’s room for a long time, and returned home to sleep. When he climbed on his bed, he was unable to sleep. It was the first time he was having trouble sleeping, after the death of Voldemort. His thoughts were filled with Hermione. Hermione could warn him about the wizard standing behind him. She could have thrown a spell to knock him off, so that his spell losses target. But she just ran between Harry and him, without another thought. That gesture of Hermione had a strong effect on Harry’s mind. He slowly fell asleep, after a long struggle.


Hermione woke up just after Harry’s departure. When she heard about his care towards her from a nurse, her heart was moved. She remembered how Harry cared about her all the time. Harry always felt happy to help her many times. He always tries to cheer her when she was sad. In short, he was always present an inch away from her all the time. No matter how much she tried, she could not sleep. It’s probably because she had slept for a long time. While she was awake, she couldn’t think of anything but Harry. She sat up straight and tried to focus herself on some book present on her bed side table. But she couldn’t concentrate. Feeling tired, she lied back on bed, trying to sleep.


Ron reached home very late that day. He spent a lot of time with Lavender. When he reached the burrow, Mr Weasley was studying an important paper from his work.


“Where have you been all this time Ron?” He was surprised by seeing his son coming late at night.

“Practice dad.” Ron said moving towards the stairs. “I lost track of time.”

“Don’t be late again Ron. It’s freezing outside at this time.”

“Ok dad.”

“By the way, Hermione was admitted in the ministry hospital. She was attacked by some dark spell. Visit her Ron. It may help in rebuilding your relationship.”

“I’ll think of it dad.” Ron said and quickly disappeared into his room.


The next morning Ron got up early, which was unusual, got ready, had some food from the kitchen, and disapparated from the front gate. He knocked the door of a house, which was answered by Lavender.


“Hi Ron! How do you know my house?”

“Hi Lav. Remember that day, when you challenged me to find your house.” Ron said, “I found it.”

“I meant to crack a joke Ron. I never thought you’ll take it serious. Come in” she said opening the door to let Ron in.


Harry woke up early in the morning. The first thought which came into his mind, was Hermione. He sat on his bed, and thought about the previous night. He understood he could not spend single minute, without thinking of her. He realized he was starting to have feelings for her. He took his journal from his bed side table, and wrote each and every feeling inside his heart. He felt really happy and joyful, after completing it. With that excitement, he came down to the hall and took todays Daily Prophet. When he read the front page, his happiness and excitement just evaporated into thin air.


Hermione woke early as usual. She had her thoughts and feelings concentrated on Harry. She saw a most important character in Harry, which was absent in Ron. It was the special care. Ron always concentrates on his thoughts and never really asked her about her feelings. Harry always treat her feelings more than anything. She thought about him for a long time. Each and every second, she was beginning to love Harry and hate Ron. After some time, she ate some fruits on her bed side table, and took the newspaper from a nurse. Her heart almost stopped beating when she saw the front page.


“   Great news on a great couple

     Harry and Hermione were found to be living together

       They were said to be in deep love   “



To be continued.

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