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Buying Lies by Hotmammabellatrix
Chapter 2 : Losing It
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 I got on the train, Sirius's words still running through my brain. I know I'm gonna be in trouble when we get to school, seeing as Evans won't always be there to save me. I push through the crowded train, ignoring all of the rude words and mean things thrown my way.  I guess you could say that Hogwarts has taught me one thing for certain: People aren't always going to like you, and you've got to get over it. You've got to keep your head held somewhat high. And that's what I do on most occasions. The only people that truly scare me are the Marauders. They're the only people I'll bow down to. 

I continue to walk downthe crowded hall, and finally find an empty compartment.  I struggle to put my trunk away, seeing as I'm only 5'3. Why did they make them so bloody high?! I mean, honestly, not everybody can be a giant!! I finally achieve my goal, and sit down in my seat. I reach into my book bag and pull out my book. I guess you could say I'm a huge Jane Austen addict. I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time. I just ADORE Mr. Darcy. Mr. Collins is rather annoying in my opinion. The train starts moving and I dive into my book, letting it take me to another world entirely.

"Excuse me, is anyone else sitting here?" 

I look up in shock, my eyes widening as I put my book down slightly. Sirius Black looks back at me, his eyes widening in shock, but he quickly turns it into a smirk.

"Oi!! Fellas, I found a compartment!" he says and the other three come over. Potter's eyes glint with mischief as he takes me in, his eyes landing on my book. 

"Whatcha' reading, Blake?" he says, sauntering over to me and snatching the book out of my hands. I reach for it, but he simply shuts it and holds it out of my reach, his eyes growing scarily cold. 

"Sit down, Blake." he orders, and I reluctantly do so. 

"What is Pride and Prejudice?" he asks, flipping through it and stopping  on a page.

"Aw, is little Blake into muggle novels?" Remus says, joining James in laughter as my cheeks flush bright red. The boys all laugh at my discomfort, and sit down after stowing their things away. Bloody giants. They all begin to ignore me, and James throws my novel back at me. I immediately flip back to my page before I become engrossed in my novel, reading about a world far better than my own.


*At Hogwarts*

I walk through the corridor at school, ignoring the whispers that surround me. Someone's always spreading some rumour about me. In first year, I had dragon pox. Second year, I was a vampire. Third year, well, I was stalker. Fourth year, I was homeless. Fifth year, I was a prostitute. And 6th year, I was pregnant. That on eactually surprised me. I mean, honestly, people don't even want to talk to me, how would I wind up pregnant?! 

"I heard she sat with them on the train."

"I heard she tried to kiss Sirius, but he pushed off. Pathetic."

I freeze and turn around, my temper beginning to ignite. The girls that had been talking to me sneered at me, swishing their bottle blonde hair. 

"Excuse me?" I ask, not quite believing what I'd just heard.

"We heard all about your escapade with Sirius and how he rejected you. You're so pathetic." Blonde Number 1 says.

"Sirius told us all about it." says Blonde Number 2, sending me a smirk before walking away with her friend. Her last words echo in my head, fueling my anger and making my temper turn into an inferno. I turn around and march angrily to the Gryffindor Common Room.

"Mandrake root," I mutter angrily. The portrait opens, and I instantly hear Black's bark of a laugh. I slam the portrait shut and the room gets silent.

"What's got you so angry? Get rejected by someone else?" James throws at me, and the Common Room goes into a fit of laughter. 

"SIRIUS BLACK! I SWEAR TO GOD, I AM GOING TO BLOODY KILL YOU! HOW DARE YOU GO AROUND MAKING ME LOOK LIKE SOME SORT OF DESPERATE HAG!!! YOU INSUFFERABLE ARROGANT PIG!! NO WONDER YOUR PARENTS DON'T WANT YOU!! QUITE FRANKLY, I WOULDN'T WANT YOU EITHER!!" I scream, and everybody stops laughing as their jaws drop to the ground. I simply stand there, breathless, as Sirius stands up, his grey eyes glowing with straight anger. 

But, quite frankly, I don't care anyomore. I am done walking around with my head down, taking everything he throws at me.

"What did you say to me?" he asks, his voice laced with malice that would usually make me cringe. 

"I said, that it's no wonder your parents don't want you. I wouldn't either."

"Now look here-"

No, you look here, you arrongant idiot!! I am done sitting down and taking all of your crap. You claim to be so much different from the rest of your family, but you're not!! You're just like them and you need to come to terms with it! You think you're some sort of god that can do what he pleases to everybody, but you CAN'T!! AND I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE THE BLOODY MINISTER OF MAGIC, OR EVEN VOLDEMORT HIMSELF, YOU CAN'T BULLY EVERYBODY FOREVER!! I CAN TAKE DRAGON POX, HOMELESS, AND EVEN BLOODY PREGNANT, BUT I REFUSE TO TAKE LOOKING LIKE SOME DESPERATE BIMBO, OKAY?!" I scream, and everybody just stares at us with wide eyes. I see Lily looking shocked out of the corner of my eye, and I see the Marauders stand up. 

"Do you really need to be taught another lesson, Blake?" Potter says, getting out his wand, Remus and Peter copying his actions.

"No, but Sirius-"

"What do you mean 'another' Potter?" Lily says, getting out of her chair and standing beside me. His face pales as she repeats his words and I smirk at him. Whenever I came back to the dormitory she and I share after a beating from the Maruders, I always told her that the Slytherins did it. I mean, they did as well, but not as often as the Marauders did.

"I-well, you see-"

"So what, we tossed her around a bit, she deserved it though." Sirius says, and I send him my harshest glare, mirroring his movement of taking out his wand.

"Last Halloween?" Lily asks turning to me. I look at her and nod at the boys. Last Halloween was probably my worst beating ever. I could barely make it back to the common room. Lily found me outside and brought me back to the dormitory.

"Was it 'the fact that she exists?'" Lily asks, quoting James's words to her about Snape from two years ago. James lowers his wand in shame, and Lily turns to me.

"Come on, let's go." she says. I nod and follow her in the thick silence that surrounds the common room.

As we reach the stairs, I feel a spell brush an inch past my face. I turn and yell a spell that hits Sirius in the chest and knocks him out cold, before turning around and continuing my way up to my room.





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