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Even A Ravenclaw Makes Mistakes by u_got_RavenCLAWED
Chapter 2 : Burgundy's Heartbreak
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A/N- I'm well aware of the fact that I don't own Harry Potter. But I do own my ocs and the plot. I own Burgundy. That sounds weird.
Draco's pov.

I looked down to see what kid was stupid enough to be int the dungeons alone. I was shocked. My eyes must been deceiving me (I kinda hoped that they weren't).

In fact, it wasn't even a kid that I ran into. It was a girl, in the same year as me.And she looked like a freaking goddess, with her golden hair in perfect waves, pale skin that seemed to glow in the dim lighting of dungeon, and sapphire blue eyes, so dark, yet somehow clear. Wow...

It was then that I noticed that she was ticked, and that she was wearing Ravenclaw robes. Oh, great. My number one rule was to never anger a smart person. So much for that.

I helped her up, and she didn't seem to be so POed anymore. Hmm... NOTE TO SELF:Being nice really DOES pay off!

"So, where are you going?" she asked me casually.

"I skipped class, so the library. Where are going?"

"I slept in late, so to Snape's"
"Hmm... You probably shouldn't show up late to Potions... Unless you want a detention?"

"A detention? On top of all the crap of all the crap I'm gonna get from Mother? Count me out."

She called her mum Mother? Only did that...

And she was sarcastic enough to be funny. I smiled to myself (Okay, so maybe it was more of a smirk.).

"Yeah," we were in front of the library. "See ya later."

And she left. *sigh of freaking tremendous relief*

I went in the library and sat down at my usual seat, far away from Granger, but not too close to the back.

I started reading, but all that I could think about was her. I didn't even know her name, which was weird. I knew everyone's name and blood status. Except for the American students...

*sudden realization*

Wait, American. Haha. No... Whatever, I'd sort through my thoughts later.

And I went back to thinking of her...

Burgundy's pov

Alexandria still wasn't here, which was weird. She wouldn't miss class for anything, and she missed breakfast. Even weirder.
I dazed off, daydreaming about her. No, just thinking...About her beautiful smile, the way she laughed at other people's misfortune. She was perfect. But o didn't want her to know that. It'd mess up our friendship, and then everything would be weird.

Or not. *evil smirk*

After another thirty minutes of potion making, the bell rang. Mm... Free time. To myself. Or with Alexandria.

About that...

I went off to find her, checking in the library, and the tree that she would sometimes read in. Hmm... Nowhere to be found.

I went back to the common room and found her reading on the windowsill.

"Hey, is this where you've been?You missed potions. What's gotten into you?" I asked concernedly. Seriously, a missed class? What the fudge?

"Oh, hi. Yeah, I slept in, so I decided to stay here. Windowsills are more comfy than I thought."

"Yeah, sure." I sat down beside her and opened a book an asphodel's uses in potions, halfway aware of Alexandria's curious eyes that were on me. She was cute when she did that... *planning operation 'Ravenclaw queen be mine'*

-Still Burgundy's pov-

There were only two weeks until Winter Break, and I had fully formed my plan. Oh, yeah, and Malfoy (hated by all except, hence the calling of the last name) was still bothering Alexandria, and every time that I tried to call him off, she stopped me from doing so. It was annoying to see him flirt with her.

Oh yeah, and the plan, well, it was quite frankly simple.The Yule Ball,which was in a week and a half, I would ask her to. She would say yes, we'd have a great time, and then we'd be together. Now, how to execute the plan without Blondie getting in the way... Completely different situation, now that I think of it.

In potions class, (doesn't everything seem to happen in there?), I was partnered with the infamous Draco Malfoy. (Don't you just love sarcasm?) I must admit , he does know how to make a good potion, Though, he definitely needed a bit of help (mental help, of course).

I glanced over to his side of the world, and found it him mutilating his mandrake roots. Ha! That was first year curriculum! Yet another reason to hate him!

Then I remembered the plan. I took out a piece of parchment and wrote a note on it.

-Will you go to the Yule Ball with me? Alexander-

I then folded it into an airplane. I noticed that Malfoy was watching me with interest.

"Ooh, who's that for? Shawn?" I said mockingly. I wanted to gag.

I inwardly cringed. Eww... Shawn was a nerdy girl who always picked her nose (Not to mention, had hair greasy enough to rival Snape's. Bleh...)

"Actually, Malfoy, it's for Alexandria." I replied coolly, putting emphasis on his name.

He snorted. "Good luck with that."

I only rolled my eyes and threw the plane. It swiftly landed on her desk. She opened it and threw it back, hitting Malfoy in the forehead.

I laughed and opened it. Inside was a small note, written in elegant sapphire blue colored handwriting.

-No, I can't. I would, but I'm already going with somebody else. Sorry. Alexandria -

I very nearly cried when I read that. My plan was ruined. Besides, who could it be? Some Gryffindork? A Hufflepuff?

The bell rang, so I grabbed my crap and sprinted to the common room. From there, I ran up to my dormitory, threw my stuff at my trunk, and flopped down on my bed to read a sappy romance novel. (Oh, yes, did I mention that if anyone found out about my readings, I'd be screwed. Just saying.)

After I read the entire book, it was dark out, so I snuck outside to go vandalize something.

On the fifth floor, I painted a mural of Snape marrying Filch. Snape was in his trademark black (although he traded robes for a dress), and holding purple roses. Hmm... It was missing something. *evil laugh* I painted Peeves as an angel, singing above them. Haha! It was priceless!

)Alexandria's pov-

I felt kinda bad after rejecting Burgundy. But what else was I supposed to do? I retreated to the girls' dormitory and laid down on me bed, staring up at the blue canopy above me.

I slowly drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Everything was weird. It was all mute. No sound. My vision was fuzzy, too.

Things flashed by me. A shouting Draco. A miserable Burgundy. And a casket covered with pink orchids.

I was shaken awake by Cho and Luna, who looked kinda worried.

"Wassup?" I asked groggily.

"Umm, well, you were... " Cho tried to explain (failing miserably).

"You were having a nightmare." Luna rolled her eyes.

"And whimpering for someone." Cho added almost inaudibly.

"Anyways..." I said, breaking the awkward silence that had befallen us.

I got ready, putting on some dark blue eyeliner and more mascara than what was normal.

At Divination, Burgundy and I patched up our friendship. Seriously, the dude needed a girlfriend, but I wasn't sure that I was it. He was looking pretty devastated.

Professor Trelawney was teaching us about our dreams and prophecies, which was weird.

"Ti tell I'd if a dream is a prophecy, look for differences. It could be anything, from smell to sights to sounds." Trelawney said all of this in her creepy, airy, prophesizing voice. Yup, she was a weird one...

The rest of class went on as it usually did (very weirdly) and pretty soon, the bell rang and class was over.

Hmm... Lunch did sound nice, but I had better things to do.

Going back to my dormitory, I found a package on my bed, accompanied by a brown owl that had white streaks on its wings.

I picked up the package. It was a box, just a box. No note, or anything else. I looked at the bird. It gazed back and softly hooted.

I opened the box and found an instrument case that was in a rectangular shape. Is that what I thought it was? U lifted the latches on the side and gently lifted upwards on them, revealing a shiny silver flute. Oh my gosh, it definitely was.

Dear Alexandria,
I hope you like this. It's just a little thing, but I hope it means a lot, because your love means everything to me.
- Your Arrogant Other Half

How he knew that I played the flute, I had no idea. I did t even tell Mother that I played, and that was saying something.

There was also sheet music with it. I picked a piece and set a silencing charm on my bed, after I closed the curtains.
I played the piece, and it was (just slightly) breathtaking.

I sounded kinda Medieval, like dragons and knights, like swords clashing and fires raging. It ended with a beautiful and smooth end that could put anything to sleep.

Just when I thought that it was over, more measures appeared. It was a serenade as smooth as silk, but sharply got louder. It sounded so... Chaotic. After I finished, the words Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titlandus appeared at the top. How appropriate. Never tickle a sleeping dragon.

"Oh my gosh! Where are my heels!?" cried Cho, as she tired through a pile of junk.

It was the night of the Yule Ball, and everywhere you looked, it was a madhouse.

I was already dressed in a strapless sapphire blue dress that was the same color as my eyes, and two inch heels the matched perfectly.

I left the girls to go find my date, who I promised to meet at the base of the stairs by the Great Hall.

I found him right there in the exact spot that I described.

"Alexandria." he said, greeting me.

"Hello, Draco." I replied. Wasn't Burgundy going to love this? *sarcasm*

A/N- Hello, fans of fiction. I have a band teacher who is kinda like the opposite of Snape. It's funny, actually. She doesn't have greasy hair, is always a bit cheerful, and, I would suspect, that she would trick us into thinking that she was on our side , and then BAM she turns on us and shoves it in our faces. (Did I mention that she has "the haircut"? It's weird.)
Anyways, enough talking about people that I know of. Until next time.

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