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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 20 : The Totem Pole
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 The Totem Pole


super rad CI by milominderbinder@TDA (Brielle Patil & Jenna Greengrass)

“Alright maggots shut up and give me ten.”




“Um, Brielle, what are we giving you ten of?” Malcolm asked while yawning, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.




You’re probably gonna ask why I’m referring to my quidditch team as maggots and why I decided to wake everyone up at four o’clock in the morning to come down to the pitch. No? Well I’ll just answer that question for you regardless.




I take my job seriously.




I am not only a chaser on the quidditch team but a captain. Not to mention I’m a sixth year captain, which is pretty dang amazing. I refuse to let my team be sacked to the back of the quidditch totem pole.




Hell to the no.




“Ten of everything. Ten of fucking everything, Malcolm.”




That’s right, ladies and gents, the cursing band has been lifted off this bad ass bitch so be prepared for a lot of un ladylike language. My mother shall be so proud of me if she ever decides to write me.




“This is just ridiculous,” Jenna growled, nearly pulling her hair out of her scalp as she hastily pulled it into a pony tail blindly. “I need my beauty sleep.”




Amelia snorted from her spot leaning against the quidditch bleachers, mumbling, “You need more than just a few hours of beauty sleep to fix that mess of a face.”




“You little bitch – “




“Come at me, Greengrass, I dare you to!”




“Enough!” I said loudly, catching the attention of my team. Thankfully Hunter had taken it upon himself to step in between Amelia and Jenna so they didn’t claw each other’s eyes out while Chris and Bentley poked each other to make sure they stayed awake.




“I’m not in the mood to deal with this bullshit,” I might as well have growled, resting my hands on my hips, “Now listen to me and if you don’t want to do that than you can get the hell off my team.”




I don’t know why but apparently quidditch brings out the queen b in me. I just can’t help that I’m this fabulous. It’s natural.




There was a low whistle and Bentley, the fifth year, began to clap slowly. “Ain’t no body messing with you today, Patil.”




Amen to that, Flack.




I’ve always had a nice liking for Bentley Flack. He was only fifteen but he was aloof and pretty short when he spoke to people. He was a transfer from Salem and he was born in Texas. He’s got this strong southern accent but his beating skills are amazing.




I nodded shortly when everyone had simmered down and the girls took a few steps back, continuing to speak to my team. “I know it’s an ungodly hour and I know we have classes today. Too bloody bad. I hate to admit this but guys we’re almost at the bottom of the quidditch totem pole. Merlin, we might as well be buried in the ground.”




There was a collection of gasps and I’m pretty sure McClagan began to get teary eyed. I didn’t blame him. Being on the bottom of the pole is a big deal.




You guys may have thought I was using that whole totem pole as a little imaginative example but I wasn’t. The pole is real. It’s a tradition that started after the castle was fixed up after the war to bring some more excitement and fun into the castle and sporting events.




Every year an already graduated student runs the Quidditch Totem Pole – or more commonly referred to as The Pole or QTP. I’m pretty sure that Joshua Fable is running it this year. He’s a graduate from Slytherin and was an amazing chaser.




Basically, the ex-student must be an old quidditch player and they see every quidditch game held at the school and I mean every game. They evaluate and see how all the teams play. They also, somehow, figure out how all the practices go and team bonding.




Every two weeks or so there QTP is updated. You’d have to be blind to not see it. There is a very large oak tree that is in the middle of the boy and girl locker rooms. It’s kind of like a separation. The tree is charmed to have four branches – one with each house’s name on it – and the branches switch places depending on how well the teams are marked.




The higher you are the better you are expected to do in upcoming quidditch games and when the cup comes.




I checked last night where we are. Hufflepuff and us are tied at the bottom for third place which basically means Fable can’t decide which one of us sucks worse since we haven’t played a game yet and that makes me want to run around screaming my hat off.




“We can’t be at the bottom of the pole,” Malcolm all but gasped, shaking his head slowly. “My father will disown me and dismember me. He’d probably eat me for breakfast.”




Malcolm may be exaggerating just a tad bit. I mean, I know his father is a hardass when it comes to Quidditch since he is an ex pro-quidditch player but that doesn’t matter. Oliver Wood is more likely to try to chew my head off for not leading Ravenclaw to victory or some shit like that.




“We aren’t at the bottom of the pole right now so don’t act like we are. We’re going to fix this. I promise.” I said reassuringly before clapping my hands together once, “We have our game right after the holidays. I know it’s a long time until now – nearly a month – but that does not mean we are going to slack off. I expect everyone to be running every single bleeding morning, I want us eating lean and healthy meals – and no, apple pie does not count as a fruit, and we are going to now be having practice three times a week.”




“Will we be having practice three times a week at four o’clock in the morning?” Jenna very rudely interrupted me and I had the need to smack her upside the head.




I can do whatever the hell I want. I don’t see no quidditch captain badge on your bloody robes so shut it.




“Yes,” There was a collection of groans that I tried to ignore, “And I don’t care how much it annoys you guys. I have to get up also and trust me when I say that I love sleep just as much as the next person but we need to practice away from people’s prying eyes. I know for a fact that Gryffindor caught Hufflepuff trying to spy during their practice and I refuse to let that happen to us.”




It was true, actually. James had came in running and raving to me during Adv. Potions that he had caught some pesky first years hiding in the bleachers. Apparently Hufflepuff had paid their own firsties to do their dirty look.




Fred wanted to hex them but Rose Weasley wouldn’t let him because of her good for nothing prefect self. Speaking of Rose, she and Scorpius are still not working out well. Scorpius tried to apologize for whatever he said to her at the party that pissed her off and it only enraged her more.




Poor ole’ Scorpius will never catch a break, at this rate.




“So now that that is all said and done what are you guys waiting for? I said I want ten.”




“Ten what?” Jenna snapped for the five billionth time.








I just can’t take people in the morning.








“I feel like a zombie,” Amelia moaned as she basically crawled onto the bench where the beautiful aroma of food was waiting for us.




It was eight now and we had been practicing since almost four thirty in the morning. I let us all stop close to seven so Amelia and I showered in the locker rooms and took a ten minute power nap on the floor.




We have no shame.




“I feel like sunshine,” Leslie commented brightly with an evil smirk on her lips. She was one of the very few people that weren’t on the quidditch team that new about our whereabouts. I didn’t want anyone else finding out – not even our friends – so I made everyone swear on their quidditch position on the team that they wouldn’t tell anyone.




“Yeah well you can go fuck yourself.” Amelia snapped as she poured milk into her bowl, her elbow slipping since she was so tired and missing her bowl so instead she poured milk all over Louis’s toast that was next to him.




“Oh, bollocks, I really wanted that toast.” He pouted as he pushed away the plate that now looked pretty nauseating.




I began to fill my own porcelain plate up high with food. I got a scoop of eggs here, two pieces of bacon there, a half of bagel there, and then I tapped my goblet twice. I can’t forget about good old orange juice to start off my morning.




“Well too bleeding bad then,”




Blech. Maybe waking Amelia up that early wasn’t a smart idea. She’s overly cranky and I feel bad for anyone that tries to mess with her.




I was so tired I began to zone out and my concentration – or lack of, to be better – was broken when I saw a darting hand pop up and steal a piece of my bacon.




“Hey!” I protested as I smacked at Albus’s hand but unsuccessfully got my bacon back. Instead he smirked at me and took a healthy bite of the fatty goodness. “That’s my bacon.”




“Oh really now? Well it’s mine now.” He responded with that smirk still, taking another bite and grinning.




“No one steals my bacon,” I protested with a frown, shaking my head quickly. “Who the hell do you think you are? Merlin?”




“No, but close. I’m Albus Potter.”




I couldn’t help but crack a small smile up at him. The joke was clever, I’ll give him that. I’ll also give him that stupid piece of bacon since he basically ate the whole entire thing. I decided to settle with rolling my eyes, giving him a soft shove, and eating my other piece of bacon to make sure he didn’t steal it.




I looked up from my plate to see a pair of dark eyes trained on me with an eyebrow quirked upwards. Leslie was looking at me closely and when I raised my eyebrow in question at her she just shrugged. I knew what she was thinking about.




She was thinking about what I told her and frankly I couldn’t be bothered.  Al and I haven’t kissed since last time and that was fine by me. I had to focus on quidditch, anyways.




“Well isn’t that just adorable,” Jenna might as well have sneered as she slammed her plate down and took a seat next to Dominique which surprised me. She never ate with us because we never invited her. I mean, we did occasionally have some of my quidditch mates sit with us but never her.




Mainly because we didn’t like her. Logic.




“Thanks, we do try hard.” I responded sarcastically with a smile, smearing cream cheese on my bagel as I spoke.




I looked up briefly between applying topping to my bagel to see Albus frown and exchange some weird look with Jenna before shaking his head and taking a big sip from his water. I wonder what that was all about?




“Merlin do you guys look exhausted. What have you guys been doing?” James commented with an arched eyebrow while filling up his plate for the third time since we sat down.




It will always amaze me how Fred and he can just in hale food within the span of a few minutes. They are human food sucking vacuums. I gave mad props to their stomachs.




“Nothing,” I said quickly, sending the members of my quidditch team a pointed look before downing some more orange juice. “Just having some trouble falling to sleep is all.”




“All of you can’t sleep?” Freddy frowned as he stopped midway through eating his fifth piece of toast buttered to perfect.




“That is correct, Freddy Boy.”




“Aw, you sneaky little liar, you aren’t being honest!” Freddy exclaimed with an exaggerated gasp, dropping his toast on his plate. “Tell me the truth now missy or else.”




“I am telling you the truth!” I said quickly, laughing softly at how Fred was acting.




“You are not and now you will have to face the wrath of the or else!” Fred then pushed his plate aside and stood up on the bench, catching the attention of most of the hall. He cleared his throat before singing in an off tune and loud voice, “LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE BRIELLE IS A STINKING LIAR!”




I need to reconsider who I associate myself with.








“Freddy has been telling us all that you’re a stinking liar,”




“I hate you, Scorpius.” I mumbled bitterly as I took my seat next to him in Transfiguration.




Scorpius shot me one of his coy little smiles before shrugging. He looked like his per usual with his white blonde hair styled to casual perfection and his robes lazily thrown on his body in a posh way. He wore a dark grey sweater over his white button down, both of them rolled up to his sleeve with his tan pants.




He might as well be a poster boy for boarding school prep boys that girls dream about.




“I know that’s morse code for you saying you love me with an undying passion,” He shot me a quick wink before he began to fish around in his bag for what I assumed to be a quill and parchment paper. “Anyways, I don’t really care much about your whole lying scandal. I’m must more invested in this whole kissing lark you’ve got going on with my best friend.”




I near boubt’ pissed my pants in surprise, shushing Scorpius quickly.




I looked around to make sure no one was listening before speaking to him in a more shushed voice as I looked for my missing ink spill, “He told you?!”




“Of course he told me – I’m his best mate.” Scorpius scoffed with a roll of his eye as if it was the most preposterous think he had ever heard. “Besides that point, you can’t be mad at him for telling since I know you had to have told Amelia and Leslie.”




I felt a pinge of guilt as I answered him, “Leslie and Dominique – not Amelia.”




He arched an eyebrow before shrugging, “Surprising but okay. Now stop ignoring me and let’s be straight up about this. Is it true that you and Al aren’t dating?”




“Yes,” I answered with an exasperated sigh as I finally found the stupid ink container I was searching for. “I don’t know why everyone keeps pestering me about that. Al and I are just friends.”




“Just friends that snogged. Three times, might I add.”




Well Scorpius was thoroughly filled in.




“You can’t go telling anyone,” I moaned before rubbing my eyes of the sleep that was creeping back into them. “I don’t really know what we are, to be honest. We haven’t really finalized anything. We haven’t kissed since so I’m just letting it be.”




Scorpius searched my face with his steely grey eyes before shrugging and turning to the front of the class where our teacher was setting up, “You’re friends with benefits, get over it. I know you probably don’t like the term but it doesn’t matter. It is what you guys are if you aren’t putting any other official label on it.”




I bit the bottom of my lip for a few seconds before turning to face the front as well. “Whatever you say, Scorpius. Enough about my drama, how are you and redhead?”




Rose and I are doing not so good, per usual.” Scorpius looked annoyed as he spoke, shrugging his broad shoulders. “She’s really hung up about something I said to her at the Halloween party. I think I may have called her a bitch or a tease…or maybe I called her a bitch tease.”




I snickered slightly, shaking my head, “You’re so odd, Scorpius. Who calls someone that they basically love a bitch tease?”




“Me,” He responded shortly before a red color crept up the base of his neck and threatened to come up to his cheeks. “And I don’t love her so don’t say that.”




“Mmmh, okay.”




“I don’t, Brielle.”




“Oh, yes, I totally believe you.” I said with my voice dripping with sarcasm.




“I hate you.”




“Morse code, my beloved Scorpius, morse code.”




“What’re you doing for the holidays?” Dominique asked in the dorms, us being the only ones with a free period.




I was in the middle of skimming some random magazine Leslie left in the dorm while Dominique painted her toes a deep red color on the floor, trying to make sure she didn’t spill the liquid all over our crème carpet.




That would be just our luck.




“Well considering my mother has sent me a total of zero letters I think I will be just spending the Holidays here in good old Hogwarts.” I said with a shrug, not even feeling embarrassed by the fact that my mother couldn’t bother to send me a stinking letter or make sure I was coming home for the holidays.




To be frank, I didn’t even want to go home. It’s not like I had a rather rubbish home life because I didn’t. It was just really boring and none of my friends lived even remotely close to us. Plus I’d have to deal with that stupid muggle my aunt is dating who creeps me out.




Dominique’s lip twisted into a frown, swiveling her neck so she could stare at me from over her shoulder, “Are you for real? Staying at Hogwarts for the holidays is downright torture. It might as well be illegal for student’s mental illness.”




I laughed light heartedly at her little joke and shrugged, “I don’t mind much.”




“You don’t mind much? Psh that is just nonsense,” She rolled her eyes, painting the big toe of her foot slowly and carefully. “I’ve got a perfect solution. Come home with me for the holidays.”




If I was drinking something I probably would have spit it out. Dominique was acting so nonchalant as she offered up the holiday stay though I had a deep down feeling that she had been planning and practicing when she could invite me to stay.




I mean, don’t get me wrong, we are friends now but not best of friends. We haven’t even been on good terms for that long so it would surprise me for her to want me over.




“I don’t know about that, Dominique…”




I mean I’ve spent the holidays at other friend’s houses countless of times before. I spent two holidays with Leslie’s family in their lavish house and one summer at Mel’s muggle house in the suburbs but no one else besides them.




“No, seriously, you should come. My parents would practically piss themselves if I brought someone with me. They’re used to the whole me not having friends. Usually Louis is the only person that brings people home for the holidays with him and this season he’s not so I might as well. We have an open guest room anyways,” She shrugged her shoulders like it was the norm when it really wasn’t.




“I’m still not sure…” I trailed off.




“Really, Brielle, you should come. You wouldn’t be stuck with just Louis and I the whole two weeks – I promise. We go over to the Potters and all the other Weasley’s too. Not to mention Leslie and Amelia can hang out with us.”




I knew Dominique didn’t like it but there was desperation in her voice. She was practically pleading me to go and I felt something in the pit of my stomach clench.




“I told my parents that I was bringing home a friend and they’re really excited,” She finally admitted quietly, shrugging her shoulders. “I know I should have asked you before but Vic, my bitch of a sister, was trashing me and it just came out. I promise I won’t be a bore. It’ll be fun – what do you say?”




And just like any other typical Brielle moment I do the thing that most people are screaming at me from their computer screens to not do.




“Yeah, sure, that sounds lovely. I can’t wait, Dom.”




I think there is something wrong with my head.

A/N: So, I'm back guys! I feel like it took me forever to update for you guys but I apologize for that! I'm getting into the swing of school and such but I still will always have time for you guys! I have about 5 ish chapters written in advance so updates should be a bit easier for us! 

This chapter was just under 4,000 words - what did you guys think? Tell me your opinions! Feeling on Bribus, everyone else, the 'Totem Pole' (which will come in handy later in the story), and of course Dominique inviting Brielle to stay for the holidays. Am I the only one that thinks Brielle is crazy for accepting?

As always please review and tell me what you guys think. I love you all and just wanted to say I am so happy to post the 20th chapter of this story! xx 


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The Invisible Thief : The Totem Pole


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