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The Next Chapter by DaniPotterhead
Chapter 5 : New Arrival
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Chapter 5 New Arrival


Harry stared lovingly at Ginny, the flames that surrounded them making her hair glow and appear to be part of the flames. She was beautiful. Both of their hands were overlapped together on top of the egg. He couldn't help but think about how much he loved her. He couldn't help but gaze endlessly into her eyes, as if nothing else existed. Through her eyes he could convey his love to her and there would be no lie.

 Ginny held Harry's gaze, his love pouring in until she could feel herself burst with happiness. She blushed. He was always good at making her blush and she also knew he loved it. After all the years that she'd had a crush on him, since she was a little girl when her father had told her the story of the boy who lived, before she had even met him, she had always hoped that Harry would see her, not as his best friends sister but as herself, just Ginny, and now he did. She could see the love shining in those emerald eyes of his, the flames making them shine all that much more. The way he stared at her, it was like he was afraid to look away, afraid that she would be gone if he but blinked. It was enchanting, it made her blush...again.


A note quivered the air around them and the most beautiful song emerged. It brang peace and happiness to all who heard it and brought thoughts of new life. It brought tears of joy to Ginny who left the tears to roll down her face. As the song ended the flames surrounding them lowered until they were no more. Ginny and Harry's eyes were still fixed on each other and together they lowered their eyes to the joining of their hands. Ginny gently lifted her hands off of Harry's and the most beautiful sight to behold could be seen. A small and beautiful baby pheonix sat in the hands of Harry, it was so small that it would fit in one of his hands. Her feathers were a magnificent red and gold, the colours of a true Gryffindor. Harry couldn't believe the small life that sat in his hands. He felt a surge of pride and wondered if these feelings came with being a father.

 He looked across as Ginny who was wrapped up in the adorableness of their new arrival. Looking at her he could see the children they might have in the future, a little girl with the looks of her mother and the eyes of her father, a small boy who was the spitting image of his father but with his mothers eyes, a mixture of both parents. Harry smiled at his forward planning. He hadn't even asked her to marry him yet. Marriage, where in merlins beard did that come from he thought. Did he really think he was ready for marriage? But who else was their going to be. He loved Ginny so much it hurt and the thought of not being with her hurt even more. Ginny was the only one for him. Nothing in his life was normal, yet she made him feel like a normal guy, someone who wasn't famous for being the chosen one.


The portrait of Dumbldore looked at his two students knowingly. Thoughts would be flying through both of their minds, trying to figure things out, what to do next. He chuckled to himself, they would figure it out sooner or later, most likely sooner and before Ron and Hermione, and when they did he knew it would be a wonderful experience for both of them.


"He Hem," he coughed in a perfect imitation of Umbridge. This brought both Harry and Ginny out of their revelaries. He smiled at them. "The birth of a pheonix is extremly rare outside of the wild. The process is truly stunning. You see pheonix's are creatures of love and loyalty. In the wild the love of their parents and the colony is the focus point, but she was born due to the love that you two feel for each other. There is a bond between the three of you, which can never be broken. It is the highest honour to be chosen by a pheonix and I know that you will always remember this day," he finished. Harry and Ginny both nodded, it was definatly something neither of them would forget. "I believe that there is a book in the library where there is a list of past pheonix names. It may help you in deciding a name for her, it's called Born through ashes and it's in the magical creature section. It has tips for food and care, but remember i'm always here if you need a hand. After all I'm not going anywhere. Also I would like you to take Fawkes old perch, it would be nice to know it's still being used" Harry nodded.

 Knowing their time was up he kissed Ginny on the cheek and looked back to address Dumbledore. "Professor McGonagall is on the verge of reaching the stone gargoyle and I don't think we should keep her out of her office any longer than we have already. We need to choose a name for this little one. We will come back and talk another time," Harry finished. Whilst Harry spoke Ginny shrunk the perch to fit in her bag and returned to Harry, resting her head on his shoulder. She noticed that Dumbledore was looking at Harry over his half-moon spectacles, that usually meant he was curious about something.


"May I ask how you know that Minerva is outside?"he asked. Harry looked up quickly.


"I don't know exactly professor, and he went on to explain what he had felt earlier. All though his narrative Ginny's eyes got wider as she knew that this was not normal magic that he was describing, it was powerful. Thats my Harry she thougt with a smile. After finishing explained he said "I'm guessing it's not normal?" he joked. Dumbledore smiled.


"My dear boy, it's an incredibly useful gift that is quite rare, but it is nothing to worry about. Now go on, I bet the whole of Gryffindor tower will turn out to meet it's newest addition, she'll be spoiled."


Ginny and Harry both said their goodbyes passing by McGonagall on the way down. After closing her office door she turned on Dumbledore.


"What was that all about?" she asked.


"He can sense Hogwarts." Professor McGonagall gasped.


"At such a young age. Surely it's not possible, I mean he'd never want to become one..."


"I know Minerva but that time is surely a long while away, things may happen to change his perspective. All I know is that when the time comes he will accept and he will be the greatest to come since the founders themselves!"


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