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Our Ridiculous Lives: Daisy Potter by Fonzzx
Chapter 13 : Losing Control
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Chapter 13: Losing Control




I decided to eat dinner in the kitchens instead of the Great Hall most of the time. I didn't think I could deal with everyone staring at me. And by 'eat' I really meant 'suck all the blood out of at least ten steaks'. I was such a freak.


Alexis joined me most days. She was sick of the staring too. Unfortunately, as half Veela, she'd always get it. Particularly since Veela were pretty rare in Britain. Fleur was the only other one I knew about. We actually became pretty good friends. Neither of us ever mentioned the almost accidental kiss from last year.


“That baby's going to come out wanting nothing but raw meat,” Alexis said one day, as I attacked my twelfth steak that afternoon.


“I'm fucking huge and this is the only food I can stand,” I grumbled. “Everything else makes me throw up.”


It was the middle of November now, and I had two months left. My stomach had exploded to the point that I needed new clothes again. Everyone who hadn't heard Pansy Parkinson's gossip about me had seen me, and well, noticed. I dropped a couple more classes and the teachers had agreed to tutor me in private. When I wasn't hunting I was studying. My life had become pretty boring.


After dinner, Alexis and I headed up to mine and Draco's dormitory. He was still at Quidditch practice. I had less homework since my private lessons were going at my own pace, and I could interact properly with the teachers.


I settled down on the sofa and pulled out the book that Remus had given me for extra reading. Alexis sat at one of the desks and started writing a potions essay.


Draco came in, covered in mud.


“How was practice?” I asked.


“Awful,” he grimaced. “Our beaters are complete crap, and we have the game against Slytherin next week.”


The baby jiggled at the sound of his voice. Draco knew he did this (I told him when it started happening), and he put his hand on my stomach. The baby kicked him in response. That kid was going to be clever.


Draco disappeared to the bathroom to shower. Alexis rolled up her parchment and left when I gave her a look that plainly said I was going to jump him.


I was waiting on the bed when Draco emerged from the bathroom, dripping wet. He frowned at me. That wasn't the reaction I was hoping for.


“Are you thirsty already?” he asked me.


I looked over into the mirror. My eyes were black again.


“For Merlin's sake!” I burst out. “I had dinner about an hour ago.”


Draco smiled at my overly dramatic response.


“I'm glad you find it funny,” I said sarcastically as he sat next to me. He simply kissed me in response.


Sex seemed more important than my thirst at that moment. That was, until I lost control.


I bit him, and drank his blood until he collapsed.


I stared at him in horror. Had I killed him?


He was still breathing.


I grabbed a quill and some parchment, scribbled the word help and his owl took the note and flew out the window.


I grabbed some robes and ran.


I didn't stop running until I was deep in the Forbidden Forest. So deep that I knew I wouldn't be able to find my way out.


I should never have been allowed to come back to Hogwarts. I was a danger to other people.


I sat down at the base of a tree and sobbed to myself. I'd almost killed my boyfriend, if he hadn't died since then. I'd done that to him.


Hedwig swooped down to me. If anyone could find me, it was her. She had a note attached to her leg.






Where the hell are you? Draco's fine, he's worried sick. He thinks he pushed you too far, and that's why you bit him.


Draco would blame himself, he was just like that. But this time it was actually my fault.


You didn't take enough blood to seriously hurt him. Wherever you are, come to the Hospital Wing.






No. I wouldn't go. I would stay here. Everyone was better off then. I pulled the hood of my robes over my head, curled up and went to sleep.




The rain woke me up a little while later. I cast an impervius charm and sat up.


The baby nudged me. Where's Daddy?


Was he talking to me? Could babies talk in the womb? Or think, was probably more accurate?


He nudged me again. I miss him.


So do I, I thought desperately. But it's safer for him to be away from me.


No arguing back. He must know that I'd bitten him.


I'm thirsty.


If I wasn't sitting down I'd have fallen over in shock. He was thirsty? He was part vampire? I was thirsty too, so I stood up, preparing to hunt. I closed my eyes, and listened hard. There was a wolf nearby. I silently moved closer to where it was.


It was feeding off something else, a bird. I crept closer, and sprang at it. I drained it completely of its blood in under two minutes. I felt better afterwards. It was a big wolf, an alpha male, so I wouldn't need to feed again for a few hours.


I returned to my tree, where Draco's owl was waiting for me this time.






I'm so sorry about last night. I shouldn't have kissed you when you were thirsty. Please come back. I love you. I'm worried about you. If I knew where you were I'd come and drag you back myself. I've looked everywhere for you. Harry even cancelled Quidditch practice so we could find you.


Please come back. I miss you. I love you.






My heart almost started beating again.


He wants us back, the baby told me. I should really get around to naming him.


What's your name? I asked curiously.


You tell me, he said. I snorted with laughter, and he nudged me.


I vaguely remembered a muggle television programme that my cousin Dudley was watching the last time we'd been to visit Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. I was surprised it even registered in my head at all, given that I'd been almost catatonic over Draco being missing. It was a show about vampires. What was the guy's name? Angel?




It was perfect.


You suck, he thought at me. I smirked at the pun.


Angel Sirius? I asked.


Do you hate me? I laughed out loud then.


“No,” I said aloud. I couldn't hate him. He was part of me.




I sat there all day. The rain continued to fall. A variety of magical creatures went past me, curious. A unicorn foal even came and sat beside me for a few hours, his golden coat shining brightly. He allowed me to stroke him. He really was beautiful.


“You're still here,” a voice said.


My head snapped up. A centaur stood there.


“Yes,” I replied. “There's nowhere else for me to go.”


“That's not true,” he said. “You have friends, loved ones... you chose to remove yourself for their safety.”


Yeah, Angel said, kicking me. Hard.


“Well, I'm dangerous,” I glared at the centaur. “It's safer for them if I'm not around.”


“But it's safer for you to be surrounded by the ones you love. It can be easy for a vampire to forget who they were.”


“I won't forget,” I snapped. How could I ever forget how much I love Draco?


The centaur just stared at me.


“Professor Dumbledore requests that you return to the castle,” he said simply.


“No,” I said sharply.


“He said you'd say that,” the centaur replied.


“So why did he bother sending you then?”


“He didn't just send me. All manner of magical creatures have been coming to you all day.”


Bloody hell. Even the sodding unicorn was telling me to go back to the castle. He was looking at me with large round eyes.


“Fine!” I grumbled, getting up.


Don't drink Daddy again, Angel thought.


I'll try not to, I replied.


An older unicorn approached me then, glowing a brilliant white in the darkness. She bent down, and allowed me to climb on her. The centaur accompanied us to the castle.


“Thank you Firenze,” I recognised Dumbledore's voice as we approached the front doors. I slid off the unicorn and she allowed me to pat her before she fled back to the forest. The centaur bowed his head towards Dumbledore, before turning away.


“Well, Miss Potter,” Dumbledore said to me. “You gave us quite a scare.”


“I gave myself a scare,” I replied. Angel nudged me in agreement.


Don't do it again. He was trying to threaten me. I nearly laughed. He was tiny in comparison to me. I was pretty sure I could take him when it came to a fight.


When I turn 17, I'll remind you that you said that, and we can duel. Then we'll see who's stronger.


I smirked in the semi darkness. Dumbledore chuckled too. I forgot that he could read my mind.


“He's going to be a handful,” Dumbledore said.


“Hmmm,” I agreed darkly.


We arrived at the entrance to mine and Draco's dormitory.


“Albus Dumbledore, I like sherbet lemon.”


“Daisy Potter, my son's name is Angel Sirius Black.”


The tapestry turned into the door and we entered.


“Daisy!” Draco jumped up from the sofa, and Harry pushed him back down. He was much paler than usual. I'd hurt him more than they'd let on in their letters.


I ran towards him and sat on the floor.


“I'm so sorry Draco,” I whispered. He looked awful.


“No, it's my -” he began.


“If you say it's your fault one more time I'll hex you into next week,” I said fiercely.


He laughed and took my hand.


Angel kicked me impatiently. Tell him what you named me. He won't stand for that rubbish.


“He wants me to tell you something,” I told Draco, rubbing my stomach.


Draco looked confused.


“The baby appears to be using legilimency to communicate with you,” Dumbledore said. “He's already quite powerful. It's almost unheard of, for an infant to have that amount of magic.”


“Almost?” I asked.


“The only other child I've met who could do it was eleven years old,” Dumbledore answered.


“What does he want you to tell me?” Draco asked, managing to sit up without Harry pushing him back.


“His name.”


“Oh Merlin. What did you call him?” Draco almost managed a smile then.


I have an idea, Angel piped up enthusiastically. I did as he instructed and placed Draco's hand on my stomach. I felt him nudge it.


Dad, she called me Angel Sirius, he whined.


Draco's face was absolutely priceless. I laughed at him. I'm sure my face was probably the same yesterday when I'd first heard his thoughts.


“Angel Sirius,” Dumbledore laughed. “That's quite something.”


“Angel Sirius James,” Harry said. “That should be his name.”


He nudged me.


“He wants you,” I told Harry. Harry did what Draco had done, and put his hand on my stomach.


Please don't let them have sex, I'll be scarred for life.


I really laughed then. I couldn't help it.

Harry looked at Draco. “You're not allowed to touch my sister, ever again.” 


A/N: Thanks for all the lovely reviews so far! Of course, I own nothing apart from Daisy and the other original characters, Angel goes to the brilliant creators of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

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